Almost all your various woodworking projects one of the quite essential tools are nailers. However, the finish nailers come like a champ when it comes to finishing woodworking or carpentry.

For outdoor home improvement projects and for general indoor, working on the patio or on the deck or building furniture Finish nailers are always the perfect tool to go for the best performance.

If you are serious with both aesthetics and the accurate holding power certainly for finishing projects finish nailer announce its confident presence. They are a much better option than many bother nailer types and the Brad nailer when it comes to the holding power for delicate projects.  Finish nailers generally come with three models as gas-powered, electric and pneumatic. They also offer different gauges.

If you want to choose the best finish nailers you need to clearly understand different types of gauges, nailers as well as other key factors like weight, size, nail depth and the magazine type.This comprehensive guide enlightens all this vividly with useful information to help you to select the best finish nailer.

If you want to accomplish smaller trim boards onto assemblies as well as nail moldings with ease you need to go for the best Finish Nailer tools. You know using this tool will allow you to drive the thin nails through the trim board into plywood, hardwood or various wood material.

A standard hammer and nails are not as faster as this. Moreover, one-handed uses design is another big plus point of the finish nailer. To hold moldings as well as trims in place you will pleasingly find your other hand free which is a great relief feature.

For internal carpentry finish, nailers are great. It can complete a variety of applications like chair railing, cabinetwork, base boarding, molding, furniture construction, and crowning.

Projects that require thicker, as well as harder materials, essentially need finish nailers. You will especially feel its necessity that requires to be bonded together. You are welcome to discover below our detailed best finish nailers reviews to find the right one for you.

The best finish nailer in your hand means an easier job whether you are a seasoned pro or a first-time hobbyist. To your work, you will get accuracy and speed from finish nailers as they have made the tedious tasks a lot easier.

When it comes to woodworks one of the most useful and sought-after hand tools are the best finish nailers.

These useful finish nailers ideal for both DIYer enthusiasts and professional construction crews.

5 Best Finish Nailers Comparison

1.Hitachi NT65MA4 Angled Finish Nailer with Air Duster

Hitachi NT65MA4

  • Power Source:  air-powered
  • Nail Size: 15 GA
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Magazine Capacity: 100pcs

Key Features:

  • 360° exhaust
  • Made out of lightweight aluminium   
  • The package comes with safety glasses, a no-mar tip, and a case)

Many woodworkers as well as DIYers love angled finish nailers a lot as it is perfect for almost any project. The Hitachi NT65MA4 clearly proved the reason. You can easily get into tight spaces with this nailer with the 34-degree angled magazine.

From the workpiece, before nailing when you want to clear dust and debris it’s another great advantage is an integrated air duster that can be quite useful.

For this nailer, jam clearing is fast as well as very easy. Moreover, the unique design of the nose ensures you tool free comfortable experience.

Another great feature of this nailer is the tool-free depth of drive adjustment. Thus you will always get professional finishes as you will have more control over the nailer.

The selective actuation switch on this 15-gauge nailer will allow you to choose between sequential and contact nailing depending on the project which can be a very convenient feature.

Another very convenient feature

There is also a comfortable rubber grip on this relatively lightweight nailer that helps to minimize hand fatigue, no-mar tip to protect the work surface, and a 360-degree fully adjustable exhaust port.

Why We Like It:

  • Easy to use
  • Solid construction
  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Allows both sequential and contact nailing
  • Quick and easy jam clearing
  • Integrated air duster
  • Adjustable exhaust portal
  • 34 degree angled magazine
  • 5-year warranty


  • No dry fire lockout
  • occasional misfires

In preparation for gluing or nailing the Integrated air duster can be used from the work surface to clear away debris and dust.

For a professional finish and improved control, you can use tool-less depth of drive dial. It will allow you to adjust for flush fastening into varying materials.

You can keep the compressor hose conveniently out of the way as factory installed air fitting is angled upwards.

If you’re looking for the best value for money the Hitachi NT65MA4 can be the best finish nailer. This outstanding nailer can easily reach tight spaces and awkward corners as its 34° angled magazine allow it to accomplish seamlessly. Besides, this tool can handle nails from 1.25 to 2.5 inches long.

For exterior trims, window and door casing, handling with ease the installation of base and crown moldings, the tool drives nails through hard as well as soft materials and proves the nailer perfect for a wide range of projects.

This tool is very comfortable to use and highly maneuverable as it is weighing just over 4lbs. Moreover, you will experience easy management of debris as it is a 360° adjustable exhaust.

The Hitachi NT65MA4 is considered reliable and powerful as it comes with a selective actuation switch.

