The best cordless sander is another great attraction to DIYers. Still, they have questions to go for a final buying decision. So, in this review, we presented some of the best available on the market.

Homeowners to weekend warriors, cordless sanders are like a trusted assistant. How it become so popular? Well, portability, free from cord while working around are just some of the good reasons. It will allow you to give full concentration on sanding without giving trouble to concern on cord length, electricity extent, outdoor work and so on.

Just keep in mind they are not for professionals. However, the cordless sander can work with you like a close friend if you need to complete some small sanding tasks as an ardent lover of DIYer or weekend warrior in your home.

You are welcome to discover here the best cordless sanders, their pros as well as cons, features, and price.

You can accomplish some work quickly using power sanders like basic metal preparation, smooth tabletop, remove the finish or weathered exterior paint preparation with efficient results.

It may quite possible you are not a woodworker yet you will need a sander. For your best convenience here we carefully choose the best cordless sanders you can rely on your various projects. You can use them on plywood, softwood, and hardwood with ease.

You know safety first. From sanding dust to unwanted accident how to prevent them and protect yourself a few tips we included here. Thus you will be more familiar with your sanders.

5 Best cordless Sanders -Comparisons

Best cordless Sanders – Reviews

1.Makita XOB01Z – Random orbit sander

Makita XOB01Z

Makita appeared again with another excellent cordless random orbit sander. It comes with an affordable price, comfort, durability and efficient power. Per-minute this fantastic Makita XOB01Z model can accurately perform 3-speed settings 7,000, 9,500 up to 11,000 OPM. After startup, this tool will also allow you to accurately control the pad speed as it featured with a pad control system.

The battery can work up to 40 minutes if at a slower speed you want to work while when you need maximum OPM for 20 minutes this 5 inches sanding machine will work efficiently.  This useful tool will ensure you a quite smooth finish as well as scratch-free work experience because its 1/8-inch random orbital feature makes such practical results with ease.


Pad Brake

120-grit sandpaper included

One-touch Electronic Speed Control

1/8 inches Circular plate

Adjustable skirt orientation

Three-speed settings (7,000/9,500/11,000 OPM)

You will surely love this smart cordless random orbit sander for some impressive features like effective dust collection, comfortable and ergonomic grip combined with the solid body. Weight? It’s another cool feature at only 3 pounds. It means even with your one hand you can use this sander.

This machine ensures the lowest vibration while working and fits comfortably in your palm so that you can work with more confidence. On its front side, you will discover variable speed as well as the power button. It will give you the freedom of easy access. This sander is an excellent example of good value with 3 years warranty.  Its feature-oriented appearance proves this powerful device one of the best cordless sanders. You can grab the deal without any hesitation. If you are engaged with any potential refinishing project of furniture you can go for it without any concern.

Keep in mind, This machine requires a battery as well as its charger which is excluded. So, you need to separately buy them. However, you will receive a carry bag from Makita if you decide to buy them together.


Ergonomic design

Fast sanding capacity with variable speed

Easy to use


Dust collection is great


Efficient & handy

Very durable

Smooth and swirl-free finish


A bit overpriced

Cannot handle large areas

It is probably the most convenient type of cordless orbital sanders on the market you could find. You can use it anywhere as no power outlet required to be connected at all.

Besides no cord limitation will annoy you on your jobs. You are welcome to discover Makita XOB01Z orbital sander review if you are looking for a reliable cordless random orbital sander tool. It is a practical, feature-oriented sander with an affordable price range.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 5 x 8 x 3 inches

Source of power: 1 Lithium-ion Battery

Voltage: 18

Size: 5-Inch

Battery and charger: sold separately

This machine offers some quality features. Let’s discover


Ergonomic shape

You will find a more comfortable grip with the ergonomically shaped Makita XOB01Z random orbit sander. It’s natural for a long time you need to do sand jobs. So, this nice feature will help you to do that without pain.

Pad Brake

This sander accurately reduces the free spin as it comes with a pad brake. Such a feature naturally improves finish work to its best standard. Moreover, you can get from it a maximum performance because of the presence of a control system regulates pad speed.

Ease of Use

This cordless sander ensures maximum performance with some useful options. It can increase versatility using its hook and loop abrasive paper. Thus you can use the machine with ease. Besides fast speed you can change paper whenever you need or want.

