A spindle sander is another essential weapon to achieve victory in various woodworking projects. They are smart enough to fulfill your all needs with useful features. They also ensure safe and reliable wood operation like making finished parts as well as smooth edges.

A spindle sander also means a wide range of versatility. No other machine can give you success on edges task or on rounded pieces like a spindle sander tool.

You need to make sure to utilize your hard earning money as you know art as well as a practice both carry equal importance when sanding works appear. A perfect oscillating spindle sander ensures up and down moving along with the high-speed operation of the spindle as per your needs. Such a feature with movement will allow you to utilize sandpaper with every part. It also brings surface with smoothness as well as a perfect edge.

Different sanding jobs like round or curvy, unique shapes and arcs type tasks can be accomplished using spindle sander.  

A disc sander or a belt cannot provide you sufficient accuracy like a spindle sander. You may wonder which is the best spindle sander that can assist you with useful options? It’s natural to feel confused as there are so many models available.

Which one is right for you? That’s the most important thing to decide. Here we are going to discuss the 5 best oscillating spindle sanders model on the market in detail to take you the right decision.

When you need to get hollow cuts quickly for deep insides the only solution is a spindle sander without any fatigue.

Our this oscillating spindle sander reviews will truly help you no matter if you are a DIYer, hobbyist or a wood professional.


5 Best Spindle Sander Models – Comparison 

Best Spindle Sander Models – Review

1.WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander Best Budget Friendly

Special Features

Motor ½ HP 3.5 amp

Produce up to 2000 RPM

58 oscillations per minute

Pre Drilled mounting holes

Dust port connects to a shop vac

Includes 5 rubber drums, 6 sanding sleeves

Onboard dust port

Weighs 35 pounds

15 x 11.5 inches worktable

When you don’t need to use it WEN 6510 spindle sander can be easily stored. Your woodwork will feel comfortable due to its large cast-iron work table. It will be sufficient for both large and small sanding projects. This sander offers pre-drilled holes for convenient mounting. Its nature of versatility will give you desirable styles and lengths of efficient sanding. It also includes six spindles for a better workforce.

The WEN 6510 can be your the best oscillating spindle sander with an attractive budget-friendly price range. This sander equipped with portable, compact design and a powerful ½ inch HP motor. This tool offers some capacity like other more expensive spindle sander models.

As a woodworker, if you need to accomplish finishing many irregulars inside and outside cuts this spindle sander is the answer. For sanding larger pieces it adds stability with its a bit bulky presence.

It works great on various small craft woodworking. Its attractive affordable price range is another added value. It’s true it’s not a high-end grade sander but they cost ten times the price.

Why we like this sander, well, the revolution speed is the main reason. Moreover, its table, metal body and overall performance are hard to deny.

However, the sanding cylinders that come with the sander are not very durable. They wear out really quickly. This sander is perfect for newbie or anyone doing low to mid-sized projects.

What makes it out of the circle is its inexpensive price yet performance and quality. If your main target is an affordable, versatile, active and powerful machine for sanding tasks you can go for it without any doubt. Besides, this spindle sander is perfect for any newbie or beginner as its features promise many sanding things to achieve. It’s wisely in such cases not to spend a lot of money with other models.  

The WEN 6510 can be your long-time good investment to achieve excellence in the woodworking world. Its ability to tackle any task with added drums as well as sleeves will draw your attention. If you just want to give a try as a newbie this model can be your best budget-friendly assistant.

Drawbacks? Well, it’s only 35 lbs weight makes it portable. However, according to a few users for the same reason, it moves a little while working. But to majority users, this sander is good enough for their small as well as mid-sized wood jobs.

This WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander is solely made for anyone who needs an inexpensive yet feature-oriented tool.

A variety of odd shapes, curves, contours and sanding arcs will be a piece of cake while using the WEN 6510 model.

This device is equipped with a strong, powerful 3.5 amp motor with design in target to move it anywhere, anytime. It can even challenge some of the top-notch available sanders in the question of functionality when various small projects need to do.

