It’s necessary for any DIYer, carpenter or woodworker to have a reliable, good detail sander. You know quality largely depend on an efficient tool which gradually increases your knowledge and experience on the opposite your workpiece or projects will be effected using a mediocre sander tool.  

We want your best performance and prevent any unwanted harm. That’s why we researched thoroughly to make it easier for you to go for the perfect tool. Here we carefully assembled our best 5 detail sanders review for your convenience.

Below we emphasized most what you need to know in order to sort out on the market some of the best available options.

If you want to get various fine finishing of edges as well as corners there’s no tool is as perfect as detail sanders. However, choosing the ideal one can be challenging.

Detail sander has the capacity to get into tight spaces and corners where generally it is not possible to work. It also ensures the best smooth finish.

If you have the best detail sander it means you can work much faster with a significant upgrade of sanding quality.

If you look closely you will find generally every detailed corner comes with an iron-like special triangular base plate. Sandpapers attach theirs for a variety of sanding tasks like clean the joint of furniture and many more.

5 Best Detail Sanders– Comparisons

5 Best Detail Sanders– Reviews

1.PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B Cordless Detail Sander 

If you look carefully you will understand in spite of other detail sanders’ great features there’s a sharp difference which proves the PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B Cordless Detail Sander is one of the best tools. Its variable speed dial feature is the first thing it can truly claim its superiority.

When you need to work for various sanding projects due to material to other facts you need to set your detail sander power in a different position. This option of this tool will ensure your perfect matched power you want for your convenience.

This Porter-Cable sander offers per minute from 9000 up to 12,000 OPM range. In maximum sanding applications, such capacity considered more than enough for smooth work on various materials as well as surfaces.

In sanding jobs its natural to produce a lot of dust which is quite annoying. This machine comes to solve this issue with an upgraded feature of the dust removal hose mechanism. It will swiftly remove almost all dust when your sanding works done.

Comfort is a key factor while working on sander projects. This Porter-Cable unit didn’t forget that part as it offers ergonomic designed soft handle with the rubberized features. Using this detail sander means for an extended period of time easy to work environment.

In terms of cons, there is not very much to speak of. The only real issue that we were able to detect was that the vacuum hose does make it a little bit harder to access the nooks and crannies of your workpiece.

Remarkable cons. Not much. The thing we need to mention is the slightly hard vacuum hose.

Apart from this, you can choose it as a reliable detail sander.



Variable speed control  



Dust extraction mechanism


The battery needs to be purchased separately

Difficult to find replacement sandpaper


When sanding Low profile ensures control

Professional durability due to Dustproof switch

For more efficient dust removal Vacuum port hooks up to a 1 1/4″ hose

For efficient dust collection Detachable dust bag

On the market, one of the latest detail sanders is certainly the PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B model. Buyers to users achieved its reputation in a short period of time.

There are so many detail sanders tools available but in the question of performance, there’s not much to speak. This model appeared to fill that lacking accuracy.

It’s easy to use variable dial option of different power settings is just perfect for large to small detailing tasks which is considered this detail sander’s one of the most useful features. It allows you to switch from one to the other without any difficulty.

As it is an excluded battery and charger you need to buy them separately which is its simple drawback.

According to your needs of any surface, it allows you to easily adjust the output power. It also minimizes vibration so that your hand never feels tired.

The PCCW201B model battery powered cordless detail sander is more powerful than any other competitors.

No matter your job is large or small the variable speed feature will do it with the best result. This machine ensures extra durability with its dustproof power switch.

This detail sander offers a 3-year warranty as well as 3 months money-back guarantee.

2.BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

High quality at an economical price? Sounds surprised? Yes, that’s the exact presence of the Black and Decker BDEMS600 detail sander model.

A reliable motor offers from this unit which is the first noticeable good point. Using this BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 model will empower you with 14,000 orbits per minute. Such powerful presence and capacity will allow you to accomplish your all sanding projects with ease.

