Knowledge of flooring nailer is vital to properly install a floor. Here we tried to give you the right, necessary information to reduce hassle and to make the best choice to do your job well. We tried to present this info based review some of the best flooring nailers on the market. It will show you a clear guideline to aid you to choose your desired flooring nailer. We also included a buyer’s’ guide for your better consideration of these flooring nailers. Thus you can make the right choice for your desired floor.

A flooring nailer means quick work of the job. It also ensures that the nails are inserted in the correct angle (at precisely 45 degrees). Every homeowners or contractor need to know some vital things which we discussed here. Generally manual and pneumatic are two models of these nailers with some merits as well as demerits.

Best Flooring Nailer: Comparison Table 

Best Choice
DEWALT Flooring Stapler, 2-in-1 Tool (DWFP12569)
Best Price
NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic 3-in-1 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge 2" Flooring Nailer and Stapler with White Rubber Mallet Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun for T-Cleats, L-Cleats, and Staples,Grey
Budget pick
BOSTITCH Flooring Nailer, 2-in-1 (BTFP12569)
Our pick
BYNFORD HARDWOOD FLOORING STAPLER NAILER (For conventional 5/8" & under T&G flooring AND SHAW type flooring groove side stapling).
Low CFM requirements
Magazine capacity: 100-120
Operating pressure 70 - 100 PSI
Standard narrow crown stapler
10.6 lbs
16.09 lbs
10.20 lbs
6 lbs
Best Choice
DEWALT Flooring Stapler, 2-in-1 Tool (DWFP12569)
Low CFM requirements
10.6 lbs
Best Price
NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic 3-in-1 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge 2" Flooring Nailer and Stapler with White Rubber Mallet Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun for T-Cleats, L-Cleats, and Staples,Grey
Magazine capacity: 100-120
16.09 lbs
Budget pick
BOSTITCH Flooring Nailer, 2-in-1 (BTFP12569)
Operating pressure 70 - 100 PSI
10.20 lbs
Our pick
BYNFORD HARDWOOD FLOORING STAPLER NAILER (For conventional 5/8" & under T&G flooring AND SHAW type flooring groove side stapling).
Standard narrow crown stapler
6 lbs

10 Best Flooring Nailer – Reviews 




The DeWalt DWFP12569 Hardwood Floor Nailer achieved its position for many reasons. It’s versatile, reliable, compact with clocks. Last but not least its quite reasonable price.
Use staples to hold the flooring in place is now trendy in flooring jobs. Long life is another unavoidable desired feature installation using nails that comes with a floor.

We are pleased that this model can use both. Long lifelike years assurance is its another lovely option makes it also reliable enough. Like day one it will keep working. You can easily as well as quickly move it around as it is compact enough. It’s a real feature like putting in a floor on a nail-intensive job.

The 0-ring is its only mentionable drawback. There’s a concern that leads to lost air pressure as they are prone to failure. Otherwise, this is certainly a great flooring nailer.

The DWFP12569 is a 2-in-1 tool acts as both a flooring stapler and nailer. General contractors and professional flooring installers trust this most well-known and respected brand.  In terms of performance, quality and durability it is called as a champ. This is the best option for professional uses. You can use this flooring nailer long time for its ergonomic design. Besides, this model never misfires or jams. Compared to other pneumatic nailers it has relatively lower CFM requirements. It means less air compressor run-time.

It is suitable to work with the 16-gauge L-shaped cleats and the 15.5-gauge staples which are most common and popular nailing fasteners. This flooring nailer uses interchangeable and non-marring base plates that will adjust to any flooring size and thickness.

Interchangeable and non-marring base plates are used by this flooring nailer. So, it will adjust to any flooring size as well as thickness. It is ideal for use with almost any air compressor as it is fitted with the standard 1/4-inch air fitting. You can use this pneumatic flooring tool to nail down your floor with ½ inches to ¾ inches of deep flooring. In order to establish the pneumatic driving action, it is featuring the mallet. It ensures quick flooring activity. This flooring nailer used to operate at the pressure amount of 70 to 100 PSI.

It includes dust cover, air fitting, wrenches, rubber mallet, and base plates. Do you need an accurate exposure of compressed air? the air fitting will enable you that. Unwanted materials? No problem. It’s useful dust covers effectively prevent all these annoying things and never allow them to enter inside of it.

All over the world, it is considered one of the most powerful nailing tools. Generally, it matches flooring profiles of all type. Nailer as well as flooring stapler both actions are possible within 2 in 1 best flooring nailer.


  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Power: 70 – 100 psi
  • Weight: 10.6lbs
What we like
  • Interchangeable non-marring base plates
  • Silent rear exhaust
  • Rubber padded extended handle
  • Relatively lower CFM requirement
  • Comfortable and easy to operate
  • 2 in 1 magazine (100 nails or staples)
  • Easy to maintain
What we didn't like
  • O-ring issues
  • no case
  • No dry fire lockout)

Overview: Without hurting your back the tall handle makes it easy to work on the floor. Professionals will surely love this nail gun as it is durable and strong with the best performance.

