A lot of effort or skills not necessary at all to get an eye-catching finish from sanding jobs. However, the best palm sander tool for the right job is essential in such a case.  From paint or stain, refinishing to varnish you will need this device. So make sure you select a top-notch model to make your job quickly and perfectly.

Your tool collection can be enriched with a perfect hand sander. However, you need to be choosy as this tool will make or break your workpiece sanding finish jobs.

In this review, we presented 5 top models of the best palm sanders for your convenience. If you are a wood warrior you need to be equipped with a reliable palm sander. 

Well, it certainly is a challenge to find the best palm sanders that are worthy of your hard-earned money. It’s not impossible, especially when you have a reliable source like our this review to point you in the direction of the brands you can trust.

  Best Palm Sanders: Comparison 

Best Palm Sanders: Reviews

1.DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Grip Sander


motor 2.3 AMP

Locking dust-port option

Reduced overall height

paper clamp features

Separate counterweight ensure 

14,000 OPM

Rubber dust boot over the switch 

This orbital sander with its effectiveness will draw your attention. What we didn’t like about this product was the dust collector bag attached to the sander was not as effective and needs a better design. It collects 95% of the dust which is the best thing about this home use sander. This little machine carries a lot of sanding power with it. You can change the sandpaper easily. It can be a good deal.

The DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Grip Sander is a sturdy tool that works well and easy to handle. The dust collector is adequate and the connection to a vacuum hose works ok. The vibratory motion works very well and leaves a few marks. 

You don’t have to buy special sandpaper with holes because the sander comes with a device to punch the holes. You can very easily use the punch. This tool is easy on hands. Its perfect size will allow you to hold with one hand. The nice canvas storage bag can hold the sander and sandpaper.

It is large enough to hold some extra items if needed. This too also seems to kick up less dust and the paper lasts longer with the hole puncher. It allows you to use any brand sandpaper. It can save a lot of time and elbow grease.

This DWE6411K power tool model is not too heavy and good for sanding the front porch. The dust bag doesn’t leak and is simple to remove and empty and the motor has some real power. 

The heavy-duty power cord could be slightly longer. For a small, corded sander at an affordable price, you cannot beat it. For home needs or household projects, this sander more than suffices but not for a professional woodworker maybe not. We recommend this tool for anyone starting their first project.

Make sure to wear safety goggles and even gloves as the loose dust particles can become irritating to the hands. This innovative sander is well balanced and vibrates less. So, no more numbness experience.

The carrying case is protective enough for the actual base plate. It’s on/off switch will allow you to control the sander while sanding. It doesn’t hurt anything. This sander takes that wood right off and makes it very smooth. You can put all different types of porous or very fine sandpaper on here no matter how fancy it is.

The other thing you will absolutely love is it reduces the overall height of a sander. So you can get closer to your work. It can even tackle into a corner that you need to be getting up into jobs

that are generally challenging. Another good option is the rubber dust boot that covers the switch to protect it from dust ingestion.  

This Dewalt comfortable palm sander comes with just about two pounds and 2.3 amp motor which stands at 14,000 OPM. The rubber all over the mold is beautiful. It feels good in your hand. It also has the rubber thumb grips here and it keeps it from slipping.



Reduced vibration

Powerful motor

Comfortable for the hand

Easy sanding paper Change

The dustproof feature ensures longer switch life

Good quality

Smooth control

Easy to use

Useful carry bag

Warranty 3 years



On/off switch is cumbersome

Bad dust bag design

Not for large projects


2.Makita BO4556K Finishing Sander


14,000 OPM

All-ball bearing construction

Curve, rubberized palm grip

Large clamping lever

Contoured design

Pad dust collection system

Rubber-sealed switch

You can use this sander around the house. The Makita BO4556K Finishing Sander is pretty comfortable to use. This tool operates at 14,000 orbits per minute. Remember, you have to hold the sander on the top you can’t hold it on the side like this because your hands touch the pad area. Whenever necessary you can quickly shut down it without any problem. 


Easy to hold
Very little vibration and noise
Dust protection ensure durability
Convenient on/off switch
The dustless sanding feature works very well
Large paper clamps for fast and efficient paper attachment
Comfortable grip
Dust bag with case
One year warranty


variable speed absent

3.BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

Sanding pad and finger attachment
3-position grip
Transparent dust canister
1.2 amp motor

This powerful BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander is perfect for smaller projects. It is easy to use. The shape and design of the sander make it easy to get into small spaces and corners. The sandpapers as well are specially designed for this and they Velcro (or something) just onto the sander. No more opening levers to hold the sandpaper. When sanding you don’t need to deal with any real mess. The effective container actually captures the dust. You will find working inside on wood trim makes clean up a breeze!

This sander comes with different course papers as well. A sanding to kitchen cabinets it works great. It makes hard to get to areas, much easier, with plenty of power. For small furniture projects, it is just perfect. 

This product can be your go-to finish sander. While refinishing doors and trim you can use it a lot. Because it gets used on a lot of small corners. It would be nice if it has variable speeds. However, still, it is recommended for affordable prices and due to its proven durability. It’s small, easy to hold as well as control. You can quickly remove the surface due to its useful pad design. On an open flat surface, it does great.

