You know to select the best electric hand planer require time and energy. On the internet there are so many information. To make things easier for you in our this review we presents useful as well as valuable information. You are welcome to discover some of the best electric hand planers available on the market. Each one with little bit different parameters and price.For resurfacing and straightening wood stock easily and quickly the handheld electric planer is a perfect handy tool.

Best Electric Hand Planer in 2019 – Comparison

ImageProduct NameFeaturePrice
WEN 6530WEN 65305/16 inch DeepRemoves material fast
WEN 6534 WEN 65341/128 inch DeepImpressive 8 Amp motor
PORTER-CABLE PC60THPPORTER-CABLE PC60THP5/64 inch Depth PlanerDual blade design
EWALT DW680K DEWALT DW680K3-1/4-Inch Depth PlanerHigh powered AMP
TACKLIFE Electric Hand PlanerTrack Life Planer1/8 inches Depth
3-1/4 inches Width
65 manganese steel double blades
Makita XPK01Z Makita XPK01Z3-1/4 inch wide and 5/64 inch deepLightweight

1.WEN 6530

WEN 6530The 6530 is a perfect electric hand planer for any home user. Impressive affordable, ideal for any average task makes it one of the most searched best electric hand planer.It offers a wide range of tasks like customizing an art frame to door repair with the confidence you can accomplish. Moreover, you can use it for a more difficult job if you have patience.

Downsides? Well, swapping out blades is a trial. The waste bag fills quickly. As a result sawdust fills the room. For electric hand planer shopping, it’s a great starting point. You can do most things as a DIYer with it. Its price is quite attractive too. Its performance-related features will surely satisfy you.


  • Easy to operate
  • It looks good and is constructed very well
  • It cut effortlessly, and very effectively
  • You can choose to discharge on either side of the machine
  • A kickstand will allow you to choose to deploy or keep locked away
  • Affordable price
  • Removes material fast
  • Well built


  • Heavy
  • Difficulty in swapping out blades
  • Waste disposal

If you are looking for an entry-level electric planer with the budget-friendly price the Wen 6530 is the accurate performing tool. It is powerful enough to complete any general-purpose planning as it equipped with a decent 6-Amp motor. A solid, as well as durable plastic, made its overall construction which ensures a long life of the device.

Remember, WEN 6530 model is not the most versatile with its cutting depth of 1/8 inch. When it comes to depth adjustment versatility this truth proves more clearly. However, you can consider it as a decent tool. It features 6 depths stops. This option offers up to 1/128 inch increments. On the cheap this allows you to get a very professional and accurate planning result.

At a relatively fast pace, this model can be used to straighten stock. You know it has the 3.25 inches cutting width and 34000 CPM speed (cuts per minute). Lastly, the Wen 6530 has a 5/16 inch rabbeting guide that allows the user to make dados or rabbets of up to 1 inch deep. This is a lot of versatility for such an affordable electric planer. We definitely like what we see, especially for the price!

The Wen 6530 allows the user to make dados or rabbets of up to 1 inch deep as it has a 5/16 inch rabbeting guide. It is a quite affordable electric planer which offers such an advantage with such price!

Who should buy?

This Wen 6530 model is one of the best electric power planers if you are looking for a budget-friendly electric hand planer. It can complete you all jobs as a DIYer friend quite easily and effectively.

It is considered as an excellent budget picks. From the WEN brand, the model itself is the best value for money. The powerful motor can complete 34,000 cuts per minute.It ensures easy manipulation as the weight is mere 6 pounds. Either left or right side the dust chute can be directed which is very useful. For the odd jobs around the house, if you just want to have an electric planer at your disposal, this model can be your best choice.

Its impressive speed is a big plus point. At 34000 RPM the tool’s cutterhead revolves. after a single tool run, you will get a smooth and flat surface. At once the WEN is able to remove up to 1/8″ of wood. It can cover the area 3-1/4″ wide. You know its more than enough for dressing large areas as well as planks.

