You have to put in so many screws that laying drywall and other materials. It is time-consuming too. Either as a professional or on your own if you do home remodeling you will discover the truth more clearly. Your wrist would give out halfway through if you tried to do it by hand. The best solution? Use a reliable power tool.You can either use a screw gun or a drill for this purpose. You know the drill press is handy. However, lighter jobs that need a handful of screws or more it usually only works there.

A screw gun is a way to go if you are going to be driving a lot. When making a final decision to go for the best screw guns on the market you need some essential information. Here we carefully gathered as well as show you all the remarkable features, benefits as well as drawbacks of top 5 best screw gun you should know. They have just about everything you need.A screw gun might be the answer to your problems If you install a lot of drywall or plaster and a cordless screwdriver isn’t cutting it.Screw guns are compact as well as simple devices. For your personal use, Each of the five products below is powerful, small and durable enough.

Best Screw Gun in 2019: Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameSpeedFeature
DEWALT DCF6201DEWALT DCF62014,400 rpmEffective nose cone lock
DEWALT DCF620B DEWALT DCF620B4,400 RPMDEWALT-built brushless motor
VonHaus Power Screw GunsVonHaus Power Screw Guns 200 RPM no load speed4Nm Maximum torque
Senco DS332-AC Senco DS332-AC2500 rpmCorded screw gun
WORX WX254L SD  WORX WX254L SD230 RPM2 rapid reload cartridges


DEWALT DCF6201The DEWALT DCF6201 can be your another great choice. You can use this tool on various board materials and thicknesses as it is powerful and fast. This tool is user-friendly, lightweight and comfortable with the ergonomically designed grip. When you start losing daylight at the end of the day this model equipped with a LED light will allow you to see into smaller spaces or keep working.If you are looking for a great tool at a bargain price you are welcome to check out DEWALT DCF6201 with comfort.

The DEWALT DCF6201 might be just what you are looking for a unique way of removing or attaching screws quickly. An automatic feed collated screw driving system quickly you will get from it. Using this device means it will allow you to make it possible to single-handedly drive screws into surfaces like a ceiling. How? The Dewalt collated screw gun type of system makes it easy for you.Nicely built is another plus point of this DEWALT cordless drywall screw gun. Some metal used in this device with mostly thick plastic construction. The DCF621 screw gun is very sturdy. Besides, it attaches firmly as well as rarely jams.

However, bits with a 4mm wide shaft this attachment only allows. You know most third party bits have a 5mm or 6mm shaft width. It’s not the versatile tool because for this attachment Dewalt doesn’t make square drive bits.  Even after a lot of abuse the attachments hardly ever sticks. Overall, you can choose it as a value-added Dewalt cordless drywall screw gun for your tasks. It allows very fast screw driving.

It is easy to use too. You can easily change screw size and driving depth. Besides, it includes a disassemble release button. The DEWALT DCF6201 offers auto feed system which creates a collated screw gun. It will save you precious hours.

Key Features:

  • Up to 4,400 rpm for impressive speed
  • Optional collated magazine attachment
  • Balanced and ergonomic
  • Disassembly release button for easy cleaning
  • Effective nose cone lock
  • LED light

The Good

  • Shoots the screws straight and it’s easy to set the depth.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design for comfort
  • Simple to use and adjust
  • Optional collated magazine attachment available to work even faster
  • LED light for greater visibility
  • It can tolerate dusty environments

Not so Good

  • Battery not included
  • It’s not good in corners


The DEWALT DCF620B Drywall Screw Gun is one of the top brands when comparing this to other devices in its class.  This gun will not break down easily because the motor is brushless as well as made of durable steel parts. It is easy to adjust for depth as the nosepiece features on the front. While working you never have an accidental shift because it even comes with a locking mechanism.Fatigue won’t be a problem. The whole thing is very light. The grip is soft and ergonomic. However, you have to buy a battery separately.

