We have put together currently available a collection of the best framing nailer in this post. Depending on the design of the nail gun generally framing nailers is well known as nail guns. For roofing or pallet making some full head nail guns use wire collated or long plastic coils.

A clipped head strip nailers ensure less frequent reloading. However, according to some local building codes or state clip head nails are sometimes banned. For greater resistance to pull out ring shank nails and full round head nails are more effective.

In fencing, framing or any other type of exterior and structural work full head and the clipped head nails offer the largest sizes of conventional collated fastenings.

The latest innovative components used in the following framing nailer to ensure you do your best work and to meet your needs. As framing nailers help a lot to minimize time and effort in your arsenal, they are one of the most versatile and important tools.

In this review to make your choice and compare easily, we present a concise list of the top 5 best framing nailers.

Best Framing Nailer Comparisons 

5 Best Framing Nailer– Reviews

1.Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

Dimension: 5 x 17 x 17 inches
Speed: 2-3 nails per second
Power Source: Battery and gas cartridge
Nail Size: .113 – .131 inches in shank diameters
Capacity: 30 Nail Magazine.
Nails Per Fuel Cell: Can attain up to 1200
Dry Fire Lockout: Yes, with 5 nails remaining
Weight: 7.2 lbs. with battery and gas cartridge

The Paslode 905600 cordless XP Framing Nailer is an advanced new version of a powerful Paslode nail gun. This latest model offers 15% more power with a reliable 7V Lithium-Ion battery and a fuel canister. In tight spaces or while working overhead its lightweight 7.2lbs ensure better control and comfort. Durable metal ensures its long life and service. Its 30° angled magazine allows its user to complete work with the round head paper collated nails.

You can charge this nail gun within 90 minutes. In that capacity, you can accomplish the 9000 nails job. Also, 1,200 nails come with one canister. The nail length of this framing nailer’s range is 2 inches to 3-1/4 inches.

Per second this framing nailer offers the necessary speed for most of the carpentry works. It can easily fire 1-3 nails in every second.

This framing nail gun is free from compressor and hose.  When using new gas cartridges it will give you amazing so many shots. However, it also means your budget will have to go up.

It loads nails easily. For long periods it will assist you due to lightweight. unless pressed on the wood one can not use it as it comes with a safety feature that prevents any unwanted fire.

It is safe to use and directions are simple. Yet for extra precautions be sure to wear your safety glasses. If you used to move around to complete your tasks this nail gun is a perfect choice for you as it is portable. You won’t need to go for any air tools when using this model.

For a variety of tough projects, this model is smartly designed. You will get sufficient power to accomplish your tasks before charges time. While working on a commercial building in colder weather it can work perfectly. It is also portable and can be taken anywhere with ease.

The Paslode 905600 Cordless XP offers all the essential features according to your needs as well as previous version, for instance, easy to use, ergonomic design, fast and constant nail delivery, compact frame, tool-free jam clearing, depth adjustment with no-tool, a portable carry bag, and heavy-duty rafter hook. Also, the new model offers less jamming issues.

A 5-year limited warranty and a 2 -year service offers comes with this Paslode improved model. However, it’s a drawback is it’s expensive. But you know pneumatic framing nailers are less costly than cordless framing nailers and they have some lackings too.

Bottom Line: The Paslode 905600 Cordless XP framing nailer is very efficient that allows 9,000 nail shots every full charge. No hose or compressor will interrupt your job as it is cordless. It can save your precious time as well as energy. It is easy to operate and handle. This is considered one of the best framing nailer. For DIYers as well as professional tradesmen this nail gun is Highly recommended in spite of its some minor drawbacks.

Go for the Paslode Cordless XP if using a compressor is not possible at all because on the market it is considered the best cordless framing nailer with all necessary features. It will also give you freedom from cord’s limitations.

