When you want to go for the best random orbital sander it may seem challenging as there are so many products, features, price ranges on the market.

That’s why we made a list of top-notch models right now available.

We carefully considered some key factors to find versatile random orbital sanders like capacity, durability, useful options, budget-friendly and so on.

This article will give you a good idea as well as the right judgment to find out clearly how to discover an efficient random orbital sander that can serve all your requirements. Here you will know what to truly expect about various features, how to avoid the wrong device and make a good balance between price and quality.

You can get a random-orbit action when you use a handheld random orbital sander power tool.

If you want to accomplish a variety of woodworking finish tasks you will need a versatile random orbital sander. Here we present 5 best orbital sanders that can be perfect for your desired finish wood projects.

An eye-catching surface finish will give you the next level of confidence after using the perfect tool with the required features.

You are welcome to discover here some top-notch random orbital sanders in order to improve your level of experience in various woodworking applications.

A perfect orbital sander you have means you will be expert in finishing works like flooring, fences, dressers to desks, cribs to cabinets and much more.

Best Orbital Sanders- Comparison

5 Best Orbital Sanders – Reviews

1.Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander


Stepless variable speeds

Ergonomic design

Balanced vibration stop

Lightweight and compact

Interchangeable sanding pad

Dust extraction connection


Weighs: 2.4 lbs

Measurement System: Metric

Warranty: 36 months & all-inclusive service

Sanding Stroke: 5/64 inches (2.0 mm)

The Good

Ergonomically optimal

Overall great build quality

Balanced vibration stop design

Smooth and quiet

Time-saving and superior craftsmanship

No dust while sanding

Easy to use for lightweight

Reliable dust collection feature due to Jetstream design

Good choice for a pro who want performance, power with quality

one-handed machine


Not so Good

No dust collection hose


The Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander is expensive indeed but if you consider it’s all useful features, durability, long life, warranty period with advantages you will find in fact it is a wise long term investment. It can be your reliable random orbital sander for a variety of woodworking projects.

You know while you are working on wood it is quite frustrating to find unwanted swirl marks. Good news comes with this sander. It will ensure to get rid of all such things. It also offers easy to use action and smooth finishing. 

If you are a DIYer, woodworker, professional, renovators or contractor fatigue in arms is quite common and such concern is worthy to consider. This Festool model comes with a very lightweight appearance after analyzing such a point which is great.

While using this tool you will experience much less vibration which can cause unintended micro gouging in your finished task.

You will find the tool is comparatively quiet with excellent dust removal feature. The dust extraction is amazing when connected to a shop vac.

The only downside is a bit pricey but if you judge its features with a significantly long life you will find everything Festool is worth the cost. And traditional tools are more expensive than this sander. 

It’s true the sandpaper is expensive but lasts ten times longer than other brands. This sander will give you total control. If you are a serious woodworking hobbyist, or busy for many commercial projects this Festool 574993 model can be one of the best purchases you ever made.

The powerful OPM range ensures a lot of efficient woodwork while the comfortable rubberized grip allows its user to hold the device for an extended period of time with full control. 

Last but not least this sander will give you the smoothest finishing as it comes with its useful front handle that allows you to use even pressure. One may argue it’s not the most powerful sander. True. However, if you are engaging with common home remodeling projects such power is sufficient to achieve an impressive, nice surface that will bring admiration.

No matter your hands are long or short this ergonomically designed Festool Random Orbital Sander will give your deserving comfort while using on wood projects. Sometimes you may need

to work on vertical position while sometimes it may need to go for extended overhead. In both cases, this compact, as well as a lightweight device, will help you as a true friend.

While working on different wood applications you will need to adjust the speed to finish the work with ease. This Festool 574993 electric corded sander allows you to do it smoothly through its efficient variable speed control feature.

You will experience pleasing finishing due to its balanced vibration option. You can expect a long life from this sander tool as its Jetstream design provides an effective dust removal mechanism. Besides, it also increases the functionality period of the sanding pads.

For above all logical reasons we believe this Festool 574993 unit is the best orbital sander. A conscious user like you will choose it for its durability, performance with high quality and reasonable price.

2.DeWalt DW6423K Orbital Hand Sander

Key Features

Shorter height

Less vibration

Rubber over-mold

Dust-sealed switch

hook & loop pad

Dust bag with one-hand locking system


3 Amp motor

Weight 4 pounds

Warranty 3 years

OPM 8,000 to 12,000

Variable Speed

Disc size: 5 inches

The Good

The sander easy to use and effective

Quite and fewer vibrations than other brands!


