Do you love to improve and repair your sweet home? You may know well about rotary tools if you love DIY projects as well as home crafts. One needs to have a trusted leading brands rotary toolkit like Dremel. You may also know the Dremel Models 3000 and 4000 rotary tools. Many DIYers and professionals solely depend on them.

When a brand’s all models have positive and negative elements it can difficult to select which tool is perfect for you. The Dremel 4000 model does cope with pressure while the 3000 model does not. Interestingly in many aspects, they are similar. However, in some features, they differ sharply. Which one is perfect for you? Well, the Dremel 3000 rotary tool model is your ideal if you are looking for a less high price tool that can accomplish your various jobs efficiently. The Dremel 4000 model is ideal for those who don’t mind paying a little more and want a professional finish.  

The Dremel 4000 clearly wins regarding precision, speed as well as popularity. On the other side, the Dremel 3000 is just perfect if you need to do much sanding. But keep in mind, those who do several jobs around their house as DIYer or the craftsman at home these two models are ideal for both. They are not durable enough for complete professional projects. The 4000 model offers an electronic feedback feature. It is particularly useful for some users as it allows the motor to adapt to how it is being used. But the Dremel 3000 model is absent from such feature.

It’s true many professionals, hobbyists and DIYers use Dremel 3000 and 4000 rotary tool kit widely. Yet to select the best one between them can be a long battle of consideration.

Similar look as well as used to same tasks sometimes can make things a little bit confusing. However, in the question of performance, there is a quite different result. Moreover, the number and types of attachments and accessories are different too.

In fact, both Dremel 3000 and Dremel 4000 considered as a great rotary tool. You may have any of them. Here we just give a glimpse we compare them in details for your better understanding. Thus you can choose wisely your best Dremel Rotary tool kit.

Which one you should choose depends mostly on what jobs you’re going to do with it as both models are quite similar.

Both the Dremel 3000 and 4000 are equipped with a cord which will ensure you unlimited run time as well as the best power.

Both rotary tools are well made. For easy bit changes, both devices offer an integrated wrench system. However, under heavy pressure, the 4000 model can tackle better as it has slightly bigger motor while the 3000 model has a lack of that capacity. In the question of performance obviously, the 4000 deliver more performance than its counterpart. Such a more positive feature ensures better motor life, taster task completion as well as better precision. On the other hand, 3000 offers a slightly lighter and smaller machine. The major advantage of 3000 is its lower price.

Dremel 4000 vs Dremel 3000 comparison 

Features Dremel 4000 Dremel 3000
Number of SpeedsVariableVariable
Power of Motor1.61.2
Range of speed5,000-35,000 RPM5,000-32,000 RPM
Electronic Feedback Control YesNo
Change System of AccessoryEZ Twist Nose CapEZ Twist Nose Cap
Separate On/Off Speed ControlYesNo
Kit Options4000-2/30, 4000-3/34, 4000-4/34, 4000-6/503000-1/24, 3000-1/25, 3000-2/28

Dremel offers a vast selection of the rotary tool. Among them, there are two top models: Dremel 3000 vs Dremel 4000.

In order to ensure the most convenience to its user rotary tools is upgrading constantly. But keep in mind its not always better as a new release. In this article, we took a closer look to find one suits your all needs.

The different features of the Dremel 3000 and 4000 will help you to decide. We will discover their stronger and weaker option at a time to compare. Finally, we will tell you which is best for your specific purpose.

Dremel 4000 vs Dremel 3000 which one will prove to be the more versatile tool? Here we present a summary. You will decide which one give a better value for the money? Lets first have an idea of each Dremel’s specifications and features.

You have to focus on motor power, speed and accessories of the Dremel 4000 and Dremel 3000 their similarities and differences to take the final decision.

There are some obvious similarities and differences between the two handy rotary tools, we find from the above table.

The size of the motor is the first striking difference. It is clear that the Dremel 4000 is considered a more powerful tool. It uses a 1.6 amp motor. On the other side, The Dremel 3000 use 1.2 amp motor.

Besides Dremel 4000 and Dremel 3000, both offer variable speed rotary tool. However, Dremel 4000 clearly shows a higher top speed. It can produce up to 35,000 RPM. It is higher than the Dremel 3000 which offers 3000 RPM.

Moreover, the Dremel 4000 has two more advanced option. An electronic speed control as well as a separate speed dial. Dremel 3000 does not have such features.