Cordless operation

Makita XOB01Z orbital sander comes with two different operating options with Makita 18V Li-Ion batteries. On high-speed options, it can work up to 40 minutes while at low speed it can run up to 20 minutes. However, this Makita sander unit comes without a battery or a charger. So, you need to buy them separately.

Three-speed settings

You will get three available speeds from Makita random orbital sander. They are 7.000/ 9.500/ 11.000 orbits per minute (OPM). Just using one single button you can switch the speeds. If you want to go to the highest setting you need to press the button of the unit when it is off position. Thus it will automatically go there. Push the button once again if you need to go to the lowest settings. Some people may like a separate dial in order to adjust their needed sanding speed. However, just using push option two/three-time is easier to go to higher to lower speed positions and it also saves your precious time. Makita wisely introduced in their this sander model one-button speed switch feature as generally other sanders available on the market comes with the highest speed setting.

This sander thus helps you to achieve perfect sanding experience with three-speed settings according to your needs. You know with your sander you can achieve excellent results and maintain full control as variable speed is an important feature to consider.

Adjustable Dust Feature

In the question of dust war Makita XOB01Z sander equipped with a dust bag. From your workpiece and area, it successfully can gather all the dust and make the area neat and clean. This dust bag collection option is free from any baffles. It means easier and quick cleaning process. You can even use your desired vacuum if you don’t want to use the dust bag. The Makita XOB01Z orbital sander has another nice option which is called skirt position. Just right above the sanding head, it is located. You are allowed to choose from 12 positions of the skirt. This smart feature allows you to work with more comfort and room as you can control the dust hose in different directions.

Work capacity with abrasive paper

You can work with Makita orbital sander using 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding discs with a length of 5 inches. It is easy from the sanding head to place or replaces those discs. However, make sure the right alignment between sanding head hole with the paper holes. This Makita sander offers one 5-inch 120-grit abrasive disc. Besides, if you need something more you can buy that additional type of sandpaper and can easily with this machine.

Random Orbital Sanding Action

This Makita XOB01Z sander is designed with a random orbital sanding action feature. Repetition of the same way of the sanding disc it prevents. It can make the removal process of materials quickly and easily cover larger spaces. You won’t face any swirl marks while using this sander model of Makita due to its efficient 1/8-inch orbital action. Moreover, no texture of the wood can dare to challenge Makita Random Orbital Sander. Its lightweight allows you to use it to sanding wood even with one hand.

One of the most reliable tool brands you can buy is Makita Random Orbital Sander. Low vibration, right fit in the palm of your hand, variable speed, lightweight, compact design, durable materials make it a great choice from DIYer to wood professionals. Makita XOB01Z is a pretty good random orbital sander.


2.Black & Decker BDCRO20C 20V MAX Random Orbit Sander

The Black & Decker BDCRO20C random orbital detail sander allows you to work quickly on various furnishings of woods. It helps you to keep your working area neat and clean after your woodwork through a dust canister feature. this model’s specialty among other counterparts is its compact design.

You can use this sander machine from any material to clear stains or paints with a powerful OPM option which can be maximized up to 12,000 OPM. Its useful hook and loop feature proves the changing of sandpaper is quite easy.


Leading competitors are less compact

Fast capacity 12k OPM to remove strain, paint or material

Powerful dust collection option

Easy to change paper due to hook and loop system

You may wonder whether this sander offers good value? Yes, its best thing is it comes with some useful accessories like a number of 5 inches sandpapers, one charger, 1.5Ah battery and the sander itself. Within one month/ 30 days you can get your refund if you are dissatisfied according to the claims of the manufacturers. Even this cordless sander comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Whenever you want to eliminate old various metal quickly get the powerful Black & Decker BDCRO20C Random Orbit Sander with ease of control. It offers different jobs like upcycling a variety of furniture or your weekend home repairs war. As you can keep your favorite working area neat and clean using its friendly dust collection canister, so you can expect with confidence a sparkling, clean as well as a smooth finish.

If you are looking for a high-end, pro-duty unit it’s not that. However, with a comfortable lightweight with good value, you will find it as a useful and reliable little machine. Its power of work is beyond question if you are engaging with DIY type little jobs. However, don’t forget to use a dust mask to protect you from illness. It’s natural for any sanders. Still, in this case, it is more important as the dust collection option should improve. You will clearly feel the convenience of cordless for fast touches and a variety of moderate projects.

