Sometimes you will find small spaces where it is impossible to swing a hammer. A palm nailer allows you to get into those places with ease. Thus they will save your precious time as well as projects. Safe design, compact, lightweight and versatility made palm nailers more popular. On the market basis, we assembled a list of reviews of the best palm nailer. You can meet your all needs to pick the perfect palm nailers following the article.

We have rounded up our top six picks including detailed information for your best selection. They are faster, safer and boost your accuracy. You can use the palm nailer for a variety of jobs like framing to finishing. It will complete your job fast whether you are busy with a ceiling or trim, fences, joists and so on.

It is ideal for small corners, edges on flooring and decking or on tight spaces. You can easily drive nails of lengths between 1-1/4 inches to 6-1/2 inches using a versatile, powerful palm nailer for different carpentry jobs.

Best Palm Nailer: Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameWeightFeature
Milwaukee M12 Milwaukee M12 11.1 lbs
Compact size
Porter-Cable PN650Porter-Cable PN6504.45 lbs
Multi-blow firing mode
Senco PC0781Senco PC07812.5 lbsSize of 4 x 3.2 x 5.8 inches.
Bostitch PN100KBostitch PN100K 5.65 lbs
Up to 5 inches nail size
Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer Ridgid R350PNE3.44 lbs
Depth adjustment
Hitachi NH90AB Palm NailerHitachi NH90AB 1.3 lbs
2 ½ – 3 ½ inches Nail size

6 Best Palm Nailer– Reviews

1.Milwaukee M12 

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Kit is battery powered as well as small. Around your house, its compact size will allow you to do work perfectly. Besides, it can even handle some quite small spaces. At the front of the others its different, some cool features made this tool one of the best palm nailers. You may need long working capacity around your house to complete your work perfectly.

Milwaukee M12

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Its battery is just made for that. It’s another pleasing feature is the LED light. It will help you to see what you are doing. When you’re working in tight spaces this comes in really handy. It is may not be ideal for professional-level jobs. However, if you are a DIYer it is just perfect. This palm nailer’s other great attraction is it comes with a powerful lithium battery pack as well as a charger.

You may first time think it is a little bit pricey. But if you look thoroughly you will find most batteries powered tools require separate buy of battery and charger. The palm nailer is compact and excellent as well. With the 2ah battery, you can really get it into tight spots, like under cabinets.

The Milwaukee M12  is smaller and fits more easily in your bag. Smaller jobs where a few holes are needed it works great. You will need extra batteries if you are going to be using it for a sustained period of time. It offers multiple speeds to use. The power is great and breaks fasteners loose with little trouble other than breaking seized bolts. You will also love its fast charging time. The batteries charge very quickly.

You can get through most jobs with one tool and an extra battery on the charger. Milwaukee proved its reputation making this palm nailer strongly built and extremely powerful for 12v machines. Its hours-lasting battery is another big plus point which is not common. This is 12 v with incredible power.

When using the tool the  Milwaukee M12 palm nailer ensure increased productivity as well as safety with an onboard fuel gauge and comfortable hand strap. While managing your nailing jobs with this tool no need to feel worried about an air compressor or a hose. Even to confined areas, the device gives you the freedom to drive your nails as it is portable as well as compact in size.

If you need to manage demanding tasks faster with precision this powerful nailer is ready to do that featuring strong mechanism impacting handles. If you compare with other tools you will find Milwaukee M12 is more durable, powerful and handy.

This palm nailer is ideal for various nailing applications. The Milwaukee M12 palm nailer in one hand fits neatly. It delivers a decent punch. This mini palm nailer has the capability of driving nails between 6 gauge brads up to 16 gauge nails, or 3.5 inches long.

You can take this nailer with you wherever you need to work as it this palm nailer is cordless. This cordless palm nailer is a very useful tool because no longer tethered to an extension lead or an air compressor.

You always have the other hand free to hold and secure the job because you can easily aim and fire with one hand. Around the garage and home, this cordless palm nailer is perfect for all sorts of repairs. In a tight space, this nailer can do almost any nailing job. This is certainly another plus point.