Besides, you can overlap flooring boards, sheets, fiberboards and plywood as the WEN 6530 can cut rabbets 11/16 inch deep. It’s another big advantage is on the planer’s shoe a V-shaped groove. It will allow you to make precise facets.

The tool’s specs with ergonomics and convenience design will surely impress you. The WEN 6530 is very user-friendly. In order to remove wood chips, it has two chutes that allow connecting a vac from either side of the planer. When the all-around processing is important this solution largely facilitates planning large workpiece. This hand planer is very comfortable for left-handed people.

You can set the switch to a right position and connect the vac hose to either side. Thinking how to collect the wood chips? Don’t worry. It comes with a dust bag which is especially useful for domestic various planning tasks. With a simple flick of the switch, there is a plastic toggle that detaches the bag. In mere seconds you can set the desired depth and make accurate rabbets using the adjustable guide.Safety is a vital point for a tool like a hand planer. In this issue, the WEN engineers took some remarkable steps. Firstly, to prevent an accidental start of the motor the tool is equipped with a trigger lock. Secondly, a kickstand is fitted with the planer.

Above the machined surface it raises the shoe. Thus it saves from damage by the blades. When working use hearing protectors as planers are pretty loud. When handling chipboards or fibreboards don’t forget to wear a respirator.

2.WEN 6534 

The WEN 6534 is spacious and powerful. It’s cutting depth offers many different levels. It is equipped with 4 and 3/8 inch cutting path. You can easily adjust in 1/128 inch increments all the way down to 1/8 inch cuts.What really makes it different and best hand planers? safety features like the kickstand, the rabbet guides, the power (16, 000 RPM) with the precision of the adjustment, two reversible HSS blades.

WEN 6534Its 11.5 lbs weight is the only remarkable drawback which makes it a heavy duty hand planer. However, its extra giant like power gives a great plus point. While working per board you will need to use it for less time.If you are a hobbyist and love to become one day a professional for you the best is the WEN 6534 electric hand planer. Value for your money with efficiency is another big advantage of this product. This masterpiece equipped with a fast, powerful 8-Amp motor.

It offers an impressive adjustable cutting depth. It can complete approximately 16 stops. Its range starts from zero to 1/8. Either to the left or right of your liking, you can direct the discharge of the shavings.WEN 6534 comes with a two-year warranty. The tool is perfect for fixing stubborn doors and fitting wood. Besides, for fitting and squaring boards this tool is ideal.You can complete easily flattening sharp post corners as it includes two V-shaped chamfer grooves with the base plate shoe.

From the surface of your project, the kickstand protects both the blade and the workpiece in between uses by keeping the blade elevated and out of contact. Last but not the least this tool keep your workspace clean and sawdust free as the dust adapter combined with the two-way dust port helps you manage loose shavings.

Pros and cons of WEN 6534


  • Pretty affordable
  • Powerful
  • Solid and work flawlessly
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with a dust bag
  • Impressive 8 Amp motor
  • A two-year warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks
  • Heavy

If you want to complete a wide range of projects with a high-quality affordable unit as a beginner WEN 6534 4-3/8-Inch Electric Hand Planer can be your perfect choice.You can keep the workspace clean using the convenient dust adaptor. This tool comes with V-shaped chamfer grooves, two reversible blades, safety switch, a parallel fence bracket, and other accessories.


The Porter-Cable PC60THP is fast and aggressive. It can slide effortlessly across soft and has little trouble with hardwood.Another budget-friendly handheld planer is the Porter-Cable PC60THP. It is equipped with a 6-Amp motor.

It can give a more accurate depth of cut of 5/64 inch. Thus with more accuracy, you can shave thinner surface layers. It offers more versatility as this model has 10 positive depth stops.In the hand, it feels more premium and solid and builds construction is better. This planer offers great maneuverability as well as the 11.5 inches aluminum shoe has little resistance.The Porter-Cable PC60THP offers the dual dust port feature. It expels wood chips very efficiently and prevents clogging instantly. Thus such option increase the lifetime of the tool.

