Are you an ardent lover of Gemstones? Thinking to cut them perfectly with a Dremel? Do you have an ideal tool as Dremel to perform this task? If yes then welcome to your right place to discover the amazing step by step easy way to do it like professional. Here we will show you the best method to cut various gemstones with a Dremel.

How to Cut Your Precious Gemstones Efficiently

There are a few proven approaches when it comes to drilling, cutting, engraving or polishing gems and stones. When the question of making gems or stones in perfect shape come, usually experienced hobbyists or lapidary workers choose their own tool and bit contraptions. Even sometimes they purchase useful machinery to give them the best sizes. However, a Dremel is a popular common tool for working on gemstones and lapidary work for beginners to intermediates.

Do you want to create your own unique jewelry? There is an easy way of carving gemstones with the Dremel engraver tool. Anyone can do it as it is a fun craft project.

How to Cut Your Precious GemstonesWhy should you choose Dremel? Well, the Dremel engraver tool is user-friendly and inexpensive. Moreover, the results are amazing. In just minutes from simple to elaborate you can carve designs of any kind. The only condition is you choose gemstones with large enough surfaces to carve.For any kind of tasks, a Dremel tool is appropriate. For cutting gemstones with a Dremel we have to select the right Dremel tool.

There are a few options in terms of the tool you can select when choosing a Dremel for lapidary. We will discuss it below.You will want to choose bits tipped with or made with tungsten or diamond in terms of the bits. They are made for hard surfaces like a stone. The only exception when choosing polishing/cleaning bits.

Now let’s look at the bits options at the lapidary Dremel tool

Some of the remarkable choices for cutting gemstones work are Dremel 8220, Dremel 4300 electric tool and Dremel fortiflex . We can choose one of these bits for the drill bits like Diamond wheel points and Diamond points.Now you know which Dremel tool as well as the bit to use.

You need to consider the type of gemstones to cut. You may have uncut gemstones, gemstones with a particular cleavage and hard gemstones stone. Before cutting you have to consider all this. For the task ahead these inclusions are important.

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Tips and Warnings

  1. Be careful. Experiment with the Dremel engraver before using it on expensive gemstones. For example, River stones are a cheap surface to experiment on.
  2. When the engraver is in the on position do not touch the vibrating tip.
  3. Do not hold the tip in one area for too long when carving. You may carve too deeply.

You have to follow the below procedure:

Gemstones Cutting steps

First Step: Preparing the Dremel Tool

At first onto the Dremel tool insert the diamond bits. Place it at the last hole of the Dremel to insert the bit. Slightly slide it back. Then by tightening the nut secure it with a collet nut.

Do you want to use an electric Dremel tool? Then ensure that before inserting the bit it is switched off. For the cutting process, you may also use a mandrel. It is a shank with a threaded head.

Second Step: Performing the gemstone

It has to be formed into a particular shape before any gemstone is taken for cutting. In the gemstone take into account any inclusion in the gemstone while in the process of performing. It depends on some important factors such as its cleavage, hardness or any colored spot. Remember, during the performing process, the inclusions have to be removed first.

Use a 20 grit diamond cutting lap to grind the stone into a basic shape. If you want efficient performing to make sure the speed on this lap is at its highest.Place water on the lap in order to cool the gemstone. It may happen the shape not be as perfect as you want. It will be considered as the table as there might be a dip on the part.

How to Cut Your Precious GemstonesIf you want to enable the cutting process to be smooth, just heat your dop stick and wax. In fact, you have to dop your gemstone.If you want to create a better bond between the wax, dop stick and itself just be sure the gemstone heats up. In the doping process for long, the stone is not placed. Cause it may create damage or crack.

Place the gemstone on the diamond cutting lap once the gemstone has completely bonded with the dop stick and wax. Now change the lap from 260 grip lap to 600 grit lap. Thus this will create the required shape and will enable a slower cutting process.

Third Step: Cutting the gemstone

When a good shape is achieved and once the outline is finished we will start our head on to the cutting process.

Now, let’s turn on the Dremel tool. Onto a vise or clamp secure the gemstone. In your hand to hold the gemstone, it is not advisable as it may result in injuries.Set the speed of your Dremel at the moderate form. It will ensure you will not damage it, the motor or the gemstone.

If you want to make straight and detailed cuts make at an angle of 45 degrees. Until you create a flat table start at a lower speed and keep adjusting the speed.

Make several passes to cut it if the gemstone is a little hard. In order to achieve a 90-degree table which even makes several straight cuts at this angle.Cutting the main crown facets is the next step. Just cut out the main crown facets after changing the angle. You may discover the facets might not meet each other perfectly. Don’t worry. During the polishing stage, this can be corrected.

When your Dremel is turned off remove the diamond bits. Just press down the shaft lock button to do this. While turning the collet nut do this. You can place another bit when the bit will loosen. You have to remove it cause it’s a different bit. If you want to polish you need to use another bit.

Fourth Step: Polishing the gemstone

Onto the Dremel tool attach the lowest grit in this stage. Now turn on the Dremel tool. Grind the entire surface using the grinding tip. Make the tool at a flat angle against the gem to grind away the rough edges evenly. Continue the grinding process and switch to 800 grit bit.

In order to progressively grind the gem using the finger bits. This will polish the table and the crown facets. To polish, the facets use clothing. You can start to polish the griddle after you have done this.

Cutting the pavilion and polishing the girdle is the last stage. Cut the pavilion out and be careful not to distort the facets when start using the Dremel tool. Use an 8k paste of diamond powder to polish the girdle. At this stage, if we started with it the polishing of the girdle takes less time.On the whole of the gemstone, you will notice that the polishing would not be done. During cutting the pavilion much of the material is lost in the cutting process. That’s the reason. Thus all the facets meeting perfectly in the process of the finished pavilion. At this stage, the gemstone is completely done.

Using a soft cloth with an oxidized solution you can also polish the gem. Since all imperfections that were left in the cutting process are completely removed the gemstone will sparkle.

For Lapidary/Stones which Dremel Tool To Choose?

  • First option: Dremel 4000 Electric Rotary Tool
  • Second Option:  Electric Rotary Tool of Dremel 4300
  • Third Option: Cordless Rotary Tool of Dremel 8220
  • Fourth Option: A Dremel Fort-Flex, or Foredom Flex Shaft Tool With Handpiece

For Lapidary/Stone Which Bits To Choose?

  • Bits For etching, cutting & Engraving: Diamond points, Diamond wheel points, Silicon carbide grinding stones
  • Bits For Drilling:  Dremel workstation/drill press (on Amazon), Cutting oil/drill bit lubricant
  • Bits For Polishing: Dremel Polishing wheels & cones

Final Wrap

Hope now you have a clear idea of how to cut gemstones with a Dremel. For many years the Dremel has been well known to perform various challenging functions with accuracy and steadiness. This statement is equally true with cutting gemstones.

Naturally, you want the best result. Right? So, please ensure that your polishing is done with a great account for detail. Besides, take your time while cutting. Another tip, create various cuts such as diamond, emerald and pear cuts.

Last but not least if you follow the steps sincerely you will never face any problem while cutting gemstones. The Dremel will also help you to discover the sparkling beauty as well as magnificent colors.


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