It’s another pleasing surprise is lightweight. It is a little over 10 pounds though it is designed for regular heavy professional use. Naturally, its control and balance are very easy. This makes it perfect for bigger jobs with long hours. How it is versatile? Well, you can easily use both 15.5 gauge staples or 16 gauge cleats from 1 ½ to 2 inches.

If you are a flooring professionals keep in mind the base plates adjust for ½ to ¾ inch flooring. So, make sure your all materials can cope with that measurement when you intend to do a lot of different jobs. This flooring nailer is made from aluminum. So, pleasing news is it is much lighter to wield.

You can control more over the machine as it features no marring base to prevent the damage. You can easily work with all-size flooring as the base is highly adjustable. Without jamming it can take action rapidly.

2.Numax PFL618BR

Numax PFL618BR

Another most versatile nailer in our review is the Numax PFL618BR Pneumatic Flooring Nailer. It offers 3 in 1 magazine. Besides, it is easily compatible with staples (15.5) and with T and L cleats (16).
One for Groove flooring one for Tongue are two plates features from this machine. Moreover, the NuMax SFL618 gives you more stability as well as prevents floor scratching as it also features the no-mar base.

It comes with Freeman case as well as a wooden mallet with a rubber finish. This machine can complete the job with no jam. It performs well with real hardwood like Oak or Maple. You can easily unjam and disassemble the machine in case it does jump. The PFL618BR flooring nailer comes with a 7-year warranty like its other freeman nailers. If maintained properly it will even last more and give you more cost-effectiveness.

If you use the machine excessively the machine would jam which is the only drawback from our observation. Otherwise, it will give you an amazing result.

NuMax SFL618 key Specifications:

  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Includes white rubber mallet, wrenches, and oil
  • Compatible with L-cleats, staples, and T-cleats
  • 2 interchangeable, non-marring base plates
  • PSI: 70-115
  • Magazine capacity: 100-120
  • Magazine capacity: 120 fasteners
  • Use: solid or tongue & groove flooring
What we like
  • versatile, 3 in 1 magazine (120 units)
  • Durable die-cast aluminum body
  • Uses both cleats and staples
  • comes with mallet and protective case
  • extended handle with a comfortable grip
  • interchangeable ½ inch and ¾ inch base plates
  • can use 3 different fasteners
  • Easy to use, suitable for beginners
  • comes with accessories
  • inexpensive
  • very stable due to the no-mar base
What we didn't like
  • Jamming problems
  • Not appropriate for all floorings
  • not industrial strength and best for home use
  • no case

3.NuMax SFL618


The NuMax SFL618 nailer’s price is as great as its job. You can rely on its performance. It is a smart budget-friendly option. The nailer is user-friendly, durable as well as it offers interchangeable base plates. The 2-in-1 tool is not only affordable but also versatile. It can equally work both staples and cleat nails including other accessories.

This flooring nailer with absolute precision shoots both staples and cleated nails. However, it requires a little extra maintenance. Depending on the thickness of your flooring planks you can choose to use either the 1/2 or 3/4-inch plate. It is ideal for installing both dense and thin wood floors as it operates at between 70 and 115 PSI. The nailer can accommodate up to 120 nails to reduce downtimes as it has a high capacity cleat magazine. This Numax nailer durable, easy to move with well balanced while nailing as its constructed with a tough as well as lightweight die-cast aluminum.

You can use most air compressor due to the presence of the 1/4-inch NPT fitting, non-mar rubber mallet,  anti-dust cap, and the extended 23-inch tall handle. Oil, wrench, a white rubber mallet offers from this tool for comfortable operation of floor nailing. A 16-inch gauge for L and T cleats and a 15.5-inch gauge for flooring staples are this pneumatic flooring nailer tends to shoot up.  Through the interchangeable base plates, this flooring nailer can penetrate 0.5 to 0.75 inches deep in solid hardwood flooring.

You can make your flooring work with full effective using this nailer rubber O rings and high-quality cylinder. It also ensures high production application as it holds up to 100 nails as well as staples. If you are a homeowner this is a nice tool for you. However, it is not up to industrial level various challenging work. NuMax SFL618 nailer is suitable for homeowners and amateurs, but not for professionals.



The BOSTITCH BTFP12569 does a great job when you can get this one rolling. It is also ideal on hardwood floors in spite of the dry firing issue.

  • Weight: 10.20 lbs
  • PSI: 70-100
  • Power Source: Pneumatic

This BTFP12569 2-in-1 model flooring gun is considered as one of the best hardwood flooring nailers in the market.

It comes with interchangeable and non-marring base plates. Do you need to complete engineered flooring jobs? That’s also possible. No scratch on the material usually happens as these base plates help to prevent that. Even it allows you to work with various flooring thickness with ease.

You can easily shoot both stapes and L-shaped cleats using this nailer. The design of this flooring nailer is ergonomic. This tool comes with a comfortable rubber grip and a long handle to ensure maximum comfort. Besides, it reduces fatigue a lot when using it for hours.

