The Dremel 8220 is a variable-speed cordless, multi-purpose rotary tool. Its speed range is 5000 – 33000 rpm. It is perfect for engraving, polishing, and cutting. Its overall user satisfaction is very positive.

This is considered one of the top-notch quality rotary tools. Let’s know its features in detail to understand clearly how it can help you with a variety of tasks.

When transferring work areas it allows you to move freely. One hour charging time and easy to charge feature it’s another great positive side.

Dremel 8220 Review

Warranty: Limited 2 Years
Material: Composite
Battery: 12V Max Lithium-ion Battery

Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool


Dremel is a leading brand in the rotary tool kit world. It produced many models. Among them, The Dremel 8220 is most well known as it has variable-speed. It is a cordless rotary tool. It offers the highest performance as well as versatility.

Its most powerful motor ensure its strength with the highest action at all speed levels. It offers a wide range of projects. In any position, its 360-degree grip zone with a slim ergonomic body ensures full control. Its battery time is noticeable. This unit has a 33% longer run-time as it is powered by 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery technology.

It’s considered one of the most popular heavy-duty cordless tools Dremel sell. The portable size of the Dremel 8220 will attract your attention first. Into the palm of a single hand, this tool fits easily. It is compact enough to pack into virtually any bag or toolbox.

Under any load, the high-performance motor responds well whether it’s to carefully sand a small section of wood or making a precision cut into a piece of metal.

Depending on the torque applied to the attachment and the RPM selection the powerful motor ensure up to 5 hours of continuous us.

The Dremel 8220 model is just as powerful as the corded version at a full charge. Just above the speed selection slider, three easy-to-read LED lights is another plus point. 

You need a Dremel in your tool arsenal as a contractor, rafter, DIYer, or a homeowner. For certain tasks it is indispensable. However, as a primary tool for routing, sanding, and drilling we do not recommend buying it.

In large areas, it is too small to handle. But the Dremel will shine when you need to complete those tasks on a smaller scale. You will appreciate the freedom the 8220 model offers compared with other tools.

Benefits and Features 

Lightweight: The Dremel 8220 is easy to carry. It’s weighing in at only 4.4 pounds. Such an option will help you to easily access everywhere those hard to reach areas too. It also reduces fatigue.

Long lasting charge: Even if the device is not being used the new Lithium battery holds a charge much longer time.

Multi-purpose option: This Rotary Tool offers the multi-purpose function. It means you are buying a dozen tools in one.

Variable speed: Its variable speed allows users better control and to accomplish tasks with accuracy.

Fast Accessory Change Option: Its quick collet lock ensures fast accessory changes.

Compatible: All Dremel accessories and attachments can be used with the Dremel 8220 rotary tool model because it uses the standard collet system.

Fast Charging: This model offers fast charging. It means a one-hour charge allows for minimal downtime.

On/off switch & Speed Control: Separate on/off switch and speed control Dremel 8220 model’s another pleasing surprise. It retains speed setting for the perfect speed every time.

EZ Twist nose cap: In order to replace accessories and mount attachments you have to use a wrench. But for your fast accessory changes the rotary tool offers EZ Twist nose cap with wrench. It is easier than the previous method.

Ball bearing construction: Cool-running ball bearing construction for quiet and smooth operation

Things we like

The Dremel 8220 can produce extremely high speed. So, when you intend to work with plastics always adjust to a lower RPM. Thus you will be able to avoid plastic melting.

Impressive customer service : Great, friendly customer service is another big plus point of Dremel. As one of the best tool-makers, it promptly handles any problem as well as maintain its reputation.

Remember the Dremel 8220 is heavier than its other models. Yet it is easy to control and nicely balanced. It will let you work with any material.

In the Dremel world, Dremel 8220 is regarded as one of the largest rotary tools. It is a  handy tool. 

Power: The Dremel 8220 is considered one of the most powerful rotary tools around the house for various applications. This rotary tool is supported by a high-performance motor. Thus it achieved the excellent ability to run 28 different accessories as well as attachments.

Besides almost any other Dremel can operate it. Moreover, you will find that most other rotary tool is slower than this as it always finishes the tasks quickly. You will get maximum performance with the strength of this unit.  

