This American worldwide brand is offering high quality, reliable, and compact yet powerful cordless drill driver kit with several sets to perform a wide range of projects in wood, plastic, concrete, and other materials.

When acquiring this product, you must be able to assess it not only in its appearance, price, or temporal efficiency, but also the effectiveness of the tool balancing its technical specifications concerning meeting your needs.

There are a few major things you must check out in a Drill: motor performance, versatility, a range of applications, weight, and – believe it or not – the quality of the hand grip.

In this particular tool, you can find a high-performance motor with a dual set of speed transmission that will smoothly fit your drilling needs. You may think that you need multiple speeds in order to have a powerful tool, but actually, this can diminish the performance of the motor without making a considerable difference among the holes and cuts that can be made in each speed. For most domestic uses, these two speeds will make an outstanding job.

DeWalt DCD771C2 Review

Product Description

The Dewalt DCD771C2 is quite versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects that can go from creating, fixing and/or modifying wooden or plastic furniture to open holes in walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. You will find in the Bit, Drive Socket and Screw Bit sets of 21, 34 and 45 pieces some high-quality kits with perfectly built accessories that will cover all of your needs.

It has options to cover properly the different applications common users will give to it. All the sets and their different types of bits give you a wide range of uses without being too overwhelming, and its variety in saws got you covered as well.

You may need a Reciprocating Saw to perform very sharp cuts or to modify a piece of immovable wooden furniture; or maybe you are more into doing heavy-duty DIY projects in your garage, so a Circular Saw is the go-to tool. We recommend you to diagnose your major needs and then check out all the available kits. We assure you will find the right one for you and your projects.

Our Thoughts for the Product

What We Liked Most

  • Lightweight: It is crucial that a drill feels good once you are holding it and this one gives you exactly that. There is nothing worse (and dangerous) than a heavy and clumsy drill. This one is so light that will allow you to hold it comfortably for more extended periods of time, so you will be able to perform duties that may require more intense drilling, without the actual physical pain in your hands, wrists, and arms that heavy tools usually produce.
  • Solid structure: Yes, the drill is light, but that does not mean it feels flimsy. On the contrary, it gives you the solid and stable structure you need to feel total control once you are in the drilling process. This balance between its lightweight and its strength makes it one of the most comfortable and safe tools in the market.
  • Available kits: Considering there are tons of small, medium and large-sized kits on the market that can either underestimate the needs of the buyer and fall short or overwhelm most of the non-expert or domestic user, the variety this Dewalt model offers is on point.
  • LED light: Right above the trigger, you will find a built-in LED light that will make your job way easier and safer.
  • Ergonomic handle: The right feel and one of the safest hand grip in cordless drills.
  • Cordless: This may seem like an obvious one but being cordless makes a considerable difference between this tool and other larger ones that are not.
  • Less noise: It will help you perform better drilling, and it will bother less the people around you.
  • Precise points: Having a great titanium pilot point prevents you from trying to drill the same hole several times.

What We Didn’t Like 

  • The case: The contractor bag that comes with the drill may not be the perfect case for storing it for extensive periods of time.
  • Batteries’ sudden death: Once the batteries run out of energy the drill will stop working. While we consider this is a useful feature, some may prefer the “slow dying” phase since it alerts the user that the batteries must be charged or replaced.

The Dewalt Drill’s features

A really great feature of this cordless drill is its weight. Being as compact as it is designed makes it easy to manipulate and able to perform even in tight areas. Some duties cannot be performed with large drills that end up being so heavy that they seem more like industrial tools. This will not happen to you with the DCD771C2 since it was built to perform even the toughest tasks without having the heaviness of industrial drills. While some other cordless drills are heavier than expected, due to the weight of their built-in batteries, this one is light enough to hold it with comfort and confidence.

This model also has an excellent hand grip which, as we stated before, is extremely important in a drill. Why? Because the grip will be the most important part of the tool once you are using it. While most designers and companies of tools focus on the technical aspects, Dewalt gives as much value and attention to the feeling of the users while using their devices as it gives it to the manufacturing of the tool.