BOSTITCH BTFP12569The Bostitch BTFP12569 is backed by a 7-year limited warranty. It can operate a pressure of between 70 and 100 PSI. This BTFP12569 2 in 1 nailer/stapler uses standard cleats and staples. Moreover, it comes with a 7-year warranty and a high-quality mallet. The pneumatic driving action features from this model. It is suitable for both engineered flooring and hardwood. Highly adjustable base plates are no-mar. It ranges from 12.7 mm to 19.1 mm thick flooring. This nailer is very lightweight at only 14.72 pounds. It is considered not only nailer but also a stapler. It is suitable for both professional and commercial. However, it has some flaws in the feeding mechanism.

After long use, the nailer might misfire, that is, it might miss the L cleats and fire blanks. Thankfully, this happened only once in 1000 times. This might have happened because of the air pressure, but some people have noticed the same problem. Other than that, it works flawlessly. Remember, it may misfire the L cleats and fire blanks after long use. However, it happened only once in 1000 times. It works flawlessly otherwise.

What we like
  • Interchangeable-mar base plates
  • suitable for amateurs and professionals alike
  • Ergonomically designed
  • the no-mar adjustable base for hardwood and lingered flooring
  • lightweight and durable
  • the extended rubber padded handle makes it very comfortable to use
  • Shoots both stapes and cleats
  • Great on hardwoods
What we didn't like
  • Relatively expensive
  • Metal cleat feed issues
  • might misfire here and there
  • Does not accept T-cleats

5.Freeman PF18GLCN

Freeman PF18GLCN

The Freeman PF18GLCN is perfect for jobs with dense water groove flooring. It is the best option for thicker bamboo or woods. This flooring nailer is designed for this type of tasks. It is ideal for a variety of exotic woods for instance cherry, bamboo, Brazilian teak. You have everything you need to start your projects as Freeman even includes a fiberglass mallet.

Freeman PF18GLCN can easily work with thick or grooved flooring as it is tough enough. Besides, it offers some helpful accessories like wrenches, oil and a mallet. Another plus point is its 7-year limited warranty.
The PF18GLCN is the ideal choice if you need to work with bamboo or other exotic woods. This nailer holds up to 120 fasteners. You can quickly install large areas of flooring as it is very comfortable to use.

Thinking about dense flooring? this Freeman nailer is just great for that target as it uses 18 gauge L-cleats. You can use it on a wider variety of materials as it works with cleats from 1 ¼ – 1 ¾ inch long. Keep in mind with certain exotic floors you can only use this flooring nailer. It is good enough for cherry, Brazilian teak, bamboo as well as most exotic hardwoods. Make sure if your floor is compatible with that list. Be safe than sorry.

Drawback? well, this nailer makes it hard to find more fasteners which are compatible with it.


  • Oil, wrenches and no-mar head included
  • 7-year limited warranty
  • 3 base plate sizes
  • Hardened steel drive blade; die-cast aluminum body
  • Fiberglass mallet included


  • Power: 70 – 115 psi
  • Magazine capacity: 100
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • Staples: no
What we like
  • The high capacity magazine allows you to work longer without having to reload
  • Interchangeable base plates to match the material
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of useThe extended handle is easy to use and prevent back pain
What we didn't like
  • Suitable only certain types of flooring
  • It only matches with Freeman cleats
  • Height adjustment not easy

  • 6.BYNFORD Hardwood

    BYNFORD Hardwood

    You can use this brilliantly designed budget-friendly Bynford pneumatic hardwood flooring nailer to your desired flooring activities you like to accomplish. This tool comes with the 18 gauge narrow crown staple which is ideally accurate for nailing the floors up to 9/16 inches deep. You can even choose its useful changing option. Just use the user-friendly switch with the inclusion of 18 gauge nailer for a standard conversion of tool to a standard narrow crown stapler.

    Bynford 18 GA pneumatic flooring nailer offers a useful shoe. Using this option you can easily adjust the nailer. It greatly helps to make the multiple floor thickness perfectly. Thus you can attain the professional expertise outlook appearance. The tool offers to nail down your floors from 5/16 to 9/16 inches depth.

    This pneumatic flooring nailer offers easy conversion of standard setting which is inbuilt to ensure your fast and comfortable usage. This nailer allows you to make use of the middle tongue instead of using a lowered range of tongue during the nailing process for the conventional type of T and G hardwood floors.

    Bynford hardwood flooring nailer is useful, reliable and stable. It is perfect for homeowners who love to lay his floors by himself. Its durable construction is another plus point. However, according to some users, the instructions are poorly written.

    The Bynford flooring nailer can easily be converted to a standard stapler/brad nailer. It offers lightweight of 4.2 pounds, an adjustable shoe for multiple floor thickness. This is also considered as a handy tool as it offers dual-use like 18-gauge crown staples and 18-gauge brad nails up to 1-9/16. This 18-gauge floor nailer uses ¼ -inch staples which are easy to acquire and affordable. It never misses fire or marr the floor.

    According to some users, they experienced problems on the hardwood as the nails wouldn’t sink completely. They also faced frequent jams. This Bynford Hardwood Flooring Stapler (Nailer & Stapler) is designed for mainly DIYer or the homeowner. Remember, it is not suitable for heavy commercial use. However, it’s a great friendly backup nailer. The nailer is versatile which accept both staples and nails. It will ensure your all needs of flooring.