Speed: You can accomplish a lot of applications perfectly with Dremel 8220 rotary tool as it offers a variable speed unit. Over your projects, you will get maximum control and precision as it can run at speeds from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM.

This rotary tool comes with a speed control switch. You will find it is easy to adjust the variable speeds. Every time you use it you will always get a perfect speed even when you switch it off as it does not lose the memory of your selected speed settings.

Cordless from top to bottom: You know cordless tools are most popular for various reasons. In so many jobs a cord limits you. Cordless always will give you better convenience and control when you are facing tight space, or intricate projects to get a job done perfectly. 

Besides, where no power is available you can use these tools.  A user can easily move the tool around the home. When transferring work areas you do not have to change plugs. It is easy to charge the battery. It lasts up to one hour in between charging periods.

Battery: It’s another big plus point is that it comes with two battery packs. It means you will never face any downtimes if you keep them all charged up. Moreover, you will get a charger from this Dremel rotary tool model.

Easy to use: The Dremel 8220 rotary tool is considered one of the most user-friendly devices. It comes almost ready for use. No setup trouble you will face. Besides, it does not have any switches or buttons.

Things will be easier once you start operating it. You will find one switch for controlling speed as well as the main switch for separate on/off position. With some simple effort and less time, you can even easily change attachments or accessories. 

Portability: You know another vital point of a rotary tool is portability. Most people want and like it as they often need to move from one site to the other without any trouble.

The Dremel 8220 is a portable rotary tool as it is lightweight as well as compact in size. It only weighs 2.1 pounds. It offers impressive power in spite of compact size. This powerful rotary tool is 2 inches wide and 9 inches long.

Comfortable For All Day Use :An integrated hanging hook that folds out from the base comes with the Dremel 8220 model. It allows you to quickly access and easy storing. The keyless chuck feature is regarded as one of the most useful presents of this tool. It slides up and down the top of the tool.

The collet lock works as doubles as an attachment grasp and a lock. The rubberized grip in all the right sections makes it comfortable to hold. Besides, you’ll get a collared bit that allows the use of sawing discs and an assortment of grinding if you go for the 2/28 kit.  

This tool can handle over force. In other sawing discs and fixed-position grinding, you won’t find this feature.

During operation, even at higher speeds, this power tool is remarkably quiet because of the presence of ABEC-rated ball bearing construction. Last but not the least a two-year manufacturer’s warranty supported directly by Dremel comes with every Dremel 8220 model.

Things we do not like

Some users are not satisfied regarding the selection of attachment with the Dremel 8220 model rotary toolkit.

Other Features
This model is durable as it has a reliable, composite body. Thus it prevents damage from accidental falls and can protect the electronic components. It ensures smooth as well as quiet operations as it features a cool-running bearing. A two-year limited warranty comes with the Dremel 8220 rotary tool.

Accessories: You know Dremel 8220 is a 28-accessory rotary tool. However, almost all Dremel accessories and attachments it can accommodate due to its size and adaptable design. This rotary tool comes with the following some of the attachments/accessories:

This rotary tool comes with the 561 cutting bit for multipurpose cutting use, EZ456 1 1/2-inch cut-off wheel and 426 1 1/4-inch cut-off wheel with fiberglass reinforcement.

The 541 grinding wheels (aluminum oxide) accessories for sharpening and grinding comes with this Dremel model.

For polishing as well as cleaning the Dremel 8220 clearly proves its impressive usefulness. It comes with numerous accessories that include four 425 polishing wheels and the three 414 small felt wheels.

Moreover, this model of Dremel 8220 is capable enough to do some sanding as it is regarded as the perfect rotary tool and offers accessories for this. Among them, accessories include the 408 1/2-inch sanding band and the 60 grit 407 1/2-inch sanding drum.

For any responsible homeowner, a great rotary tool is almost essential. Inside as well as outside of your home this small tool kit can adjust and fix so many things.

Want to trim your lovely cat’s claws? Need to polish a hard to reach place? Need to sandpaper a table edge? A useful rotary toolkit like The Dremel 8220 is your answer. It can help you to complete all these tasks and more. You are welcome to try.