For installing trim molding and door casings or window the Hitachi NT65MA4 Angled Finish Nailer is effective as well as durable. 15 gauge nails ranging in length from 1-1/4 inch to 2-1/2 inch at 34 inches this finish nailer accepts easily. The nailer at a time can take up to 100 nails and it is easy to load.  

Under the elastomeric grip non-slip grip trigger a tool-free drive adjustment dial is located. You can make the adjustment according to your requirements depends on the air pressure and the density of the material.

To keep the tool functioning at it its peak this finish nailer requires occasional lubrication with oil. Without any additional tools required a selective actuation switch allows for contact fastening or sequential.

Above the grip a unique air duster button is located which comes with this finish nailer. From a hole in the front of the tool, the air duster allows air to be expelled.

Hitachi NT65MA4 is jam-packed with useful features. It is ideal for exterior trim, window casings and on chair nails.

This Hitachi NT65M2S with its rubber nosepiece prevents marring your work surface.  There’s no chance of frustration with the nail size as it supports a variety of nail lengths. Moreover, its powerful compressor will give you relief and ensure the best performance.

The Hitachi NT65MA4 is a product worth considering if you are looking for one of the best 15-gauge finish nailers.

Without any trouble, it will allow you to easily shift from sequential to bump mode.

This machine cannot use 1-inch nails. The largest size of nail it accepts is 2.5 inches and the smallest size of nail it accepts is 1.25 inches. To remove the jammed nail you will need to use a screwdriver.

An impressive 5 -year limited warranty is another big plus point of the Hitachi NT65MA4. At a reasonable cost, this is a great alternative who want bump mode actuation with reliable buying protection.

The adjustable exhaust is quite handy.

A versatile, as well as useful finish nailer, is the Hitachi NT65MA4. You will need to depress the tip and pull the trigger to drive each nail when using sequential mode.

On the other hand contact mode automatically drives a nail each time the tip makes contact. Thus you will find it very convenient to use.

With the turn of a dial you can also change the depth-of-drive and on a variety of materials can experience professional looking finish. At the end of your project, you can use the air duster button to clear away any debris or dust.

You will always get a precise and accurate placement as the elastomer grip handle gives you something to grip onto with comfort and confidence. It comes with a no-mar tip, safety glasses, and a convenient carrying case.

For advanced users, this 15 gauge finish nailer is specially designed. You will surely love working with this tool if you are a builder with experience in woodworking or various home building projects.

To avoid nailing dysfunction this gun let in the air into the compressor. It means in your project without any hindrance the dust in your work surface is cleared automatically.   

You can easily aim, hold as well as shoot the nails precisely using this compact nailing gun.

Since this NT65M2S nailer generates more power it is a bit different from traditional ones. For functioning it uses controlled and compressed air.

A reliable and powerful compressor comes with this nailer. When you will see its delicately handled works you will find that a bit heavier weight is not an issue at all.

You know Hitachi means high-quality, durable and tested products globally.

The Hitachi NT65MA4 is perfect for chair rails, cabinets, base moldings and crown, exterior trim, installing staircases and many more woodworking jobs. You don’t need to reload often as it can hold 100 nails.

Materials and Durability/Design and Construction

From high-quality lightweight aluminum housing, the Hitachi NT65MA4 is constructed.

This nailer is excellent to use for softwoods as it also comes with a no-mar tip. During transport to make sure your tool is protected a convenient carrying case is also included.

In the set, Hitachi also included safety glasses while working to protect your eyes from dust and debris.

A 90-day warranty from the original purchase date also comes with this tool for drivers, the pistons and 0-rings.

2.NuMax SFN64

If you are looking for a finish nailer high-performing but affordable as a hobbyist or beginner woodworker, the NuMax SFN64 will be a great choice.

NuMax SFN64You will get many years of service as this nailer features a highly durable as well as lightweight aluminum body. This nail gun is designed with quick jam release to minimize downtime. Besides for various applications, its useful finger depth adjustment makes it ideal.  

A 360-degree adjustable exhaust comes with the NuMax SFN64. From the user’s face, it helps to direct the air away as well as debris from the workpiece.

A no-mar tip also comes with this 16-gauge finish nailer. It helps a lot to prevent damages as well as scratches of the work surface. Besides, for secure operation and comfortable touch, it added an ergonomic grip.

  • Power Source: Air
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Nail Size: 16 GA


  • Affordable finish nailer
  • It shot finish nails without any issue at all
  • Perfect for the weekend warrior
  • Very functional without any jams
  • Easy to use, fast and efficient
  • No-mar tip to protect sensitive surfaces
  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • Sequential fire
  • Anti-dust cap
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum body


  • No belt hook

If you want to fire 16 gauge straight finish nails anywhere from 1 to 2.5 inches the NuMax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer is the perfect choice as it is just designed for that purpose. For finishing off a variety of interior and exterior projects this straight finish nailer is ideal.