    What we like
    • No-mar base
    • Can be converted to a standard stapler/ brad nailer
    • Grants firm and stable grip
    • light on air consumption
    • professional and durable
    • precise and doesn’t jam
    • 18 gauge nailer
    • easy and comfortable to use
    • an adjustable shoe
    • Standard narrow crown stapler
    What we didn't like
  • shoots only 18-gauge staples
  • Small piston
  • complaints of malfunctioning
  • complaints that it doesn’t work well on hardwood
  • The easily adjustable shoe of BYNFORD Hardwood Flooring Nailer allows you to operate on any floor thickness. It uses 18 gauge nails and standard staples (18 gauge crown). This flooring nailer made for both professional as well as personal use. It is very efficient and comes with the carrying case. The manufacturer recommends using it for 9/16 floors although it can work with hardwood. Its another eye-catching feature is it doesn’t require a lot of air pressure. It is air-powered to work efficiently. Ideal for commercial? we don’t think so. This nailer doesn’t use regular oil. So, you have to choose a specific oil in order to maintain.



    Using this tool efficiently you can perfectly complete your various projects. The comfortable padded grip offers the changeable option. The nailer has a long reach handle. At the same time according to your need you can use the short handle (also grip padded) after removing the long handle. You know the size of flooring vary. how to match? No problem as the kit of this flooring nailer also includes a set of flooring plates for a better match. Two shoe plates come with the tool. If you need to work with thick hardwood flooring 1/4″ shoe plate is ready for that. If you need to accomplish thick hardwood flooring use the shoe plate for 1/2″ option.

    The 3PLUS HFSNSP as a pneumatic nailer offers attractive features like 2 in 1 magazine. It is compatible with 16 gauge L cleats and 15.5 staples, 2-handle system. While kneeling working position if you need you can remove the second handle. The white rubber finished mallet ensure better comfort with better performance. Minimizing vibration is its another added value option when you work. Both handles are nicely padded. Naturally, the manufacturer deserves admiration for presenting such ergonomically pneumatic stapler/nailer.

    In flooring, its included flooring plates will aid you greatly. Contractors, as well as homeowners who are tired of renting the nailers, can choose this useful flooring nailer. When you use the tool you will surely love its lightweight as well as the ergonomic design as it will help you a lot. Confidence with comfort will ensure the best result of your dream projects.

    What we like
    • Easy to use
    • Durable and well designed
    • 2 in 1 magazine
    • value for money
    • very comfortable
    • ergonomically designed
    • efficient, won’t jam
    • 2 padded handles, of which one is removable
    • No misfire
    What we didn't like
    • No case included
    • construction is cheap

    Key Features

    • Removable long reach handle
    • Mallet with white rubber included
    • Used in hardwood and engineered flooring
    • Has pneumatic driving action
    • Interchangeable flooring plates for all sizes of floorings

    If you are looking for a durable, reliable floor nailer as a homeowner or a DIYer the 3PLUS HFSNSP 2-in-1 flooring nailer/stapler can be a great choice. It is known as an air-powered flooring installation tool. If you have projects of installing dense flooring materials such as maple, oak, engineered as well as various solid hardwoods this flooring nailer is well-suited for such challenges. DIY-ers and professional contractors will be pleased with this tool because this great flooring nailer is well designed as well as equipped with useful features for them.

    Its no-mar base plates with two interchangeable option added scratch-prevention and stability. Easy installation of the 3PLUS 2-in-1 flooring nailer offers ½” (12.7 mm) through ¾” (19.1 mm) flooring sizes. Its same magazine works according to your needs such as it effectively drives 1½” to 2” L-cleats (16 gauge) and 1½” to 2” flooring staples (15.5 gauge). You will feel more control as well as added comfort for its some eye-catching features like anti-vibration padded grip, removable long-reach handle, and the ergonomically-design.

    A rubber-headed mallet comes with the 3PLUS 2-in-1 flooring nailer pneumatic flooring nailer.

    8. 3PLUS HFS509040SP 

    3PLUS HFS509040SP

    The 3PLUS HFS509040SP 4-in-1 nail gun offers some excellent features. It can easily compatible with brand 18 gauge staples or brads. Another nice plus point of this tool is this gun floor head is easily removable. So, no worry for straight-shooting or changing to brad nails. The 3PLUS HFS509040SP 4-in-1 flooring nailer is of solid construction. It can handle anything. The angle adapter of this nail gun is removable. If you want to use it as a finish nailer or a regular stapler you can do that with no difficulty. This flooring nailer is quite satisfactory comparing its feature and price.

    It is considered as one of the best staplers for engineered hardwood. Its ergonomic grip makes this stapler adjustable. You will find it user-friendly when you use the flooring attachment. You can move it freely. The flooring nailer is easy to use and load staples as well as gets into tight spaces. Another nice feature is the variable depth adjuster. It can work well on 9/16 hardwood. Besides, it drove fasteners deep enough. You can use this nail gun perfectly for engineered or solid hardwood flooring.