DEWALT DCF620B In housing or industrial projects on drywall, the DEWALT DCF620B designed specifically for use. You know to feed each new screw the precise amount of power is needed. In this screw gun, Dewalt has created that level of power. You may charge the battery as often as you like and there is no cord to limit your movement. When the battery is inserted the DeWalt Drywall Screw Gun is balanced. Besides, the chuck has a one-handed adjustment setting. In seconds the tool with bits can adapt to new locations.You can use this screw gun on various board materials and thicknesses as it is fast and enough powerful.

Besides this, You can shift from one bit to another quickly using one-handed adjustment of the chuck. And You can also sling this drill in your pocket easily as it is less than a foot long.

Key Features:

  • Up to 4,400 RPM
  • Optional collated magazine attachment
  • DEWALT-built brushless motor delivers maximum runtime
  • Nosecone locks on securely and is easily removed while maintaining consistent screw depth
  • 3 years Warranty
  • LED light

The Good

  • Easy to adjust nose cone for proper depth
  • LED included for better visibility
  • Two-finger trigger with lock and reverse mechanism
  • Lightweight and ergonomic to reduce fatigue
  • Cone lock to prevent accidental adjustment
  • optional collated magazine attachment available to work even faster
  • Portable
  • The powerful brushless motor has high torque
  • Able to tolerate dusty environments

Not so Good

  • Battery not included
  • Need adjusting often
  • Some components feel a bit flimsy

3. VonHaus Power Screw Guns

If you are looking for efficient, budget-friendly best screw gun you can accomplish your all cut and screw without restrictions, the VonHaus 2 in 1 Power Screw Guns can be an ideal candidate. Let’s discover what features it offers for the best convenience.

VonHaus VonHaus Power Screw Guns2 in 1 Screwdriver with Cutter

The VonHaus allows you to get rid of all power cable restrictions. Besides, it is powered by a 3.6V Lithium-ion battery. It means you can easily access those hard to reach areas.It takes 3 hours to fully complete its charge. The battery comes with a charger.

Powerful Blade

This screw gun comes with the powerful, thin blade. It can cut through carpet, fabric, textiles, cardboard and thin plastic. You can easily create a straight edge using the imprinted edge guides.You can install your cutter attachment without any trouble. It’s complete, as well as easy to follow instructions.

VonHaus Power Screw GunsPowerful Torque

You can achieve a maximum speed because the screwdriver works at 200 RPM no load speed. This Von Haus model offers torque of 4Nm. With minimal effort required it effectively tighten or loosen screws.Use the bright LED on the base of your tool to shed some light when your working conditions are dim or dark.

Cut and Screw

The VonHaus screw gun has excellent cut and screw feature. It allows you to cut materials to size, make strong fastenings, create clean lines, effectively open packaging, easily loosen over-tightened screws.Using the cutter attachment you can easily cut through cardboard, fabric and thin plastic. For efficient operation just follow two steps. Use the handy edge guides and choose a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

5 Bit Sets Includes

This model suit the most commonly used screw heads because it comes with 5 X 1-inch bits.You can make an easy connection with screws using the magnetic bits.

Rechargeable powerful Battery

A lithium Ion battery powered this cordless screwdriver. A cutter attachment has been combined with the added benefit. It assists you with various small home DIY jobs, craft tasks and more. Another big plus point is you will never lose charge mid-project. This device offers three light indicators.

You will know well before how much power you have left as your 1500mAh rechargeable battery will reduce to amber and then to red to prepare you for rechargeA charger comes with the 3.6V lithium-ion battery. This screw gun has a 3-5 hour charge time. It also has a traffic light indicator system to keep track of charging levels.

Adjustable Handle

This device will allow you to gain access to small spaces because you can also transform the screwdriver handle. Using the pivot button you can adjust the handle position.