You can use it on chair rail molding or window casings, shoe and crown moldings without any difficulty. Into the wood the nails small gauge basically disappears. It means filling and sanding holes you will need less time. Besides, these nails are quite strong though small in size.   

This finish nailer is tool-free. It is lightweight too for aluminum design cylinder. For extra durability, it comes with a one piece drive blade and rubber o-rings.

At a time to fire a single fastener, the sequential firing mode is designed. Thus every time it allows you to accurately place fasteners. For correct placement, we recommend every time to use a level with a laser.

For every single project, the firing depth is customizable. At all times it ensures a consistent driving depth. Without needing to take the finish nailer apart you can easily access and remove jams using the integrated quick release-latch.

Up to 100 straight finish nails the high capacity magazine can take. So you will get a longer time before reloading. Its another impressive feature is the anti-dust cap. It perfectly keeps the internal parts of the tool clean.  

For every professional or workshop, this tool is a must have to deal with a variety of trim as well as molding applications.

It is a budget-friendly pneumatic finish nailer. Still, it offers a lot of impressive features. The NuMax SFN64 comes with an adjustable exhaust, a sequential actuation trigger, no-mar tip, tool-less depth adjustment, and ergonomic design. Even the range of nails and the gauge are the same comparing with expensive finish nailers.

It is a straight finish nailer. The Numax SFN64’s weight, magazine capacity as well as dimension is impressive.

However, the SFN64 does not have an adjustable belt hook. So if you’re not working on the floor this could be a problem. Another important point needs to consider that it does not have a tool-less jam release rather has a quick jam release.

To remove the jammed nail you may need pliers or a screwdriver through the jam release allows you to access the jammed nail quickly.  

A 1-year warranty comes with this NuMax model.

3.Paslode 902400 cordless

For reliable use, The Paslode 902400 Cordless Finish Nailer can be your excellent choice. It features the new In-Can System which is easier to install. With the battery included this nailer weighs 4.5 lbs. It is easy to handle as it is very lightweight.

Paslode 902400 cordlessFor driving 1-1/4 – 2-1/2 inch, 16 gauge angled finish nails it comes with a pro-grade depth of drive adjustment. It will give you full freedom of use as there is no compressor or hose needed for this model.

A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty comes with this nailer. When not in use you can keep your unit safe as it comes standard with a durable plastic carrying case.

You will get pleasing shorter charging times and better power management experience with its lithium-ion technology. Before it requires charging you can work for longer periods as this nailer features an on/off battery lock to further conserve power.

In confined spaces, the angled magazine makes it easier to work while the no-mar tip protects surfaces against scratching and dinging. A nail capacity of up to 100 nails comes with the magazine.

Besides, approximately up to 1200 nails the fuel cell life will last. For the nailer, it takes one hour to charge. Thus you can work more time.

Key Specs:

  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Nail gauge: 16

Why We Like It

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Durable
  • Very fast and easy to unjam
  • Oil-free operation
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism
  • Tool-free jam clearing
  • 1 hour rapid charge time
  • Cordless

Not so Good

  • Usable only with Paslode nails
  • Depth of drive can be inaccurate
  • No bump actuation mode
  • Fuel cell need to buy separately

Well without hassles this nailer is definitely a perfect tool. No compressors and extension cords will irritate you as it is battery powered. You are ready to go just after flipping the switch. It is an excellent finishing nailer for window and door trims, crown as well as paneling modeling.

The Paslode 902400 is a cordless finish nailer. The Paslode 902400 is the best cordless finish nailer you can choose if you work in a place where to carry a compressor is impractical. However, cordless finish nailers are costlier than pneumatic finish nailers.

Between 1.25 inches and 2.5 inches long, this machine accepts 20° angled 16-gauge nails. So, with this nailer, you can’t use 2d nails. This is an angled finish nailer which a big advantage. You can easily access to hard to reach areas using this angled finish nailer. At the same time, they are more expensive than straight nails.

It requires a fuel canister. A gas canister and a 7.4 Li-ion battery supply its needed power to operate. Per charge, the battery lasts for 6000 nails. Per canister, the fuel lasts for 1200 nails. The battery takes less than half an hour to charge fully and the canisters are easy to swap. So downtime experience? this smartly keeps on this machine to a minimum.

You will certainly love this PASLODE 902400 with its low weight. It is much lighter than other competitors as it is only 4.5lbs. You will feel you are holding a feather when using this Paslode tool model.

