The Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer is considered as a unique tool with impressive features. Without getting tired the whole day it will work with you. Besides, it is quite carrying friendly.

It is ideal for DIYer homeowners as well as contractors. Due to portability, it allows easy and fast work of small and large various projects at the same time.

If you are searching for high-quality power tool certainly The Paslode 902600 is perfect. In the woodworking industry, this company produced some outstanding framing nailers. Thus it gained a solid reputation.

Generally among wood enthusiasts framing nailers are popular because they are versatile, efficient, convenient and save precious hours.

Paslode 902600 CF325Li Review

Remarkable Features 

  • 5 hours of battery life
  • 7.5 pounds of weight
  • 2-3 nails/second Cycle Rate
  • 1-year warranty
  • 48 nails Magazine Capacity

Paslode 902600 CF325Li ReviewFor your various heavy-duty applications, this nailer can be your ideal assistant. This tool comes with a convenient nail gun carrying case, charger, and a lithium-ion battery. Its cordless portability will amaze you as it is powered by a powerful fuel cell. At any angle you can trust Paslode as for toe-nailing it offers heavy-duty nose piece. Moreover, it allows you to utilize up to 6,000 nails which means per charge 50% more nails for more outcome.

In the market, the Paslode 902600 regarded one of the top notch, best framing nailers. Its latest technology ensures its cordless perfect design.

At an affordable and fair price, the fuel cell sold together. This impressive gun is assembled as well as designed in the USA.

Pros & Cons of Paslode 902600 CF325Li


  • Quick charge time with long battery charge
  • Lightweight and Cordless for easy use
  • Fairly lightweight at 7.25 lbs
  • 6,000 nails per battery charge as well as 1200 nails per fuel cell
  • Belt Hook for convenience
  • When nailing Prong-nose for stability


  • Small magazine capacity of only 48 nails

What We Like

You will discover with pleasing surprise why this excellent framing nailer can be your best choice with so many useful features. You know its compact as well as light. It ensures ultimate movability as the Paslode 902600 runs on a Lithium-Ion battery.

Its durability and sturdiness will surely amaze you. It can even confidently challenge its all corded counterparts with the best performance.

It’s another big plus point is it allows you per full charge to shoot up to 6000 nails as it smartly offers a long-lasting battery.

You can even save charge inside of the gun while storing it safely because the battery also features an impressive locking option.

In the nails at what depth you want to drive you can do as the intelligent depth adjustment dial allows you to easily select such option. Moreover, its strong materials, as well as durable design, ensure its quite long life.

This Paslode is among the top-notch nailer when it comes to loading speed. You will surely like its array of nail choices as well as fast-load features which will save your precious time a lot.
Besides you can save your money if you go for the Paslode sells fuel cells and nails together.
The exhaust fan is directed away from the user. It is considered another great feature of this device. It is very useful and health friendly especially if you need to work in confined, dusty spaces. You can easily hook or hank the Paslode 902600 on your work belt using the adjustable utility hook.

What We Don’t Like

The depth dial option has a scoop to improvement. For each individual material, it needs to be adjusted which is time-consuming.

It creates an annoying sound which the manufacturer should look with importance.

Paslode 902600 Product Overview 

The Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer is a perfect tool for you if you are an ardent lover of DIYer, contractor or a professional. Any handyman’s tool kit it can be an excellent addition as well as the ideal choice.

Security Features: The Paslode 902600 offers you to choose between single or sequential firing option. Such dual-mode trigger feature increase performance.

This nail tool is compact as well as dynamic. Through delivering big results it has gained its reputation.

In the market, this tool is regarded as one of the leading Lithium-Ion cordless nailers. This cordless nailer is perfect for renovation sites as well as busy construction.

Its user-friendly design allows you to quickly adjust these framing nailers drive depth.

Just carefully select for a specific task, the appropriate depth the surface material you will be sailing through. Rest will be easy.