Whenever you will require to complete excellent finish woodwork with better smoothness this little tool warrior promises per minute 2000 rotations per minute 58 oscillations with its quiet yet gigantic force motor.

Dust collection always a real headache for wood enthusiasts. Regarding this issue, it offers less dust. How? Its ultra-convenient 1.5-inch dust port ensures the option to attach a dust collector to collect maximum various sanding dust. It will help you after every wood finishing job to keep your workspace neat and clean.

The 15×11.5 inches sturdy cast iron work table provides sufficient space not only large but also for small projects. It also offers a long life span.  

While using spindle sander it’s natural you will need a proper space to store nicely your all necessary accessories. This model offers suitable, convenient storage for various sanding drums and discs.

The WEN 6510 spindle sander can add your power tool collection with intelligent investment.

This tool ensures fatigue freehand while working and gear up the process of a variety of sanding. It comes with 6 easy-to-change drums feature. This plus point will give you better versatility as drums in diameter starts from ½ inches to 3 inches.

This spindle sander doesn’t require much space to set due to its small footprint. A 2-year warranty offers derived from this model with a national friendly customer service technicians to solve any issue promptly.

The Good

Good vacuum system

Not loud

Well designed and works well

Plenty of power

Very inexpensive

On-board accessory storage

Sturdy and heavyweight design for stability

Two-year warranty

Not so Good

A little noisier

Not a good choice for large projects


2.Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Special Features

Motor 3.5 amps

2000 RPM

58 OPM

Table inserts and 6 sanding sleeves with matching rubber drums

The integrated dust collection port

Dust-sealed on/off switch

Warranty  3 year

Large push-button power control

The Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander is another no way to avoid type sander device with premium quality. This Triton model boost with useful features with a classic design you can expect without concern.

You know when you select the best spindle sander like this you can go for a long way as they are maneuverable with some promising options.

This is a good choice if you’re looking for a decent spindle sander with adequate power for light to medium duty applications. This tool offers good value for the money.

The Triton TSPS450 model is user-friendly and conveniently stores all the pieces like the spindles and spacers on the frame. This advantage will give you the freedom of not carrying bags when you need to move the spindle sander to different work areas.

However, the rubber spindles are a bit smaller than the sanding sleeves. Please keep in mind, you will have to use heavy duct tape to connect a vacuum hose to the exhaust fitting.

If you wonder this sander’s performance, it will please you with action-based quick results. There are very few competitors that can challenge them. The power of this sander oscillation is per minute 58 times while at maximum 2000 RPM range it can efficiently spin. Amazingly its little monster 3.5 AMP motor is pleasing quiet and gives dedicated service with reliability for a long time. Such power will give you the quick completion of your various projects.

Dust issue? No problem at all. This TSPS450 model offers an inbuilt dust port. Using this useful feature without any hassle while working you can eliminate all unwanted dust with ease. Thus this tool guarantees a safe and clean work environment.

About extra? Even at this point, the Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander placed its forward position with 6 different sizes of the spindle. For every drum, it offers a unique washer which is a nice thing which means its mission not ended only with the paper. Other competitors in many cases come with only 3 in number which may be inconvenient when different work demands different sizes for better results.

Time is money. The Triton TSPS450 also knows it well. In order to make you faster while working it offers a quick-change wrench tool.

This benchtop model is not only lightweight but also compact. As a result, it does not take up a lot of space. The price range is logical as the device works well on small to mid-sized various projects.  

This Triton’s TSPS450 works great in polishing as well as the sanding of different odd shapes, contours, and curves.

It ensures durability because of cast iron construction. This sander also comes with 6 sanding sleeves.

The Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander draws attention with its firmness and intensifies the support of material which is just ideal for sanding jobs. It offers you a more stable surface to work with ease and confidence because of its spacious cast iron work table measures 11 ½ inches x 14 ½ inches. You can safely and neatly keep all of its accessories with its stored onboard storage. It also smartly save your time as before you go to work you don’t need to search for the right parts.

Its weight is also mentionable which is below 36 lbs. For any newbie or beginners, this sander can be a perfect model to start as it offers easy operation as well as quickly set up. If you are a professional you will also find it quite handy in use.