Without any trouble, it will allow you to use the finger attachment. The sander came with some paper designed for the finger attachment. The Black and Decker are very sturdy, compact, lightweight and easy to use. This sander will jump right into all your sanding needs. Little tips,  buy a separate set of various grit sandpaper, so you have back-ups. It does come with some sandpaper, but you know different projects/woods require different grit. Be sure to buy the “12 holes with the Hook and Loop” sandpaper replacements. 

For sanding garage door, to sand the old paint off metal balcony railing and verticals it is also effective. The pointed tip gets into all the narrow spots. You will find it very easy to change the various grits. However, the sanding pads can sometimes be difficult to attach depending on what size they are even if they are meant for this sander. This palm sander was easy to attach sandpaper shaped to fit. This is good for small projects.

You will never sore after using it as it is so lightweight. It is true even when used for a couple of hours straight. It’s so quiet compared to its competitors. You will surely love the sanding dust catcher. You can go for a long time without emptying it as it holds much more than anticipated. And it is super simple to empty. 

This sander is small enough to hold and move while sanding. It is great for small areas, but more difficult using overhead. It did a good job, but after changing sandpaper a few times, the paper would not stay attached to sander. I found myself changing sandpaper too often. The powder pocket holder filled super fast and had to be emptied often. Overall, this is a really good sander for the size and cost.

While sanding you will discover this sander is small enough to hold and move. It is great for small areas, but more difficult using overhead. You may also need to change sandpaper and empty powder pocket holders often. Overall, this is a really good sander for the size and cost.

This Black & Decker Mouse Detail sander can be your basic sander. It vibrates but will allow you to get into some surfaces that you wouldn’t normally get into. This part makes this a really useful tool when working on tight spaces.


Easy to hold and operate
Fits into tight corners
Not heavy
Doesn’t overheat

Not for heavy use
Dust collection should improve


4.Porter-Cable 380 Palm Sander



Ball-bearing construction 

2.0 Amp motor

Dual plane

Low-vibration design

Dust-Sealed switch

The Porter-Cable 380 Palm Sander offers a good job, quick response and definitely worth the price. Remember, when you change sandpaper sheets some of the newer sandpaper sheets have an adhesive on the back that can tear the sanding pad. So if you rub some fine sanding dust on the back of the sandpaper to reduce the tack it will work and eliminate tearing. This model is considered as a versatile rugged sander. It works well without numbing your hand. Another great feature is its effective dust collection which actually catches the dust and is easy to empty. 

This sander feeds your sandpaper easier than other competitors. It’s reliable and durable. It stays put with no issues if you cut the paper the right size. Without fatigue its low vibration allows you to sand. You will feel this sander easy on hands with great sanding.

Be careful with the padded part around really sharp edges. The dust collector bag has room for improvement. Overall the sander is good. 

This porter cable 1/4 sheet palm sander comes with 2.0 Amp motor that moves at 13,500 orbits per minute. The box contains an operating manual, a sander wood dust bag, and a sandpaper punch. As noted in the box this unit has a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service, in a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

It is a nice affordable little dedicated sender. Remember, you’ll be struggling in attaching the sandpaper in the sander if you are one of those who don’t like to read manuals. However, you will probably won’t have any problem if you are a handyman.

This is a nice and affordable palm sander the only problem this is with a dust collection bag which is not very satisfactory in action. Hopefully, the manufacturer will notice this drawback. This palm sander works great as they are reliable, durable at a quite affordable price. So you can not go wrong with this. It is the model number 382 of Porter-Cable. This five-inch sander comes with eight holes hook and loop. There is not a lot of bells and whistles in it which is a nice thing.

It also allows you to set up a dust extractor vacuum mines tool activate and give gives you the option for the job site so you can set this the spring-loaded bag. What you may like most is its ergonomic design. A couple of things also remarkable is easy to grab from the top with comfort. It has a counterbalanced fan. It reduces fatigue a lot. Its ball-bearing construction and the switch is sealed to keep out dust.

It’s built to last but not to break the bank. However, what we don’t like about this sander is its cord length. You may find it not long enough on a job site. This is a great little stander porter-cable makes.  



Solid construction

Has A lot of power

Little, quality sander tool


Reasonable price

Faster than competitors

3-year warranty

Counterbalance ensure less vibration

Reduce user fatigue

The superior finish comes with 13,500 opm 


Dust collection feature should improve


5.Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander


Pad dampening system design

Hook and Loop disc attachment 

Variable speed control

Microfilter dust clear system

Kit contents

This Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander comes with a dust collector which works great. It’s fairly quiet and produces little to no vibration with smooth performance. The box is rather small but it does a much better job at collecting dust. Its noise level and sound is like a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner.  

This palm sander is comfortable to hold and easy to use. For sanding, this machine works well for instance deck sanding job. The variable speed is great for delicate surfaces.   You will find it easy to hold and maneuver. 