The battery life of this Paslode 902400 is another great advantage of this nailer. Between charges and fuel cell changes, this finish nail gun can run a very long time. For long jobs, its light weight makes it a great, reliable tool. However, remember it requires Paslode-brand nails.

For working with trim work this battery powered finish nailer from Paslode is designed. At the same time, it is quite versatile for a variety of tasks. This is an ideal choice if you need to do work squeeze into tight spaces or overhead. You don’t need to use a compressor or air hose as it is cordless.

Besides it is a little more powerful than pure battery operated nailers as it uses a battery as well as a fuel cell. In the cell, the battery ignites the fuel which powers the nail. So, this nailer will allow you to drive into harder woods with ease.

This nailer packed with a lot of useful features. Using its simple dial the tool-free depth of drive adjustment can be done without any trouble. You will get a great line of sight from this nailer as its ergonomic handle is designed with an angle. It means where you want you can get the nail right.

When you’re not using the nailer the reversible belt hook lets you hang it close to you. This nailer effectively protects the surface as there is a no-mar tip. Moreover, it also comes with a nail lock-out. It means it doesn’t try to fire blanks.

This finish nailer offers a lot of useful things including a carrying case, safety glasses, battery charger, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Separately the fuel cells will have to buy. It’s true the nailer not cheap but as it offers so many impressive features it is a good decision to invest in this finish nailer.

You can trust Paslode 902400 cordless 16g angled lithium ion finish nailer in all your woodworking projects for accuracy as well as precision. This heavy-duty, as well as lightweight cordless nailer, offers you versatility with ease.

If you need your work perfectly finished in times this feature-packed finish nailer is the ideal tool. It gives you less time reloading as well as more work time as it charges quickly and has a magazine that has the capacity to hold sufficient fasteners.

Construction and Design/Durability and Materials

To ensure long life as well as durability the Paslode 902400 finish nailer is crafted from only the finest durable materials.

Without putting any strain to your hands and wrists and hands this ultra-lightweight Paslode 902400 finish nailer allows you to accomplish your job with the best result.

The Paslode 902400 model is quite portable as it is compressor or hose free. Thus it brings accuracy and maneuverability in your desired nail placement. You can easily access tight as well as odd spaces using this nailer.

Its 2-position battery lock feature ensures battery life secure in off position. Thus it saves battery life as well as energy. In all your woodworking applications its tool-free depth of drive nail adjustment allows you to versatility. Its impressive no-mar tips prevent denting and scarring especially premium woods.

Besides, the nailer prevents blank driving using its nail lockout feature. User will experience a comfortable grip as this tool has an ergonomic straight handle design. This finish nailer comes with a 5/32 inch hex wrench, safety glasses, Owner’s manual, a sturdy carrying case, and a heavy-duty adjustable rafter/belt hook.    

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4.Porter-Cable PCC792LA Cordless Straight Finish Nailer

  • Power Source: Battery-Powered
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Nail Size: 16 GA

Porter-Cable PCC792LAThe Porter-Cable PCC792LA is considered relatively lightweight for a battery-powered finish nailer. For extended periods with minimal hand fatigue, it is easy to handle as it is portable.

For every charge, it can fire up to 1,000 nails and the nailer comes with relatively long battery life. So, for hours you can confidently use it without any trouble.

For different applications, this convenient finish nailer is ideal as it also allows for tool-free depth adjustment. You will not need any tool as jam clearing is also easy and fast.  

For this tool, Porter-Cable comes with a 3-year limited warranty. For illuminating the workpiece the integrated multifunctional LEDs are also very useful.


  • Easy to load
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Gas-free operation
  • Quick and easy jam release
  • Relatively longer battery life
  • Integrated multifunctional LEDs
  • Comes with both battery and charger


  • Relatively expensive
  • Straight-head construction

The Porter-Cable PCC792LA is best for the money. It’s quite reasonable than other counterparts. Still, it didn’t compromise quality.

Battery power is its complete operation source. You don’t need to use any canister of butane gas and compressor at all. Moreover, this tool offers an impressively long lifespan of the battery. So, now you are free to not take a 2 hour or more long break for recharge especially in the middle of your very important projects hanging a side of finish. Thus you can save your precious time.    

When you get into a corner it separates straight from angled heads. In the place, you can easily slide your nailer in as well as securely fasten the end which is the perfect means of the angled head. You will find a little bit the Porter-Cable PCC792LA straight head construction leaves the edge hanging which proves it different with reasonable price.  

