Lovers of carpentry and DIY projects should always have a miter saw to create sharp cuts in their materials properly. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional. We always recommend being equipped in the best possible way to do high-quality jobs, using machines that provide not only precision but also safety and optimal results.

Woodworking versatile machines that are capable of increasing productivity are at the core of Dewalt’s mission, so they are a great go-to brand to find reliable and quality tools and, of course, their miter saws are not an exception. So in the mission of finding the appropriate miter saw for your project, you might ask yourself, DWS 779 vs DWS 780 , which one is the best?

DWS 779 vs DWS 780 Comparison

DWS 780Today we want to talk to you about the DeWalt DWS779 12” and the DWS780 12”, both amazing tools that will carry out their job perfectly. But you might be wondering what the difference between them is. To be honest, they both share almost the same features when it comes to the engine system and very little differences in the blade system. However, the main differences would be that the DWS780 has the XPS system, a more sophisticated laser guide system, and, of course, the price.

Engines, blades, laser systems, and price are the four major aspects you would want to consider when deciding which one to buy between these two, so let’s discuss them more in depth.

DWS 779

  • Easy to set up
  • Cut perfectly and very smooth
  • Its precision is spot on
  • Dual bevel, sliding makes the perfect crosscuts whether it is beams or plywood
  • Because it is sliding, it can cut a nice width as well
  • The dust collection is surprisingly efficient
  • Ease of use, Durable, Plenty of power, Good price
  • Compact, Good design, portable
  • Dust collection feature should improve
  • Lack of a laser guide

DWS 780

  • Well built
  • Shadow cut line
  • Good cut accuracy
  • Good safety measures
  • Excellent blade included
  • A lot of extra features
  • The light cutting guide is super
  • The saw is surprisingly quiet
  • Very accurate after calibration
  • It is a heavy saw that is a bit bulky
  • The dust discharge is a strange size

The Engines

DWS 780

The most important feature in any miter saw is the engine because it is key to the overall performance of the tool. It is essential to take into account its size and power and if it suits the capabilities of a user in order to find the right miter saw for each user and project.

You don’t want to get a miter saw that would overwhelm your materials if you aim to perform cuts in light surfaces. In this case, it is better not to use a miter saw at all, but you still don’t want to get one that falls short on your needs.

That’s why the engine is such an important part of the tool. Both the DEWALT DWS779 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw and the DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw both have a 15 amp motor.

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This kind of engine delivers a considerable power in the built-in circular saw in a durable way. Mounted directly on the shaft that rotates the disk, this type of motor will provide the torque needed to move the circular saw, spinning the blades up to a no-load speed of 3800 RPM.

This speed helps to make cuts quickly and in a clean way, which is extremely important in pretty much every material you will use. Sharp and clean edges are the difference between a material handled with a lousy quality miter saw and a good one.

The impulse this engine gives to the saw allows the cuts to be made in a single movement, eliminating the problem of having to go through the cuts several times in the thickest materials. And this precisely is related to the capacity of the machines, which puts both devices among the best in the market.

Since the same engine technology is used in both miter saws, there is no greater distinction between the DWS779 and the DWS780. You can trust in both tools and get the same reliable motor and capacity that it gives to the overall performance of the circular saw.

The blades

Regarding to blades, both machines use stainless steel miter plates that have 12 inch blades and weight nearly 60 lbs. There is not quite difference in this aspect, but there is one feature that must be taken into account.

DWS 779The DWS779 model only comes with the steel blade, while the DWS780 also includes a carbide blade. This is a blade built in tungsten carbide, a chemical compound that contains tungsten and carbon. This material is considerably denser than other materials and metals, and it is broadly known for its versatility and durability. This means that the blade will be more resistant to abrasion and higher temperatures than other materials, so the friction created in the cutting process should not worry you at all, even when the motor is at its maximum speed.

Most of the time, users feel that carbide tools have better performance while making cuts since the finish is usually very clean and smooth at the same time, and it leaves sharp edges.

Also, this type of blade doesn’t need complicated maintenance since they are capable of staying sharp through time and are practically impossible to bend. This means that even high cutting speeds won’t affect its structure or hardness, no matter how the miter saw moves or if it produces high temperatures. In this sense, you can be confident that the blade will have a long-lasting life of use.

The guide system

Here comes the major difference between de DWS779 and the DWS780 model. While the first one uses a more traditional but still reliable laser guide system, the DWS780 has the XPS system that incorporates a bright LED light that shines along the length of the blade. This technology, allows the miter saw to cast a shadow that follows the movement of the blade. The XPS system also crosses cut the positioning and alignment system, providing a line trace that does not need any additional adjustments.

DWS 779The shadow cast by the LED light has the right level of brightness to provide a very clear-cut shadow. You may be wondering how a shadow is created with such an intense LED light, and the answer lies in the blade itself. The same circular blade is the object that interferes with the LED light to create a shadow that makes the cutting easier.