Moreover, you can more easily make edgings. The 3 chamfering grooves at the edge allows you to do that perfectly. Finally, on each pass this planer allows you to make rabbets with a depth of cut of 0.47 inch. Over your rabbet depth, it gives you a lot of control. For your desired result you may need extra passes. However, it is hard to complain at this price.

PORTER-CABLE PC60THPThis PC60THP planer model comes with a moderate price. It is quite affordable. The powerful 6 Amp motor is its another pleasing feature which impressively driving the cutter head up to 16 500 RPM. Most type of hardwood cannot resist such force and it is sufficient for processing. The manual is really easy to understand and apply. Without any trouble, you can replace the blades and brushes following the guide.

Its molded aluminum shoe make this planer unique. It is 11.5 inches long which provides high planing accuracy as well as better control. Moreover, in your wooden pieces, the shoe features 3 V-shape grooves to make facets. Using the control knob with 1/128 inch increments you can set to 10 positions. This model offers the maximum planing depth like most hand planers which is 5/64 inch.

Usually, for efficient work, PORTER-CABLE PC60THP has impressive performance power. It is easy to use with many eye-catching features. Here we will highlight some of the user-friendly features. It offers an excellent bag for collection of chips. People who love neat and clean workplace will surely appreciate this accessory.Besides you can easily attach this bag to either left or right side as the planer designed on that way. However, please keep in mind generally planing generates lots of dust and shavings which is natural.

But the problem is it can suddenly clog the tool as well as can fill the bag quickly. Solution? We suggest after hours of planing clean the unit with a vacuum using the included vac adaptor. You can store and carry the tool with convenience as the manufacturer offers a nice kit bag. The PORTER-CABLE PC60THP can become your best assistant as it is easy to use, affordable hand planer with useful features.


  • Fast and aggressive
  • Dust collection system seems to work well
  • Dual blade design for more efficient cutting
  • Easy to use
  • The two surfaces on the foot are very co-planer
  • Powerful adjusts easily
  • Good value for money


  • Big
  • Too aggressive

Overall, the Porter-Cable PC60THP can be your best electric hand planer which offers great value for money with great capabilities.


EWALT DW680KThe DW680K hand planer can reach cut depths of 3/32 inches on a single pass. In a short time, it becomes an adept tool for hogging off a lot of material. Its strong heart is equipped with a 7-amp, 15,000 RPM motor.

This heavy duty hand planer offers a smooth even finish every time as it can take a challenge on the hardest of woods. It is perfect for straight cut applications and framing with the combination of high speed, resharpenable carbide blades precise machining.

During a project, the calibrated depth adjustment knob at the front of the planer ‘locks’ the cut depth. Thus it removes the need to reset the machine.However, we noticed some minor drawbacks. The power cord starts from the back of the machine. The place of the adjustment knob should be changed.


The DW680 is a mini giant of a hand planer for its price. It can deal with hardwoods greatly. It is just a perfect planer for various tapering and trimming applications of windows, wooden doors, soffits and so on. The DW680 is an absolute charm to work with once you get the hang of it.

Versatility, durable construction, and high power motor capability made DEWALT DW680K most reliable, popular, different from among other models and planers.Why this planer is on top of its game? You are welcome to discover it from this review with all the reasons. You will also know why it can be your the best electric hand planer.For your best performance of wood projects, you will require a good planer which can be used for any type of wood for various applications and furniture.

Who Is It For?

Everybody from professionals to the newbie to DIYer who is engaged with woodworking needs a reliable planer with versatile features and outstanding components DEWALT DW680K 7 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer can be a great choice. It can help make their work efficient as well as convenient.

This planer offers two impressive features. Adjustable blades and the heavy-duty motor with 7-amp power. Thus making it perfect for heavy duty job in a professional setting.For home use, you will find it quite convenient and easy to use. This planer could already ideally take the entire planing job without difficulty for any kind of material with its functionality, performance and power capacity.