However, it also has some room for improvement like a table which can be larger as well as fit issues in some cases. We hope in their update design they will give more attention. Its decent price is remarkable with lots of power.

The noise rating of the Triton TSPS450 model is 89 dB which is satisfactory compared with other models available in the market.

The Triton Oscillating TSPS450 can be your faithful, creative spindle sander. It has so many creativity like curves, arcs, polishing or creating contours, different irregular shapes and so on with its high quality and useful features.

The Good

Quiet and stable operation

Durable cast-iron worktable

Onboard storage for accessories

The effective dust collection mechanism

The power control button is easy to locate


Removable lock-out safety key prevents accidental startups

Not so good

Not recommended for heavy-duty work

Heavy duct tape has to use to attach a vacuum hose

3.Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander


58 oscillations per minute

Motor ½ HP

2000 RPM

Warranty 2-year 

Paddle-style power switch

Six sleeve diameters

1 ½ inch dust port

15 x 11.5 inches worktable

Includes 5 rubber sanding drums, 6 sanding sleeves, 6 table inserts, 3 spindle washers

Our other pick for homeowners, DIYer or casual woodworkers is the Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander. This machine comes with convenience as well as the performance with its all useful features.

It offers some remarkable options. It comes with 58 oscillations per minute and equipped with a powerful ½ horsepower motor that ensures at 2000 rpm to drive the spindle. When you work it’s

very important to have stability. This spindle sander promises a sturdy cast iron work table to efficiently done all your finishing wood projects.  

Dust concern? No worry, as the best spindle sander benchtop model it also provides an inbuilt dust port to make sure you will experience a completely neat and clean working environment. Sometimes you may need to take some effort so that you can adjust your shop vac. Such a step ensures to connect it to the port accurately but it will give you full comfort and ease once you have done the job.

This spindle sander also offers a variety of paper and drum sizes to give you more convenience. It added with 3 spindle washers. The total number is six. This tool also offers enough space to store them all.

You can go for this machine if you are a wood enthusiast, homeowner, DIYer to enhance your wood experience and achieve experience like a pro.    

If you are looking for a good entry-level sander this model is good for that job. It will work like a close friend if you need to shape a small project. However, it is not the right tool for any kind of production.

For your average woodworking projects, this sander offers more than enough torque.

Versatile nature, lightweight with useful design proves the Shop Fox W1831 is a prominent spindle sander. If you are a newbie or beginner you can select this little machine for your finishing wood war projects.

It’s one mentionable advantage is a safety key presence which is rare in many other competitors in the market. It will give you complete relief from any accident from kids who may stay close to your work station. So, for child safety issue it’s undoubtedly a complete solution.

It’s another turning point is quite an affordable price range. It does come with a ton of features as it is an ideal basic tool. However, if you are a DIYer, a homeowner who has some basic home tasks or crafting this machine is just perfect as a loyal assistant.

You will find it user-friendly, though it doesn’t have sufficient space so that you can keep your all necessary accessories. It’s another plus point is that you can carry it anywhere as it is not only in a lightweight but also portable. So, if your workstation is small this tiny tool can be another great addition. The Shop Fox W1831 is ideal for small sanding tasks.

If you are a beginner you can go for this friendly spindle sander as you can start to use it from just out of the box.  

This machine will allow you to accomplish a variety of sanding curves as it comes with 6 sanding sleeves that offer different sizes for a better individual task.

It also equipped with a locking power switch as well as a removable key. So, no unwanted person will be allowed to use this machine.

Quiet in nature and durable in long time service is another proven character of the Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander. Its portable 30 lbs weight makes it more convenient to replace it anytime, anywhere.

You will enjoy more versatility from its ½ inch to 3 inches different spindles. A 2-year warranty also comes with this little yet powerful spindle sander.

Using this machine will save you precious time as well as effort. It will allow accomplishing a variety of sanding jobs. On the market, there are few competitors who offer such powerful 1/2-horsepower motor like the Shop Fox W1831 model. Its reasonable price is also hard to ignore.