This machine allows you to do some important jobs like shaping wood, finishing jobs with surface preparation, from plastic, metal or wood remove stain and paint.


Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 11 inches

Power Source: Battery

Paper Size/Type: 5 inches Round

Sander Type: Random Orbit

Voltage: 20

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required. (included)



Easy to use

Includes the charger and battery

Powerful and compact

High OPM

Affordable price


Battery life should be longer

Dust collection not very up to mark

What it includes     


BDERO20 Random Orbit Sander

20V MAX* 1.5Ah Battery


3.Milwaukee 2648-20 M18 Random Orbit Sander


Powerful unit

Easy to use

Good battery life


It comes with a vacuum attachment

Fast sanding pads change  


A little expensive


Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 7 inches

Source of power: Battery

Sanding Pad Size: 5 inches

Orbit Diameter: 3/32 inches

OPM (No-Load): 7,000 – 12,000 OPM

A dust collector

Included accessories: hard plastic dust box with filter, universal hose adapter, extension to allow the use of a 9.0ah battery

Due to it’s easy to use option and lightweight you feel comfortable to keep it anywhere. However, it has its own limitations if you carefully consider the dust canister design.

Remodelers, as well as carpenters, attracted to the Milwaukee M18 Random Orbit Sander for its constant performance.

This is considered a new carpentry tool. Its true for every application or everyone cordless sanders do not feel essential. However, if you are engaged in small jobs or medium types of projects you will find they are not only useful but also handy. When you need to move around or working in a place where it is challenging to find an electric connection then the convenience of cordless sander comes like a relief.  


Variable Speed Settings: Yes

Type of pad: quick Change hook and loop sanding pad

Battery Run time: up to 35 minutes

universal hose adapter


In the question of weight, this cordless sander is slightly heavier than a traditional corded sander. However, if you need to do a lot of horizontal sanding such an option will rather help you as the added weight will make it certain to work accurately. The M18 sander weighs at 4.3 pounds with a 5.0Ah battery.

When you need to choose a sander another very important point is the vibration control feature. In this scenario, Milwaukee of this machine has an excellent ability to minimize the level of vibration. Even for long-time use, you won’t face any irritating vibration experience which is a common issue with other sanders.

The design of the Milwaukee 2648-20 M18 model is more vertical comparing the corded version. It’s a good thing indeed.

If you want to use a natural, comfortable sander you can go for the M18 sander.

This Milwaukee sander comes with the sander, tool bag, charger and a 3.0ah battery at a reasonable price.

You can go for it as a useful collection.


Milwaukee 2648-20 M18 comes with nice performance as it has not only a brushed motor but also works as a non-fuel tool. Such an option makes it affordable and this way this sander can fulfill a satisfactory level of performance.

Just try for your finish sanding as well as material removal with this model. You will discover it can perform quite well. It’s true if you are professional furniture builders who used to work with fine finish sanders, this tool is not sufficient to beat the design. However, you can expect to accomplish your all jobs as a remodeler as well as mid-level various jobs.

This sander can tackle hard pressure as it generally not create any issue regarding power. Remember, your speed setting and material condition will determine the runtime. Generally, you can expect around 35 minutes of capacity.

It will allow you to adjust your required speed with ease because well placed and smooth variable speed control feature present here. You will feel it heavy built and comfortable when you will use the on-off switch. You know switches with lighter duty button toggle are not as efficient as mechanical-type switches.

This Milwaukee sander offers a dust box in order to prevent dust which is really good. It is just different than the hose with a vacuum.  

Remodelers, DIYer and Jobsite tradesmen can choose the Milwaukee M18 5” Random Orbit Sander (2648-20) as a reliable, high performing and comfortable best cordless sander to complete their most jobs. If you consider its all features, good value and efficient output you will find it can claim that position.

If you compare other available cordless sanders on the market you will find in per charge this Milwaukee M18 Cordless Sander is more capable to remove material efficiently.

Based on its features this new sander can be a positive choice. It’s true if you expect air or corded sanders full power from it that’s not possible. However, if you need to work in a place where the corded version is difficult to use, you can go for it as a perfect option for fast applications.