Its non-slip rubberized hand grip will help you to work with more confidence with comfort. In tricky and difficult angles positions without any slips this Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer work perfectly

What We Liked

Long battery life


Fires fast and accurate

Fewer jams and misfires

Excellent Recoil Control

Easy to see exactly where you’re aiming

Ergonomic grip

Fast charge time

Strong enough to handle older hardwoods

Easy instructions

Comes with a nice plastic case

What We Didn’t Like


No bump fire mode

2.BOSTITCH F28WW Framing Nailer

The Bostitch F28WW is regarded as one of the reputed heavy-duty framing nailers. It comes with 1050-inch-pounds surprising strong power. No matter whether you are a DIYer, homeowner or professional this nail gun can be your best assistant for various projects like attaching wood to masonry, decking, siding, and framing.  

As it has the reasonable weight you can even use it with one hand. However, as it is a 28 degree Wire Collated Stick Framing Nails it means you can not use it in round head nails and only can use in clipped head nails. You know in the USA in some states such a nail gun is not allowed to use according to their laws and state building codes.


Pressure: 80 – 120 PSI

Nail Type: Clipped Head

Magazine Capacity-100 Nails

Product Dimensions 20.3 x 15.4 x 5 inches

Weight:  9.8 pounds

Power Source:     Pneumatic

Warranty: 7 years of the manufacturers’ warranty

A range of desirable  features that make it different:

Power: You know power matters a lot when you go for the best framing nailer. The Bostitch F28WW is well known for its giant driving power 1050-inch-pounds. On wood planks, engineered wood, or any other type of low-density material for nailing you will find this fact with surprise.

Depending on the nail size and toughness of material on your air compressor it allows you to control the tool’s pressure according to your needs. Its pressure range comes with 80 – 120 PSI which is moderate enough.

If you are in an awkward position or on a ladder on the nose itself this framing nailer allows you to adjust your required depth of drive with ease. It means such a feature is not only useful but also practical for a variety of projects. This nail gun comes with two different firing options for better operation. One is sequential while another is bump fire. Optimal control and faster production of this exclusive smart trigger option ensures.

Cordless: While working you will not be restricted to the length of the cable or a certain area because the nailer is cordless. You can take it wherever you need it.

Lightweight: The Bostitch F28WW has designed as a lightweight framing nailer with the exclusion of both internal as well as external batteries. Its compact size also plays a vital role to render it portable. In different positions, You will be able to use and control it.

User-Friendly: Fortunately for both newbies and experts alike a wide range of features comes with this model that makes it useful, user-friendly and attractive.

Only a pull, as well as a release mechanism, ensure the works of the trigger. Its fire lock system prevents any unwanted, sudden fire & keep it safe. An absent-minded person can make mistakes create an accident or ruin their work. But this excellent security feature prevents such an unwanted situation. It’s natural that the first time it takes more time to fire. However, this feature will work as a flying bird when you become used to it after a while.

It is perfect in tight spots such as floor joists. Without tape, it will help you measure between beams and studs as it also has a built-in indicator.

In this model, user-friendly systems are another pleasing advantage. It offers a nice balance with the magazine. At the same time, a user will get a clear and wide view. For long hours even

during heavy-duty nailing, comfortable handles reduce pain a lot and allow its user to work without difficulty.

The small handle is another different feature. When you choose this unit of Bostitch you will feel satisfied. Still, large-handed users can use it without any obstacles.

Which renders it a user-friendly product? Well, durable, portable and lightweight is the answer.

Easy depth of drive: Simply pushing a button this framing nailer allows its user to adjust the required depth of drive. On other types of nailers this useful mechanism and design not exist. This framing nailer is easy to use. You can accomplish any density and thickness of materials without any challenge.

Steel and rubber guards: Because of the varying amount and type of the project a framing nailer can face wear and tear experience. With steel and rubber guard around its body, the Bostitch F28WW model is equipped to prevent and minimize wear or tear. The nailer comes with steel wear guards and rubber skid pads. Thus the life of the device increases significantly.