However, in some areas, it needs improvement too. Its noise level should be resolved which is annoying.


Sturdy and compact

Great machine for sanding tight curves

Good price point and value for money

Easy to set up and operate

Powerful motor

Heavy, square table

Useful dust port

Safety disabling key


A little noisy

Some components can feel flimsy

Not for heavy sanding projects

4.POWERTEC OS1400 Oscillating Spindle Sander


1800 RPM

Warranty 1-year

Motor 2.6 amp

30 OPM

6 sizes of spindles up to 3 inches

14 inches diameter cast iron table

If you are busy with different small sanding projects the POWERTEC OS1400 Oscillating Spindle Sander can be a great choice as its designed main goal is to accomplish that target. A strong, powerful 2.6 amp induction motor equipped this little monster to perform efficiently your various sanding jobs.

This spindle sander will allow you to achieve impressive smooth sanding as it can clearly produce up to 1800 RPM and 30 OPM.

You will get a solid, strong base from this tool as it offers a durable cast iron work table. This POWERTEC OS1400 model spindle sander allows you to get sanding from all types of angles as well as curves with different sizes of 6 drums.

You don’t need to feel the concern of your motor safety as the integrated dust port keeps it away from any dust.


Large and rounded cast iron working table


Built-in dust collector

Handy on-board storage for accessories

Easy to operate

Non-Skid rubber feet

Removable safety on-off switch

Easy changing of spindles


A bit noisy

Plastic base

What makes the POWERTEC OS1400 Oscillating Spindle Sander more attractive to users than other models? Surely it’s affordable price range is one of them. A strong, durable cast iron 14 inches diameter sanding work table features this model. This spindle sander offers a 5/8 inches stroke. This feature ensures nice finishing as well as effectively prevents blazing your valuable stock.   

This unit will please you with greater versatility as this sander features 6  sanding sleeves. No more dust problems as this spindle sander have an integrated dust port. Such a nice feature ensures a neat and cleaner work environment. It also offers washers, convenient onboard storage for all sanding parts, when changes needed easier and faster spindles access option. You will discover this machine is lightweight at only 32 lbs. Besides, it’s another plus point is a small size. So, it will require little space as well as allow you to move it whenever you need it as a portable spindle sander.

This Powertec OS1400 oscillating sander is considered an effective replacement of the conventional spindle sander. They achieved this position and reputation for some important reasons. Their easy to use nature and capability to accomplish a variety of wooden work for instance curves, arcs and contours brought to their reliability.

It ensures the long life of the sleeve. It never compromises your safety as well as comfort and designed to achieve that goal. In your workspace, you will not face any dust and can keep your workstation neat and clean with its inbuilt dust port.

Its reasonable price, useful features, and design admired with many users. However, its drawback is an annoying noise which needs to address.

This POWERTEC OS1400 model has sufficient onboard storage place where you can easily keep washers, inserts and the drums with ease. It also comes with 6 different sizes of drums.

You can change the spindles just like a piece of cake.

If your main goal is time to time use of a spindle sander you don’t need to break your bank. This model can give you the best solution. Its combined features are good enough to complete your all small to midsize different woodworking finishing projects.

However, please keep in mind it’s not as solid as more expensive models that are natural.

Your investment will not go wrong as this spindle sander comes with a one year warranty. You can use this unit for various sanding jobs like contours, irregular shapes, curves, and sand arcs.

However, if you are a professional, contractor this sander will not be ideal for you. Overall, it can be handy for your smaller finishing jobs.

5.Jet 708404 Oscillating Spindle Sander


Non-skid rubber feet

5-year warranty

1/2 HP motor

Dust-sealed on/off switch

Precision ball bearings

1,725 Spindle Speed (RPM)

30 Oscillations (per minute)

A one-inch oscillating action

two-inch dust port

Table tilts to 45 degrees

If you are interested in a balanced mid-level Oscillating Spindle Sander the 708404 models can be your destination. How well it can give you a service? Well, we like its design, useful features, size, and good performance. Let’s see what’s its capacity to overcome other competitors.

