Best Palm Sanders -5 Recommended Products & Reviews

A lot of effort or skills not necessary at all to get an eye-catching finish from sanding jobs. However, the best palm sander tool for the right job is essential in such a case.  From paint or stain, refinishing to varnish you will need this device. So make sure you select a top-notch model to make your job quickly and perfectly.

Your tool collection can be enriched with a perfect hand sander. However, you need to be choosy as this tool will make or break your workpiece sanding finish jobs.

In this review, we presented 5 top models of the best palm sanders for your convenience. If you are a wood warrior you need to be equipped with a reliable palm sander. 

Well, it certainly is a challenge to find the best palm sanders that are worthy of your hard-earned money. It’s not impossible, especially when you have a reliable source like our this review to point you in the direction of the brands you can trust.

  Best Palm Sanders: Comparison 

Best Palm Sanders: Reviews

1.DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Grip Sander


motor 2.3 AMP

Locking dust-port option

Reduced overall height

paper clamp features

Separate counterweight ensure 

14,000 OPM

Rubber dust boot over the switch 

This orbital sander with its effectiveness will draw your attention. What we didn’t like about this product was the dust collector bag attached to the sander was not as effective and needs a better design. It collects 95% of the dust which is the best thing about this home use sander. This little machine carries a lot of sanding power with it. You can change the sandpaper easily. It can be a good deal.

The DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Grip Sander is a sturdy tool that works well and easy to handle. The dust collector is adequate and the connection to a vacuum hose works ok. The vibratory motion works very well and leaves a few marks. 

You don’t have to buy special sandpaper with holes because the sander comes with a device to punch the holes. You can very easily use the punch. This tool is easy on hands. Its perfect size will allow you to hold with one hand. The nice canvas storage bag can hold the sander and sandpaper.

It is large enough to hold some extra items if needed. This too also seems to kick up less dust and the paper lasts longer with the hole puncher. It allows you to use any brand sandpaper. It can save a lot of time and elbow grease.

This DWE6411K power tool model is not too heavy and good for sanding the front porch. The dust bag doesn’t leak and is simple to remove and empty and the motor has some real power. 

The heavy-duty power cord could be slightly longer. For a small, corded sander at an affordable price, you cannot beat it. For home needs or household projects, this sander more than suffices but not for a professional woodworker maybe not. We recommend this tool for anyone starting their first project.

Make sure to wear safety goggles and even gloves as the loose dust particles can become irritating to the hands. This innovative sander is well balanced and vibrates less. So, no more numbness experience.

The carrying case is protective enough for the actual base plate. It’s on/off switch will allow you to control the sander while sanding. It doesn’t hurt anything. This sander takes that wood right off and makes it very smooth. You can put all different types of porous or very fine sandpaper on here no matter how fancy it is.

The other thing you will absolutely love is it reduces the overall height of a sander. So you can get closer to your work. It can even tackle into a corner that you need to be getting up into jobs

that are generally challenging. Another good option is the rubber dust boot that covers the switch to protect it from dust ingestion.  

This Dewalt comfortable palm sander comes with just about two pounds and 2.3 amp motor which stands at 14,000 OPM. The rubber all over the mold is beautiful. It feels good in your hand. It also has the rubber thumb grips here and it keeps it from slipping.



Reduced vibration

Powerful motor

Comfortable for the hand

Easy sanding paper Change

The dustproof feature ensures longer switch life

Good quality

Smooth control

Easy to use

Useful carry bag

Warranty 3 years



On/off switch is cumbersome

Bad dust bag design

Not for large projects


2.Makita BO4556K Finishing Sander


14,000 OPM

All-ball bearing construction

Curve, rubberized palm grip

Large clamping lever

Contoured design

Pad dust collection system

Rubber-sealed switch

You can use this sander around the house. The Makita BO4556K Finishing Sander is pretty comfortable to use. This tool operates at 14,000 orbits per minute. Remember, you have to hold the sander on the top you can’t hold it on the side like this because your hands touch the pad area. Whenever necessary you can quickly shut down it without any problem. 


Easy to hold
Very little vibration and noise
Dust protection ensure durability
Convenient on/off switch
The dustless sanding feature works very well
Large paper clamps for fast and efficient paper attachment
Comfortable grip
Dust bag with case
One year warranty


variable speed absent

3.BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

Sanding pad and finger attachment
3-position grip
Transparent dust canister
1.2 amp motor

This powerful BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander is perfect for smaller projects. It is easy to use. The shape and design of the sander make it easy to get into small spaces and corners. The sandpapers as well are specially designed for this and they Velcro (or something) just onto the sander. No more opening levers to hold the sandpaper. When sanding you don’t need to deal with any real mess. The effective container actually captures the dust. You will find working inside on wood trim makes clean up a breeze!

This sander comes with different course papers as well. A sanding to kitchen cabinets it works great. It makes hard to get to areas, much easier, with plenty of power. For small furniture projects, it is just perfect. 

This product can be your go-to finish sander. While refinishing doors and trim you can use it a lot. Because it gets used on a lot of small corners. It would be nice if it has variable speeds. However, still, it is recommended for affordable prices and due to its proven durability. It’s small, easy to hold as well as control. You can quickly remove the surface due to its useful pad design. On an open flat surface, it does great.