In and around the house this rotary tool can help you with dozens of tasks. Just use a simple attachment change. It made even easier by the unit’s quick collet lock., for example, cutting screws, sending drums as well as carving out delicate designs. You will thus get relief purchasing such an ideal tool. 

Purchasing Options of Dremel 8220 Cordless

The Dremel 8220 comes with two versions – the 1/28 and the 2/28 model.

What was removed from the 8220-1/28 kit vs the 8200-2/28 kit:

  •  191 High-Speed Cutter
  • 411 3/4″ Sanding Disc, 180 grit (2)
  • 420 Emery Cut-Off Wheel (2)
  • 575 Right Angle Attachment
  • 932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
  • 84922 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone

What was added:

  • 426 1-1/4″ Fiberglass-Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel
  • A550 Shield Attachment

Multiple included accessory quantities that changed:

  1. 408 1/2″ 60 Grit Sanding Band (2 vs 3)
  2. 414 1/2″ Felt Polishing Wheel (3 vs 2)
  3. 425 Emery Wheel (4 vs 1)
  4. 429 1″ Felt Polishing Wheel (3 vs 1)
  5. 445 1/2″ 240 Grit Sanding Band (3 vs 2)

What was removed from the 8220-2/28 kit vs the 8200-2/28 kit:

  •  191 High-Speed Cutter
  • 411 3/4″ Sanding Disc, 180 grit (2)
  • 420 Emery Cut-Off Wheel (2)
  • 575 Right Angle Attachment
  • 932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
  • 84922 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone

What was added to the 8220 kits vs the 8200 kit:

  • 426 1-1/4″ Fiberglass-Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel
  • A550 Shield Attachment

Multiple included accessory quantities that changed:

  • 408 1/2″ 60 Grit Sanding Band (2 vs 3)
  • 414 1/2″ Felt Polishing Wheel (3 vs 2)
  • 425 Emery Wheel (4 vs 1)
  • 429 1″ Felt Polishing Wheel (3 vs 1)
  • 445 1/2″ 240 Grit Sanding Band (3 vs 2)
Dremel 8220 Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool

What Dremel 8220 Rotary Tool Kit Can Do

As a multipurpose model, the Dremel 8220 rotary tool can help you in many challenging projects. You can use it for various things at home or workstation. Still, it’s a primary application or uses based on four-way.

 This rotary tool kit is useful for you whether you want to cut metal, wood, ceramics, hard epoxy, concrete, brick or porcelain. Almost any type of material it can easily cut into as it is well known for its versatility. Do you want to cut a diverse range of materials?  It’s also possible. The Dremel provides different accessories for such challenging cutting projects.

This tool will always be very handy if you want to carve something in your workshop or to finish off a project with some engraving. Several accessories and attachment of Dremel can fulfill these purposes. When you want to do some grooving, shaping and hollowing the high-speed attachments will be ideal. If you want to make hard materials removals and smoothing you can use the tungsten cutters.

You can give your projects a sparkling appearance with the Dremel 8220 with little effort. This toolkit comes with cleaning and polishing accessories. No matter whether heavy material removal or minor deburring this will be very helpful.

The Dremel 8220 with its unique sanding accessories allows restoring your furniture and appliances by removing rust. You can do it with sharpening or the grinding accessories as well as polishing them with the accessories of sanding. The Silicon carbide stones also come with this rotary tool. Thus it will help you to deal ideally with much non-ferrous materials like glass, stone, and ceramic.

The variable speed is well worth
Excellent run time
Very maneuverable
Recharge battery lasts a long time before having to recharge it
This device excels in allowing the user to do fine small grinding in tight places
versatile tool
Compact set

A little heavy and bigger

Final Verdict

Are you looking for an all in one good rotary tool? If you looking for above features in just one rotary tool kit then obviously the Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool is perfect for you.

For most users, the cordless tool is a great choice. It is truer for intricate and delicate work. A great rotary tools like Dremel 8220 provide years of reliable service. You will need a Dremel if you work with tools. 

In your precious collection, you can add this model. You will be perfectly set for any cutting, polishing, sanding, trimming, carving and detailing tasks. Your all projects will receive an aesthetic appeal.

For both professionals as well as hobbyists it can be an excellent pick. With minimum downtimes, you can work using The Dremel 8220 rotary tool.
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