    Key Specifications:

    • Weight 3.05 pounds
    • Source air-powered
    • Dimensions 12.1 x 11.6 x 4.6 inches
    • Material Aluminum, Steel, Rubber
    • Size Medium
    What we like
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Solid construction and can handle anything
    • A good tool for the money
    • Without one single misfiring or jamming. 
    • Work perfectly on engineered hardwood.

    What we didn't like

    • A little lightweight for hardwood flooring

    You can shoot both 18 gauge brad nails and narrow crown staples with this 3PLUS HFS509040SP 4-in-1 tool. It is considered as an ideal versatile tool. You can go for flooring installation up to 5/8 inch. Besides, the tool can be converted to a standard combination stapler/brad nailer for finish work by switch the nose.

    This nailer features 360-degree air deflector, tool-free fast-clear jam release, tool-free adjustable depth control, and a lightweight die-casting magnesium body.

    9.Valu-Air 9800ST 

    Valu-Air 9800ST 3-in-1

    Our other great choice is the Valu-Air 9800ST 3-in-1. You can use it with most common flooring nails/staples. This nail gun takes 16-gauge T-Cleat or L-Cleat flooring nails from 1-1/2 inch to 2-inch 15.5-gauge flooring staples from 1-1/2” to 2 inches. This flooring nailer will give you freedom of working on 3/4 hardwood perfectly.

    It works exceptionally. Its reasonable price is another attractive option you can consider seriously comparing its offered features. Drawback? Well, its only unclear instructions manual which should be neat and clean for users.

    The nailer has a good grip. It is lightweight too which means you can work without feel tired for hours. A real plus point indeed. However,  a bit flimsy is the refill which needs to improve.

    What we noticed about Valu-Air 9800ST 3-in-1 Flooring Cleat Nailer and Stapler:

    • No-Mar rubber mallet included
    • 3-in-1 design for 16-gauge T & L cleats and 15.5-gauge flooring staples from 1-1/2inch to 2inch
    • Interchangeable 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch base plates to match the floor thickness
    • longer handle with ergonomic design for easy operation
    • 1/4 inch NPT fits most air hose couplers

    Key Features

    • Precise – every time drives at 45° angle
    • Single strike, Pneumatic, design
    • Durable as it is made with a lightweight die-cast aluminum body
    • This flooring nailer ensure tightest floors as mallet actuated to that option
    • Applications Hardwood flooring

    Key Specifications:

    • Dimensions 19.2 x 19.5 x 3.5 inches
    • Material Heat-Treated
    • Fastener Type 18 Gauge Brad Nails/18 Gauge Narrow Crown Staples
    • 16-gauge T & L cleats and 15.5-gauge 1/2″ crown width flooring staples from 1-1/2” to 2” in length
    • Operating Pressure: 70-110 PSI
    • Weight 13.3 pounds
    • Source air-powered
    • Included Components No-Mar mallet, base plates, oil

    10. Freeman PFBC940

    Freeman PFBC940

    If you are interested in an effective as well as budget-friendly flooring nailers Freeman PFBC940 will certainly draw your attention. It is quite versatile too. This model is small in

    If you are interested in an effective as well as budget-friendly flooring nailers Freeman PFBC940 will certainly draw your attention. Thinner flooring or for 1/2” this nailer is perfect. 

    Features  :

    • Ergonomic grip handle
    • Tool-free depth adjustment
    • Oil and wrenches included
    • 4-in-1 nailer/stapler
    • 360° exhaust (adjustable)
    • Converts to a brad nailer for finish moulding
    • Anodized aluminum magazine and cylinder

    Specifications  :

    • Magazine capacity: 100
    • Weight: 4lbs
    • Power Source air-powered
    • Warranty 7 years limited warranty
    • PSI: 70-115

    You can use it as a straight brad nailer or a flooring stapler. Moreover, this tool has an excellent capacity to finish moulding.

    This nailer has plenty of power. It is amazingly light. When you are running it for hours such option will surely help you a lot. 

    Its carry case offers plenty of space to easily keep all the necessary accessories and a couple boxes of nails. 

    However, keep in mind it has no safety trigger. Besides the nailer is prone to tipping forward due to its design.

    You can complete your all household projects using this 18 gauge nails or staplers.

    Product Benefits: You can quickly find your desired depths using finger depth adjustment sets nails. The nailer reduces internal failure with its one-piece drive blade. 

    This nail gun has reloaded indicator. When fasteners are not loaded this will help decrease the amount of firing the tool onto the surface.

    User experience: The gun won’t be able to drive the staple through the flooring and subfloor if the staple is too long. Its quality is great compared to its price.

    The design of the interchange between the flooring attachment and the standard attachment not very positive.

    The change from floor nailer to brad nailer is not that easy. Overall it is a good tool. You can count it as a perfect tool for 3/8″ engineered hardwood. No double strike, blow out or anything.