Dewalt manufactures for the user and the task

One of the biggest failures in tools is having poor quality material and structure precisely where the user’s hand will be, affecting both the result in the drilling process and the comfort of the user while doing the job. Holding the drill correctly is going to be the basis of every task, and it’s going to determine its result. The finish of the hole or cut can be severely damaged if you are not holding the drill correctly, which in most cases is a consequence of a bad handle and not a bad user; and without leaving aside that the user can also be injured in the process.

Even while drilling may seem like a “fast” task, not every job that you will perform with your cordless drill will last a few seconds. In a lot of cases, you must hold the drill for long periods of time, or maybe you will be putting extra pressure in the material, or performing movements above your head in somehow tricky surfaces – like a ladder or a bench. Perhaps you will be doing all those things at once, in which case, the control that the ergonomic handle will give you will make a difference.

Having a good quality hand grip also gives you extra safety. We do not recommend tools – especially drills – where the hand grip is weak or uncomfortable. If it is, then the chance of dropping it or not being able to hold it firmly while drilling is higher.

It is essential to keep in mind that performing jobs with a cordless drill have a high level of risk and the extremities of your body can be in serious danger if the tool goes out of your control or falls to the ground. For this reason, having an ergonomic handle that gives you security and control of the drill can make the difference between a perfectly well-done job and a severe injury.

Other aspects to consider

Some secondary but still important features about this kind of tool will always be battery life, quality of the accessories, noise, and case.

This cordless drill comes with two 1.3 AH Lithium Ion batteries that are able to hold the charge for really extended periods of time, which is why you don’t need to be always worried about charging the batteries to “save” the drill while you are not using it.

Most active users of the DCD771C2 are able to use it for several hours without having to plug it.  A useful feature of its battery is that once it runs out of energy, it simply turns the drill off instead of giving you the annoying “slow dying” phase that most cordless devices suffer.

Concerning the quality of the material used in those sets, as well as the high-end polished finishes, are the secret to perfectly clean holes and cuts, and easier-to-clean tools that won’t get rusty over time.

We all know that buying a cordless drill is always an investment and that even cheap drills aren’t really “cheap.” We want to get a reliable product and have the feeling that we spend our money intelligently. This is why we recommend you to go for a brand like Dewalt that ensures you that your device won’t disarm, rust, break or get damaged easily over time. Of course, the life cycle of your drill will depend on how you use it and how you take care of it, which includes not only the type of application you give to it but also how you clean it and store it. So getting this drill that is built with good quality materials and has a solid case will make it easier for you as a user to extend its life cycle.

The noise produced by a drill may be something that we usually take for granted.We know that drills are loud and, most of the time, we are prepared for that – while our neighbors may not. However, a great feature in this model is that it’s not as noisy as most drills. Being as compact and solid as it is, and having an excellent titanium pilot point, allows it to drill holes and make cuts faster and cleaner. The precision provided by its point makes the drill produce less noise than most drills.

Being quieter than other products will surely make a difference not only for the family and neighbors but also for the use itself. While we still recommend using a good set of safety gear, including, of course, something that covers your ears adequately and protects you from the normal vibration produced by the drill, certainly being less bothered by the loud noise generated by the device allows the user to concentrate better in the task and keep better control of the tool.

And finally, while most cordless drills in the market offer you hard cases, this one comes with a black and yellow bag built in a durable material and comfortable to transport. It is not the ideal case for storing it at home, but it works more than perfect for traveling. If you ever thought you wouldn’t be traveling with your cordless drill, think again! Don’t be surprised when you get a call from your parents or siblings to go finish their DIY furniture project or drill some holes in their house after you share the news of your new high-quality tool.

Dewalt DCD771C2 is the better choice

It is pretty clear that the features and details of this particular model of Dewalt’s drills make the DCD771C2 an excellent option for most users. Its variety in the kits and sets are also a great buy no matter your needs since they got you covered from simple hole-drilling to more complex projects. And considering that it’s all built out of high quality and reliable materials, you don’t have to worry about its life cycle: it will last.

Wrap Up

The feeling that this cordless drill provides is one of the best in the cordless tool market, making it an easy-to-use and a go-to tool for almost every job. Being easy to clean, both the drill itself as all the bits, saws, and sockets, you will not suffer after every use.

Dewalt has been giving great-performance power and hand tools consistently, and this DCD771C2 is an example of one of their great and must-have devices in your home.


Jason has been a Tool enthusiast for some years and has written some articles on Power Tool and Hand Tools.

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