Milwaukee M12 Key Features:

  • Cordless Palm Nailer
  • LED light
  • Compact size
  • Battery operated
  • Charger and battery pack included
What we like
  • Lightweight
  • Great Tool for DIYers
  • Small and strong
  • Durable
  • Handy
  • Portable
  • Safety features
  • Powerful
  • You can even drive nails into restricted areas
What we didn't like
  • Not cheap
  • You will require back up battery if work for a longer period

2.Porter-Cable PN650  

Both utility and comfort in mind come with the design of the PORTER-CABLE PN650 palm nailer. Included glove with strap sets it apart from other competitors. Thus it makes this palm nailer comfortable to use.It helps you to keep your grip. You can keep everything together as this nailer comes with a nice case.

Porter-Cable PN650 Check Latest Price

This device can accept 1 ¼ inch to 6 ½ inches wide range of nails. It is considered one of the most versatile palm nailer equipped with 4 different tips: wide nail, magnetic, steel hammer and standard. Your nails won’t end up sinking too far into the wood as it also features depth-of-drive control. It allows you to get a smoother finish and adjust how far in the nail goes. Let’s discover the PN650 kit, includes the palm nailer itself and a nice array of accessories.If you are professional or a newbie user the Porter-Cable PN650 Palm Nailer is an excellent choice. It is easy to use and very compact. Thus gradually you can become an expert.

This nailer is the ideal choice for use in tight spaces because it is quite lightweight and small. It can be a perfect solution for a small space where a larger nailer may not fit. In tight spaces, you will be unable to use your other hand to hold the nail. So you can get better placement using the magnetic tip holds the nail for you so you can get better placement.A few downsides? well, you won’t find all of the heads are magnetized. It’s not always very easy to change between the four different heads.

The PN650 nailer can complete any task because it is powerful, easy to use and ergonomically designed. Besides a powerful multi-blow firing mode allows for 2300 BPM at 100 PSI. Its performance is top-notch though it is a little more costly. You will surely love its excellent feature of four nose tips when finding their versatility with great accuracy and delicacy. The standard tip is the right choice for standard nails up to 70d while the magnetic tip is great for driving 3d-16d common nails.

The steel hammer kit is perfect for complex jobs, like auto body works, moldings and dowels while the no-mar finish tip can be used with finishing nails up to 3d. This nailer can handle from small to large all complex projects. You can work for hours with this comfortable palm nailer due to its ergonomic design. It feels well-balanced in the hand though it is not the lightest model at 4.5 lbs. It is quite comfortable to work within all positions.

This is an excellent choice that will not disappoint if you require a very versatile palm nailer that can accomplish both finish nailing with 3d nails as well as regular work with 70d nails.This palm nailer from the USA with all-purpose features allows you to make nailing in confined areas with optimum ease. Without the slightest trouble, you can plenty of placement and removal along with four different nailing tips.

You do not need to press the nail too deep with a PN650 palm nailer. Each nail has been appropriately aligned with a depth drive control. It has been designed to help you complete your nailing projects easily. The best part of the Porter Cable PN650 is that it fits in the palm of your hand. Almost any air compressor this nailer runs off. It can easily deliver a mighty hammer blow and require only 100 psi. You can do it as many times as you need. You get a much cleaner and neater result even after driving nails all day.

For different configurations and applications, the Porter Cable PN650 palm nailer comes with different nose fixtures.All the noses are strong enough to induce a rather smooth driving being made of high-quality steel. You will get a durable as well as a sturdy tool to use for your various nailing task as it perfectly resists sudden shocks.

Pro Tips
Don’t try to nail smaller head nails with the framing tip, because they get jammed between the hammerhead and the guide. It’s a HUGE pain to get them back out. The trim tip does them just fine. Keep it oiled and use a dryer on your compressor and it won’t let you down!