The VonHaus 2 in 1 Electric Cardboard is quite lightweight. This device weight is only 1.7 pounds. So, it is portable and easy to carry wherever you want. It also allows you to go even for tight spaces and corner.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Has good torque
  • It’s comfortable to hold
  • Best value for the price


  • Not for heavy duty

Key Specifications:

  • 4Nm Maximum torque
  • 3 hours Charge Time
  • 200 RPM Load Speed
  • li-ion,1500mAh Battery
  • 3.6 Voltage

The VonHaus 2 in 1 works well as a light-duty screwdriver. It Lasts well between charges. Besides, it offers good torque. The cutter attachment is a big plus indeed.You will find this little giant as the surprisingly versatile electronic screwdriver. This is considered a very powerful little electric tool. It is not only well made but also the cutting attachment is both extremely sharp.

In your hand, you will find it easy to use with perfect weight. It is safe to use too. Another good thing is the handle can either be straight or at an angle. Its good construction, as well as pleasing price, will surely surprise you.

4.Senco DS332-AC 

An auto-feed function feature can be a huge help when it comes to screwing guns.Senco DS332-AC has a patented corner fit feed system that works much better. Another good point is afterwards the tool doesn’t get hung up with the rubber band. Onto the belt feeder without any trouble, You can fit up to thirty screws. While you work they will automatically move up. Such a useful feature will surely boost your productivity levels a lot than before.

Senco DS332-AC Just if you are a newbie it will take a little while to insert the screws initially. However, gradually it will be faster when you will be more experienced. You can use your either hand as this gun allows you to adjust the depth. Besides its belt hook is really useful. When necessary you can change bits because the slide change makes it far simpler.

On the market, this is considered one of the fastest screw guns with a variable speed motor that delivers up to 2500 rpm. When necessary you can easily use the high speeds of wood and metal with other material. The Senco Automatic screwdriver gun comes with corded power. It has a tool-free screw guide and protects you from power surges.

You can feel relief as this drill holds all your screws with the rail along the outer edge. Just before you screw them in they are slotted into place. The 500 rpm motor twists the screw into place when you are ready and pull the trigger. In a short period of time, you may go through a large number of screws as for the next location the next screw is fed.


  • Adjust screw length and belt hook with either hand
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Variable speed trigger with lock and reverse
  • Powerful 2500 rpm motor
  • Holds up to thirty screws at once
  • Corded screw gun
  • Proprietary corner fit feed system
  • Slide change for bits is fast and easy


  • Works best with Senco screws
  • too large to use in closed spaces where the screws stick out from the rail

5.WORX WX254L SD  

This screw gun is not only small but also lightweight. People who want something light and sturdy but not too powerful can choose the WORX WX254L as their best screw gun. It can be your great buy as this is a step above screwing things by hand.

The WORX SD is a great tool. It works so awesomely though it looks and slides like a barrel on a gun. Do you know it includes an automatic bit changer as the first screwdriver? It, in fact, works well. This screwdriver is great for odds and ends around the house. The bits are always ready to go and stay with the tool whenever you load it.

WORX WX254L SD  Another plus point of this tool is its engineering is great. It offers a variety of most popular household bits with 2 cartridges. Besides you can put your own bits in as it even has a pilot hole drill bit. It holds 6 bits like a six-shooter. If you want you can also manually rotate the barrel to the bit. In low light conditions, an LED light on the front helps.

A tool in this class comes with the 4v MAX Lithium Ion battery and a charger. Even when sitting it holds a charge for up to 18 months.So, for homeowners, it is a great tool. It takes around 3 hours to completely charge. The tool has no variable speed option but has good torque. Using the trigger you can either on or off the model. Like a normal pistol grip drill, it reverses and locks looks.

A 3-year warranty comes with the WORX SD. Overall, you will like it. It is always ready to go no matter what bit is needed for small quick jobs.The new WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver includes two rapid reload cartridges. It houses 6 common screw driving bits each.

In a matter of seconds, you can go from drilling a starter hole-to driving a Phillips screw-to driving a flat head screw. Just follow 3 simple steps. firstly choose the bit. Secondly, rotate the cartridge. Thirdly shut the chamber. That’s it. You are completely ready to drive some screws.