Without any trouble, it will allow you to use the finger attachment. The sander came with some paper designed for the finger attachment. The Black and Decker are very sturdy, compact, lightweight and easy to use. This sander will jump right into all your sanding needs. Little tips,  buy a separate set of various grit sandpaper, so you have back-ups. It does come with some sandpaper, but you know different projects/woods require different grit. Be sure to buy the “12 holes with the Hook and Loop” sandpaper replacements. 

For sanding garage door, to sand the old paint off metal balcony railing and verticals it is also effective. The pointed tip gets into all the narrow spots. You will find it very easy to change the various grits. However, the sanding pads can sometimes be difficult to attach depending on what size they are even if they are meant for this sander. This palm sander was easy to attach sandpaper shaped to fit. This is good for small projects.

You will never sore after using it as it is so lightweight. It is true even when used for a couple of hours straight. It’s so quiet compared to its competitors. You will surely love the sanding dust catcher. You can go for a long time without emptying it as it holds much more than anticipated. And it is super simple to empty. 

This sander is small enough to hold and move while sanding. It is great for small areas, but more difficult using overhead. It did a good job, but after changing sandpaper a few times, the paper would not stay attached to sander. I found myself changing sandpaper too often. The powder pocket holder filled super fast and had to be emptied often. Overall, this is a really good sander for the size and cost.

While sanding you will discover this sander is small enough to hold and move. It is great for small areas, but more difficult using overhead. You may also need to change sandpaper and empty powder pocket holders often. Overall, this is a really good sander for the size and cost.

This Black & Decker Mouse Detail sander can be your basic sander. It vibrates but will allow you to get into some surfaces that you wouldn’t normally get into. This part makes this a really useful tool when working on tight spaces.


Easy to hold and operate
Fits into tight corners
Not heavy
Doesn’t overheat

Not for heavy use
Dust collection should improve


4.Porter-Cable 380 Palm Sander



Ball-bearing construction 

2.0 Amp motor

Dual plane

Low-vibration design

Dust-Sealed switch

The Porter-Cable 380 Palm Sander offers a good job, quick response and definitely worth the price. Remember, when you change sandpaper sheets some of the newer sandpaper sheets have an adhesive on the back that can tear the sanding pad. So if you rub some fine sanding dust on the back of the sandpaper to reduce the tack it will work and eliminate tearing. This model is considered as a versatile rugged sander. It works well without numbing your hand. Another great feature is its effective dust collection which actually catches the dust and is easy to empty. 

This sander feeds your sandpaper easier than other competitors. It’s reliable and durable. It stays put with no issues if you cut the paper the right size. Without fatigue its low vibration allows you to sand. You will feel this sander easy on hands with great sanding.

Be careful with the padded part around really sharp edges. The dust collector bag has room for improvement. Overall the sander is good. 

This porter cable 1/4 sheet palm sander comes with 2.0 Amp motor that moves at 13,500 orbits per minute. The box contains an operating manual, a sander wood dust bag, and a sandpaper punch. As noted in the box this unit has a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service, in a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

It is a nice affordable little dedicated sender. Remember, you’ll be struggling in attaching the sandpaper in the sander if you are one of those who don’t like to read manuals. However, you will probably won’t have any problem if you are a handyman.

This is a nice and affordable palm sander the only problem this is with a dust collection bag which is not very satisfactory in action. Hopefully, the manufacturer will notice this drawback. This palm sander works great as they are reliable, durable at a quite affordable price. So you can not go wrong with this. It is the model number 382 of Porter-Cable. This five-inch sander comes with eight holes hook and loop. There is not a lot of bells and whistles in it which is a nice thing.

It also allows you to set up a dust extractor vacuum mines tool activate and give gives you the option for the job site so you can set this the spring-loaded bag. What you may like most is its ergonomic design. A couple of things also remarkable is easy to grab from the top with comfort. It has a counterbalanced fan. It reduces fatigue a lot. Its ball-bearing construction and the switch is sealed to keep out dust.

It’s built to last but not to break the bank. However, what we don’t like about this sander is its cord length. You may find it not long enough on a job site. This is a great little stander porter-cable makes.  



Solid construction

Has A lot of power

Little, quality sander tool


Reasonable price

Faster than competitors

3-year warranty

Counterbalance ensure less vibration

Reduce user fatigue

The superior finish comes with 13,500 opm 


Dust collection feature should improve


5.Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander


Pad dampening system design

Hook and Loop disc attachment 

Variable speed control

Microfilter dust clear system

Kit contents

This Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander comes with a dust collector which works great. It’s fairly quiet and produces little to no vibration with smooth performance. The box is rather small but it does a much better job at collecting dust. Its noise level and sound is like a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner.  

This palm sander is comfortable to hold and easy to use. For sanding, this machine works well for instance deck sanding job. The variable speed is great for delicate surfaces.   You will find it easy to hold and maneuver. 

Not too heavy to hold and do a nice job on canvas and paper too. However, It only comes with one sanding pad. You have to order a set of different grades for back up. You will love its nice little bag too. It’s roomy enough to hold extra sanding pads.

It’s a great affordable sander. You can change the speed for different applications like sanding walls for painting. This one is great to use for smaller projects. It does a remarkably good job of collecting dust. You can even use it inside your garage with only light vacuuming to clean up. Its dust-keeper does well. 

This sander will ensure no swirls, streaks, or skips. Depending on what grit paper you are using the dust collector may fill up quickly. Overall the sander feels sturdy and high quality. If doing a lot of sanding you have to empty canister frequently.