5.Bostitch N62FNK-2 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

Bostitch N62FNK-2Features:

  • Integrated air blower
  • For the clear line of sight rear trip design
  • Oil-free
  • Magnesium housing
  • The adjustable trigger that allows sequential and contact firing AND which has a trigger lockout feature
  • Package contains no-mar tips, four profile tips, case, and fasteners
  • Magazine Capacity: 130pcs
  • Power Source: Air Powered

The Bostitch N62FNK-2 finish nailers come with some remarkable features like the angled magazine, the lightweight and highly durable magnesium housing.

It is considered one of the best pneumatic finish nailers in the market as there are still some more excellent features it offers. You can easily make cleaning and jam removal quickly as it smartly included the tool-free magazine removal.

Using this finish nailer you can sink the nails precisely as it also has an adjustable depth guide. No other 15-gauge nailers have same nail magazine capacity as the Bostitch N62FNK-2 finish nailer. It has an impressive capacity of 130 nails.

This nailer comes with four profile tips, no-mar tips, fasteners, hex wrenches, and a carrying case. Bostitch also offers for this nailer an impressive 7-year warranty.  


  • Durable and  lightweight magnesium body
  • Easily adjustable nail depth
  • Tool-free jam clearing
  • High capacity, tool-less removable nail magazine
  • 7-year limited warranty
  • Oil-free operation


  • Occasional nail jamming
  • Plastic made magazine

Every time a professional finish delivers the BOSTITCH 62FNK-2 Finish Nailer. For taking care of the finer details this is the best tool. This finish nailer ensures the best drive as well as a pristine finish as it comes with a choice of four angled profile tips. You will find this finish nailer is easy to maintain as well as mess-free as it features an oil-free compressor. The operating range of this nailer is 70 to 120 PSI for seamless operation and it has adjustable nail-depth settings.

This tool allows you into the correct depth to easily dial. Besides you can work with ease on challenging hardwood with a variety of applications. Measuring 1.25 to 2.25 inches in length as the tool-free magazine holds up to 130 nails. Before having to reload this means you can work for an extended period of time. It makes the task more consistent as well as the job faster. You can easily remove the magazine. It makes clearing up jams simple as well as quickly for more convenience.

This BOSTITCH 62FNK-2 nailer weighs only 3.8 pounds. You will surely appreciate its durable magnesium construction. For overhead applications such as mounting crown molding and hanging shutters or for extended periods it is ideal to use as it is light enough. When being transported or while not in use a protective carrying case comes with this nailer for safe storage.

For taking care of your various finer details this is the best tool. With this easy to use as well as lightweight finish nailer, you can finish off any project consistently and neatly with the best performance. A variety of installing overhead applications like crown moldings and cabinets this tool is just perfect.

You will love this BOSTITCH N62FNK finish nailer for so many reasons. The first thing will draw your attention is its little monster amount of force. This lightweight powerful nailer can produce 400 inch-pounds of driving power. To drive those 2.5-inch nails deep into the wood such power is more than enough. Many other finish nailers don’t have that impressive capacity.

This BOSTITCH N62FNK-2 delivers excellent job site performance. Various lengths of nails this finish nailer can easily handle. In all areas including any corners and tighter spaces its removable angled magazine ensures a precise application.

Easy to handle and ergonomic, reliable and powerful presence makes the BOSTITCH N62FNK-2 an excellent best value pick of finish nailer.

For the precise finishing touch a perfect choice is this lightweight Bostitch nailing gun. A variety of carpentry projects it perfectly suits. In trimming and molding works using this finish nailer will give you full satisfaction. Squeezing into tight spaces easily it spares you of troubles and gives relief.

If you want to give professional touches to your various finish projects this nailer can be an excellent selection. Challenging projects that demand fine as well as delicate details this lightweight nailer suits best for them. While driving it the angled tip ensures perfect details with ease.  

The quietest rear exhaustion system came from the 15 gauge 1-¼ inch to 2-½ inch angled nailer feature. Without any disturbing sound, it blows away the unwanted dust and debris from your project or you. You can perfectly accomplish precise finish on various projects such as cabinet installation, trimming around your windows and doors, crown molding, all furniture projects as well as many similar projects. You will find the jam removal easier due to the easily releasable magazine.

You can work for hours due to its quite lightweight. The selectable trigger which comes with safety lock-out will allow choosing either singular or multiple modes of fastener drive. This finish nailer is perfect for running baseboards as a 16 on center gauge measuring 16 inches from end to the nose. when you work on wall trimming it makes the locating of wall studs easier.

This finish nailer comes with an LED light. In dark places, it will make it easier for you to work. Moreover, its swivel air fitting that lessens hose interference on the tool will give you better portability. It ensures lesser hassle with the oil-free operation. For further ease, an adjustable belt hook is also provided. For easy transportation, a nice protective carry case comes which can hold the entire package.

For detail work and finishing touches, the N62FNK-2 finish nailer is the ideal tool to use.