Porter-Cable PN650Key Features:

  • Depth-of-drive adjustment
  • Multi-blow firing mode
  • Four nose tips included
    Glove, dust cover, leather carrying case with strap, oil, and wrench 
What we like
  • Comfortable
  • 4 interchangeable nose tips for more versatility and better nailing applications
  • Feels well-balanced in the hand with Ergonomic design
  • Larger capacity ranges from 3D up to 70D carpentry nails
  • Without much strain allows users to nail confined areas
  • Easy to use
  • You can handle several automotive works using a steel hammer
What we didn't like
  • When pressed to drive may produce a loud noise. Wear earplugs or muffs.
  • Heavy
  • Low durability gloves

Final Word
You will get yourself a perfect tool that can meet your professional demands despite having some minor drawbacks. You can choose this one for confined and tight nailing available in a suitable price.

3.Senco PC0781

The Senco PC0781 is a user-friendly, lightweight, durable palm nailer ensure long life. Without spending a lot of money you can get a top-notch quality tool with affordable price. Just keep in mind it comes without extras or accessories as this is a bare tool. The PC078 is a great choice for most big projects because it is well designed, has a comfortable grip, durable and has the capacity to use a wide range of nails.

Senco PC0781

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You can do work quickly with easy driving as this 2.5-pound nailer features a magnetic nail guide. You can get the job done faster and take fewer breaks as the leather grip minimizes fatigue. The PC0781 is a small palm nailer. Every time it uses a magnetic nail guide to ensure precise nailing. We highly recommend this palm nailer if you are looking for a bare-tool that’s built to last and user-friendly.

For years the Senco PC0781 considered as a reference palm nailer. Professionals as well as a newbie like it equally for its reliable performance. It is a little bit pricey but in the hand, it feels very well balanced and is built too long life. It remains very useful. Moreover, it can easily reach tight spots as it offers a small size of 4 x 3.2 x 5.8 inches.

From 5d to 70d with a wide range of carpenter nails, the magnetic nose works well additionally. Whether it is for regular or finishing jobs nailing for any type of nailing tasks it is more than suitable.

Another impressive feature of the Senco PC0781 palm nailer is durable and strong. It can easily keep on driving nails while handling rough treatment. Beside this, It can handle small or big jobs. The best part is, It is small yet powerful. When you buy a palm nailer you never need to swing a hammer again. This is the best part of this palm nailer you will find.

The Senco PC0781 is strong- sinks nails with almost no effort. You can locate the nail easily as the magnetic hold is great.  

You can use this palm nailer professionally. When nailing 30 nails per joist hanger in a floor system it works great and saves countless man-hours. Just a side tip; these need a drop of oil now and then. It is particularly well suited to the task of nailing joist hangers, working overhead, or to other situations where the framing configuration limits the range of motion of a hammer.

The Senco PC0781 is your ideal choice if you are looking for a reliable, compact palm nailer that is comfortable as well as packs a punch. Despite its 2.5 lbs weight in the hand, it feels great. With equal ease, it can work with 5d to 70d nails. It offers long life as it is durable. Another welcoming feature indeed.

This nailer will help you to complete your works faster as well as efficiently. You can enjoy the nailing with ease when using the nailer.

This palm nailer is a brilliant performer in tight spaces and comfortable to use. It is quite lightweight weighing only 2.5 pounds. Sometimes you will find challenging places where it is impossible to swing a hammer. This nailer allows you to easily access those tight spaces. You can easily drive nails into sheet metal and hardwood no matter what the material with this little yet powerful air hammer. It’s another big plus point is up to 5 inches long nail sizes including most common can accept.  

The Senco PC0781 palm nailer comes with several useful features and ergonomic design. It’s leather grip reduce fatigue a lot while a soft rubber grip acts as a shock absorber. It is compatible with many portable air compressors as it has an impressive operating pressure of 50 to 125PS. It is indeed an excellent palm nail gun except it comes fitted with just one driving nose. However, that nosepiece is magnetic for easy nail handling. The glove covering the sides for a secure grip.