    11. Estwing EFL50Q

    Estwing EFL50Q

    You don’t have to carry two separate tools as the Estwing EFL50Q flooring nailer allows the flexibility to switch between the two most popular flooring fasteners. It is built with a hardened steel drive blade, an aluminum body, and rubber 0-rings. A lightweight fiberglass mallet comes with this nailer. It also features a light strike bumper. When you move your flooring into place the white rubber head prevents marring. The nailer rarely experiences jams. You can go back to your work quickly as the tool-free fast release makes it easy. When moving around the 360-degree swivel Industrial NPT fitting gives you flexibility. You can easily keep the tool’s interior clean as well as running smoothly using the anti-dust cap and the air filter. Moreover, another pleasing surprise is a padded bag with front and interior pockets come with each nailer.

    This flooring nailer is perfect for groove flooring and solid tongue as it can install most 5/8 inch – ¾inch. It’s another nice option is interchangeable base plates. You may work on prefinished or unfinished flooring. It is safe to use this nailer on that condition as the no-mar base makes it safe to use. The Estwing EFL50Q 2 in 1 Nailer is designed to use 16-gauge L-cleats from 1.5inch – 2 inch long. You can also use 15 ½ gauge ½inch Crown Flooring Staples from 1.5inch – 2 inch long. Another great feature of this flooring nailer is its compatibility with L-cleats or any brand staples.

    No matter you are a professional or an ardent lover of DIYer the 2-in-1 Estwing EFL50Q Flooring Nailer is perfect for you. It is considered Estwing’s pneumatic tools line especially for professionals. A 90 Day Wearable Parts Warranty and a 5-year warranty comes with this flooring nailer.

    This lightweight as well as ergonomic pneumatic nail guns ideal for hardwood flooring. Besides, it comes with interchangeable base plates. It also offers Mallet and No-Mar Feet.

    The Estwing EFL50Q Flooring Nailer is a comfortable, durable and attractive tool.


    • 2-in-1 Flooring Nailer
    • Padded Carrying Case
    • Allen Wrenches
    • Air Tool Oil

    16 Gauge L-Cleats & 15-½inch Gauge ½inch Crown Flooring Staples this versatile flooring nailer uses perfectly. Besides, you can easily install 3/8inch– 3/4inch solid hardwood including walnut, maple, oak, cherry and other groove flooring and nail down tongue using its interchangeable base plates.

    Interchangeable base plates, a light strike bumper, no-mar feet, tool-free quick release to clear jams quickly, a durable & lightweight aluminium body features this wonderful flooring nailer a great choice for professionals and DIYers. Oil, wrenches and a fibreglass mallet & padded bag comes with this nail gun

    Its attractive price is another plus point. The mallet comes with a useful carrying bag. If you are busy doing a remodel task this tool is highly recommended for you as you know Estwing is a reputed brand.This tool can impressively keep air pressure around 85 lbs and laid it down.If you consider its price you will find this is the best floor nailer.It is well balanced as well as don’t create a jam. You will feel good when start using this nail gun.

    The tool prevents any misfire. It is easy to operate. The tool also comes with a storage bag, a nice hammer with good package. It’s an only noticeable drawback is low air and light hits.

    The Estwing EFL50Q has a very comfortable and nice grip. It offers plenty of power at 120psi on the compressor. Such power is capable enough to pull in any unruly boards. Hammers of Estwing also comes with a nice mallet. Another great relief news is its 5-year warranty. The tool offers a quick release to clear jams. Its nails are smooth. You feel its solid appearance. It is comfortably lightweight. The nail gun Takes L cleats and staples. Moreover, it comes with a swivel plug. You can hammer it quite easily. Its carry case is also nice looking.


    • Weight 9.2 pounds
    • Dimensions 17 x 4 x 22 inches
    • Power Source Air Powered
    • Warranty 5 Year Professional Tool Warranty; 90 Day Wearable Parts Warranty
    • Material Aluminum

    Included Components Flooring Nailer, Rubber Mallet, Padded Bag, Interchangeable Base Plates (3), Wrenches (3), Oil

    Buyer’s Guide

    In this handy little buyer’s guide, we shared some guidelines and tips to make sure you get exactly what you need with the best price.

    Assess your needs: First, ask yourself whether you need to buy or rent a flooring nailer? Your budget, floor size, your required number of using this nailer are quite important to settle it.

    Nails or staples: After an assessment of your work requirements set your budget. Find the answer to what you want to use to fasten the floor in place, staples or cleats (nails).

    Usually, cleats are of two basic kinds. L-shaped and T-shaped. They’re made of steel and have a ribbed edge that firmly attaches to both the flooring and the subflooring. However, Cleats are significantly more expensive than staples (even twice).

    Try to figure out which kind of fastener you need. It is a wiser decision to go for maximum versatility if you foresee several flooring jobs.

    The pneumatic nailer offers a better option if your job is bigger, the floor is thicker, the wood is harder. It will not only support you with more power but also will reduce your physical stress a lot. It is consistent too.

    On the other hand, if you choose manual nailers the cost will be almost half than a pneumatic nailer. A manual can be a fine option to explore if you are a newbie, will only install a small floor. Moreover, if you have a limited budget.