The padding allows to maneuver it and avoid shaving the stretched canvas in hardwood. It even allows drawing arches with sanding. super easy to grip and move around. The Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander ensures smooth operation and pretty well balanced.

It will fit well in your hand and do not leave it feeling numb after prolonged use. A sealed plastic canister with an integral paper filter equipped its dust collection feature. Downside? well, the pad is a bit concave. Pad not completely flat, center slight depression, sandpaper on the perimeter wears out except the center.  

The box comes with a bag owner’s manual, sanding pad, an adapter to hook it to a shop pack and Bosch dust extractor fan. The attachment on the end of the hose allows you to control the

airflow for smaller tools or larger tools for a variety of projects. It also offers variable speed with a hook and loop pad and accepts 8 hole sanding discs. 

With many holes, the sander ensures very smooth sanding applications like sanding tables. It’s attractive economically price and performance make it one to easily recommend. Due to its effective dust catcher feature makes it a lot easier to work with because you don’t have dust flying everywhere. However, for full safety, we still recommend wearing a dust mask and goggles.

The second good thing this sander does is it helps minimize fatigue in your hands because you don’t have the additional resistance of feeling the flopping around of the dust bag and the contents of the dust or the dust that’s in the bag moving around.

This sander comes with a toggle switch to turn it on with 6 settings. Three and a half pounds weight of this tool made it lighter than the majority of the other sanders. 

It is very easy to hold and do a lot of work. You can use your finger or arm in either way easily. If you have medium to large size hand this sander is perfect for you to hold and use. It is very easy to maneuver with just one hand and it doesn’t beat your hands up too bad. The other good thing is that it also has a rubber coating on it to have a very good grip. There are no drops or slips or not having to catch it by the cord.

So, now for the very few cons. A little bit more power will make it more popular. that you wanted to make sure that it’s level and flat but if you’re doing more sanding where you’ve got to work with more corners and edges and things like that you need to be able to have more of an ability to be more graceful and finesse with the sander then a sander like this is gonna be more ideal for what you’re looking for so just keep in mind that there is a trade-off between your ability to work with it easily and having a lightweight sander versus having one that is going to be extremely powerful now one other thing I wanted to keep in mind is that

If you are doing more sanding where you have got to work with more corners and edges and things like that you need to be able to have more of an ability to be more graceful and finesse with the sander then a sander like this is can be more ideal for what you are looking for.

This Bosch ROS20VSC 5-inch palm random orbit sander can be your ideal tool addition. Carpenters, cabinetmakers woodworkers and others find that this sander gives them the precise results they desire with an optimal combination of pad orbit and rotation power. 

It delivers fast removal and a well-blended ultra-smooth finish. You can stay comfortable during extended use with the soft-grip top and body design which lets you have multiple grip options with low vibration and a smooth run. 

It also effectively prevents fatigue and discomfort. The variable speeds ranging from between seventy-five hundred and twelve thousand orbits per minute let you dial-up or down depending on the sanding task at hand. 

Featuring Bosh’s hook tight hook and loop disk attachment this has over 35,000 long-life hooks to ensure a firm grip of the disc. 

During use, this sander holds standard eight-hole five-inch hook and loop discs the soft microcellular backing the pad is pliable. So you get a smooth fine finish on both flat and contoured surfaces an integral pad dampening brake system. 

It also helps prevent swirl marks. The included microfilter dust canister with the integrated paper filter provides optimal fine dust filtration able to trap particles down to half a micron in diameter. This keeps your workplace clean and helps protect you from harmful dust. 

This sander is also compatible with a standard one and a quarter inch and one and a half-inch vacuum hoses or any bosch vacuum hose and most European host sizes. So this is it the Bosch ROS20VSC 5 inch palm random orbit sander that can be your perfect choice.


Well constructed
No vibration
Very easy and comfortable to use
Reasonable price
Well designed
Minimal dust
Soft case


Pad is a bit concave
Dust collection could be better


Final Word

The best palm sander can significantly improve your woodworking skills as well as the great, smooth finishing performance. Using it means you will be able to save your precious money and time. Furniture finishers, woodworkers, DIYer, and carpenters know well its usefulness. Their compact design ensures easy to store. The right palm sander will make your projects easier. All of the above 5 palm sanders has its own features. It’s up to you to decide your desired tool according to your own needs.

5 Best cordless Sanders Review – Should You Buy?

The best cordless sander is another great attraction to DIYers. Still, they have questions to go for a final buying decision. So, in this review, we presented some of the best available on the market.

Homeowners to weekend warriors, cordless sanders are like a trusted assistant. How it become so popular? Well, portability, free from cord while working around are just some of the good reasons. It will allow you to give full concentration on sanding without giving trouble to concern on cord length, electricity extent, outdoor work and so on.

Just keep in mind they are not for professionals. However, the cordless sander can work with you like a close friend if you need to complete some small sanding tasks as an ardent lover of DIYer or weekend warrior in your home.

You are welcome to discover here the best cordless sanders, their pros as well as cons, features, and price.

You can accomplish some work quickly using power sanders like basic metal preparation, smooth tabletop, remove the finish or weathered exterior paint preparation with efficient results.

It may quite possible you are not a woodworker yet you will need a sander. For your best convenience here we carefully choose the best cordless sanders you can rely on your various projects. You can use them on plywood, softwood, and hardwood with ease.