Interestingly, changing the accessories is so easy! Both rotary tools use Dremel’s very efficient and user-friendly EZ Twist Nose Cap.

Major Differences of Dremel 4000 vs. Dremel 3000

The Dremel 4000 is a newer release and Dremel 3000 is older release. Naturally, as a new presentation, Dremel 4000 tries to fill up some lackings of The Dremel 3000.

Between the two rotary tools, there are some remarkable differences. Kit options and the electronic feedback control are two mentionable option which distinguishes them.

It is crystal clear that the versatile one is the Dremel 4000. It has a lot of power and you can use it with other accessories from Dremel.

Let’s see how the two tools differ.

1.The option of Electronic Feedback

From the Dremel 4000 to other latest Dremel rotary tools gained their reputation after they introduce to use a system of electronic feedback control. On the 3000 model, it is absent.

If you grinding very hard or to improve your craftsmanship you may need to off your speed. The solution came from Electronic feedback control option. It is designed to let you know that information. In the question of the higher level of manipulation and control, this feature gives the upper hand to the Dremel 4000 than the 3000.

You have to use your knowledge to determine the right pressure and speed with the Dremel 3000. Naturally, it can lead to mistake for a beginner.

2. Speed Controls Separate Feature

In point of speed control, both the Dremel 4000 and Dremel 3000 have variable speed control. However, the Dremel 4000 staying ahead than 3000 as it has a separate on/off speed dial.

This option of alters the speed without any interruption with the power clearly gifted the Dremel 4000 a noticeable advantage over the Dremel 3000.

This feature allows you to slow or speed up the rotary tool. Even from the mid cut to improve the excellent outcome of your dream project. If you deal with complicated and delicate woodworking and craft project this option will prove even more useful.

The differences of Dremel 3000 vs 4000 with option


Both the 3000 and the 4000 models speed range start at 5,000 RPM. The 3000 model offers up to 32,000 RPM as well as the 4000 model to 35,000 RPM. However, the 4000 model comes with the electronic feedback feature and according to the job it is completing allows the speed to vary while the 3000 offers only 3-speed variations. If you want better precision as well as control your ultimate choice should be the Dremel 4000 model whether that is sanding, cutting or polishing. The 4000 model ensures a better result for everything except sanding while the 3000 doesn’t as powerful as its counterpart. However n question of sanding power certainly the winner is 3000 model.

The Dremel 4000 tool comes with 120-volt variable speed, the 1.6 amp, 175-watt motor. It is perfect for cutting tile, replacing grout and grinding.


If you compare price these two models vary a lot. The Dremel 3000 offers quite a budget-friendly price. The Dremel 4000 is more expensive. However, it is generally considered a better rotary tool and its smartly includes a lot more remarkable extra features. You know quality requires a cost. If you have a good quality tool it will ensure a long life. So, it is worth paying more money. It’s true if you look closely you will find the 3000 Dremel model work well as well as durable yet it is not as well as its counterpart the Dremel 4000 model. If you are cost-conscious you can go for the 3000 model.  

You won’t be disappointed with the Dremel 3000 model if you are a beginner as well as want your first Dremel rotary tool. On the other side, it is visible to go for the 4000 model if you want to use it frequently as a better tool with more challenging projects.


In the question of durability, the Dremel 4000 model certainly wins the competition. You will get a rotary tool for life if you invest in this model as to drops as well as accidents it’s quite more durable. Its counterpart the 3000 model comes with plastic attachments tend to not so strong like the 4000 model comes with. So, it is a little less durable.

For plastic, wood as well as light tasks Dremel 3000 is perfect. You can choose Dremel 4000 if you need added power for ceramics as well as metal.


The 3000 and 4000 model both tools are ergonomically designed as well as sleek with their 360-degree grip zone. This is indeed a nice feature. without any issues, you will be able to use them for hours. A little lighter, as well as smaller, is the Dremel 3000 model. Just in color one is darker than others. Both this Dremel power tool models come with a cord. You know in the corded model you will get the advantage of added power. So, it makes sense to invest for better result.

The ergonomics difference isn’t likely to be noticeable unless you have small hands. If you are looking for an ideal ergonomics designed rotary tool you can go for the 4000 as it comes with the flex shaft. It will allow you a pencil like a hold for a variety of fine carving.   

Different configurations of accessories come with each model.

In the capacity to polish, grind and carve the 3,000 RPM may not create a large difference yet it is a mentionable upgrade of the Dremel 4000 rotary tool.