This sander will allow you to achieve a variety of finishing wood projects with its adjustable table and a ½ horsepower durable motor. You can use this machine in various positions according to your needs of every wood tasks like lowers, lifts and tilts. During work time if you slip the machine many accidents may happen. Your machine to the workpiece to yourself may injure or damage. This Jet 708404 Oscillating Spindle Sander offers Non-slip rubber feet. This feature ensures the stability of the machine and prevents such accidents efficiently. Cleaning issue? Jet 708404 resolved it smartly with an integrated dust port. Such a feature will make sure a complete clean workspace quickly with no dust.  

Using this machine means you will get satisfactory finishing results from a decent spindle sander like the Jet 708404 model.

The JET 708404 spindle sander is a good choice of daily woodworking tasks. Its nature of heavy-duty will make your all woodworking tasks easier than before. It can be your great choice if you are serious about a high-end spindle sander.

What makes it different from its challengers? Well, the first thing we clearly notice is the tilting work table. If you need to do a lot of beveled wood tasks this feature will make it more easier with accuracy. You will also notice no other sanders are as tall as the JET 708404 model. A piece of welcome news for tall users. But if not just mount it to a table to adjust the height so that you never face any problem while working.  

It’s not cheap as it supports even with a lot of pressure on heavy wood. Moreover, it can tackle the majority of wooden jobs efficiently. This is considered a heavy-duty sander with a weight of 82 pounds.

This JET 708404 model is perfect for contours, a variety of odd shapes as well as smoothens curves with ease. It has a good sense of protecting the sanding wood. It can efficiently minimize heat and friction with the help of the 1-inch oscillating action. It also ensures the long life of the sleeve. Using this machine you tilt up to 45 degrees which is another plus point of this sander. Its motor is significantly quite and can produce a lot of power.

Using this machine will give you the experience of less vibration. So, you will get greater accuracy as well as control.

The table of this sander will allow you to tilt from 0 up to 45 degrees. This way it ensures perfect angled sanding without any trouble. If you are a professional woodworker you may go for this JET 708404 model.

Price? It’s expensive indeed. But at the same time if you consider its performance, all the useful features, design, high-quality accessories, durable appearance with long life service you will find this sander can be a wise investment.

No matter what material you need to do sanding the Jet 708404 sander offers a one-inch spindle to give you every time a complete scratch-free finish.

This sander is perfect when you have a lot of sanding to do, and it is also easy to keep sturdy and stable thanks to the non-skid rubber feet.

Its stability and strong presence will help you immensely when you need to do a lot of sanding. You will also find the non-skid rubber feet make it more useful to you. You can accomplish all types of edges and curves as this feature offers you to do excellent straightening as well as smoothing.

Another big advantage of the JET 708404 oscillating spindle sander is its work capacity on hard to reach areas and corners. Its unique design ensures its user to get access to those challenging areas with ease.  

It works more efficiently than many other sanders as it features 5 spindle sizes.

The Good

Durable & sturdy construction

Tilting work table allows for easy beveling work

Convenient onboard storage for all accessories

Fully adjustable table

1-inch spindle for a scratch-free finish

5 different spindle sizes

Removable safety switch

Precision ball bearings ensure less maintenance

Long-life sleeve

Inbuilt dust port for neat & clean work

Not so Good



Final Note​

First, consider how many functionalities you require and your budget before going to find the perfect oscillating spindle sander. You know every sanding work has its own needs

The best spindle sander you have means achieve impressive round surfaces or sand curved result.

You may need to accomplish your woodwork with odd angles. In such a case, your handy assistant can be a right oscillating spindle sander.

We hope our best 5 spindle sanders reviews with functionality, pros and cons will help you to choose wisely your much-needed tool and enhance your knowledge of oscillating spindle sanders world.

In this article, we emphasized top-notch models that are capable enough with lightweight, useful features for a variety of spindle sanding tasks. We also carefully judged versatility, design, price range, durability, power, logical investment, and overall users’ opinion.

This insight review will help you to reduce your time, fatigue, cost to select the ideal spindle sander which will assure quick action with accuracy.

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