Magnesium housing: Bostitch F28WW device comes with a durable magnesium metal body. This gives it its durability and lightweight. It never reacts with oxygen, water, chemicals, and even acid. Besides, it increases the long life of the tool.

Capacity: This F28WW model nail gun is well known for a liberal magazine capacity of 100 nails. This unit can drive in 2- to 3-1/2-inch wire-collated framing nails. This way more work can be done quickly. You can clearly observe your magazine status using the notched, 16-inch layout indicator on the magazine. Within seconds it helps achieve the correct distance between studs.

Price: It’s true if you compare you will find the Bostitch F28WW is a little bit expensive. However, the large magazine capacity of 100 nails with a long warranty is one of the best justifications of such price. Also, its useful features are mentioned regarding this issue.

This framing nailer model makes sense if you work in awkward positions where refilling is challenging. It does not use the cheaper and more common round head in a plastic collation. It always uses durable clipped head nails in a wire-collation. Thus it offers good value for money.

Nose Tip: When nailing on engineered lumber or other wood material the sharp as well as aggressive tip makes it ideal for various jobs. It offers more accuracy and stability with easy dives.

Price: It’s true if you compare you will find the Bostitch F28WW is a little bit expensive. However, the large magazine capacity of 100 nails with a long warranty is one of the best justifications of such price. Also, its useful features are mentioned regarding this issue.

This framing nailer model makes sense if you work in narrow places where refilling is challenging. It does not use the cheaper and more common round head in a plastic collation. Instead, it always uses durable nails. Thus it offers good value for money.

Warranty: The warranty period is a key factor to consider the reliability of any company. In most cases, it is 1 or 2 years at best. But the confident Bostitch F28WW comes with 7 years warranty.  

This lightweight framing nailer comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and it is made in the USA.

What we like

Strong and Lightweight

Can be used to work in tight areas

Large magazine capacity of 100 nails

Easy to adjust depth and firing modes

Protective rubber pads

Tool-free features

Powerful; 1050lbs./inch

What we do not like

Limited to clipped head nails

Is it perfect for you?

This model is a wise buy if you essentially need to use clipped heads in a wire collation type of nails. It can handle accurately the job with versatility and excellent power.

On the other hand in quite a few states this nail type is not allowed. This framing nailer is not for you in personal and commercial work, unless clipped-head nails your state specifically allows you to use.

Conclusion: For both beginners and professionals, Bostitch F28WW is a great device. for a wide range of framing projects this portable, durable and lightweight device is suitable.


3.Hitachi NV90AGS Coil Framing Nailer


Type    Pneumatic Coil Nailer

Magazine Capacity 200-300

Working Pressure 70-120 PSI

Weight     7.7 lbs

Nail type 1-3/4 to 3-1/2 inches coil nails

Warranty  5 year

It is always safer and a great idea to go for a reputable brand like Hitachi NV90AGS as you are looking for the best framing nailer.  

This model has a higher nail capacity than its counterparts as it can hold 200 to 300 nails. It ensures less downtime, reduces the need to reload and speeds up your work. The Hitachi nailer was very easy to use due to its overall size.

When you’re up working with the nailer it is expected to come equipped with a rafter hook to help hang the nailer as it can hold so many nails. That’s not happened. However, it does not reduce the nailer’s performance.

If you compare you will find it is relatively lightweight for a coil-framing nailer. It minimizes hand fatigue and easy to move because of its well-balanced feel. Safety glasses come with the Hitachi NV90AG model which is nice to have around.


Fast reloading and easy to carry

Tool-less depth adjustment

Build quality and balance is pretty good

Easy jam removal


Higher nail capacity


No Dry Fire Lockout

Does not take plastic coil nails


Professional: If you look close enough you will find this Hitachi framing nailer build based on contractor needs. It is designed to fast work, has a guard and the finish is great.

Versatility: In any sort of project it works with a really big range of nails which is very useful as a versatile nail gun. Without destroying the surface, it can work on all types of wood.