  • Magnetic nail alignment tip guide
  • Ideal for joist hangers, metal straps and pole barn assembly
  • Leather grip ensure reduce fatigue
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip with proper palm pad
What we like
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Powerful and fast
  • Very handy
  • Leather grip ensures a secure hold
  • Useful for different materials and thicknesses like 5d up to 70d carpentry nails
What we didn't like
  • When nailing 60d nails you may encounter challenges
  • only 1 magnetic nose dive

4.Bostitch PN100K

The Bostitch PN100K is our another great choice. It can give you the versatility you need to finish most projects as this device comes with 3  different noses for the finish, standard, and large bore nailing. If you’re using this palm nailer in a space that is hard to get to its another impressive feature will help you with a magnetic, recessed nail slot to hold nails in place.

Bostitch PN100K

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It weighs only 2.9 pounds. This makes it easy to move around the worksite. You can drive nails up to 5 inches into a variety of materials with this enough powerful model in both sequential and contact mode. It is great if you’re planning to use it for extended periods as it also features an ergonomic design minimizing fatigue levels. A rubber grip included which also acts as a shock absorber to protect your wrist.  The Bostitch PN100K comes with a reasonable price with useful features that won’t break your bank. Anyone working in small spaces can take it as a perfect choice.

This exceptional palm nailer is quite durable. It can stand up to a lot of wear and tear as designed with a hardened steel nose. On a variety of projects and nails, you can use this kit. In the nose, this palm nailer holds nails tightly in place using the magnetic insert. This nailer is really comfortable to use including good performance. It has a great ergonomic design with lightweight. Moreover, for extended use, Bostitch even includes a comfortable leather glove. It provides extra protection as well as prevent any blisters or calluses. A hard plastic case, spare O-rings, lubricant, hex wrench a nose wrench also comes with this kit.

You may find it is a little bit pricey but it’s because of the number of accessories. This kit is ideal from constructing decks to putting metal connections. This palm nailer comes with everything you need. Anyone who is buying their first nail gun this is a perfect complete kit. Each kit includes a 7-year warranty.  Another nice touch is they also provided a spare set of O-rings for maintenance.

When you consider the hammer power of the Bostitch PN100K palm nailer you will find its weight at around 3 pounds is quite reasonable. This nailer can stand up to just about anything with a hardened steel nose. The Bostitch palm nailer PN100K allows you to efficiently manage demanding jobs. You can even use larger nails because the Bostitch PN100K also comes with a larger bore nose tip attachment. Besides, there is a finish nose tip which is perfect for accurate jobs for smaller nails, and for finish nailing.

You have a safe place to store your nailer as an added bonus, this kit comes with a handy hard carrying case. The PN100 is our another impressive selection with an unbeatable performance as well as a collection of useful accessories.

When doing different nailing tasks the nosedive(s) allows you to use nails of different lengths. It is a versatile and unique palm nailer which can drive up to 5 inches in the material. Without breaking a sweat the PN100K operates with a comfortable 70-100 PSI. Most average-grade air compressors can provide that capacity. This nailer tends to perform best when it’s set at 100 PSI. , simply adjust to a higher PSI if it doesn’t drive nails fast enough. What we liked most this unit is its two different modes firing sequential and contact feature. Just flick the trigger switch to change mode is you have to do. For long hours you can hold it well and use with comfort because of its ergonomic design. It also includes comfortable leather gloves.

You will enjoy making the driving more smoothly because the nose is made of high-quality steel which is strong enough. It has impressive resistance power which is sufficient to check the number of sudden shocks. This nailer has the built-in recessed slot contributes to the accurate placement. It ensures your hand enhancing safety along with precise fastener driving because the recessed slot deters any direct contact.