Nice bag for storage

Very easy to operate

Comfortable to use due to rubber over-mold

When connected to a dust collection system almost no dust escapes

Perfect for various sanding materials like plastic, metal, and wood

Useful one hand dust bag locking system

It ensures work closely with short height

Not so Good

It’s not easy to vacuum tubing with dust collection option

This DeWalt DW6423K Orbital Hand Sander is remarkably short with a compact size that ensures powerful service. While you are working on various positions you may need to balance even contact as well as full control on the device to make sure you are in the perfect nearest position to the surface. This feature ensures such a facility. This tool also offers a specious carrying bag and a useful dust bag.

You may wonder what the behind reason that proves this device uniqueness? Well, it’s over mold as well as short height is the right answer to this DeWalt 5 inches orbital sander tool model. You can work for a long time even hours with this device as it is very comfortable to use and can ensure your total control. If you are a newbie in the wood world this unit can be your perfect choice for its user-friendly features and performance.

If you consider a decent range budget for random orbital sander you will find the DeWalt DWE6423K model is just perfect for that criteria. Its excellent performance achieved its reputation from users at a high rate. 

Its long warranty period of 3 years clearly proves its confidence. Except for Dewalt on the market, you will find a few brands that can ensure you such a long life service. This is a great thing for this model.

However, it also has a little issue with the dust removal system. It works quite good with its attached dust collection mechanism. But if you want to add a hose of shop vacuum it may give you some challenge to adjust.

A soft dust collection bag of the DeWalt DWE6423K works much better than any other model available on the market. Besides its a one-hand locking system makes the dust bag more effective.

The DWE6423K paid full attention to durable manufacturing and designed to address user fatigue. Its powerful and strong motor works on removing stock like a piece of cake and make finishing wood tasks smoother. 

It prevents effectively from wearing out with its sturdy features. You will get a neat and clean working space while working using its useful dust collection process. You just have to empty it frequently.

In 2019 you can choose this Dewalt model as one of the best random orbital sanders with great value.

Another nice thing is it allows its users to work for mid-size commercial projects. This user-friendly sander with the rubber over-mold ensures long hours work. You will also thank it for its useful vibration reduce feature.

The power of oscillations per minute of this sander is good to accomplish oscillate at any place as it comes with 8,000 up to 12,000 OPM. A successful, as well as impressive sanding, derived with this speed,  controlled sander which featured with a sanding pad of the exact grit for various applications. 

Another plus point of this tool is its spacious carrying bag which enables you to keep your accessories neat and tidy along with the tool with easy to carry capacity. It has enough room for a box of pads. This sadder effectively protects its internal electronic components as it featured with a dust-sealed switch.

If you need to finish some woodworking tasks like a variety of wooden built-ins, shelves, cabinets, staircase this DeWalt DW6423K can be a great choice for you.

You will find the sander is very easy to use. It comes with an on-off switch with a little dial. It increases the strength of your sanding. Its Separate counterweight design ensures less vibration which is a crucial feature for a reliable sander.

The Sander has good power, a nice manageable weight and a wide range of speeds.  Overall, it works really well. It can save a lot of manual labor. For many small household projects, this is a good sander.

Lightweight, multi-speed and easy to change hook and loop pads makes this orbital sander of DW6423K so versatile and useful. It is easy to control with well-balanced features.

The value is very good if you don’t mind a cord.


3.Black & Decker BDERO600 Random Orbit Sander


The low profile makes it easy to control

Economical price

Well built and sturdy

Easy to use  


Reduce fatigue significantly while in use

Maximum dust remove through the dust bag


The bag is a pain to clean


Paddle Switch Activation for easy on/off

High-performance dust collection

Included Components

Compact size  

Ergonomic design


Power 2.4 amps

OPM 1,400

Weight 3.13 pounds  

Source of power Corded-Electric

Warranty 2 year

If you are a weekend DIYer warrior, homeowner or hobbyist who wants to complete some home renovation wood projects with smoothness and quality and looking for a random orbital sander this Black & Decker BDERO600 model can be perfect for you. High performance with easy to use features proves it as a bosom friend for beginners to DIYer team.

This sander offers an impressive high OPM (orbits per minute) range of 14,000 capacity. Surprisingly it comes with only 2.4-amp motor yet offers such ability. Such power if you grab it means an eye-catching polished result in various wood applications according to your need with high-speed sanding process and desired pressure. 

About the dust collection feature? Well, they are just fine but not in top quality. On your working piece, there’s a high possibility to discover dust. 