This nailer comes with a comfortable rubberized handle which ensures a secure hold. For added control, it includes some textured bumps. Its balanced design, lightweight nature without getting fatigued makes it easy for you to use continuously.

The Hitachi NV90AGS is a very good choice of nailer if you desire a nailer that will enable you to work smarter in the job site.

The new Hitachi NV90AG tool is a small coiled, lightweight framing nailer. It can drive nails to any type of wood even if it is harder for a big relief for DIYers as well as professionals. You can use it into tighter spaces like corners as it is small enough.   

Jamming: Generally, this framing nailer even after more than a thousand consecutive shots has no jammed issue. Still, for better service, Hitachi added without any hassle to remove jammed nails feature.

Product Dimensions: The Hitachi NV90AG comes with standard sizes of 15.6 x 6 x 14.8 in which is a relatively small nailer on the market.


Type of Nails: For all types of projects, this nailer is perfect as it works with nails from 1 ¾ inch to 3 ½ inches.

Depth Drive Adjustment: Without any need for additional tools it comes with a dial making it very easy to adjust settings. Without having to adjust the pressure at the compressor into a variety of materials the dial allows the user to countersink or flush drive nails. Indeed it is an effort as well as a time-saving feature. The trigger pull is easy and because of its well balanced, the nailer seems lighter even with the full magazine.

Selective Actuation Switch: This nailer allows the user for quick transitions. Between contact (bump fire) and sequential (single) nailing, you can easily switch. Without having to stop and adjust from rapid-fire to precision firing with the simple flip of a switch you can go on with your project.

Open Nose Design: You can get easy access to clear nail jams due to this feature without having to take the entire tool apart. It ensures higher efficiency and saves time.   

Magazine: Two magazine loading options, side loading, and top-loading come with it. It ensures even faster reloads as it also smartly presents a tilt bottom feature.

Warranty: A 5-year confident warranty says quite a lot of this best framing nailer. You can trust the manufacture without any concern. It ensures your wise investment of money for a long time.

Without any doubt, a very good, professional framing nailer capable of any job is the Hitachi NV90AGS model.

For delicate work on more expensive wood, it makes sure when used on harder wood little to no splintering.

This handsome gun can cleverly generate the force at 70-120 PSI. However, it’s impossible to see how many nails are left on the coil as the magazine isn’t transparent.

Being Nosey: Into the wood the claw style nose bites and easy toenailing. Hitachi presents the nose design open underneath to make clearing jams easier.

The Hitachi NV90AGS can work well as a pneumatic nailer with the nails you need whether you’re siding or sheathing, building a deck, framing or building a fence.

Convenient sideload: When you run out of nails convenient sideload works as a relief and saves your precious time and energy.

Room for Improvement: A swivel air inlet to accommodate hose movement, a rafter/belt hook, adjustable exhaust port, a window to the magazine will increase its popularity and acceptance a lot.

The Bottom Line: The performance, ergonomics, and capacity prove the Hitachi NV90AGS coil framing nailer a perfect tool for your various projects where time is money.

4.PORTER-CABLE FR350B Air Framing Nailer


Weight: 7.3 lbs

Pressure: 70-120 PSI

Nail type: Round-headed

Magazine capacity: 60 nails

Collation: Plastic

Warranty: 1 Year

In their day to day nailing tasks many weekend warriors, DIYer, and professionals use the Porter-Cable FR350B model. It uses round head nails. It achieved a solid reputation over the years as being a powerful, lightweight and dependable framing nail gun. You will notice it offers a lot of attractive features. However, is it worth your money and well ahead of competitors? Let’s discover the truth!

Power: This framing nailer is air-powered. You will need an air compressor to use the Porter-Cable FR350B unit. You do not have to worry about refills which is its main advantage. A gas-powered framing nailer does not offer not as versatile penetration power and superior performance than this device.

With an air compressor between 70-120 PSI Porter cable rates this nailer as working. Such plus point ensures to power this framing gun your average compressor will be sufficient. If you want to start right away you do not need a sophisticated or very expensive air compressor.