Key Features:

  • Up to 5 inches nail size
  • Hardened steel nose
  • Accessories include a lubricant, spare O-rings, nose wrench and hex wrench
  • 70 – 100 psi
  • 3 noses
  • Excellent tool for DIY people. Very well build
  • If you ever build a deck this is great for installing hangers
What we like
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • The magnetic lockout ensures greater nail positioning
  • Can drive nails up to 5 inches in length
  • Handy in tight spaces 
  • Strong metal connection with joist hangingsI
  • Works in both sequential as well as bump mode
What we didn't like
  • No depth adjustment
  • Changing noses isn’t straightforward
  • No dry fire lockout
  • A little confusing manual

5.Ridgid R350PNE 

Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer is another perfect matchmaker for various jobs in compact spaces. You can easily target your nails in just the right spot with the support of the magnetic guide of this tool. Lightweight, as well as compact size, is it’s another great advantage.

Ridgid R350PNE
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You can drive your nails smoothly as it is durable because of its strong aluminum body as well as zinc top cap. A tool bag for transport and storage, hand strap, oil, and a hex key accessories come with this useful palm nailer. A tool-free micro-adjustable depth-of-drive is another surprising feature of the Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer. Usually, many models don’t offer this option. Without damaging the surface of your material you can get accurate depth for each shot using this feature. This palm nailer is considered easy to control as well as comfortable because it is combined the adjustable hand strap with the Hex Grip. The self-cleaning in-handle air filter is one more useful feature of this palm nailer. It extends the long life of the tool keeping dust and debris out of the motor. This tool is not inexpensive.

However, it also offers some unique features. It is an ideal palm nailer for professionals as well as any DIYer or homeowner. The Ridgid R350PNA is also known as a mini palm nailer because it can easily handle nails up to 3-1/2″ long. The tool, in general, have a longer life as it is equipped with a self-cleaning effective air filter.

An adjustable hand strap and a rubber padded back comes with this palm nailer instead of gloves. This palm nailer is a quality tool and easy to use to nail underneath a roof-mounted AC unit by hand. You can reach in and nail the shingle down easily. Try this tool if you are roofing do yourself.

It is perfect for putting in basement bracing between the last two joists. You can even use it to punch little holes into tight spaces in the HVAC where you needed to connect elbows using rivets (or screws).

If you are busy with a task like joist hangers this is a great tool for getting into tight places. Moreover, you can control the depth of the drive without a tool. You will surely like it. However, their customer service needs to shape up.

Key Features:

  • Depth adjustment
  • Airpower
  • 50 – 120 psi
What we like
  • Hex Grip comfort texture
  • Solid Build quality
  • It’s got a nice pivot at the air inlet so you don’t have to wrangle your air hose as much
  • Depth-of-drive adjustment with a tool-free micro adjustment option
  • Handy nailer
  • Very slick design
  • Durable aluminum as well as zinc top cap
What we didn't like
  • Nails with heads that are too big or too small doesn’t work with it
  • Poor customer service

6.Hitachi NH90AB 

Hitachi NH90AB


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The Hitachi NH90AB Palm Nailer is a small tool, but in the tiny area, it is powerful enough to place a nail in the wood. The magnet tip always holds the nail in place to ensure accuracy. Its power, as well as size, is just perfect for 90 percent of jobs. It is ideal for wood blocking in tight spots, fits in tightly included swivel.

Its price is quite reasonable for any size of the project. Use the tool in the same manner if your fastener doesn’t fit. With an oversized head, it will still drive a fastener. The nailer sinks the nails with ease. However, use hears protection like earplugs if used a lot to prevent noise. A nice touch is its included eye protection glasses. It is perfect for joist hangers as well as where you just can’t get the leverage or access for a hammer.

It is easy to hold as the size is small. Like a knife into butter, you can put nails with heads on them into the wood. It would have been nice if an attachment for nails with larger head size (like roofing size nail).

Hitachi is a famous brand with trust around the world. This time the Hitachi line of pneumatic tools brings the Hitachi NH90AB palm nailer as a new addition with cool features. Specifically, it is designed to install metal connectors and joist hangers.

It is a perfect fit for the job you need to accomplish. Its size is compact as well as eye-catching. You won’t feel the vibration a lot in your hand. Besides, you will get a better hold with a real added comfort with the over-molded rubber grip. This palm nailer comes with a lot of useful, nice features. A full 360 degrees swivel the fitting for the air hose attachment. This feature ensures to keep the hose out of the way. Moreover, it prevents a lot of the tension caused by pulling. Thus it will make the nailer easier to handle.     