Product Details

DEWALT DW680K is designed for high power woodwork. In different applications, it will give you enhanced features, a top caliber of performance and great results with assured a top notched accuracy and precision.

Durable and Versatile

Even on heavy materials and detailed woodwork this planer is durable and can withstand frequent usage. In straight edges and framings, it is brilliantly designed to be compatible and can accommodate accurately both reversible carbide blades and high-speed steel blades.This hand planer can create even results and perfectly square rabbet joints using its powerful precision-machined shoe.

Besides in the front, the can generate three distinctive beveling channels for increased efficiency of use with the three precision machine guides.Building any project, planing soft and hard edges or fixing furniture it is reliable to use for all kind of woodwork with its power capability.  

Portable and Easy to Use

For longer periods more relaxed and comfortable use this Dewalt planer has a comfortable two-finger trigger. Thus it is built for easy to operate and convenient. It offers some more eye-catching features too. It presents the poly-v-drive belt to boost longevity. A calibrated depth adjustment knob is another big plus point.

This useful feature makes sure that positions are fine-tuned as well as adjusted to how you want to use the planer according to your need. For a comfortable grip and withstanding long fatigue, these knobs are ergonomically designed.Overall, DEWALT DW680K planer does an excellent job.

A carrying case, two reversible carbide blades, rabbeting fence, and an electric planer comes with the DEWALT DW680K kit. To the job sites, you can carry it easily as it is lightweight which makes it quite portable. You can hold the tool intact using the rugged carrying case.You can use the Dewalt DW680K for a variety of woodworking jobs with great ease as it is considered as a reliable and powerful corded electric hand planer. Professionals to beginners it is a suitable purchase.If you are looking for powerful performance and brand value we would recommend this product.

People who are looking for perfection will surely be pleased with the Dewalt DW680K with its impressive features. It offers great capabilities and power. Know the basic handling of wood planers before you use it is highly recommended if you are a beginner.

This unit will be the best choice for you if you are searching for a portable and efficient one. Complicated wood planning activities this planer has the ability to work on.For the comfort of the user, the handle is ergonomically designed.Even with layers of hardwoods, this planer has the power to provide a smooth finish.

Its long shelf life is another big plus point that people consider worth buying. It can assure you with long life performance.This DW680K 7 Amp can work perfectly if you need to level out wood boards or want to make a piece of wood slightly smoother before adding paint or stain. The DW680K is easy to use as a hand-held planer. Without feeling any cramps or discomfort in your hands you can use the planer for hours. You can wrap your entire hand around and a trigger that you pull with one or more fingers to run the device using its larger handle.  You can use this hand-held tool on even the widest and longest of boards.

It allows you to make multiple passes over a board as well as completely remove all the excess wood according to your need.You can easily line up your next pass using an aluminum shoe on the front of the tool. Thus it ensures each passes you make matches up with the last one you made. An impressive feature indeed.The blade that comes with DW680K is strong and sharp enough for most jobs.

The same type of aluminum use by even sides of the DW680K. When rabbeting the shoe does to create a flatter and more even design that works well. A carbide blade also comes with it. A depth adjustment knob and dozens of jobs will last over the course.The DW680K is not cheap. Yes, but it produces more consistent, better work.

The hand planers are more comfortable to use and lighter. Do you know what features make the user better? Comfort and weight.Do things need to improve? Well, it’s the waste collection. In the package, the inclusion of a dust bag will surely enhance its capabilities. Still, the DW680K can be your best choice for above all reasons.It is pretty easy to set up the tool. You can use it on site for the heavy duty wood workings or at home for small home improvement jobs.

It allows you to use the tool for a variety of cutting jobs and there is a big front knob to easily control the cutting depth. Use DEWALT DW680K for cabinets and to fix sticking doors.  For any woodworking project, it works perfectly for treating old wood and making it look like new.With shallow passes, you can get some great results. If you are a newbie who needs good control for their projects it is a great tool.