An electronic feedback circuitry feature comes with the Dremel 4000 model. This feature will help you to create more consistent speeds as it allows users to increase power when under load.

While automatically adjusting to the demands of your task the Dremel 4,000 allows you to work effortlessly and quickly as this powerful giant equipped with the higher peak RPMs as well as a higher power.

The 4000 model toolkit offers more accessories than the Dremel 3000 toolkit. You know the 4000 series of Dremel is newer edition as well as better than the 3000 Dremel series. This big plus point proved the Dremel 4000 tool kit ahead than the 3000 model.


A separate on/off toggle switch comes with the 4000 model and clearly proved its upgrade presence. This feature will let you instantly to turn off the tool. At the same time, you can immediately pick up back and be able to flip it back on.

The 4000 has a spin dial. This is another neat switch feature for better performance. In the perfect speed thus you will be able to dial. Moreover, at lower speeds, you can get a little more torque using the Electronic Feedback Control option.

On the other hand, you will get only 5 pre-set speed control settings from 3000 from which to choose as per your requirement. Moreover, at the lower speeds, it struggles with underperforming. As a result, you have to choose a higher RPM. This step on some tasks naturally lowers precision.

The Dremel 4000 with its attachments are better. You know people like as well as choose Dremel mainly for its versatile capacity. Generally, it is not only handy but also can solve all types of challenges. It’s true 3000 is also good but not as good as the 4000 model. The 4000 comes with some added options too, for instance, a guide for sharpening lawn mower blades.

Moreover, the Dremel 4000 model seems more perfect for completing construction-type tasks, for example, removing grout, cutting holes in the wall as well as cutting tile.

Variable Speed

In the question of variable speed, the Dremel 3000 has 5,000 to 32,000 adjustable RPM range while the Dremel 4000 offers 5,000 to 35,000 adjustable RPM range. If you look closely you will find actually there are not many differences regarding variable speed. However, for certain jobs, you may need very specific speed. That time it can be an important matter.  

Variable Speed Adjustment

You know variable speed is common in both models. However, the 3000 will only allow you to select between pre-set variable speeds while the 4000 offers you fine-tune RPM perfectly.

On a Dremel 3000, you can only jump from 22,000 to 24,000 RPM while on a Dremel 4000 you can exactly select 23,000 RPM.

Feedback control for consistent speeds

Feedback control feature is another eye-catching advantage of the Dremel 4000 model. You will get accurate RPM based on the excellent feedback of the drill as the motor intelligently work a little lesser or harder. You can work at a true 20,000 RPM as the feature smartly allow you to do it.

This feature does not exist in the Dremel 3000 model.

Number of attachments

4 different attachments come with the Dremel 4000 model. They are:

  1. A grip or handle. It allows for various detailed workmanship.
  2. A circle cutter. It is also known as a straight edge guide.
  3. A grinding/sanding guide and
  4. A multipurpose guide for cutting

On the other side, only a cutting guide and a grinding/sanding guide comes with the Dremel 3000 model.

Remember separately you can buy that Dremel attachment. Generally, they are compatible with both the Dremel 3000 model and the Dremel 4000 model. However, some attachments not suitable for the 3000 and they are only fit on the Dremel 4000 model.

EZ Twist system for quick accessory changes

The Dremel EZ Twist system comes with both the Dremel 3000 and 4000 model. Like a collet spanner, this feature offers a nose cap that can be easily unscrewed. It will reduce your time as well as eliminate the use of a spinner. You know such an annoying feature can break your creativity as well as workflow.

Dremel 4000: Electronic Feedback Control

You will get more excellent performance from the Dremel 4000 model as it is compatible with all Dremel attachments. The introduction of electronic feedback system which is considered as an added control design. It will ensure better motor life, faster project completion as well as better precision.

On the other hand, a lower price point is the major plus point of the 3000 model. Besides, it is lighter as well as slightly smaller.

Number of accessories

A different number of accessories come with differently priced kits from the Dremel for The 3000 as well as the 4000 model. For your more clear conception here we will focus as well as compare the basic kits.  