Feeling concerned about placement? Relax. In right place the magnetic nose holds nails. In the front, the exhaust is located. During use the nailer you don’t have to face in your direction irritating air blowing. Remember after every 100 nails or so you have to oil the nailer to keep up the right maintenance. Downside? Well, when hardwood come it cant work very well.

What we like
  • Magnetic nose to hold nails in place
  • 360-degree swivel air hose attachment
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can get into tight spaces
  • Strong
  • Durable for the money
  • Drives nails as fast as you can press down including 16s
What we didn't like
  • No case
  • Doesn’t work well with hardwoods
  • A little noisy
  • Buyer’s Guide

    If you think for a time-saving tool to use instead of a hammer the perfect solution is the palm nailer. Where there just isn’t enough room to swing a real hammer they are especially ideal for those narrow or tight spaces. You should keep some important things in mind if you are in the market for a palm nailer. The first step in choosing one that is right for you is to know what you’re going to do with the tool.

    However, you may still need to figure out your desired just right tool. To understand your requirement more with in-depth knowledge we presented this buying guide.

    You will find some common information which will help you to choose with more confidence. We want you to make a great choice when you feel completely informed with all pros as well as cons.

    Small and compact these two features are common in most palm nailers. Anyone who needs can easily use this user-friendly nailer. Pay special attention to the dimensions of the nailer you’re looking at if your hands are particularly large or small. It can affect accuracy and ease of use if you use a too big or too small tool for your hand.

    However, you won’t get a lot of additional features like safety. If you have pets or young kids around minis are probably not a good choice.

    Weight is a vital point to consider. It should be well-balanced lightweight not too heavy nor too hard.

    Look carefully whether or not the nailer has an ergonomic grip. It is most important in the point of comfort. If your selected nailer offers this feature the nailer will fit nicely in your hand. As a result, your all work will be a lot easier. Both left and right-handed users can use palm nailers with ease as they designed in that way. Make sure the palm nailer will be a good fit. Just take some time researching.

    Storage Case
    When you’re not using your palm nailer a durable storage case will help you to store your tool properly. It is nice to have it so that it will keep the device protected and safe.

    If you have a variety of tips fora case is especially useful with a palm nailer. In one place it will keep everything together.

    You will usually feel more comfortable to use palm nailers that come with a leather cover as well as a hand strap. When the tool is driving in the nail they give you a softer grip as well as protect your hand from the irritating vibrations.

    Added features or a lot of useful accessories in palm nailers are often considered worth to a better buy.

    Various Tips
    In fact, the more tips you have on your selected palm nailers the more versatile it will be in the long run. Every tip is made according to different kind of nail and their function. First, decide how many tips actually you needed. Then look for that particular palm nailer. It will save you precious time and money.

    Another important feature you need to consider if the tips are magnetic. It will work better on your various projects. You don’t have to fuss with placement because magnetic tips hold the nail in place. It will ensure more accuracy including your fingers safety.

    The depth of Drive Adjustment
    Palm nailers which will offer you adjust the depth of drive are more useful. Such a feature will give you complete control to decide over how far in the nails go into the surface.

    Besides such option will ensure the nail head isn’t too far above or below the surface. Such feature-based palm nailers are not cheap but they ensure accuracy, the swiftness with complete satisfaction of best result.

    If you think for long-time projects and plan to use your palm nailer for an extended period of time it will be wiser to choose a model that comes with a glove. Such little things will make a sharp difference in the long run.

    Final Wrap

    A palm nailer works with almost all carpentry nails. Our reviews of palm nailers will hopefully give you insight knowledge to choose the best palm nailer.

    It will solely depend on your needs as well as budget. We provided all the essential details, type which will certainly help you to fulfill your all requirements to choose your desired palm nailers.

    Just keep in mind your selected nailer is durable, the right size, lightweight, versatile, easy to use, and matches your all requirements.

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