Do you love accuracy, long last, precision in the question of wood drill press? If yes, then The Jet JDP 17DX Wood drill press is a perfect machine for you. You can work with comfort and easily using this useful drill press. Moreover, it offers many appreciable features such as the drill depth lock mechanism. It allows you to work on the same depth with a single setting to punch several holes with no difficulty.

It’s another impressive option is extra large work-table. You can use it for various large-scale projects. A woodworker can use it but is suitable for other materials too.The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press has different switches for laser systems and works light. It clearly shows The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press has given a lot of attention to its users’ needs.

Jet JDP 17DX Wood Drill Press Review

Who can buy it?

You know Jet JDP-17DX wood drill press ideal for the woodworker of the modern day. Beginners can also use it with no trouble. The machine is free of any vibrations. Its included work light makes things easier. Its direct light on the workpiece assures perfection in Jet JDP 17 DX model for professionals as well as amateurs.

Useful Specification of Jet JDP 17DX Wood Drill Press

  • The weight of Item 198 pounds
  • Voltage 115 volts
  • Power Source corded -electric
  • Product Dimensions 56 x 23.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Warranty 5 Year
  • Spindle mounted dual laser guide system
  • Power switch feature includes a safety key and large, paddle-style off button
  • 4 table slots
  • One-handed belt tensioning
  • Drill press head with integrated AC work light
  • Spindle travels a full 5″
  • Integrated depth stop
  • Table Size 14 x 19″
  • Table Tilt 90° L-R
  • Chuck Size: 5/8″
  • Spindle with high-quality ball bearing construction for long life
  • Hinged metal belt and pulley cover
  • Clutch-type drill stop
  • Motor Power: ¾ HP, 115 V, 9 Amps
  • Height: 65.13″
  • Spindle Speeds: 16 (200 – 3620 RPM)
  • Features of Jet Jdp-17dx 17-Inch Wood Drill Press

Large Work Table

If you even have large-scale projects you can rely on Jet JDP 17DX Wood Drill Press as it offers a  14-inch x 18-inch worktable. Thus it provides adequate drilling space. In any direction, the table can tilt up to 180 degrees. It makes the drill press machine fit as well as versatile for any position and angle while drilling.Besides, this device offers twin T-slot grooves and a lip-designed edge makes drilling mounting very easy. It’s a user-friendly drilling machine. Thus a great performance assured.   

This is a nice, deep cast iron table. It tilts to 45-degrees left or right. The Jet JDP 17DX devised a contour along the edges. It eliminates that disturbing rim as well as replaces it with flat surfaces. It makes the table to clamping workpieces easy. In the surface for additional clamping access, the table offers X-shaped slots. A replaceable sacrificial 2-11/16″-square (3/16″-thick) insert at the center. You can use the drill press as sanding drums. Thus you can remove or drill through the insert to reduce backside splintering it.

Dual Laser Guide option

Jet JDP 17DX Wood Drill Press is a great choice for drill depths, drill holes and cross point drilling. It offers a dual laser guide. Its property mounted to its head. Thus it provides accuracy. It will make your lines of drilling flawless every time.Are you a woodwork professional or just a handy homeowner? When using this machine it is certain that you can generate pinpoint accurate holes.

Its laser crosshair system makes shooting holes accurately. Another plus point is this system is AC powered. It also belongs to its own switch. It will help you to decide independently when it is off and when it is on. You want to reach and align perfectly? the twin laser emitters make it easy. Additionally, photos, as well as texts, are covered in the instruction manual to give you a more clear understanding.

Powerful Motor and Cool Belt Drive

The Jet JDP 17DX drill press offers smooth, easier and rapid speed changes as it provides a through pass to the quick adjustment motor mount. For best convenience, it has up to 16 spindle speed change options. You can choose whatever speed you need flexibility while drilling various materials. You can easily turn the spindle quietly as well as smoothly as it includes a ball bearing. Naturally, it assures long life.