A 28 count accessory kit comes with the Dremel 3000 model. It features the following:

  • 4 miscellaneous parts like a wrench and screw mandrels
  • 6 accessories for sanding purposes
  • 4 sharpening/grinding accessories
  • 3 accessories for cutting
  • A 34 accessory kit comes with the Dremel 4000 promising the following breakup:
  • 5 miscellaneous accessories like a nose cap, wrench, and a mandrel
  • 12 sanding accessories
  • 6 polishing and cleaning accessories
  • 4 sharpening/grinding accessories
  • 6 cutting accessories and
  • 2 engraving accessories

Number of accessories

Well, you see the Dremel 3000 offers much less sanding options than its counterpart the Dremel 4000 model. However, if you want more polishing options certainly you can go for the 3000 model. Above all, it’s your personal choice to decide which is better for you Dremel 3000 or Dremel 4000 model.  

Perfect for multiple uses

If you look closely you will pleasingly find both the model Dremel 3000 as well as 4000 will allow your almost all demand of grinding and sharpening, sanding and polishing, cleaning, cutting needs.  

Between Dremel 3000 vs 4000 which one should you choose?

Well, now you have a vivid idea of what each tool offer you with their all like as well as dislike side.

The Dremel 3000 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a basic rotary tool that gives you outstanding performance despite some dislikes.

The Dremel 4000 offers a more precise variable speed control as well as a more powerful motor for best performance. In 4000 the smart presence of the feedback mechanism is another remarkable big difference. This feature will allow you to as close an RPM as you set. On the other side, it’s counterpart the 3000 does not have such an option.  You will find while working with this tool at RPM depending on impact feedback it does not always follow according to your need to your important setting.

Another mentionable big advantage of the Dremel 4000 offers more kit variations than its opponent the 3000 model. For instance, at very competitive price point The Dremel 4000 is sold in 28, 34, 30 as well as 50 piece kits according to your needs. Thus using this excellent rotary tool you will be relaxed for years. If you can wisely choose your necessary kits with the rotary tool ultimately it will save your precious money.

A retractable metal clip for easy hanging, a 6.5’ corded power cable with a nice carrying case comes with both models. Comfortable rubber padding will reduce vibration a lot and they are well built too. In your hands, you will feel great with confidence for the best result.

3.Options for Kit

For the various needs of different rotary tool users, both Dremel 4000 and 3000 offers different kit options.

In the number of accessories and attachments, these kits will differ. In the model number of the kit, this information is clearly indicated. For instance The Dremel 4000-3/34 kit option, it means that it has 3 attachments and 34 accessories.

Dremel 3000 has 3 kit options. They are 3000-1/24, 3000-1/25 and 3000-2/28. Dremel 4000 has 4 kit options which are 4000-2/30, 4000-3/34, 4000-4/34 and 4000-6/50.

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Kit Options of Dremel 4000

1.Rotary Tool Kit of Dremel 4000-2/30

The Dremel 4000-2/30 kit option is the cheapest of the 4 kit options. Naturally, it offers the fewest attachments and accessories on the model 4000 series.

The kit has 30 accessories and 2 attachments. These 2 attachments are the straight edge/circle cutter and grinding/sanding guides.

The accessories include:

  • 1 multipurpose bit and 4 cut-off wheels for cutting
  • 2 felt polishing wheels and 1 polishing compound,1 carbon steel brush for polishing as well as cleaning
  • 1 high-speed cutter for carving and engraving
  • 6 sanding bands,1 sanding drum and 8 sanding discs for sanding
  • 1 wrench and  2 miscellaneous mandrel
  • 1 aluminum oxide grinding stone, 1 aluminum oxide grinding wheel and 1 silicon carbide grinding stone for sharpening and grinding

As a versatile rotary tool, you can choose it. But remember they may not be very good for carving and engraving applications like other kit options as it offers just one accessory for that. Still, it can be great for sanding as well as cutting due to its enough accessories for this task.

2.Rotary Tool Kit of Dremel 4000-3/34

If you look attentively you will find the Dremel 4000-3/34 is a more versatile rotary tool as it offers 4 accessories with 1 attachment than the 4000-2/30.

3 attachments for a multipurpose cutting guide, grinding/sanding guide, 30 accessories, and detailer’s guide are included in this kit.

The 30 accessories included:

  • 5 sanding bands, 4 sanding discs and 1 sanding drum for sanding
  • One high-speed cutter and 1 engraving cutter for engraving and carving
  • Dremel 4000-3/34 has 1polishing compound, 1 nylon bristle brush, 5 felt polishing wheels and 1 carbon steel brush for polishing and cleaning
  • multipurpose cutting bit and 4 cut-off wheels for cutting
  • 2 aluminum oxide grinding stones and 2 silicon carbide grinding stones for sharpening and grinding
  • 1 wrench, 3/32-inch collet, and 3 miscellaneous mandrel accessories

It is indeed a great all-around rotary tool as the number and type of accessories on this kit. Still, for polishing and cleaning it will be a much better choice than the 2/30 as it has more accessories for this.