    Ergonomics: No matter what nailer model you buy it should come with padded handles to make useless stressful. Also, look for a longer handle.

    Price: When the question of price comes to figure out what you need. It is also important to get ready for a little extra if needed. It’s especially true to handle future jobs you may not imagine.

    It’s very important to consider the cost of the fastener when considering the price. However, this vital point usually overlooked. Cleats usually a bit costlier than staples, for instance.

    Flooring Nailer vs. Flooring Stapler: It’s true these two tools serve a quite similar role. However, in reality, they have a sharp difference. Each has pros as well as cons. This makes them perfect for different situations.

    Flooring Cleat Nails Gauge: Generally, 18 or 16-gauge cleat nails flooring nailers use. However, in the market for engineering flooring, there are also some 20-gauge cleats available.

    There are some places that tend to experience frequent temperature changes. Thus they allow the wood to expand or contract a lot more freely. In such a case, Cleat nails are a much better option.

    The flooring nailer is the best option if you are using thicker and harder wood like bamboo or Brazilian cherry and walnut. It applies more pressure to keep the wood in place.

    Flooring Stapler: They have come in both pneumatic and manual model. Now in the market, electric flooring staplers are common too.

    Their function is to use staples to fasten wood on the floor. Usually, the staples have two prongs. It will anchor the flooring wood into the subfloor.

    Flooring Staples Gauge: In most cases, 15.5-gauge is considered the size of flooring staples. Naturally, they are larger than the nail cleat.

    Simple design makes staples cheaper than cleats. So does their performance.

    What should you buy?

    Well, it depends on your personal preferences.

    From my point of view, when dealing with very hard and brittle wood with a place that experiences frequent temperature changes the flooring nailer is a much better option.

    on the other hand, wood that is not very brittle flooring staplers is ideal. It is more affordable too.

    Manual vs. Pneumatic Flooring Nailer: Both are good for a flooring job. However, each has some pros as well as cons. Before buying a flooring nailer you should know them.

    Manual Flooring Nailer: Manual nailers are quite simple. They do not require an air compressor. Two hits of the bumper are their requirement. One for positioning the cleat and another for actuation. These nailers are more affordable.


    • Easy and quick use
    • Budget-friendly
    • Low operation cost


    • Multiple mallet hits required

    Pneumatic Flooring Nailer: If you have the best Pneumatic flooring nailers you will find no flooring task is too hard or big. Both professionals and DIYers love it very much. These nailers are designed to work with an air compressor. Here you will need only one shot to hit the bumper. Pneumatic Flooring Nailer is much faster. Naturally, they produce more perfect and precise results. You can depend on them for any large-scale flooring projects. They are costly too.


    • Single mallet hit required
    • More powerful
    • More accurate results
    • Ideal for large surfaces


    • Expensive than manual

    Buying Advice: The pneumatic nailer is a great buy if you are looking for a fast, reliable, highly accurate flooring nailers. It is ideal for working on larger floors. The manual nailers will work just fine if you want something budget-friendly for a small project or occasional flooring tasks.

    18-Gauge vs. 16-Gauge Flooring Nailer
    It’s essential to select the right nails for your various flooring projects. Otherwise wrong nails will either ruin the floor or it will fail to hold it in right place well. Result in annoying squeaking.

    Choose the right cleat gauge and appropriate nailer to fire them. It is always important.

    Two cleat gauges typically used for flooring are the 18 and 16-gauge flooring nailers. You will need to choose between them in most cases.

    18-Gauge Flooring Nailer
    If you need to shoot the thinner 18-gauge cleats 18-gauge flooring nailers are perfectly designed for that action. Thinner floors are ideal for these thin nails. You can even use them when using thinner as well as more delicate flooring planks.

    Remember, there are some 18-gauge flooring nailers capable enough to shoot cleats. They are strong enough to go through harder flooring planks. However, ultimately they do not provide sufficient affixing power. So, they can not keep them in place for long.

    16-Gauge Flooring Nailer
    The relatively thicker 16-gauge cleat nails which are designed for affixing thicker, as well as harder wood planks as they provide more hold power, are accurate for shooting through the 16-gauge flooring nailers.

    Many professional contractors prefer these flooring nailers. It helps them to handle almost any type of flooring job.

    Buying Tips: When flooring choose the 18-gauge flooring nailer if you are going to use thinner or more brittle material. On the other hand, the 16-gauge flooring nailer is your best choice if you are a professional contractor looking for something that can handle harder and thicker wood flooring planks.

    Cleats vs. Staples
    The best flooring nailers another vital point is to select to use staples or cleats. It totally depends upon you. In the market now there are many upgraded flooring nailers available that easily use both staples as well as cleats. Sometimes it is a great idea to go for the models that use both types of fasteners depending on what you intend to use.)

    If you want to handle almost any type of wood you will need cleats that are the more popular option for hardwood flooring. L-shaped and T-shaped are two kinds of cleats.In most cases, cleats are made from steel. They will have a ribbed edge. It makes them attach to both the flooring and subflooring firmly. They give the cleats a much better hold of the flooring than staples. Thus these ribs are also a great advantage.