What We Liked

  • Great for small surface areas
  • Easy to adjust the depth of cut
  • Comes in a nice case
  • Light
  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • High powered AMP
  • Durable

We Don’t Like

  • Poor dust collection


In the market, the Dewalt DW680K is considered as a very proficient wood planer. It ensures reliable performance and incredible precision. This best heavy duty planer will surely give you many capabilities.

5.TRACK LIFE Electric Hand Planer

TACKLIFE Electric Hand PlanerKey Specifications:

  • 7.5Amp Power
  • 0-16,000 RPM
  • 1/8 inches Cutting Depth
  • 0 to 3-1/4 inches Cutting Width

Powerful for Best Performance:

TRACK LIFE 7.5 equipped with 7.5 AMP, 900W powerful motor which does not only ensure high-quality but also ensures durability as it is the pure copper motor. It gives strong power to the planner.

At 16,000rpm the sharp blade rotates. It means per minute it can complete 32,000 cuts. Thus it promises a smooth as well as efficient cuts. The tool also careful enough about overload. It prevent any sudden motor overload as the motor is softly connected to the planer frame.

Longer Service Life comes with Durable Blades:

This model of TACKLIFE is perfect for all your woodwork because 65 Manganese steel double blades are hard enough. They ensure long life with better performance.You will enjoy your all necessary cutting smoother as mirror-grade aluminum flat bottom plate is anti-corrosion, anti-rust, ensuring extended service life.It offers 2 years warranty.

Cutting Depth with adjustment:

The TACKLIFE 7.5 comes with the 12 positive stops. Such useful feature increase in increments of 1/10 inches anywhere. It starts from  0 all the way up to 1/8 inches(3mm).Your various wood-working projects will enjoy finish simple chamfer along the edges because the  base plate’s chamfer groove allows you to do that.

Your all cuts come to parallel with the edge of the board. Besides it ensure straight cuts with a parallel fence bracket.

Easy to Use Design:

The TACKLIFE 7.5 features soft rubber covered handle with a comfortable grip. If you used to work for hours of good news! It reduces fatigue for a long time working. You can work without limited by distance as the long power cord 9.84Ft(3M) make it easy.This tool also careful about safety. It prevents any sudden accident of carelessness using the double controlling switch.

If you are looking for something affordable and decent functions electric hand planer TACKLIFE 7.5 can be so far so good.

You will be satisfied with its power. It’s design is impressive. This is a great planer very versatile and create a very smooth finish.You know the good, correct and high-quality tool is most important to get a perfect result. This is the best planner at this price.

It works equally with hard and soft wood.  You can make your material very smooth and flat using its very powerful drive, sharp and high-quality blade and precise adjustments. Every woodworker will love it. The price is very attractive with so many features and functions.  You can choose it as the best budget handy tool.The tool can take pressure is good up to 100 PSI. You can use this tool for 30 minutes constantly before you have to let it cool.

You can inflate from 0 psi to in just four and a half minutes so that’s pretty good for a portable little device.It has three display units psi K PA and BA R. It offers an overheat protector. So, if it does get too hot and you don’t catch it it will automatically shut off at 212 degrees. A great feature indeed. This tool is very handy.

Let’s know  the pros and cons of whatever this item offers:


  • A very powerful hand planer
  • Affordable and decent functions
  • Easy to work
  • Well built planer
  • Quiet
  • 65 manganese steel double blades will last very long
  • Come with dust collection
  • Adjustable depth for a various DIY project
  • Easy to set up how you want


  • The planer is a little bit on the noisy side but bearable
  • No bevel adjustment

6.Makita XPK01Z 

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer offers a great solution when you want the power of a corded tool in a cordless electric planer. Makita a reputed leader in cordless tools comes with Makita XPK01Z.Are you a professional? or a DIY enthusiast? it is equally an easy to use tool for both of you. This impressive Cordless Planer brings a perfect combination of convenience and speed.