3.Rotary Tool Kit of Dremel 4000-4/34

The Dremel 4000-4/34 kit is not as versatile as the 4000-6/50. Still, with 34 accessories and the 4 attachments, the Dremel 4000-4/34 kit can be more effective than the two above.

The offer of this attachment on this rotary tool kit are grinding/sanding guide, straight edge guide/circle cutter, a detailers grip and a multipurpose cutting guide.

The accessories include:

  • 4 sanding discs, 7 sanding bands and 1 sanding drum for sanding projects
  • 1 wrench and 3 miscellaneous mandrel accessories
  • 2 silicon carbide grinding stones and 2 aluminum oxide grinding stones for sharpening and grinding tasks
  • 1 multipurpose cutting bit and 4 cut-off wheels for cutting
  • 5 felt polishing wheels, 1 nylon bristle brush, 1 polishing compound and 1 carbon steel brush for polishing and cleaning tasks

You can select The Dremel 4000-4/34. For both professionals and craftsmen, it is a great kit option. Moreover, it can be very useful for various cutting, sanding applications and for excellent polishing.

4.Rotary Tool Kit of Dremel 4000-6/50

On the 4000 rotary tool model, Dremel 4000-6/50 is the most popular kit. It offers more accessories and attachments than all the other 3 kit options of Dremel.

You can do almost all rotary tool application with the 50 accessories and 6 attachments on this kit.

On the kit, there’s the attachment which is enriched with a multipurpose cutting guide, a flex shaft attachment, circle cutter/straight edge guide, sanding/grinding guide, shield attachment, and garden tool sharpening attachment.

You get the following from the 50 accessories:

  • 2 carbon steel brushes,1 nylon bristle brush, 1 cloth polishing wheel, 4 felt polishing wheels and 1 polishing compound for polishing and cleaning applications
  • 2 high-speed cutters and 1 engraving cutter for engraving and carving
  • 3/32-inch collet, 1 drill bit, 1 wrench and 3 miscellaneous mandrels
  • 1 multipurpose cutting bit and 11 cut-off wheels for cutting
  • 6 sanding discs, 6 sanding bands, 3 finishing abrasive buffs, 6 sanding bands and 1 sanding drum for sanding
  • 1 silicon carbide grinding stone, 2 aluminum oxide grinding stones and 2 aluminum oxide grinding wheels for sharpening and grinding

Dremel 6/50 is the best kit if you want to choose the best. It offers everything you need. For professionals and frequent users of rotary tools, it is also regarded as the best option. It is an ideal rotary tool for sanding, cleaning, cutting, sharpening or polishing other tools.

Kit Options of Dremel 3000

1.Rotary Tool Kit of Dremel 3000-1/24

Are you a beginner of using rotary tool kit? Then the Dremel 3000-1/24 will be a great buy for you. It is also suitable for people who only need a rotary tool for sometimes use. And the best news is the Dremel 3000 kit is the cheapest.

Just like the Dremel 3000-1/25, it comes as usual with a 1 attachment. However, its 24 accessories are fewer than the other two 3000 kit options.

It offers some attachment as well as accessories such as sanding/grinding guide. On this toolkit below accessories are included:

  • 1 silicon carbide grinding stones and 2 aluminum oxide grinding stones for grinding and sharpening
  • 1 nylon bristle brush, 1 carbon steel brush, 3 felt polishing wheels and 1 polishing compound for cleaning and polishing
  • 2 sanding drums and 7 sanding bands for sanding applications
  • 2 cut-off wheels for cutting
  • 1 high-speed cutter for carving and engraving applications
  • 1 wrench, 1 dressing stone, and 2 miscellaneous mandrel accessories

It may seem to some people quite a basic kit. However, for many crafts and home improvement projects Dremel 3000-1/4 can still be very useful.

2.Rotary Tool Kit of Dremel 3000-1/25

In fact, if you compare Dremel 3000-1/25 vs the 3000-1/24 you will find just one added an accessory in the Dremel 3000-1/25 yet such option can make a huge difference. Many rotary tool users can find that such one extra accessory might be what they need most.