Sanding means patience with time. Naturally, you will need a comfortable device to tackle all challenges. This model designed after calculating that thing to make it user-friendly and comfortable. A rubberized handle comes with this machine. Besides, this detail sander ensures a 3-position grip for full control and ease of use in a variety of applications.

Concern for dust issue? Don’t worry. This BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 model offers reliable dust collection feature with micro-filtration to make your working arena and yourself neat and clean after every sanding task.

Drawbacks? well, there’s little to discuss except its size. However such a point is ideal for any home application or smaller tasks of sanding while it may not be very compatible with larger projects as that will kill time and may feel annoying.

If you are ok with such position then surely the Black and Decker will appear to you as one of the most affordable, standard detail sanders you can go for your any detail sanding work. This detail sander is great for small furniture projects like sanding to the kitchen cabinet.

The Good  

Lightweight, compact sander

Easy to hold and maneuver


Well designed for getting into corners

Works great even for beginners

Great sander for the price

Doesn’t overheat

Great durability and excellent value

Not so Good

Not for large projects

Hard to find ultra-fine sandpaper for this sander

This device with plenty of power make’s hard to get to areas, much easier.

You can quickly remove the surface and can get easy access because pad design allows you to do it. You will find it especially great for work on an open flat surface.

The BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 is quite easy to use to jump right into all your sanding needs. We recommend having back-ups buying a separate set of various grit sandpaper. Some sandpapers come with this tool but you know different projects/woods require different grit. In the question of sandpaper, replacements are sure to purchase the 12 holes with the Hook and Loop.

You can use it even for a couple of hours straight because of its lightweight and you will never sore. You will love its quiet nature and sanding dust catcher feature.

This tool is nice and small to hold and move while sanding with lots of power. If you can ensure the right sandpaper backing you can go for a long way with comfort.

For small areas it is great. However, using overhead it is challenging. Overall, for the size and cost, this is a really good sander.


Per-minute 14,000 orbits

For better control 3-position grip

Compact size

Included sanding pad and finger attachment

High-performance dust collection

In tight spaces easily fits

A palm sander is the right description of the BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander. You will get exceptional and smooth finish using this sander. It will help you to remove splinters, burrs, tool marks and any type of rough edges.

You can place this compact detail sander anywhere. Its additional finger attachment, as well as low profile legs, makes it warrior to face any tight space or corner of finishing work. You can easily move it according to your needs with its 3-position grip. For sanding surfaces the palm

the grip is perfect, extreme maneuverability comes with the precision grip and if you want to get into ultra-tight spaces, the handle grip is ideal.

The micro-filtration with a see-through dust canister will help you to know at the right time when it is full. This detail sander is suitable for a variety of projects. It comes with a sander, a finger attachment and a sanding pad.

For various material removal, you can rely on the BDEMS600 Sander powerful 1.2 amp motor.

The BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander is lightweight as it comes with 2.65 pounds weighs. It also offers a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. DIYer, woodworker, homeowner love it for its versatile and durable nature.

Room for improvement? Well, dust collection has scope to improve as not all users are fully satisfied with this feature and they believe it can change making it more effective to collect all dust.

It allows you to use the tool efficiently either horizontally or vertically. This corded detail sander equipped with an interchangeable detail finger attachment for great work in narrow spaces.

Its ergonomic design ensures maximum user control. The Black & Decker BDEMS600 is a perfect tool if you want high-quality detailing work. Due to the hook and looks system of this detail sander, you will also find it is easy to change the paper.

3.Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

The Genesis GMT15A is our another great Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool pick. It has a little bit different in features as well as functionality but certainly, you can choose it as a reliable tool for your various sanding jobs.  

Where we can start? Well, its remarkable first feature is a powerful 1.5 amp motor. The GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool can deliver 21, 000 oscillations per minute.

Such giant speed ensure its users accurate and fast work with ease.

It is equipped with a sturdy die-cast aluminum gear housing. For restoration, remodeling and home repair you can use it as a versatile tool. No matter you need to work on wood or drywall plastic this device will allow you to make small cuts according to your requirements.