Makita XPK01Z The Makita XPK01Z comes with a high degree of precision and offers quick stock removal. It is their one of the most popular and best models which are run by powerful 18V Lithium-Ion battery.Why they are different? Well, their biggest advantage is they offer fast charge times. It will allow you to save your precious time and allow more time working.Please keep in mind, carefully read the manufacturer instructions and warnings when using any Lithium-Ion battery tool.

How to correctly use the product? This device contains necessary instructions. A guide and manual also come with the kit.Discontinue the use and remove charging immediately if you notice any signs of smoke or overheating or see a battery swelling. Always avoid overcharging. It may catch fire or get heated.

Key Features that proves its impressive performance:

In one single pass, the tool offers to smoothen out wood up to 3-1/4 inch wide and 5/64 inch deep.The tool ensures the best finish as well as performance as it comes with dual edge carbide blades with 2-blade cutter head.

The lightweight only 7.4 lbs. of the power tool makes it quite portable. In fact, it has a high power-to-weight ratio.The tool features fast stock removal. Its battery-powered motor per minute capable of delivering 14,000 rotations to complete this task.An easily readable scale with settings from 0 inches to 5/64 inch comes with the depth adjustment knob.

If you need in precise depth adjustment this tool will help you.The tool does not produce any dust. So, there are no dust bags included with the kit.You can easily carry it with you to woodworking sites or anywhere as the planner is lightweight and makes it portable enough. When compared to other electric planers available in the market the device is a little bit pricey.

However, its quality deserves that. This cordless tool comes equipped with a surplus of features. For professionals to beginners, the Makita XPK01Z makes a great addition to the toolkit.If you are looking for the best electric hand planers where quality comes first the Makita XPK01Z takes the first spot. It offers the convenience of a cordless tool with the combined power, speed of a corded electric planer.It ensures you receive a fast and efficient dream like working cordless hand planer that planes lumber accurately.  

This tool is powered by the 18V Lithium-Ion battery. Certainly it is a big plus point. While working on your projects it lasts longer as Makita’s Lithium-Ion battery charges pretty quickly.Another mentionable advantage of the Makita XPK01 is exceptionally quiet. Its cutting blades cut very smoothly. Using this product you can resize a door or window within minutes if you are experienced. It is very convenient as it is cordless.You don’t need to charge it often as charge lasts for a long time. Another relief news indeed. Even it takes minimum time to recharge.

While working on any woodworking project the tool is well constructed to provide a high level of efficiency.If you want to join two pieces of wood together you can use this planer to clear up that wood. It offers an owner manual. It performs magnificently. It offers double sided blades. This tool planes up to three and a quarter inches wide and you can go five sixty fourths of an inch deep on a single pass. You can set the planer up and down. It keeps the planer up off of the work surface so that the blades don’t come in contact.It has two blades on the cutter head. It has external brushes too. Its little nob added its safety while you are working. You can use this tool from either hand.


  • Well balanced
  • Quiet
  • Comes with a vac port for mess-free use too
  • Smooth and quiet operation with the easy depth of cut adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • No cord to get hung up
  • It gets charged quickly and the charge lasts for a really long time
  • The cutting depth can be adjusted with precision
  • Easy to use
  • The tool is well constructed to provide a high level of efficiency


  • Not for smaller gauges
  • You will need to separately purchase the battery and its charger


Despite being a battery operated tool overall you will find the Makita XPK01Z delivers great performance.

It is quite perfect for a variety of projects because the impressive speed it offers with which it cuts through wood like butter.

Final Word  

In evaluating and selecting the best electric hand planers we hope you found this electric hand planer review useful. Consider all those points carefully we believe for your needs you will find the perfect tool. Wish you the best in the purchase.For every need as well as budget there is a model. You will find you desired the best electric hand planer whether you are a professional or a newbie.


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