You know safety first. From sanding dust to unwanted accident how to prevent them and protect yourself a few tips we included here. Thus you will be more familiar with your sanders.

5 Best cordless Sanders -Comparisons

Best cordless Sanders – Reviews

1.Makita XOB01Z – Random orbit sander

Makita XOB01Z

Makita appeared again with another excellent cordless random orbit sander. It comes with an affordable price, comfort, durability and efficient power. Per-minute this fantastic Makita XOB01Z model can accurately perform 3-speed settings 7,000, 9,500 up to 11,000 OPM. After startup, this tool will also allow you to accurately control the pad speed as it featured with a pad control system.

The battery can work up to 40 minutes if at a slower speed you want to work while when you need maximum OPM for 20 minutes this 5 inches sanding machine will work efficiently.  This useful tool will ensure you a quite smooth finish as well as scratch-free work experience because its 1/8-inch random orbital feature makes such practical results with ease.


Pad Brake

120-grit sandpaper included

One-touch Electronic Speed Control

1/8 inches Circular plate

Adjustable skirt orientation

Three-speed settings (7,000/9,500/11,000 OPM)

You will surely love this smart cordless random orbit sander for some impressive features like effective dust collection, comfortable and ergonomic grip combined with the solid body. Weight? It’s another cool feature at only 3 pounds. It means even with your one hand you can use this sander.

This machine ensures the lowest vibration while working and fits comfortably in your palm so that you can work with more confidence. On its front side, you will discover variable speed as well as the power button. It will give you the freedom of easy access. This sander is an excellent example of good value with 3 years warranty.  Its feature-oriented appearance proves this powerful device one of the best cordless sanders. You can grab the deal without any hesitation. If you are engaged with any potential refinishing project of furniture you can go for it without any concern.

Keep in mind, This machine requires a battery as well as its charger which is excluded. So, you need to separately buy them. However, you will receive a carry bag from Makita if you decide to buy them together.


Ergonomic design

Fast sanding capacity with variable speed

Easy to use


Dust collection is great


Efficient & handy

Very durable

Smooth and swirl-free finish


A bit overpriced

Cannot handle large areas

It is probably the most convenient type of cordless orbital sanders on the market you could find. You can use it anywhere as no power outlet required to be connected at all.

Besides no cord limitation will annoy you on your jobs. You are welcome to discover Makita XOB01Z orbital sander review if you are looking for a reliable cordless random orbital sander tool. It is a practical, feature-oriented sander with an affordable price range.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 5 x 8 x 3 inches

Source of power: 1 Lithium-ion Battery

Voltage: 18

Size: 5-Inch

Battery and charger: sold separately

This machine offers some quality features. Let’s discover


Ergonomic shape

You will find a more comfortable grip with the ergonomically shaped Makita XOB01Z random orbit sander. It’s natural for a long time you need to do sand jobs. So, this nice feature will help you to do that without pain.

Pad Brake

This sander accurately reduces the free spin as it comes with a pad brake. Such a feature naturally improves finish work to its best standard. Moreover, you can get from it a maximum performance because of the presence of a control system regulates pad speed.

Ease of Use

This cordless sander ensures maximum performance with some useful options. It can increase versatility using its hook and loop abrasive paper. Thus you can use the machine with ease. Besides fast speed you can change paper whenever you need or want.

Cordless operation

Makita XOB01Z orbital sander comes with two different operating options with Makita 18V Li-Ion batteries. On high-speed options, it can work up to 40 minutes while at low speed it can run up to 20 minutes. However, this Makita sander unit comes without a battery or a charger. So, you need to buy them separately.

Three-speed settings

You will get three available speeds from Makita random orbital sander. They are 7.000/ 9.500/ 11.000 orbits per minute (OPM). Just using one single button you can switch the speeds. If you want to go to the highest setting you need to press the button of the unit when it is off position. Thus it will automatically go there. Push the button once again if you need to go to the lowest settings. Some people may like a separate dial in order to adjust their needed sanding speed. However, just using push option two/three-time is easier to go to higher to lower speed positions and it also saves your precious time. Makita wisely introduced in their this sander model one-button speed switch feature as generally other sanders available on the market comes with the highest speed setting.

This sander thus helps you to achieve perfect sanding experience with three-speed settings according to your needs. You know with your sander you can achieve excellent results and maintain full control as variable speed is an important feature to consider.

Adjustable Dust Feature

In the question of dust war Makita XOB01Z sander equipped with a dust bag. From your workpiece and area, it successfully can gather all the dust and make the area neat and clean. This dust bag collection option is free from any baffles. It means easier and quick cleaning process. You can even use your desired vacuum if you don’t want to use the dust bag. The Makita XOB01Z orbital sander has another nice option which is called skirt position. Just right above the sanding head, it is located. You are allowed to choose from 12 positions of the skirt. This smart feature allows you to work with more comfort and room as you can control the dust hose in different directions.

Work capacity with abrasive paper

You can work with Makita orbital sander using 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding discs with a length of 5 inches. It is easy from the sanding head to place or replaces those discs. However, make sure the right alignment between sanding head hole with the paper holes. This Makita sander offers one 5-inch 120-grit abrasive disc. Besides, if you need something more you can buy that additional type of sandpaper and can easily with this machine.