With this device in any type of material from engineered wood to even hardwood, you can easily nail 2 – 3.5 inches plastic collated round head nails. Whenever required you can always increase the PSI to deliver more energy.

Capacity: Specifically in terms of capacity versatility is the main plus point that we like about this framing nailer. However, keep in mind only round head nails are used in the Porter-Cable FR350B model. You need to go with the Porter-Cable FC350 model if your building code requires you to use clipped nails.  

A rich 60 nails autonomy offers come with the magazine capacity. True it’s not very good still decent enough. For continuous nail refills issue, this feature will smartly help you. In a 22-degree plastic-collated strip this model accommodates 2 – 3.5 inches round head nails.  

Using this device to start you do not have to fill the whole magazine. Without worrying about dry-fire you can use any number of nails because the magazine nail adjustment makes it easy. It offers you two options. You can choose to fill it up to 60 nails or use a single strip of 10 nails. How you want to work this framing nailers gives you such freedom which we like. While working you need to know the nail level in the magazine. A low-level indicator comes for this useful feature.  

User-Friendly: Without mentioning the user-friendliness side the review about a framing nailer seems incomplete. This model is only 15 inches tall compared with other competitors. In tight spots with only one hand when using this device you will find this useful feature quite maneuverable.

Also, this is considered one of the lightest framing nailers at only 7.3 lbs weight. You know, every ounce counts in an awkward position when you are nailing. You will feel a nice free move and well balanced with this model.

Depth-of-drive: Without the need for any tools, the depth-of-drive is very easy to adjust. When working with this nailer it will give you more versatility and allow you to adapt to the material.

Trigger lock mechanism: The Porter-Cable FR350B comes with a smart trigger lock mechanism. It is an appreciable safety feature one cannot overlook. For it to shoot again you will require manual intervention as it prevents the framing nailer from shooting nails randomly. Very easily this model will allow you to do both sequential (trigger press) and bump mode firing (contact). With a single push of dial, you can easily choose the model of your choice.

You will pleasingly find in addition there are softest and one of the most comfortable rubber-coated handles from this framing nailer.  In full comfort without feeling hand fatigue for hours, you can use this unit in awkward positions.

Rare Jam issue: Most customers of this framing nailer have never had one jam issue although it using plastic collated nails that are known for causing jams. Older generation framing nailers are not as efficient as this one as it comes with the re-engineered firing mechanism.

Reversible Rafter Hook: Another nice added touch is a reversible rafter hook feature. When you want to hang your power tool you will find it practical and easy to adjust.

Lightweight: As an efficient framing nailer, this Porter-Cable model is also lightweight. You will find it is easy on the hands and arm because it weighs up to 7.3 pounds. Such a plus point makes the unit more friendly and easy to use.

Ergonomics: The quality of the work directly affects especially for any framing project to work well if the nailer does have a good grip. In the framing operation, Porter-Cable FR350B offers a good grip. For long, tedious work, the rubberized grip is specially designed. Even by the vibrations of the device and work platform, the grip is not loosened.  

Reload Alert: A system called low nail lockout comes with the framing nailer. When you need to reload the nail magazine it clearly tells you.

Adjustable Exhaust: Without the use of any tools, the exhaust can be adjusted. For a newbie, it’s quite helpful.

Slanted Magazine: You can easily view your nailing using the 22-degree magazine slant. On the job, it ensures more accuracy.


Building furniture

Installing doors/windows

Framing wooden surfaces

The Good



Selectable trigger and lockout option

Offers plenty of power and works with any air compressor that can deliver 70-120 PSI

Tool-free depth of drive adjustment

Adjustable air exhaust

Integrated rafter hook

Comfortable grip

Not So Good

Works only with plastic-collated nails

Too large to fit into tight spaces

Who Should Buy?