  • Let’s see the offer of 25 accessories and a shield attachment below:
  • 8 sanding bands and 2 sanding drums for sanding
  • 1 high speed cuter for engraving and carving
  • 1 wrench, 1 dressing stone, and 2 miscellaneous mandrel
  • 2 cut-off wheels for cutting
  • 4 felt polishing wheels, 1 polishing compound and 1 carbon steel brush for polishing and cleaning
  • 2 aluminum oxide grinding stones and 1 silicon carbide grinding stone for sharpening and grinding

You may wonder what the basic difference of Dremel 3000-1/25 than the Dremel 3000-1/24? Well, Sanding band and the extra felt polishing wheel and without the nylon bristle brush is what the sharp difference. Moreover, for various polishing and sanding applications, it can be more useful.

3.Rotary Tool Kit of Dremel 3000-2/28

The Dremel 3000-2/28 is the best option than the other two kits as it offers more accessories and attachments. You can consider it is the best option in the 3000 series. It can do much more than the other 2 kits.

The Dremel 3000-2/28 presents with 2 attachments which are the grinding/sanding, cutting guides as well as 28 different accessories included:

  • 5 sanding bands and 1 sanding drum for sanding
  • 1 high-speed cutter, 1 engraving cutter and 1 diamond wheel point for cutting
  • 3 aluminum oxide grinding stones and 1 silicon carbide grinding stone for grinding and sharpening
  • 5 felt polishing wheels, 1 nylon bristle brush,1 polishing compound and 1 carbon steel brush for polishing and cleaning
  • 1 wrench, 1 dressing stone, and 2 miscellaneous mandrels
  • 1 multipurpose cutting bit and 2 cut-off wheels for cutting

On the 3000 Dremel model, the 3000-2/28 is the most versatile kit. Yet it offers fewer accessories than the most basic kit on the Dremel 4000 model, the Dremel 4000-2/30. However, if you prefer economy and affordable rotary tool kit then surely 3000 is your best kit choice for excellence in your various projects.

 Good points of Dremel 3000

One of the good options of this rotary tool is its replaceable motor brushes. It will allow you to use it repeatedly. It works in a smooth manner and emits a gentle hum.

Let’s see some of the cool advantages of using the Dremel 3000 :

  • Soft grip action which ensures not only control but also comfort
  • For better precision, it offers middle ground speed
  • Compatible with a lot of other attachments

Good points of Dremel 4000

The Dremel 4000 is a newer version. It is also equipped with the detailer’s grip. Moreover, it offers a guide for sanding, cutting, straight edge, a circular cutter, and grinding. If you decide those Dremel 4000 it would help you in the long run with some excellent advantages such as:

  • More powerful and faster motor
  • Speed dial features that make the kit really user-friendly
  • Even with levels set on high, it has the ability to perform with consistency

Guideline for Buyers

You see, the Dremel 4000 is an improved option of the Dremel 3000. It is also more powerful. So, now for you choosing between the Dremel 4000 and Dremel 3000 should be easy.

The Dremel 4000 is your best choice if you are looking for a powerful rotary tool. It also offers lots of accessories as well as higher speed. You will discover more if you go for the Dremel 4000-6/50.

Dremel 4000 is more user-friendly as it offers some eye-catching convenient features, for example, separate speed dial and an electronic feedback control system. Naturally, it can be very handy for many projects.

The Dremel 3000, on the other hand, can be a great alternative when you will use it occasionally and will not use it frequently. It can be also a great choice for economy people. For a beginner, it can be more ideal as its speed and power are less intimidating.



For crafter as well as the home hobbyist the Dremel 3000 is a quite budget-friendly tool.On the other side, you will like the 4000 series as it offers higher power as well as its capacity to cut tile and remove grout. However, you may need to buy extra wheels.Our final verdict is the Dremel 4000 is the better tool among the two. It certainly offers greater speed, power, and versatility. However, for the people who are looking for something more affordable the Dremel 3000 can still work.

Keep in mind, choosing the right rotary tool for you is based on your specific needs. You only have to base your choice on three aspects—power, speed, and the number of accessories included in the kit. For versatility lovers 4000 is ideal for beginners 3000 is really perfect. It’s your choice!

Here is our end of the analysis all for the differences in the Dremel 3000 vs the Dremel 4000 model. Now take your decision as it is your life. Happy rotary tool shopping!


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