Random Orbital Sanding Action

This Makita XOB01Z sander is designed with a random orbital sanding action feature. Repetition of the same way of the sanding disc it prevents. It can make the removal process of materials quickly and easily cover larger spaces. You won’t face any swirl marks while using this sander model of Makita due to its efficient 1/8-inch orbital action. Moreover, no texture of the wood can dare to challenge Makita Random Orbital Sander. Its lightweight allows you to use it to sanding wood even with one hand.

One of the most reliable tool brands you can buy is Makita Random Orbital Sander. Low vibration, right fit in the palm of your hand, variable speed, lightweight, compact design, durable materials make it a great choice from DIYer to wood professionals. Makita XOB01Z is a pretty good random orbital sander.


2.Black & Decker BDCRO20C 20V MAX Random Orbit Sander

The Black & Decker BDCRO20C random orbital detail sander allows you to work quickly on various furnishings of woods. It helps you to keep your working area neat and clean after your woodwork through a dust canister feature. this model’s specialty among other counterparts is its compact design.

You can use this sander machine from any material to clear stains or paints with a powerful OPM option which can be maximized up to 12,000 OPM. Its useful hook and loop feature proves the changing of sandpaper is quite easy.


Leading competitors are less compact

Fast capacity 12k OPM to remove strain, paint or material

Powerful dust collection option

Easy to change paper due to hook and loop system

You may wonder whether this sander offers good value? Yes, its best thing is it comes with some useful accessories like a number of 5 inches sandpapers, one charger, 1.5Ah battery and the sander itself. Within one month/ 30 days you can get your refund if you are dissatisfied according to the claims of the manufacturers. Even this cordless sander comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Whenever you want to eliminate old various metal quickly get the powerful Black & Decker BDCRO20C Random Orbit Sander with ease of control. It offers different jobs like upcycling a variety of furniture or your weekend home repairs war. As you can keep your favorite working area neat and clean using its friendly dust collection canister, so you can expect with confidence a sparkling, clean as well as a smooth finish.

If you are looking for a high-end, pro-duty unit it’s not that. However, with a comfortable lightweight with good value, you will find it as a useful and reliable little machine. Its power of work is beyond question if you are engaging with DIY type little jobs. However, don’t forget to use a dust mask to protect you from illness. It’s natural for any sanders. Still, in this case, it is more important as the dust collection option should improve. You will clearly feel the convenience of cordless for fast touches and a variety of moderate projects.

This machine allows you to do some important jobs like shaping wood, finishing jobs with surface preparation, from plastic, metal or wood remove stain and paint.


Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 11 inches

Power Source: Battery

Paper Size/Type: 5 inches Round

Sander Type: Random Orbit

Voltage: 20

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required. (included)



Easy to use

Includes the charger and battery

Powerful and compact

High OPM

Affordable price


Battery life should be longer

Dust collection not very up to mark

What it includes     


BDERO20 Random Orbit Sander

20V MAX* 1.5Ah Battery


3.Milwaukee 2648-20 M18 Random Orbit Sander


Powerful unit

Easy to use

Good battery life


It comes with a vacuum attachment

Fast sanding pads change  


A little expensive


Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 7 inches

Source of power: Battery

Sanding Pad Size: 5 inches

Orbit Diameter: 3/32 inches

OPM (No-Load): 7,000 – 12,000 OPM

A dust collector

Included accessories: hard plastic dust box with filter, universal hose adapter, extension to allow the use of a 9.0ah battery

Due to it’s easy to use option and lightweight you feel comfortable to keep it anywhere. However, it has its own limitations if you carefully consider the dust canister design.

Remodelers, as well as carpenters, attracted to the Milwaukee M18 Random Orbit Sander for its constant performance.

This is considered a new carpentry tool. Its true for every application or everyone cordless sanders do not feel essential. However, if you are engaged in small jobs or medium types of projects you will find they are not only useful but also handy. When you need to move around or working in a place where it is challenging to find an electric connection then the convenience of cordless sander comes like a relief.  


Variable Speed Settings: Yes

Type of pad: quick Change hook and loop sanding pad

Battery Run time: up to 35 minutes

universal hose adapter


In the question of weight, this cordless sander is slightly heavier than a traditional corded sander. However, if you need to do a lot of horizontal sanding such an option will rather help you as the added weight will make it certain to work accurately. The M18 sander weighs at 4.3 pounds with a 5.0Ah battery.

When you need to choose a sander another very important point is the vibration control feature. In this scenario, Milwaukee of this machine has an excellent ability to minimize the level of vibration. Even for long-time use, you won’t face any irritating vibration experience which is a common issue with other sanders.

The design of the Milwaukee 2648-20 M18 model is more vertical comparing the corded version. It’s a good thing indeed.

If you want to use a natural, comfortable sander you can go for the M18 sander.

This Milwaukee sander comes with the sander, tool bag, charger and a 3.0ah battery at a reasonable price.

You can go for it as a useful collection.


Milwaukee 2648-20 M18 comes with nice performance as it has not only a brushed motor but also works as a non-fuel tool. Such an option makes it affordable and this way this sander can fulfill a satisfactory level of performance.

Just try for your finish sanding as well as material removal with this model. You will discover it can perform quite well. It’s true if you are professional furniture builders who used to work with fine finish sanders, this tool is not sufficient to beat the design. However, you can expect to accomplish your all jobs as a remodeler as well as mid-level various jobs.