The Paslode 902600 requires a certain level of care for best performance just like all tools. This unit comes with a smart storage case. It will help you to keep the unit in good shape. Besides, its dedicated compartment ensures for all parts of the gun, including Allen key, spare battery, nails, battery and more. You can call it just all in one!

The Paslode nailer is easy to carry as it featured a light frame as well as slick build. It is aesthetically appealing as its color is bright orange. Even in the busiest of job sites such presence ensure as an extra security feature.

If you are looking for a dynamic, light option you can rely on and pack easily as a contractor or DIYer this framing nailer can be your great choice without any question.  

Without any problem, it works great which is indeed its big plus point. New technology used in its eye-catching design. It is lightweight and the gun has the clear ability to hold a charge for a very long time. Naturally, the majority of people like and choose it as it is friendly for various long time challenging tasks. This nail gun reduces arm fatigue a lot because the powerful battery ensures the gun to smartly gain its stability to work flawlessly.

Without getting damaged it is made to ensure a quite long life, as well as the amazing quality, will surely impress you. You know, find quality things are really challenging but with Paslode 902600 your concept will change as you are guaranteed to get the best cordless framing nailer.

Any user will find it great relief news as there is no need to use the air compressor. The li-on batteries is another impressive option of this tool.  

Battery Life as well as Action: Per charge around 5 hours is the battery life. Usually, it takes 1 hour to finish initially charges.

When the unit is not in use you can save the battery life as it features a standby mode.

When the battery life is low you can easily notice that because through an indicator light on the handle the battery life is monitored. It automatically illuminates when it find recharging is needed.

In just two minutes quick charge is available. Before recharge is needed you can use 200 nails to be driven.   

A corresponding charger and a 7.4V Lithium-Ion battery are provided with this Paslode model.

Fuel Cell Information: You will require fuel cartridges. They are  1.32 ounces of liquid hydrocarbon. The unit is designed to properly utilize Orange quick load cartridges. You can drive 1200 fasteners as the cells have enough power. Besides, the unit has another function. It holds 5 fasteners as well as 1 nail strip.

Please keep in mind, without a fuel cell the unit will not operate.

You can drive the nail easily as the powerful battery creates a spark that ignites the fuel cell.

Nail Loading, Requirements, and Speed: You know, according to users per battery charge the tool can drive up to 6,000 nails. During use, you will need to change the fuel cell as they can drive 1,200 fasteners. According to Paslode at intermittent levels, nail speeds are 2 – 3 per second.

Another thing. This nailer will need Paslode nails. So, users need to purchase it.

Good news is together the company sells the nails as well as the fuel cells. It saves the cost for users. The company generally sell various sizes and lengths of nails.

Through the fast-load feature, this device will give you a pleasing experience of easy and quick loading.

Exhaust Fan: Through the built-in fan, the exhaust is directed away from the user. The operation power of the fan comes from the battery. The fan helps in another way. It effectively ensures longer operational time by keeping the nail gun’s internal components cool.

Drive Adjustment Depth: Before adjusting the depth of drive it is recommended to remove the battery. Remember, it may pose a safety risk to the user if the battery remains in the same place. You can quickly and easily move the contact element up and down just simply squeeze the probe stop-release buttons inwards towards each other.

There is a total range of 1/2 inch, as well as indicators marks, are spread in 1/10 inch increments.

Nose Piece: In soft materials it allows users to easily dig as the nose piece is sharp as well as pronged-shaped. When nailing it prevent slipping and ensure more stability, accuracy.  

Utility Hook: The Paslode 902600 comes with a useful utility hook. It ensures ease of use. You can adjust the utility hook according to your need as well as use it as a rafter hook or belt. Adjustment is very easy. In the direction of the arrow on the hook just push the button as you required.

Weight and Size: The Paslode 902600 is a cordless framing nailer weighs 7.25 pounds. You see, it has some weight. Its dimensions are 17-inch x 17-inch x 5 inches. Although it is considered as heavy-duty you can transport it with ease. When needed a user can save his shoulders and arms from strain using the utility hooks. A user can simply attach the nailer to their belt and use it.