Do you know the world’s first 15-Gauge tool that features extremely-quiet near exhaust to direct air away from the project you’re working on or from you is the Bostitch N62FNK-2 finish nailer. On all your projects the ultimate tool to use for a perfect finish can be this excellent finish nailer.

Best Finish Nailers Ultimate Buying Guide

Generally, every DIYer, seasoned woodworker, or hobbyists have their own finish nailers. In the market for such popularity, there are lots of brands as well as models.

In today’s competitive world always most models performance, as well as built quality, is improving. However, still, they have differences. It is essential for you to know among them how to choose the best finish nailer.

When shopping for one if you keep the following vital things in mind and know in details you can easily find your desired model.

Straight vs. Angled Finish Nailer

Your personal need and preference should come first when you have to choose between the angled as well as straight finish nailers. However, you need to know all the merits and demerits of using it what each model has to offer.

Straight Finish Nailer

Where the nail cartridge is perpendicular to the tip of the nailer is known as the straight finish nailers type. The angled finish nailers can not shoot such a thinner nail. It means it will require minimal filling and the head is less visible on the wood.

In a straight position, the straight nailers load nails while at an angle position the angled magazine loads them.

The angled nailers are lighter than these nailers. Besides into tight spaces, they are not suitable like the angled types. However, they offer a quite reasonable price. Even their thinner nailers also come with affordable price. So if you think for the economy price they are just perfect to consider.

For simple and straightforward construction they are just excellent though they are not as precise and agile like the angled nailers.


  • Smaller nail holes
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for simple, straightforward and simple finish projects


  • Heavier and inconvenient
  • Not for tight spaces
  • Angled Finish Nailer

Carpenters, professional woodworkers even many DIYers first choice is the angled finish nailers. It has much more capacity than the straight finish nailers.

Form an angular shape these handy finish nailers will have the nail cartridge angling towards the grip.

These nailers offer easy access to the hard to reach places which is their greatest advantage. Besides, when nailing angles in an awkward position it eliminates the need to hold the nailer.

In most cases, angled finish nailers have a small front end design. Where space is congested or limited for trimming and nailing such option makes them a great choice.

However, the straight finish nailers use thinner nails than angled nailers. On the wood, you will find more visible heads when use angled nailers as they shoot thicker nails. Still, in most cases, they are mostly used in tight spaces. So, the nails will be hidden.

If you are looking for agile as well as precise nailer generally the angled finish nailers are perfect than the straight models. However, they are expensive too.


  • Ideal for walls, corners, tight spaces and around doors
  • In tight spaces excellent for nailing
  • Easier to maneuver
  • More agile as well as precise


  • Expensive

Buying Tips:

If you use finish nailers a lot like a seasoned DIYer or a professional woodworker the right idea is to have both in your collection.

On the other hand, if you have to choose only one the best decision is to select the angled finish nailer as it has a full capacity of the straight nailer and can do more.

However, straight nailer can still be a good choice if you do not see yourself working at difficult angles often.

Power Type

There are three main options based on their power source and operating mode which are pneumatic, electric and gas when it comes to the power type or source for finish nailers.

Both professional contractors and DIYer like pneumatic finish nailers a lot. Into the wood to fire the nails it uses a compressor, with just one hand they are easier to operate. As long as you make sure the compressor’s CFM and PSI are superior to the requirements of the tool, the pneumatic tool comes with the advantage of continuous runtime. Such quite powerful nailers the only drawback is they are not cheap.

Electric current is the power source of electric finish nailers. Cordless and corded these two types are available in the market. If you want uninterrupted and constant operation you need Corded electric finish nailers. If portability is your main concern the cordless is the best answer. It is easier to handle Electric nailers.  

As it comes with gas and oil needs too much maintenance, many woodworkers usually avoid gas powered finish nailers. However, they offer portability and quite powerful.

Actuation Mode: In every finish nailer as a default sequential actuation mode comes. On your surface, after you’ve pressed the contact tip only then this mode allows you to pull the trigger. Several nailers offer bump mode too. In this mode on your work surface before you bump its contact tip you’ll have to pull the trigger. Every time you fire the trigger the nailer keeps pushing new nails in the bump mode. If you are a heavy user you will find the bump mode is useful.

Magazine Type

Between various finish nailers, one of the key distinctions is the nail magazine type. When shopping for one you need to consider this key factor too. Generally, the coil, as well as nail stick, are two main types of nail magazine available in the market.

Coil Magazine: If you want to hold the finish nails in long, your best solution is the coil style magazines. It offers flexible strips that are then wound in a coil. Between 150 and 350 nails anywhere it can accommodate.