This sander can tackle hard pressure as it generally not create any issue regarding power. Remember, your speed setting and material condition will determine the runtime. Generally, you can expect around 35 minutes of capacity.

It will allow you to adjust your required speed with ease because well placed and smooth variable speed control feature present here. You will feel it heavy built and comfortable when you will use the on-off switch. You know switches with lighter duty button toggle are not as efficient as mechanical-type switches.

This Milwaukee sander offers a dust box in order to prevent dust which is really good. It is just different than the hose with a vacuum.  

Remodelers, DIYer and Jobsite tradesmen can choose the Milwaukee M18 5” Random Orbit Sander (2648-20) as a reliable, high performing and comfortable best cordless sander to complete their most jobs. If you consider its all features, good value and efficient output you will find it can claim that position.

If you compare other available cordless sanders on the market you will find in per charge this Milwaukee M18 Cordless Sander is more capable to remove material efficiently.

Based on its features this new sander can be a positive choice. It’s true if you expect air or corded sanders full power from it that’s not possible. However, if you need to work in a place where the corded version is difficult to use, you can go for it as a perfect option for fast applications.

4.Ryobi P411 One+ – Random orbit sander 



Comfortable and ergonomic grip

Lightweight unit

Adequate battery life

Easy to handle


Absence of variable speed control

Not for the big jobs

Ryobi P411 Random orbit sander

If you are looking for a competent cordless random orbit sander Ryobi P411 can fill that requirement with an attractive design as well as 35 minutes constant battery life. You will experience smooth finish to any material using this sander as the powerful 18V battery can deliver efficiently 10,000 OPM equipped with its 5-inch pad. The replacement feature is also user-friendly. It comes with a  hook and loop pad mechanism. So, you can easily use the machine with the existing sanding pads and whenever necessary you can quickly change it.

When you need to work for an extended period of time you will feel comfortable using this tool because of its rubberized grip and nice ergonomic design. Another plus point of this tool is that you can easily handle from middle grip to the top position. Vibration? yes, it has but minimum in the standard.


Dimensions 7.6 x 7.3 x 7.4 inches

Power Source battery-powered

Volt 18

Lightweight is another big yes if you want to go for it as it comes with 2.5 pounds. While working such a comfortable weight will increase your productivity in the long run. In the question of safety, this sanding machine offers a lock which is another nice feature as it ensures you never need to tire your hands. This Ryobi P411 allows you to keep neat and clean your working arena as it comes with a dust bag which is included.

However, for your safety, we recommend wearing a face mask while working. You need to buy a battery as well as a charger separately. It’s another eye catching offer is 3 years warranty. It is hard to beat such a tool with all the above features at this price.

Ryobi achieved good attraction with this little tool. You will find it is not quite aggressive than its other sander competitors. However, it comes with a high degree of control which has a good capacity of control and does your all necessary sand work well. Another relieve option is its dust control option. Even it’s better than others. However, it has room for improvement regarding the on/off button which is not very user-friendly.

In your various wood projects, you will need to wash up your piece when assembling and cut wood is essential. You can comfortably maintain your different timber tasks or furniture using this useful little yet powerful tool which will make sure free splinter with a clean working area. This little monster can run every moment in 10,000 orbits which makes the P411 a quite powerful sander.

Just keep in mind to work with the decent result through the timber hold it at an angle. You know the close relation of dimensions is integrated with power. Moreover, onboard dust removing bag is an additional good feature.

This Ryobi’s P411 Orbital Sander is ready to use the tool just after opening the box as it comes with an assortment of plastic pads. You just need to plug in the battery which you have to buy separately and clip all pads using the hook and loop attachment feature.

5.PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B Random Orbital Sander


For Vacuum Attachment Multi-Port Adapter

Low Vibration Output

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One-Year Service

3-Year Warranty

Low Profile Design



Easy to use

Reasonable price

Powerful for a small project


Comfortable to hold

The dust collection works well


batteries don’t last very long

No variable speed

You will find like the Black & Decker cordless sander this model of Porter-Cable is also efficient. If you are busy with ladder-based various wood work this model can be the best cordless sander due to its lightweight. It never gives any trouble to hold it overhead. However, use the machine carefully as the plastic finger which use to lock the dust system sometimes may not work properly.

This new Porter Cable PCCW205B cordless Random Orbital Sander offers a powerful 12,000 OPM with effective dust collection feature. Quickly and efficiently it helps users to complete their sanding work. It comes with a dust canister/collecting bag. It also features a multi-port adapter. Such an option will allow you to use different diameter standard vacuum hoses as well as connections with ease.

Low vibration, easy to use a feature, and low profile design make this Porter-Cable model center of attraction to wood warriors.


Dimensions: 8 x 6.1 x 5.7 inches

Batteries: 1 Lithium ion

Source of power: battery

Voltage: 20

Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

First Thoughts

This Porter-Cable cordless sander comes with a reliable single-speed motor. You may wonder variable speed versions are better. However, not all the time you will need it.

You can think this Porter-Cable 20V Max Random Orbit Sander is a good choice for entry-level wood projects.

Without any difficulty, you can control the Porter-Cable Cordless Random Orbit Sander because of its low profile design.

This cordless version of the porter cable sander offers a reasonable price range with useful features. It is a wise investment if you are looking for budget-friendly sanders with satisfactory action.

Occasional user, DIYer can go for it with no doubt. It’s not the top-notch cordless sander. However, it’s one of the money-saving tools indeed.

