Hand tools are part and parcel of our daily tool life. No matter if you are a DIYer, technician, or tool lover you will need some useful, easy-to-use top brand hand tools. On the market, there are hundreds of tools that can easily make you confused. To make it easy rather than break it here we present the top 10 hand tools brands for your best choice.

Top 10 Hand Tool Brands You Can Try

  1. Dewalt : 

97 years ago Dewalt started its journey as a manufacturing industry. From that period it invented some most eye-catching, user-friendly power as well as hand tools. Vast experience, know how to address the needs of users with solutions and it achieved its global reputation. 

From DIYer to professionals Dewalt is another name of the trust. One can feel relieved as they usually last for years with the best performance. Air tools, combo kits, cutout tools, drills, grinders, axes, hammers,  pry bars, knives, hand saws are just some names on their long list. 

  1. Channellock

In 1886 Channellock started its hand tools business. Right now they are capable of producing more than 75 types and sizes of pliers. They are specialized in the hand tools arena. Pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, toolsets are their main attraction.  

It also produces specialty tools for the fire service like rescue tools, nut drivers, cutting pliers, and so on.

  1. Klein : 

Since 1857 Klein Tools has manufactured various hand tools. In the telecommunication and electrical workers, this brand is quite popular. Bolt cutters, cable cutters, drilling and hole making, pliers, knives and cutting tools, mining and heavy industry tools, steel construction tools are some of their renowned tools you can try.

professionals love their product due to high quality and durability.

  1. Snap-On : Snap-On is regarded as one of the best options for the professional transportation industry like heavy-duty, automotive, railroad industries, marine as well as aviation industries.This brand firm is popular for a variety of high-end tools and equipment globally. As it is operating in 130 countries around the world one can trust their quality and best value of money.


  1. Craftsman:
    From its name, you can distinguish its brand as a skilled, well-performed tool option. Its presence in the USA for almost a century. In the travel of such a long time, it confidently achieved its users’ satisfaction. Hand tools, power tools, storage and garage, garden, and lawn equipment are some of their well-known products. Last but not least they also offer an attractive warranty. You can give a thought to this popular brand.
  1. Milwaukee:

In 1924 the Milwaukee firm began to produce tools for users of professional construction. Very soon it achieved its reputation with durability and increased production capacity. 

Power tools, hand tools, storage, batteries and chargers, outdoor power equipment, Jobsite apparel are some of their most well-known products you can give a try. In the field of power tools, Milwaukee secured its position with quality. 

If you are focused on mechanical, plumbing, or various electrical trades they can be your best assistant.

  1. Gearwrench: 

In 1996 Gearwrench arrived in the market. In the world one of the most renowned hand tool manufacturers, Apex Tool Group started this brand. Impressive performance, reasonable price with quality, and it has become popular with professionals. Their durability will please you due to the use of chrome alloy steel.

Among the industrial users and professional automotive technicians, Gearwrench firm secured its position with sockets, wrenches, ratchets, and pliers. Automotive specialty tools, screwdrivers, shop assist equipment are some more remarkable presentations of this tool brand. 

  1. Stanley Black & Decker 

Formerly known as The Stanley Works In 2010 this firm came together as Stanley Black & Decker is a manufacturer of industrial tools. They provide a variety of car and home repairs tools. Power tools, hand tools, storage, and accessories solutions are their specialty. They also provide security products.

Stanley Black & Decker smartly gathered some well-known brands under its wings like Bostitch, DeWalt, Stanley, Irwin, Porter-Cable, Black & Decker, and Craftsman. 

  1. Knipex

For the last four generations as an independent family company Knipex leading its business in the tools world. As a German manufacturer, it focuses on a variety of professional pliers. 

Strong grip, durability, and sturdy nature proved their popularity among tool users. Pliers wrench, bolt cutters, cobra pliers, Alligator pliers are some examples of its high-quality brand. 

  1. SK Hand Tool:

Founded in 1921 SK Hand Tool usually produces different types of useful tools such as air tools, wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and drive tools. Their item number already crossed 3500 numbers. Toolbox, screwdrivers are also on their production list. 

Regarding quality they are impressive. However, if you compare them with Snap-on they are not as good, especially for long-lasting use. Overall you can give it a try as their price range is also remarkable.

Conclusion:  Well here is the deal. We tried our best to give you a clear insight into Best 10 Hand Tool Brands that can make your professional or DIYer life easier than before. Just keep in mind before going for a certain brand carefully consider its all pros as well as cons with its best value. Nothing is perfect. But surely some are better than others. We just have to pick the best that suits our needs. 


Jason has been a Tool enthusiast for some years and has written some articles on Power Tool and Hand Tools.

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