The nail sticks cannot hold as many nails as coil magazines. Such an advantage will ensure fewer downtimes and more productivity. Before you need to reload your finish nailer you can do more nailing.

You will get more movability from your finish nailer when using these magazines as they do not stick out. However, nail sticks are cheaper than coil magazines.

Nail Stick: In most cases, magazines that come in 20-40 increments will hold long strips of nails are known as Nail stick style magazines.

On the size of the finish nailer, the capacity of the nail stick depends. However, coil magazines can hold more nails as nail sticks have no coiling.

Accommodation capacity of some finish nailers are only 1, some offer 2 and very few offers 3.

In tight spaces you will find to maneuver can be harder with finish nailers that use these magazines because of the nail stick popping out of them. However, usually, they offer a more reasonable price.

Type of Gauge

Generally, the finish nailer can shoot some specific sizes nail which is known as gauge type. It’s very important to understand as such feature clearly determines what the finish mailer will be ideal for your work or projects. In the market, you will find four main options to choose are  15, 16, 18 as well as 23-gauge.

15-Gauge: The thickest nails of all nailers is the 15-gauge finish nailers. As they shoot the thickest nails, naturally the most holding power so they will provide. If you want to work on solid surfaces it suits best. Into tight spaces for easy access most will use angled magazines.

They will be ideal for upholstery trim applications, chair rails, trim and molding installation, casings for doors and windows, furniture building, and for cabinetry.

16-Gauge: When you use 16-gauge finish nailers you will find it’s slightly less thick than the 15 gauge models. Almost anyone can use them effectively as they are usually lighter and smaller. They are suitable for windows to fix type jobs.

18-Gauge: Among homeowners and DIYers in the finish nailer family looking for something for occasional use 18-gauge nailers are the most popular.

It is perfect for light trims and finishes, furniture repair, in the paneling. without damaging they are more capable of penetrating through thinner or softer materials and workpieces and many other projects.

23-Gauge: This is the thinnest of all. The thinnest nails which are often referred to as pins 23-gauge finish nailers will shoot them. They are discrete. If imposed with high pressure this sensitive and softer and sensitive nail bends easily. It is ideal for gentle use only. Aesthetically 23-gauge nails are more important.

They are ideal for any project that requires thin nails such as for installing delicate trims on furniture, light wood assembly, birdhouse building, and frame projects.

Selecting the gauge size

The gauge size categorizes finish nailers. For your nailer, it decides how thick the nails should be appropriate. How many nails your nailer will be using per inch it determines for your projects. For instance, a 16 gauge nailer will use 16 nails per inch. Same rule for 23 gauge. So we can understand the gauge number that the thickness of the nails is inversely proportional.

When you go for the gauge selection some key factors naturally come. Holding ability and the hole size. With the increase of gauge the holding ability decreases. So, a 15 gauge can hold more than a 23 gauge. Therefore 23 gauge will leave smaller hole then a 15 gauge.

Size and Weight

When choosing the finish nailer size and weight are two vital factors you need to take into account. It will clearly determine how convenient and easy the tool will be to use.

Your projects may require extended period use of the tool. So, it will be easier to handle if you have a lightweight as well as compact nailer to minimize wrist or hand fatigue.

Moreover, such type nailer ensures easy portability from one workplace to another. For professional contractors, it is a great advantage. You can easily access tight places and at varied angles using small sized nailers.

Nail Depth

If you have greater control over the nail depth it means you have a good finish nailer. Less depth means that you will not get adequate hold power and the too much depth can damage the workpiece.

Depend on the finish nailer brand and model depth adjustment comes in different types. Tool-less depth adjustment is the first preference of the most DIYers and woodworkers for ease. This feature makes the tool a little more versatile.

If your finish nailer allows fast, easy and comfortable depth adjustment you can work with more confidence.

Tool-free Jam removal:

When using any finish nailer nail jams are almost inevitable. Go for a model that offers tool-free jam clearing which will save your precious time a lot. Such a feature will let you remove the jam easily and quickly.

Finish nailers with the toll-free option are often the best as they will help you to work fast with no disturbance.


A good warranty option assures you will get long life service from your finish nailer. Like features and durability warranties are equally important. From one brand to the other the warranty length will vary. The longer the warranty the better. Remember, when the manufacturer offers the longest warranty it means they are confident about the product’s efficiency as well as durability. It protects your tool material defects on the manufacturer’s part and damage resulting from workmanship.

Charging time: From the battery to battery, the charging time varies widely. You will find these sharp differences even between models. the latest generation models will be ready to use in only one hour while to recharge some Li-Ion batteries may require over 6 hours.

Interchangeable battery: This essential option of the best finish nailer will ensure your uninterrupted work whenever necessary.