Bottom Line

After careful thorough research of all the useful features, performance, as well as price from top-notch to DIYer we presented the 5 best cordless sanders. I hope these reviews will give you a better idea to choose your perfect cordless sanders. Thanks for reading!


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Best Spindle sander for 2019 – Our Favourite Models

A spindle sander is another essential weapon to achieve victory in various woodworking projects. They are smart enough to fulfill your all needs with useful features. They also ensure safe and reliable wood operation like making finished parts as well as smooth edges.

A spindle sander also means a wide range of versatility. No other machine can give you success on edges task or on rounded pieces like a spindle sander tool.

You need to make sure to utilize your hard earning money as you know art as well as a practice both carry equal importance when sanding works appear. A perfect oscillating spindle sander ensures up and down moving along with the high-speed operation of the spindle as per your needs. Such a feature with movement will allow you to utilize sandpaper with every part. It also brings surface with smoothness as well as a perfect edge.

Different sanding jobs like round or curvy, unique shapes and arcs type tasks can be accomplished using spindle sander.  

A disc sander or a belt cannot provide you sufficient accuracy like a spindle sander. You may wonder which is the best spindle sander that can assist you with useful options? It’s natural to feel confused as there are so many models available.

Which one is right for you? That’s the most important thing to decide. Here we are going to discuss the 5 best oscillating spindle sanders model on the market in detail to take you the right decision.

When you need to get hollow cuts quickly for deep insides the only solution is a spindle sander without any fatigue.

Our this oscillating spindle sander reviews will truly help you no matter if you are a DIYer, hobbyist or a wood professional.


5 Best Spindle Sander Models – Comparison 

Best Spindle Sander Models – Review

1.WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander Best Budget Friendly

Special Features

Motor ½ HP 3.5 amp

Produce up to 2000 RPM

58 oscillations per minute

Pre Drilled mounting holes

Dust port connects to a shop vac

Includes 5 rubber drums, 6 sanding sleeves

Onboard dust port

Weighs 35 pounds

15 x 11.5 inches worktable

When you don’t need to use it WEN 6510 spindle sander can be easily stored. Your woodwork will feel comfortable due to its large cast-iron work table. It will be sufficient for both large and small sanding projects. This sander offers pre-drilled holes for convenient mounting. Its nature of versatility will give you desirable styles and lengths of efficient sanding. It also includes six spindles for a better workforce.

The WEN 6510 can be your the best oscillating spindle sander with an attractive budget-friendly price range. This sander equipped with portable, compact design and a powerful ½ inch HP motor. This tool offers some capacity like other more expensive spindle sander models.

As a woodworker, if you need to accomplish finishing many irregulars inside and outside cuts this spindle sander is the answer. For sanding larger pieces it adds stability with its a bit bulky presence.

It works great on various small craft woodworking. Its attractive affordable price range is another added value. It’s true it’s not a high-end grade sander but they cost ten times the price.

Why we like this sander, well, the revolution speed is the main reason. Moreover, its table, metal body and overall performance are hard to deny.

However, the sanding cylinders that come with the sander are not very durable. They wear out really quickly. This sander is perfect for newbie or anyone doing low to mid-sized projects.

What makes it out of the circle is its inexpensive price yet performance and quality. If your main target is an affordable, versatile, active and powerful machine for sanding tasks you can go for it without any doubt. Besides, this spindle sander is perfect for any newbie or beginner as its features promise many sanding things to achieve. It’s wisely in such cases not to spend a lot of money with other models.  

The WEN 6510 can be your long-time good investment to achieve excellence in the woodworking world. Its ability to tackle any task with added drums as well as sleeves will draw your attention. If you just want to give a try as a newbie this model can be your best budget-friendly assistant.

Drawbacks? Well, it’s only 35 lbs weight makes it portable. However, according to a few users for the same reason, it moves a little while working. But to majority users, this sander is good enough for their small as well as mid-sized wood jobs.

This WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander is solely made for anyone who needs an inexpensive yet feature-oriented tool.

A variety of odd shapes, curves, contours and sanding arcs will be a piece of cake while using the WEN 6510 model.

This device is equipped with a strong, powerful 3.5 amp motor with design in target to move it anywhere, anytime. It can even challenge some of the top-notch available sanders in the question of functionality when various small projects need to do.

Whenever you will require to complete excellent finish woodwork with better smoothness this little tool warrior promises per minute 2000 rotations per minute 58 oscillations with its quiet yet gigantic force motor.

Dust collection always a real headache for wood enthusiasts. Regarding this issue, it offers less dust. How? Its ultra-convenient 1.5-inch dust port ensures the option to attach a dust collector to collect maximum various sanding dust. It will help you after every wood finishing job to keep your workspace neat and clean.

The 15×11.5 inches sturdy cast iron work table provides sufficient space not only large but also for small projects. It also offers a long life span.  

While using spindle sander it’s natural you will need a proper space to store nicely your all necessary accessories. This model offers suitable, convenient storage for various sanding drums and discs.

The WEN 6510 spindle sander can add your power tool collection with intelligent investment.

This tool ensures fatigue freehand while working and gear up the process of a variety of sanding. It comes with 6 easy-to-change drums feature. This plus point will give you better versatility as drums in diameter starts from ½ inches to 3 inches.