    Two long and smooth prongs are basic design of staples. It will go through the flooring as well as into the subflooring with ease. They tend to provide a much better initial hold as flooring staples are a little bigger than cleats. As a result of the continuous expansion and contraction of wood, staples tend to start loosening over time.

    First, weigh between the price and downsides before deciding to use them because it is important though staples are much more affordable than cleats.

    Buying Tips: The best choice for professional contractors is a flooring nailer that uses both cleats and staples. However, if you are a homeowner or DIYer who need something affordable on your small-scale flooring projects flooring nailers that shoot staples with the budget-friendly price is quite okay.

    Construction of body
    Well-built as well as highly durable flooring nailer will give you relax. A vital factor to consider your flooring nailer before the buy is the build quality or construction of the body. Enough lightweight, a sturdy and tough material are equally important. A comfortable handle is another essential feature.

    In the manufacture of flooring nailers, aluminum is the most commonly used material. It is lightweight, durable and tough.

    Source of Power: The two most common options are manual and pneumatic when it comes to the power source. In the question of affordability manually operated flooring nailers are more perfect. However, when need to operate they become tedious. If you have to work on large flooring projects they are not appropriate.

    Usually, both professional contractors and DIYers most favorite and popular is pneumatic ones. However, they require an air compressor to operate as well as more expensive to buy.

    On the market, there are also electric staplers available. They are useful and quite convenient.

    Weight: One of the key determinants of the flooring nailer is the material it is made from as it fixed the weight. Remember, lightweight is a vital point. It ensures easy movement around. Moreover, it won’t give you trouble to balance.

    Price: The best flooring nailer for you is that which is not only high-performing and well-built but also budget-friendly. You deserve to get the best value for your money.

    The best option is an ideal flooring means efficient and fast. It also comes at an affordable price tag. Just remember it vary.

    8.Warranty: You know even your careful selection of the flooring nailer cannot assure you to serve well for a long time. So, it is very important to go for those nailers comes with a good warranty.

    Such time vary. Some brands come with 1-year while others up to 7-years warranties.

    It’s better to choose the longest warranty. However, keep in mind to check their reputation and warranty terms of the manufacturer.

    How to Buy a Flooring Nailer

    When buying a flooring nailer there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. The first priority is to find out for what purpose you are going to use this tool. It depends upon you in a flooring nailer tool how much you want to invest.

    Are you a floor installer or a professional contractor? You know as a professional you cannot choose randomly. Make sure you are going for a tool that offers a good warranty, durable as well as versatile that you can depend on.

    Comfort and Ergonomics: When doing large jobs you need to hold the tool for a long time. Nice grip nice work. It will prevent your hands from aching. Your floor nailer should have a long handle. It will prevent your back pain and allow you to use it without having to stoop down as far especially for a long job.

    Generally, when using a flooring nailer you will hit with a mallet to trigger as it has a bumper. A reliable mallet should come with your flooring nailer. Some are fiberglass and some are rubber. Pneumatics floor nailers require 1 hit with the mallet while manual need 2 hits.

    Cleats vs Staples: Some flooring nailers can use both cleats and staples. Some are not. Consider the nailer with enough versatility which will allow you to use different kinds of fasteners. You will need to use an additional method of securing the planks though most flooring comes with some kind of adhesive. While choosing the nailer to consider several things

    DIY or Professional?
    Some nailers are suitable for DIY lovers and some are perfect for professionals. The usability is the key difference. Commercial nailers are easier and simpler to use. However, they offer limited usability. On the other hand, Industrial/professional nailers are challenging to manage. However, they grant the user more versatility and freedom.

    The thickness of Floor: You will find some of the nailers are suitable for thinner flooring, some are good for thicker. Some are for both options. Just keep in mind, the more versatile nailer generally the more you have to pay. First, check your floor thickness. The choose according to your needs.

    Design: Another key factor to choose the best flooring nailer. Ask yourself. What do you prefer? compact and lightweight or bigger and heavier nailer? Usually, nailer used for industrial work is often heavier. At the same time, they are very durable as well as robust.

    Moreover, some nailer manufacturer offers dual handling. One extended and one short handle. When you have to choose a standing position or kneeling this option allow you to work freely.

    The dual magazine would be the best choice if you want to use both staples and cleats. This feature will allow you to switch between the two very fast.

    Final Word

    A real challenge is installing flooring. It’s not a regular deal. However, you will desire a great job when you do that. We suggest you read carefully our buyers guide too. You know flooring is a very important job. So, researching a lot to find the right nailer is vital for the best outcome.  We hope our detailed flooring nailer reviews will help you find the best flooring nailed model for your needs on the market.No matter whether it is your renovation project and home improvement or for professional contractor projects you cannot afford to go wrong with your choice. The accuracy, quality of the outcome and the speed of completing the various flooring projects always based on whatever flooring nailer you choose.

    Keep in mind to consider vital factors for instance weight, body construction, power source and the type with our 10 best flooring nailers reviews. If you are a professional choose the one that will help you make your floor functional and beautiful. If you are a newbie go for the nailer that is easy to use. Happy flooring!

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