Anti-Dry Fire: When the machine fires with an empty magazine are called dry firing which can damage your tool as well as the workpiece. So, anti-dry fire option you should look for.

No-mar tip: Usually the finish nailer may leave marks on the work surface. You can prevent the contact tip from damaging the surface with a no-mar tip.

Adjustable Exhaust: This little yet very useful feature will give you a lot of relief from dust and debris. When you are done it’s also a great way to clean up. Your finish nailer exhaust should be adjustable.

Grip: Comfortable grip is another essential feature of your desired finish nailer. Right size for your hands, spacious, sturdy, well-cushioned is some key point you need to look for.

Service: In your area, an authorized service center should exist. Check it before going for a product. Across the nation, well-known brands have a chain of service centers. However, it may not happen in lesser-known brands.

In your arsenal, a finish nailer is a perfect tool to have. It is ideal for a variety of most heavy-duty carpentry jobs. It includes stair rails, bedding, chair rails, furniture, cabinets, the mounting of skirting and outdoor trims, and other challenging woodwork applications.

You can also use this powerful tool for hard materials like HDF, MDF, and plywood, finish works on the hardwood, etc due to the strength of the nails involved.

What kind of finish nailer you will need you can decide easily if you first look at the type of project you will be doing. Then think about your budget.

More features to look for in a finish nailer

The following features the best finish nailer should also have:

An important safety feature you need to consider is a lockable trigger mechanism. Such option will significantly reduce accidental injuries risk.

A built-in hanging hook can ensure easy storage.

The angle of the nailer’s magazine is related to gauge. If you want to squeeze into smaller spaces a large angle will make the nailer easier to accomplish it. A 15 gauge has angles up to 34 degrees while a 16 gauge has a capacity of only about 20 degrees.


Anywhere from 1 – 2 ½ inches long range most of the nailers have run. For most projects, this is enough of a range. The more range you have, the better if you’re a contractor or using your nailer in a professional setting where you’ll be doing a variety of jobs.

Benefit and uses 

Molding on projects involving woodworks and in small trim boards best Finish Nailers are great for using. Plywood, hardwood, and softwood you can use small nails that can be driven through. Even MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) type work you can accomplish using this tool. Without leaving any footprint or trace these specialty wood products can be nailed smoothly. With wood fillers and painted over the barely noticeable tiny hole it leaves can be easily worked out.

Among woodworkers globally, Best Finish nailers achieved popularity and trust. Using this will ensure no breaking or splitting the molding. If you have the best finish nailers it means you have so many uses such as paneling, casings, baseboards, shelving, cabinetry, crown molding,  and window and door trims.


Without any hassle, you can perform your job if you choose a long-lasting and heavy-duty finish nailer. For the price never compromise the durability. In the middle of a job when your tool stops working or breaks it may cost you more. How long your finish nailer will last long mainly decide with the material used in constructing the tool. Look for the finish nailers which are made from aluminum, magnesium and such type light yet durable material.

Sufficient Lighting

It may happen sometimes you will work on dark spaces and low-light areas. In the market some finish nailers feature LED light which is really useful in such cases. It will help you to work without trouble.


Well, in the market you will find a variety of finish nailers with different brands, models, manufacturers, and features. If you are a regular user it will be wiser to choose a trusted brand with a long warranty. It may cross your budget but you know quality comes first.

What to Look For

There are other factors to consider before heading out to buy the best finish nailer or place your order.

Now we will go in details about some of the most important factors of the best finish nailer. You will find the most convenient as well as useful. They will make your jobs finish faster, easier, prolong the life of your tool and ensure safety measures.

For different tasks, a nail size adjustment feature lets you easily switch nail sizes. You can prevent blank driving with the Nail lockout feature.

Reloading will be easier with rear loading magazines. You can work an additional hour using longer hours of batteries. You can save your time a lot if you use a magazine that can hold more nails.


In the workshop finish, nailers are considered as essential as well as a very useful woodworking tool. However careful consideration needed to choose the best finish nailer from a variety of models and types in the market.

Your best finish nailer will come closer to you if you carefully consider some key factors like the weight and size, depth adjustment, nail gauge and clearly understand the different types of finish nailer before the final decision.

Our top 5 best finish nailers in-depth reviews will give you some great glimpses for those who are unsure of what models or brands to go for.

What best suits your needs ultimately will be the best finish nailer. Our buying guide will enlighten you more about the options and features to look for about buying finish nailers.

Follow the information and facts we have provided in this article with the list of best 5 finish nailers will certainly guide you to your dream tool.

According to your budget, necessity or task, you can go for any nailer from our list. Happy finish nailer shopping!

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