The WX254L WORX SD driver is certainly designed for one-handed operation. It has a comfortable-looking. The handle is rounded. While you drill or screw with the WX254L you can align a screw or hold the material in place in that way.

When the trigger is pressed an in-built LED light automatically lights. Finally, This is a great option for small jobs here and there. Anyone can use the Worx Screwdriver as it is quite simple. No other drill will allow you to reach into tight or corner spots like this screw gun with the extended reach arm. When you cannot get a clean angle on the screw you may bend the extended reach arm. The palm of your hand can easily take this device as it is so compact in size.

It is easy to charge the cordless battery. The battery adds very little weight. So you never lose control of this device. In the house, it is perfect for use. In a desk drawer, you may keep it.  Even while working on a big job it may sit in your apron. If you are looking for a complete Power Screwdriver with 12 driving bits the WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic can be your perfect choice. Durable material like steel, rubber, plastic construction proves its powerful presence.

Thus making it suitable as well as hard wearing in most environments for use. Two rapid reload cartridges and slide action bit selection features it. You never lose the bit you need because each cartridge can hold six bits. In the kit, the battery charger is included. Besides, the device can hold its charge for up to 18 months with the 4-volt Lithium-Ion battery. The Worx is large and heavy enough. It doesn’t feel cheap as it has some weight.

When charging finished green signal will show and when charging red will appear as it has a charging light. It also offers reverse and forward gearing. Moreover, all the controls are easy to use. Without having to loosen or tighten the chuck and search awkwardly for bits this model offers you six quick charge options.

This is the chambered bits clever design feature. The Worx won’t strip any threads and holds enough rounds to complete the task like installing a piece of furniture. Drawbacks of this model? Well, for some the handle may be a little small. With heavier jobs, the Worx tends to run hot.

Key Features

  • Side action bit selection
  • Battery charger included
  • 2 rapid reload cartridges
  • 12 driving bits, including screw starter drill bit


  • Extendable reach to get into tight places
  • LED light for increased visibility
  • Works will all 1/4 inch screw bits
  • The battery lasts up to one hour
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Reverse button included
  • The spindle is removable to be used manually
  • Operates at up to 230 RPM


  • Not designed for heavy use
  • No variable speed adjustment

Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose Best Screw Guns


The first and most important thing is the motor when picking a screw gun. Before starting your task you will need to know clearly what kind of speed settings you can use and how much torque you have. You will know it from the motor. Besides, this will tell you how durable the device will be to handle your projects. Pay careful attention and consideration that matches your need when going for a gun with a motor.   

Collated or Single Screw

Well, it depends. You can be a lot faster while you work as some screw guns give you the option to feed screws quickly. This will be a lifesaver if you are doing bigger jobs that require a ton of screws. On the other hand, if you don’t have that much hurry for you a single use driver is better. It will be easier as well as overall more agile.

Corded vs. Cordless

Its again depends on personal preference. While working some people want complete freedom from cords. They don’t want to limit their area. So, if you have to get into tight spaces or doing a lot of overhead work we recommend cordless units for your best convenience.On the other hand, If you want to avoid any battery related issues certainly a corded model will be a better purchase. Moreover, from a corded screw gun usually you can get more speed as well as torque.

Features to look for the best screw gun

  • Torque
  • Load Speed Number
  • Chuck Size
  • Spindle Lock
  • Forward/reverse modes
  • Weight
  • Handle Design
  • LED Lights
  • Battery Life
  • Magazine Attachment
  • Additional Features

Final Word

If you want to complete installing sheets of drywall screw guns are the best tool. They allow you to speed up all different jobs because they are accurate and fast. On this list, we tend to lean toward cordless tools.

Why a screw gun is the right tool for the job? Well, learning a little more about drywall, it’s composition, and what makes it special can help you understand that point.


Jason has been a Tool enthusiast for some years and has written some articles on Power Tool and Hand Tools.

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