Nail magazines, tools, and extra fuel cells have room in the included case.

Power: The Paslode 902600 CF325Li is equipped with the Lithium-ion battery. It is considered the upgraded version of its predecessor. The past NiCAD model was able to shoot per charge of 4000 nails. And CF325Li offers an impressive 6,000 nails per charge. You see a big development done as the new model has 2000 more capacity.

You know NiCAD is not as efficient as Lithium-Ion. So, you can expect a 5 times longer charge which can fire more and save your precious hours and complete tasks quickly. The battery life is impressive 5 hours, as well as recharge time, are another impressive 15 minutes.

The redesigned battery is another big plus point of this Paslode model. With the nailer, it interacts smartly. Just flick the ON/OFF power button whenever necessary if you want to turn on or off the nailer. In the past to switch off the nailer it was essential to take the battery completely out. Now it’s quite easy thanks to its latest technology and design. The fuel cells will not fire and are totally disengaged once turned off.

Economical use of the fuel cell is another remarkable advantage of the CF325Li. In the per cell, it can shoot up to 1200 nails which are really impressive. It will ensure your more savings and less fuel cell reload. Last but not least, the battery status is easy to notice. To the side of the handle, it sports a convenient indicator light. When it blinks red You will need a recharge.  

When it comes to wood nailing it offers plenty of power. However, it is not the best nailer to penetrate tougher materials as it is not as powerful and has firing ability as a pneumatic framing nailer. Besides to nail on metal the nose piece will also make it slippery and awkward.  

Capacity: In terms of magazine capacity (can only hold 48 paper collated nails) honestly, the Paslode 902600 CF325Li is regarded not the best framing nailer. On very tough material it is not for heavy-duty nailing.

Improvement of this feature will make it much more impressive, practical as well as attractive.  However, it is sufficient for DIY projects, general tasks as well as another small-time nailing.

Warranty: A one year warranty comes with the Paslode 902600 model. In this timeframe usually defected motors cease working.

Extra: When you go for Paslode it offers a complete kit which includes safety glasses, 5/32 inch hex wrench.

User-friendly: This gun is mainly made of plastic but they are not cheap at all rather durable. It will give you a solid feel. Moreover, plastic makes it more portable as well as even lighter framing nailer. This tool effectively prevents scratchings as well as withstand falling too.

The NiCAD model is not as light as the CF325Li. It is cordless and more maneuverable. It means there’s no hazard on the job as there is no tangling.  

Due to an elastomer coating on the handle, it is comfortable to hold over an extended period of time. Last but not the least the 30-degree ergonomic magazine slant ensures to your nailing much clear visibility.


Please keep in mind the Paslode 902600 is not an entry level nailer. So, it’s very natural its price matched with its advanced features. In this model, it is especially true when you consider its outstanding battery efficiency as well as a fuel cell. In terms of recharge speed as well as battery autonomy, there are few nailers that can challenge it.

Its price is reasonable and ensures the good value of money if you seriously consider it’s easy to use features, performance, and durability.

Who Should Buy?

You can choose the Paslode 902600 as an excellent, efficient and powerful framing nailer. You will not be disappointed if you closely consider the price, the features as well as the specs. It is ideal for small-time nailing and DIY tasks. However, you can take it support for heavy-duty nailing too. Just keep in mind its magazine capacity is small.


When compared to other heavy-duty models you will surely find one of the best framing nailers is the Paslode 902600 model. Its excellent performance never degrades with its slick design as well as the light frame.

It will save you precious time, manual labor. No matter you are an ardent lover of DIYer or a certified contractor to your useful toolkit this framing nailer will make a fine addition.

This Paslode Lithium-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer serves its purpose accordingly. So, you can go for it without hesitation. Another big plus point is it ensures long lasting life. It is the best gun to use if you are planning to repair your house.

If you want to complete your projects with less downtime this nail gun is perfect. This Paslode gun is easy to clear quickly. This unit’s best part is it rarely jams.

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