4.Ryobi P411 One+ – Random orbit sander 



Comfortable and ergonomic grip

Lightweight unit

Adequate battery life

Easy to handle


Absence of variable speed control

Not for the big jobs

Ryobi P411 Random orbit sander

If you are looking for a competent cordless random orbit sander Ryobi P411 can fill that requirement with an attractive design as well as 35 minutes constant battery life. You will experience smooth finish to any material using this sander as the powerful 18V battery can deliver efficiently 10,000 OPM equipped with its 5-inch pad. The replacement feature is also user-friendly. It comes with a  hook and loop pad mechanism. So, you can easily use the machine with the existing sanding pads and whenever necessary you can quickly change it.

When you need to work for an extended period of time you will feel comfortable using this tool because of its rubberized grip and nice ergonomic design. Another plus point of this tool is that you can easily handle from middle grip to the top position. Vibration? yes, it has but minimum in the standard.


Dimensions 7.6 x 7.3 x 7.4 inches

Power Source battery-powered

Volt 18

Lightweight is another big yes if you want to go for it as it comes with 2.5 pounds. While working such a comfortable weight will increase your productivity in the long run. In the question of safety, this sanding machine offers a lock which is another nice feature as it ensures you never need to tire your hands. This Ryobi P411 allows you to keep neat and clean your working arena as it comes with a dust bag which is included.

However, for your safety, we recommend wearing a face mask while working. You need to buy a battery as well as a charger separately. It’s another eye catching offer is 3 years warranty. It is hard to beat such a tool with all the above features at this price.

Ryobi achieved good attraction with this little tool. You will find it is not quite aggressive than its other sander competitors. However, it comes with a high degree of control which has a good capacity of control and does your all necessary sand work well. Another relieve option is its dust control option. Even it’s better than others. However, it has room for improvement regarding the on/off button which is not very user-friendly.

In your various wood projects, you will need to wash up your piece when assembling and cut wood is essential. You can comfortably maintain your different timber tasks or furniture using this useful little yet powerful tool which will make sure free splinter with a clean working area. This little monster can run every moment in 10,000 orbits which makes the P411 a quite powerful sander.

Just keep in mind to work with the decent result through the timber hold it at an angle. You know the close relation of dimensions is integrated with power. Moreover, onboard dust removing bag is an additional good feature.

This Ryobi’s P411 Orbital Sander is ready to use the tool just after opening the box as it comes with an assortment of plastic pads. You just need to plug in the battery which you have to buy separately and clip all pads using the hook and loop attachment feature.

5.PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B Random Orbital Sander


For Vacuum Attachment Multi-Port Adapter

Low Vibration Output

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One-Year Service

3-Year Warranty

Low Profile Design



Easy to use

Reasonable price

Powerful for a small project


Comfortable to hold

The dust collection works well


batteries don’t last very long

No variable speed

You will find like the Black & Decker cordless sander this model of Porter-Cable is also efficient. If you are busy with ladder-based various wood work this model can be the best cordless sander due to its lightweight. It never gives any trouble to hold it overhead. However, use the machine carefully as the plastic finger which use to lock the dust system sometimes may not work properly.

This new Porter Cable PCCW205B cordless Random Orbital Sander offers a powerful 12,000 OPM with effective dust collection feature. Quickly and efficiently it helps users to complete their sanding work. It comes with a dust canister/collecting bag. It also features a multi-port adapter. Such an option will allow you to use different diameter standard vacuum hoses as well as connections with ease.

Low vibration, easy to use a feature, and low profile design make this Porter-Cable model center of attraction to wood warriors.


Dimensions: 8 x 6.1 x 5.7 inches

Batteries: 1 Lithium ion

Source of power: battery

Voltage: 20

Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

First Thoughts

This Porter-Cable cordless sander comes with a reliable single-speed motor. You may wonder variable speed versions are better. However, not all the time you will need it.

You can think this Porter-Cable 20V Max Random Orbit Sander is a good choice for entry-level wood projects.

Without any difficulty, you can control the Porter-Cable Cordless Random Orbit Sander because of its low profile design.

This cordless version of the porter cable sander offers a reasonable price range with useful features. It is a wise investment if you are looking for budget-friendly sanders with satisfactory action.

Occasional user, DIYer can go for it with no doubt. It’s not the top-notch cordless sander. However, it’s one of the money-saving tools indeed.

Bottom Line

After careful thorough research of all the useful features, performance, as well as price from top-notch to DIYer we presented the 5 best cordless sanders. I hope these reviews will give you a better idea to choose your perfect cordless sanders. Thanks for reading!


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