Drawback? not much to discuss. The manufacturer should give more attention to the improvement of the control switches.

Remember it is a useful multipurpose tool but not dedicated to just one thing like sanding. So, if your sole need is sanding then you may look for other options whose main purpose is to accomplish various sanding jobs.

If you dont think its an issue and want to bring change in your tool collection with versatility instead of only a sanding task you can choose this tool.


Easy and light to use

Cast Aluminum Housing



Powerful motor

Good Value

The shape allows you to get close to edges and corners


No dust collection

Not for professional/industrial use

This tool is handy to have around. It helps to handle normal and odd jobs like cutting rugs, screws, etc.

Price? That’s also affordable. Besides, compared with the time and energy you save and a lot of capabilities the money is nothing.

This tool is also good for cutting through between tiles, loosening old caulk and sanding even corners. For flush-trim undercutting for the laying of a DIY replacement floor, it is ideal. This tool is a must if you do a lot of your work in your home.

Genesis GMT15A Detail Sander & Muli-Tool


Per-minute 21,000 orbits
2-year warranty
Can be used for sanding, scraping and cutting
Made with durable die-cast aluminum

The Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool is our other choice for DIYer, a homeowner who loves the versatility. Its attractive price comes with an allen wrench, HSS segment saw blade, 30 mm E-cut saw blade, scraping blade, sandpaper and a 3-inch Delta sanding pad including the 4-pin flange which holds accessories firmly in place.

If you have some repair projects or remodeling tasks this model is really useful for its versatile feature. You can rely on it for scraping, cutting, fast sanding and grinding.

In the question of weight, this versatile tool carries only 2.75 pounds. Such lightweight made it more easy to hold and use with lots of power. The manufacturer also offers a 2 years warranty.

The new homeowner or DIYer like it very much for its various other capabilities. Its price offer is very attractive compared with many detail sanders.

You may wonder due to its other features it may decrease its detail ability. It’s not that. You can accurately work for plastic, wood and more as it comes with a hook-and-loop sanding pad capability. It also powered with a flexible scraper blade. So, nothing to concern.

You can use the Genesis power Tools multipurpose oscillating tool like trimming cabinets for installation, chiseling out door hinges, taking up vinyl flooring or carpeting, glue or paint and so on.

4.SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander

Let’s go to discover now SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander. What first draws our attention to this sander is its budget-friendly price offer. People who are looking for an affordable detail sander may consider it as a nice option.

Besides, it comes with a decent offer of versatility. You can extend your arena of jobs as it smartly features eight attachments.

However, it has a major concern in terms of durability. At first, its different appearance will draw your attention. However, when coming to long-time service its features are not up to mark. Even some users complained about poor switches and plate attachments.

This detail sander model of the Skil needs to address the above issues with significant improvement to make it more acceptable to all users as it has good potential.

If you want to accomplish quality sanding and need to work on tight spaces useful features of this detail sander offers you an excellent presence. This device is more capable than any other sander.

Keep in mind don’t expect it to behave like a professional tool as it is not that type of device. It’s a little bit tricky to change the accessory plates. However, they cover most situations and very convenient.

The Good

It’s powerful and durable

Good price

Easy to use


Perfect for reaching small crevices

Great for small jobs

Not so Good

This is not a professional tool

Dust system needs improvement

SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander



Tool-less Attachment Change

Pressure Control Technology

Clear View Dust Canister

8 Detail Sanding Attachments

Using this SKIL 7302-02 tool means you can sand anything you need with the help of 8 different detailing attachments with ease. You can work into hard to reach places as it included 3 useful features like a detail finger extension for corner or tight areas, for round material a curved attachment and for 90-degree edges an L-shape piece. Moreover, this sander will let you complete the necessary changes in attachment quickly.