Not too heavy to hold and do a nice job on canvas and paper too. However, It only comes with one sanding pad. You have to order a set of different grades for back up. You will love its nice little bag too. It’s roomy enough to hold extra sanding pads.

It’s a great affordable sander. You can change the speed for different applications like sanding walls for painting. This one is great to use for smaller projects. It does a remarkably good job of collecting dust. You can even use it inside your garage with only light vacuuming to clean up. Its dust-keeper does well. 

This sander will ensure no swirls, streaks, or skips. Depending on what grit paper you are using the dust collector may fill up quickly. Overall the sander feels sturdy and high quality. If doing a lot of sanding you have to empty canister frequently.

The padding allows to maneuver it and avoid shaving the stretched canvas in hardwood. It even allows drawing arches with sanding. super easy to grip and move around. The Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander ensures smooth operation and pretty well balanced.

It will fit well in your hand and do not leave it feeling numb after prolonged use. A sealed plastic canister with an integral paper filter equipped its dust collection feature. Downside? well, the pad is a bit concave. Pad not completely flat, center slight depression, sandpaper on the perimeter wears out except the center.  

The box comes with a bag owner’s manual, sanding pad, an adapter to hook it to a shop pack and Bosch dust extractor fan. The attachment on the end of the hose allows you to control the

airflow for smaller tools or larger tools for a variety of projects. It also offers variable speed with a hook and loop pad and accepts 8 hole sanding discs. 

With many holes, the sander ensures very smooth sanding applications like sanding tables. It’s attractive economically price and performance make it one to easily recommend. Due to its effective dust catcher feature makes it a lot easier to work with because you don’t have dust flying everywhere. However, for full safety, we still recommend wearing a dust mask and goggles.

The second good thing this sander does is it helps minimize fatigue in your hands because you don’t have the additional resistance of feeling the flopping around of the dust bag and the contents of the dust or the dust that’s in the bag moving around.

This sander comes with a toggle switch to turn it on with 6 settings. Three and a half pounds weight of this tool made it lighter than the majority of the other sanders. 

It is very easy to hold and do a lot of work. You can use your finger or arm in either way easily. If you have medium to large size hand this sander is perfect for you to hold and use. It is very easy to maneuver with just one hand and it doesn’t beat your hands up too bad. The other good thing is that it also has a rubber coating on it to have a very good grip. There are no drops or slips or not having to catch it by the cord.

So, now for the very few cons. A little bit more power will make it more popular. that you wanted to make sure that it’s level and flat but if you’re doing more sanding where you’ve got to work with more corners and edges and things like that you need to be able to have more of an ability to be more graceful and finesse with the sander then a sander like this is gonna be more ideal for what you’re looking for so just keep in mind that there is a trade-off between your ability to work with it easily and having a lightweight sander versus having one that is going to be extremely powerful now one other thing I wanted to keep in mind is that

If you are doing more sanding where you have got to work with more corners and edges and things like that you need to be able to have more of an ability to be more graceful and finesse with the sander then a sander like this is can be more ideal for what you are looking for.

This Bosch ROS20VSC 5-inch palm random orbit sander can be your ideal tool addition. Carpenters, cabinetmakers woodworkers and others find that this sander gives them the precise results they desire with an optimal combination of pad orbit and rotation power. 

It delivers fast removal and a well-blended ultra-smooth finish. You can stay comfortable during extended use with the soft-grip top and body design which lets you have multiple grip options with low vibration and a smooth run. 

It also effectively prevents fatigue and discomfort. The variable speeds ranging from between seventy-five hundred and twelve thousand orbits per minute let you dial-up or down depending on the sanding task at hand. 

Featuring Bosh’s hook tight hook and loop disk attachment this has over 35,000 long-life hooks to ensure a firm grip of the disc. 

During use, this sander holds standard eight-hole five-inch hook and loop discs the soft microcellular backing the pad is pliable. So you get a smooth fine finish on both flat and contoured surfaces an integral pad dampening brake system. 

It also helps prevent swirl marks. The included microfilter dust canister with the integrated paper filter provides optimal fine dust filtration able to trap particles down to half a micron in diameter. This keeps your workplace clean and helps protect you from harmful dust. 

This sander is also compatible with a standard one and a quarter inch and one and a half-inch vacuum hoses or any bosch vacuum hose and most European host sizes. So this is it the Bosch ROS20VSC 5 inch palm random orbit sander that can be your perfect choice.


Well constructed
No vibration
Very easy and comfortable to use
Reasonable price
Well designed
Minimal dust
Soft case


Pad is a bit concave
Dust collection could be better


Final Word

The best palm sander can significantly improve your woodworking skills as well as the great, smooth finishing performance. Using it means you will be able to save your precious money and time. Furniture finishers, woodworkers, DIYer, and carpenters know well its usefulness. Their compact design ensures easy to store. The right palm sander will make your projects easier. All of the above 5 palm sanders has its own features. It’s up to you to decide your desired tool according to your own needs.


Jason has been a Tool enthusiast for some years and has written some articles on Power Tool and Hand Tools.

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