While you are working, you may need more pressure as some materials nature is different. This sander with its top grip creates such a requirement with ease. Besides, you will find user-friendly activation through the paddle-switch. If you consider features with performance, and affordable price range this sander is surely a great choice to go for.


If you need a budget-friendly random orbital sander with speed, performance the BDERO600 model can be your assistant.

It’s true like many brands this sander does not come with a ton of features. However, in many cases, you will find many of them are not necessary for you. It’s truer if you need a random orbital sander for basic home-related wooden sanding tasks. Black & Decker in this model clearly focused on DIYer, weekend wood warriors with comfortable design, enrich power, necessary features, lightweight and compact in size.

Safety is a top priority for a brand name like Black & Decker. That’s why they come with a high-quality dust collection feature, ergonomic shape with easy to use and quick response capable orbital sander. 

Besides its user-friendly activity a true loving point. It’s quite different than other competitors with some remarkable different options that make it hard to ignore when going for the best random orbital sanders.

If you are engaged with a variety of mid-size wood projects with surface this Black & Decker BDERO600 unit can be your reliable friend with sufficient power. Its compact size ensures to work even in hard to reach areas.

This BDERO600 detail sander can be well beginning for newbie along with wood contractors for sanding related various applications. If you have a perfect detail sander it means it is easy to work in tight spaces or corners.

Even for the occasional user, this tool is handy too due to its attractive price, easy to use and lightweight nature. You can accomplish your necessary sanding tasks with ease and fast in spite of its compact size as it offers 14,000 oscillations per minute.

You don’t need to be concerned about dust issues as its high-quality micro-filtration feature ensures a neat and tidy working area than many other competitors of an orbital sander. Still, there will be the presence of dust however, that will be less than other sanders.

This 5-inch compact orbital sander of Black & Decker comes with an easy on/off paddle switch activation. You won’t feel fatigued while using this tool.


4.Makita BO5041K Random Orbit Sander Kit


Variable speed control dial

Ergonomic rubberized palm grip and handle

Adjustable front handle

Large two-finger trigger switch

Pad control system

Large 1/8 inches random orbit action



OPM 4,000-12,000

Motor power 3 AMP

Disc size: 5 inches

Weight 3 lbs

Warranty 1 year


Good power, hard case

vibration is below average

Dust collection is on point

Feel comfort for rubberized palm grip

Work great on corners and tight areas for adjustable front handle

Constant work capacity for trigger lock feature

Long-life ensure with oversized sealed ball bearing construction

Swirl-free finish pad control system


Dust collection not quite good

A bit expensive

The Makita BO5041K is our other favorite choice which can claim overall the best orbital sander. You will feel comfort and ease to use it because of its ergonomic grip. It also has variable speeds for different applications. If you need to work on tight areas, hard to reach corners this sander comes as a rescuer with its useful front handle which has the ability to move around with no challenge. Additionally, it will boost your sanding work experience in the question of the sanding pad changing option as it is quite simple.   

When using a sander feel easy is a very important thing which you will discover in the sander through the front handle. If you are serious for a perfect even finish as well as smoother surface such feature will bring that result with control of pressure and necessary even movement.

Price? It’s another good side of the Makita BO5041K model as it offers a decent price point. If you consider its all features and performance that’s a real win deal. In the market more costly sanders are available but it’s quite possible they may not fulfill your sanding requirement like this tool.

However, like day and night, Makita also has an issue like a dust removal feature which needs to improve according to some users. Overall, you can think to try this Makita BO5041K orbital sander as it has a good reputation from majority users.

If you think about versatility this Makita orbital sander offers smart ability to adjust to new conditions whenever you need for your sanding tasks. Its wide range of speeds as well as the arrangement of parts with the feature allows you to perform like a pro wood warrior.

The convenient variable speed control dial is also worth mentioning. This feature allows you to have full control over the range of speed from 4,000 up to 12,000 OPM in order to fix your required sanding speed on the different materials. 

This sander ensures your comfort while continuous using a large two-finger trigger switch. The lock-on button also has its perfect presence to make sanding operation smoother.

You know each task of sanding is different. Makita also understands it well. It offers different positions in order to hold the sander with ergonomic design. Its grip position is also remarkable due to some rubberized areas for your perfect hand position.

This 5-Inch Makita ensures your more control with its pad control system. At the same time, it efficiently minimizes scuff and swirls while finishing.

This Makita BO5041K model offers a powerful 3 AMP motor. Besides, it will give you long life service as it equipped with oversized sealed ball bearing construction. Thus durability becomes its part.

From starting point to ending period of finishing the task this orbital sander ensures no swirl on your workpiece with smoothness everywhere. It is more controllable due to a pad mechanism system.