This SKIL unit comes with a reliable dust cleaning feature. It uses the latest microfiltration option to collect dust with efficiency. It also equipped with a clear view canister feature. Such a mechanism will clearly signal you in just time to clean the container. It’s not the end. This model ensures your best finish result with the help of the unique pressure control technology. This smart feature closely observes the pressure to make it perfect according to your different projects.

You can neatly keep your all accessories as it also offers a carrying bag including 32 sheets of sandpaper as well as eight detail attachments with this sander. It’s another good thing is the 1-year warranty.

These corded SKIL 7302-02 detail sanders are lighter than others as it comes with 2.5 lbs weight. It’s smart indicator guide you to achieve the right pressure as it will signal you when you are on the right track and warn you when you are not in that position. This way it will be easier for you to control your sanding more accurately.  

You will experience the pleasure of using this sander due to its ergonomic soft-grip design with lightweight. It also ensures maneuverability. This sander also lets you use its quick response nose towards 3 directions. No more concern for a corner, tight or hard to reach area tasks.

Except for the dust collection port, this tool’s other parts are dustproof. This way it keeps the sander safe with a long-time service position.

It is a versatile tool with a reasonable price range. Its another added value point is the tool-less attachment change feature. You don’t need to take help from any tool for fast change while working.

It comes with a 6 feet power cord and 30 days money-back guarantee.

5.VonHaus 1.1A 2 in 1 Sheet & Detail-Sander

Last but not least here we present the VonHaus 1.1A 2 in 1 Sheet & Detail-Sander. It offers some nice and useful features. However, we are skeptical due to its drawbacks. So, it’s important to consider all these aspects before taking the final decision.

However, don’t think that it does not have good points. This sander comes with the deliver power of per minute 14,000 rotations with a powerful motor. It is ergonomic, decent looking and lightweight too.

They are impressive indeed. But to be honest its list of drawbacks has given its last position in this review. It creates annoying sound, dust collection is poor, size is not user-friendly and not easy to move around. Such concerns make it difficult to use in big projects or jobs.

Its true such cons do not make it totally stranger. However, in our this list there are much capable, the better candidate is present with their impressive presence.

So, its obvious in spite of some good points the VonHaus also has some serious issues. They need to improve them drastically if they want to change their position.

What we liked

Comfortable grip & lightweight
Sanding pads and sanding sheets are easy to use
The triangular base option made it easier to sand tight spots and corners

What we didn’t like

Dust collection system needs some improvements

Only for small projects

Difficult to use in awkward positions or for vertical jobs)

Square and triangular sanding options
Ergonomic design
Two-year warranty
Speed 14000 OPM
Attached dust box
Six interchangeable sanding sheets

You can expect to get two in one option from the VonHaus sanders. It offers a user-friendly hook and loop detachable base. You just need to use Velcro sandpaper in order to change two bases like angled and square.

It allows you to work in tight corners with ease.

It has a mediocre dust box which offer cleaning working area to save your time.

You can use this sander for cutting, sanding as well as grinding.

Lightweight is another plus point of this sander as it comes with 2.2 lbs weighs. Besides, it can deliver 14,000 RPM with a 1.1 amp motor. This powerful motor ensures accurate force for better sanding.

You can use this sander for doors or windows, skirting board tasks.

It is easy to change pads. This tool will allow you to efficiently use the hex key.

For array sanding task this tool is perfect.

Final Thoughts
Well, now it’s your turn after all the reviews of the detail sanders in detail to make a decision and go for the best detail sander that can perfectly match your all needs.  

We hope this presentation will give you a proper guideline for your detail sander tool with reasonable price and useful performance.

It’s you who will make the final decision as you know best your requirements.

First, know what you want with the right match and then go for tool specification. You know for every specific detail sander job there is a tool that you need to distinguish.

Price always varies. Some are high-end some are budget-friendly. Sanders offers different prices, sizes, and shapes. Some can work like a multifunctional tool some can work as specialized.

If you are engaging with a home project or want to solve a DIY challenge decent price detail sander can be fine. However, if you need to use your tool repeatedly go for a durable, high-end tool.
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