If you are on a tight budget the Porter-Cable FR350B is a quite affordable option. This model is a perfect candidate as a well balanced, reliable and economical pneumatic framing nailer. If you are looking for a value for money with many useful features just go for it. With plastic collated round head nails if you are used to working exclusively you will find an unbeatable budget-friendly best framing nailer from this model.

Verdict: Look no further if you are looking for a versatile, strong, multi-purpose framing nailer. For years as a dynamic option, the Porter-Cable FR350B will be your favorite work companion. For both newbie and professionals, it is suitable.

5.Makita AN923 Framing Nailer

The Makita AN923 Framing Nailer comes with some of the best features. When driving nails into any solid bodies of high density this nailer is a perfect choice. You can reload the nail gun using the two-step loading system.


Dry Fire Lockout

9.26 lbs Weight

3 years limited Warranty

65 – 120 psi Operating Pressure


Holds up to 74 nails at a time

Features that make it different

Easy Depth Adjustment: In the question of depth adjustment, Makita comes with an easy dial. On the underside of the nailer’s business end, it is located. The dial works smoothly.

Ergonomics: To be honest the Makita pneumatic framing nailer isn’t light with 9.26 lbs weight. It’s not a big problem for shorter tasks. However, if you are busy with all-day for a framing job, you’ll surely feel the weight. Still, the device is quite well balanced.

Tool Nose and Hook: For controlled nail placement at any angle, it securely grips the wood. The new nailer tip spurs design you will surely like. For two different widths, you can use the reversible tool hook.

Recoil: Makita features solid vibration control which brought its reputation. With the Makita AN923 framing nailer, you won’t experience jump out the issue.

Toenailing: The Makita AN923 framing nailer features excels at toenailing applications.

Large-capacity air chamber: With a larger capacity air chamber, this pneumatic framing nailer comes. Ranging from a length of 2 to 3.5 inches it offers more power nails. In large remodeling projects, it is a great choice for individuals.

Comfortable rubber handles for better grip and control: The tool comes with a comfortable rubber handle with a perfect grip. While driving nails into any material at hand you will feel its usefulness.

Accessories: One safety goggles, air fitting, one tool hook, Pneumatic Nailer oil, comes with Makita nail gun. Also, you can hang around the tool using the attachable hook.

Nailing: For Makita Nailer, you have to buy 21-degree nails. This model accepts both wires collated and plastic collated nails which is a remarkable positive feature. You will experience a total control on nailing for sequential, contact and lock modes. A clean workspace ensures with the built-in air filter feature.

Visibility: Great visibility is another advantage of the Makita framing nailer due to its useful nose design.

Safety goggles: When the gadget is in use you can equip yourself wearing safety goggles. This feature will help you to prevent debris, dust, sparks and other emissions.


Easy depth adjustment

No-mar tip protects the material surface

The anti-dust cap keeps debris out

Good recoil control

Easy mode change

Safety measure for accidental dry fire

Easy to reset after a jam



A bit expensive

Conclusion: In commercial and residential framing applications the Makita AN924 is a perfect tool. With sufficient power it allows you to have depth adjustment.
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Final Word

The framing nail gun is considered the largest in the family of tools. Along with the pros nowadays DIYer engages with a variety of woodworking projects where a framing nailer is an essential part. In the hands of professionals and DIYers and men and women more commonly this versatile tool is found.  

In a fast, safe and easy manner the best framing nailer will allow you to accomplish your tasks. It will last for years at an affordable price. You can find your required, best suits framing nail gun using our reviews as well as buying guides.

Choosing a framing nailer sometimes may seem not like a piece of cake. There are many features to choose from because in recent years the product developed a lot. However, it’s not a hard task if you clearly understand the fundamentals.

Framing nailers can save you hours on manual labor as they are versatile, light and quick in action which ensures their efficiency as well as convenience.

Finding the best framing nail gun solely depend on your own budgets as well as needs. Carefully check out the best framing nailer reviews.

You can make an informed decision using the information we provided no matter what kind of job it is. It’s not an unwise investment at all since the best framing nailer will make your life incredibly easy.



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