This BO5041K comes with a tool case, dust bag, and abrasive disc.

When you want easy to control and required pressure this tool can work as a reliable friend with good handle fit and the rubberized, comfortable palm grip.

Its 5 inches 8 hole hook-and-loop abrasive disc ensures fast changes. Using this sander you can keep your work area neat and clean as it also featured an effective dust removal system with the help of its pad. It also offers a built-in vacuum port adapter.

The BO5041K is just another example of Makita’s commitment to innovative technology and best-in-class engineering.

If high-quality finishing is your first priority with durable engineering and reasonable price the Makita BO5041K model can be your best match. This Makita random orbital sander allows you to enjoy better control if you want through its multiple grip features.

This sander tool provides a 1/8-inch random orbit performance. You will receive better results of smoothness that other competitors won’t be able to give.

You can use this tool with ease for small to medium-sized wood tasks. Its nice pattern ensures zero swirls. After using this sander you will receive great finished products. One or two for both hands it works well. It’s another plus point is the good range of orbits per minute.

Due to it’s lightweight, you can carry this portable orbital sander of Makita anywhere you want.


5.Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander


Pad dampening system

Hook and Loop disc attachment

Variable speed control

Microfilter dust removal

Included kits


Motor 2.5 AMP

Disc size 5 inches

OPM 7,500 to 12,000

Weight 3.5 lbs

Warranty 1 year, 30-day money-back guarantee

The Good

Affordable sander

Great to use for smaller projects

Variable speed for different applications

No vibration, and sands great

Collects dust very well

Easy to use

Not too heavy to hold



Not so Good

Not for big projects

The filter didn’t collect all the dust

A little heavy

The Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander machine works well for sanding. It also efficiently collects dust. It offers a nice job on paper and canvas too.

Its lightweight, quiet nature and easy to use features will draw your attention.

This Bosch ROS20VSC ensures minimal swirl marks. Even after prolonged use, it won’t give you numbness feeling. It generally fits well in the user’s hand. You will love its dust pick up feature as it is equipped with an integral paper filter and a sealed plastic canister. However, due to its small size, you need to empty it frequently.

This sander comes with a big set of various grit. It is powerful. It’s pad not completely flat. It’s a good product for the price.

Its compact design allows its user to maneuver with ease. This tool can be operated with one hand. It prevents swirl marks using pad dampening system. This orbital sander with its micro-filter system cuts down on dust Hook-and-loop attachment and successfully catches even the tiniest particles of dust.

In our this review the Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander can be one of the best random orbital sanders.

You will get impressive finish woodwork using this Bosch’s ROS20VSC useful features like hook tight mechanism as well as pad breaking option.

It may happen you will need to accomplish your wooden projects into hard to reach areas like corners, smaller spaces and so on. You have your reliable assistant like the Bosch ROS20VSC orbital sander. 

Even if you are a newbie its small compact design is perfect to achieve your target. This orbital sander also comes with a carrying bag, dampening ring, sanding disc, vacuum hose adapter, dust canister, and a sanding pad.

Regarding price range, this sander offers pleasing, affordable prices with its reliable performance. There are a few users issues it has while majority users highly rated it with satisfaction.

When you are engaging with various wooden projects it’s natural you will need to change the position of speeds according to the task. This orbital sander comes with a suitable located variable speed dial that allows you to change the settings fast whenever you want. 

You will also notice this Bosch sander ensures an ergonomically comfortable hand grip for using it in an extended period of time. It also let it used to use both hands when it may need to face rough sanding projects that need a lot of pressure.


For your different sanding applications and wood-working jobs, this Bosch ROS20VSC offers impressive finishing with professional performance.

What will draw your attention to this sander is it specifically designed for finishing with great polishing capacity.

Even if you need to work on overhead projects this sander with only 3.6 lbs weight makes it easier and prevents any discomfort.


Final word

Well, here is our end of the best random orbital sanders review. We hope it was helpful for your right decision.

If you the perfect orbital sander the world of various sanding tasks along with other tasks will be quite enjoyable and corrective.

From our this best random orbital sanders list you will be able to find the perfect match for your type. If you are busy with longer commercial projects of sanding you need with the best quality, high-end sander which also ensures a long life. In such a case, you may check the Festool model

listed. But if you are a DIYer, a homeowner looking for a sander which you can use the time to time with reasonable price then you can check Porter Cable and some other models we listed here.

Your various finishing jobs need the best random orbital sander so that with accuracy and speed you can accomplish your goal. This review we created solely for that reason. Go for the best tool and increase your potentiality as a wise wood warrior.
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