Why is this XPS system such a positive feature? Because it has the advantage of keeping the alignment quite precise, while the traditional laser guide from the DWS779 model is more prone to move out of alignment over time and/or in each use. The XPS system with the LED light feature allows you always to have a perfect alignment.

However, since this technology relies on the brightness of both the LED incorporated in the saw and the shadow created by its pieces, the light present in the working environment can affect this process. For example, in a working environment subject to a lot of bright light, intense illumination, whether natural or artificial, the effect produced by the LED light may be affected, and the shadow may be less visible. But keep in mind that in most domestic settings, this feature will work perfectly.

The price

Inevitably, nearly every decision we make narrows to the price. There is a considerably $200 difference between the DWS779 and the DWS780 that most people would not take for granted.

That huge difference in the price relies on the XPS system. Both machines are basically the same, so the top aspect to consider when making the purchase decision would be the laser guide system. Is it really important for you to have a sophisticated system or you would work perfectly with a more traditional one?

This XPS system is a huge relief to most amateur users since the alignment process while cutting any material can be one of the trickiest parts of using a miter saw. A guide system that is quite advanced yet really simple will make the job way easier. And this benefit profits not only the newest users of miter saws but also those experienced DIY masters and carpenters. Having a guide system that flows naturally with the tool helps them to reduce the time that they used to invest in keeping the alignment perfectly.

If you really think you could take advantage of the XPS system, we encourage you to make the investment on the DWS780. If you’re fine with the traditional system and would be happy to save some money, then we recommend purchasing the DWS779.

Bonus features!

Two “bonus” features that are present in both miter saws are the great Dewalts’ design of an exclusive back fence that cuts up to 2 by 16 dimensional lumber at 90-degrees, 2 by 12 at 45 degrees, and a quite solid dust collection system that will keep your place cleaner and your skin, eyes, mouth and nose healthier.

The back fence feature is great because not all miter saws have that capacity. Being able to cut those dimensions in those angles is quite useful for most users, from the newest to the most advanced ones.

DWS 780And the dust collection system integrated into both tools is one of their most favorable characteristics. Miter saws, as you may imagine, produce a lot of volatile residues like wood dust thanks to the high-speed movements. These residues can easily affect your vision and quickly get into your nose or mouth, producing not only an uncomfortable feeling of itchiness and burn, but also could be harmful to your health.

Actually, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that “exposure to wood dust has long been associated with a variety of adverse health effects, including dermatitis, allergic respiratory effects, mucosal and nonallergic respiratory effects, and cancer. Contact with the irritant compounds in wood sap can cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions. Other common symptoms associated with wood dust exposure include skin and eye irritation; nasal dryness and obstruction; and prolonged colds.” (Health Hazards: Wood Dust OSHA official website).

Both Dewalts miter saws we’ve been reviewing today have built-in systems that can collect over 75 percent of the dust generated in a regular session of cutting any material. It is a quite efficient integrated system that protects you and keeps your work area and the air you breathe way cleaner than if you have used a regular miter saw with no dust-collector incorporated.

However, even when these miter saws have such great components to avoid the maximum amount of dust possible, we do recommend always using protective gear, including glasses and ear-covers to protect yourself from the possible dust that can reach your skin while cutting with a high-end miter saw.

High-quality tools

Overall, both of the miter saws from Dewalt are built with high-quality materials and have a few differences. They both have great features and details such as the capacity of the built-in circular saw to perform sharp and defined angle cuts and many alternate positions.

In terms of versatility and ease of use, although the DWS779 is really good, the DWS780 is ideal if you intend to perform heavy-duty projects of really detailed tasks where precision is critical. In this matter, this model will help you with its XPS system to keep the quality of your work always at the top. Again, In terms of durability, both miter saws will make the cut, since Dewalt’s reliable materials and structure have always passed the test.

The full exterior of both miter saws add to the appeal of the tools and while providing most of the major functions with some excellent detail and care for the safety and easiness to use, both tools motivate you to add a great stand.


As with most of the power tools that you can buy in the market, we suggest that you really study the instructions carefully as some risks associated with any miter saw itself makes it necessary to understand the process of using it entirely. We strongly advice you to pay full attention to instructions and safety recommendations provided by the brand. Taking your time and test the cutting first in a disposable material will likely eliminate most potential disasters and dangerous movements.

So don’t forget to consider the four main aspects: engine, blades, guide system and price, when making your purchase. And think about the bonus features to give you an extra push when making your choice. A thoughtful decision will be vital for the result of your project and for the impact on your pocket. For DWS 779 vs DWS 780, Make a smarter choice!

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Jason has been a Tool enthusiast for some years and has written some articles on Power Tool and Hand Tools.


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    The DWS 780 is a slightly upgraded version of the DWS 779. But there is a vast difference in price! If anyone looking for an excellent quality sliding miter saw the DWS 779 would satisfy all the requirements – consider buying this model.

  2. Phillip Haessig Reply

    There are differences in ones sold at different stores. Some are made a little cheaper so corners are cut.

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