A stout 3/4 HP TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor is an impressive feature of the JET JDP-17DX drill press machine. It uses 115 Volts to run. A continuous cycle of operation is the character of JET which is well known to rate its motors. It adequately conveys the power delivered. The motor is mounted with a tool-free belt tensioning system. In the Poly V-drive belt it has a one hand tension control. They skip the mirrors and the smoke. Besides, it has a pair of locking knobs. Smooth running, almost no slips and stretches assures this belt style’s long life.

Depth Lock Mechanism option

Jet JDP 17DX Wood drill press allows repetitive drilling. This depth-lock mechanism allows you to set the depth of holes. Such way fast and repeatedly you can make same holes accurately.  The device has two nuts. So, you can easily lock the depths. Such great option proved Jet Wood Drill Press best ability of accuracy.  

AC Work-lights Built in option

Do you want precision assurance and additional visibility? Good news! Jet JDP 17DX offers this option. The work light makes your work more visible and clear and avoid any errors while drilling. Such a nice feature improves your production quality a lot.

Speed Power

The poly V belt assures simplicity in changing speeds. The Jet JDP 17DX Drill Press offers various speed feature. It has a broad range of 230 RPM to 3,630 RPM. They are divided into 16 steps. The device has a set of 3 stepped pulleys each of which has 4 positions. That’s why you have the 16-speed choices. Among the pulleys steps, various speeds are generated by moving the belts. Each of the 16 spindle speeds related to a large sticker spells out the belt positions.


The JET JDP-17DX Wood Drill Press is strong built. It is based on large chunks of steel as well as cast iron. The useful powerhead is heavy and big. This machine is considered steady due to the 12-1/2″ by 19-5/8″ cast iron base. It also has slots for other fixtures or clamping vices. The base also offers holes for bolting it to the floor as per required.   

Things keep rigid due to the heavy-walled steel 3-1/8″ column. Moreover, nicely ground column ensures the table to move up, down as well as side to side with no binding.

Spindle and Controls Feature

The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press can remove you any trouble you may face on the full 4 3/8″ of travel as it offers an impressive 2″-diameter spindle. No more repetitive drilling tasks. The Spindle height limiter/stop system without a tool makes it quite possible. Even you can easily use accessories like sanding drums. Thus it ensures spinning free, long life of the spindle with permanently lubricated ball bearings.

Another eye-catching option of the JET JDP-17DX Drill Press is its spindle has a #2 Morse taper. It accepts 5/8″-capacity chuck (with chuck key) and the included arbor. Do you need a knockout release key for removing tool? That’s also possible as from the Morse taper is also included. On the market, a huge number of drill press accessories are compatible with such universal taper size.A three-spoke wheel is plunged with the spindle. It is comfortable to use as each handle has a large rubber grip. The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press considered as left-handed user-friendly as the handles can be moved to the left side of the powerhead using an identical hub with no difficulty.

The device accepts a standard (60W-max) light bulb as there is a work light. It is set into the bottom of the powerhead. It can give enough visibility on to the table area with no glare. The work light has its own switch. Another excellent feature indeed. You can use it only when needed.

Pros & Cons of Jet JDP 17DX 

Pros of the Jet JDP 17DX

  • Durable
  • High drilling precision
  • The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press is solid, versatile (speeds and capacity)
  • Has depth stop settings
  • Drills with great power
  • Broad worktable for large-scale projects
  • JET JDP-17DX is capable of handling rigorous drilling and heavy workpieces

Cons of the Jet JDP 17DX

  • Heavyweight
  • Pricey compared to other models
  • Sluggish spin down

Final Wrap

Constant customer satisfaction, as well as great features, is the main reason of Jet tools so much popularity. Naturally, Jet JDP 17DX Wood drill press achieved its appreciation for its great performance. It is capable enough of precise holes and drilling perfectly into various materials.

You can experience a real feeling of an ideal wood drill press machine weighing 198 pounds. The user-friendly feature makes it equally for professionals as well as casual woodworkers. Drill stop, powerful motor, deep drilling type option proved the Jet JDP-17DX is a great drill press machine. DIY lovers can use it years as it offers so many capabilities.

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