This spindle sander doesn’t require much space to set due to its small footprint. A 2-year warranty offers derived from this model with a national friendly customer service technicians to solve any issue promptly.

The Good

Good vacuum system

Not loud

Well designed and works well

Plenty of power

Very inexpensive

On-board accessory storage

Sturdy and heavyweight design for stability

Two-year warranty

Not so Good

A little noisier

Not a good choice for large projects


2.Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Special Features

Motor 3.5 amps

2000 RPM

58 OPM

Table inserts and 6 sanding sleeves with matching rubber drums

The integrated dust collection port

Dust-sealed on/off switch

Warranty  3 year

Large push-button power control

The Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander is another no way to avoid type sander device with premium quality. This Triton model boost with useful features with a classic design you can expect without concern.

You know when you select the best spindle sander like this you can go for a long way as they are maneuverable with some promising options.

This is a good choice if you’re looking for a decent spindle sander with adequate power for light to medium duty applications. This tool offers good value for the money.

The Triton TSPS450 model is user-friendly and conveniently stores all the pieces like the spindles and spacers on the frame. This advantage will give you the freedom of not carrying bags when you need to move the spindle sander to different work areas.

However, the rubber spindles are a bit smaller than the sanding sleeves. Please keep in mind, you will have to use heavy duct tape to connect a vacuum hose to the exhaust fitting.

If you wonder this sander’s performance, it will please you with action-based quick results. There are very few competitors that can challenge them. The power of this sander oscillation is per minute 58 times while at maximum 2000 RPM range it can efficiently spin. Amazingly its little monster 3.5 AMP motor is pleasing quiet and gives dedicated service with reliability for a long time. Such power will give you the quick completion of your various projects.

Dust issue? No problem at all. This TSPS450 model offers an inbuilt dust port. Using this useful feature without any hassle while working you can eliminate all unwanted dust with ease. Thus this tool guarantees a safe and clean work environment.

About extra? Even at this point, the Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander placed its forward position with 6 different sizes of the spindle. For every drum, it offers a unique washer which is a nice thing which means its mission not ended only with the paper. Other competitors in many cases come with only 3 in number which may be inconvenient when different work demands different sizes for better results.

Time is money. The Triton TSPS450 also knows it well. In order to make you faster while working it offers a quick-change wrench tool.

This benchtop model is not only lightweight but also compact. As a result, it does not take up a lot of space. The price range is logical as the device works well on small to mid-sized various projects.  

This Triton’s TSPS450 works great in polishing as well as the sanding of different odd shapes, contours, and curves.

It ensures durability because of cast iron construction. This sander also comes with 6 sanding sleeves.

The Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander draws attention with its firmness and intensifies the support of material which is just ideal for sanding jobs. It offers you a more stable surface to work with ease and confidence because of its spacious cast iron work table measures 11 ½ inches x 14 ½ inches. You can safely and neatly keep all of its accessories with its stored onboard storage. It also smartly save your time as before you go to work you don’t need to search for the right parts.

Its weight is also mentionable which is below 36 lbs. For any newbie or beginners, this sander can be a perfect model to start as it offers easy operation as well as quickly set up. If you are a professional you will also find it quite handy in use.

However, it also has some room for improvement like a table which can be larger as well as fit issues in some cases. We hope in their update design they will give more attention. Its decent price is remarkable with lots of power.

The noise rating of the Triton TSPS450 model is 89 dB which is satisfactory compared with other models available in the market.

The Triton Oscillating TSPS450 can be your faithful, creative spindle sander. It has so many creativity like curves, arcs, polishing or creating contours, different irregular shapes and so on with its high quality and useful features.

The Good

Quiet and stable operation

Durable cast-iron worktable

Onboard storage for accessories

The effective dust collection mechanism

The power control button is easy to locate


Removable lock-out safety key prevents accidental startups

Not so good

Not recommended for heavy-duty work

Heavy duct tape has to use to attach a vacuum hose

3.Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander


58 oscillations per minute

Motor ½ HP

2000 RPM

Warranty 2-year 

Paddle-style power switch

Six sleeve diameters

1 ½ inch dust port

15 x 11.5 inches worktable

Includes 5 rubber sanding drums, 6 sanding sleeves, 6 table inserts, 3 spindle washers

Our other pick for homeowners, DIYer or casual woodworkers is the Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander. This machine comes with convenience as well as the performance with its all useful features.

It offers some remarkable options. It comes with 58 oscillations per minute and equipped with a powerful ½ horsepower motor that ensures at 2000 rpm to drive the spindle. When you work it’s

very important to have stability. This spindle sander promises a sturdy cast iron work table to efficiently done all your finishing wood projects.  

Dust concern? No worry, as the best spindle sander benchtop model it also provides an inbuilt dust port to make sure you will experience a completely neat and clean working environment. Sometimes you may need to take some effort so that you can adjust your shop vac. Such a step ensures to connect it to the port accurately but it will give you full comfort and ease once you have done the job.

This spindle sander also offers a variety of paper and drum sizes to give you more convenience. It added with 3 spindle washers. The total number is six. This tool also offers enough space to store them all.

You can go for this machine if you are a wood enthusiast, homeowner, DIYer to enhance your wood experience and achieve experience like a pro.    

If you are looking for a good entry-level sander this model is good for that job. It will work like a close friend if you need to shape a small project. However, it is not the right tool for any kind of production.

For your average woodworking projects, this sander offers more than enough torque.

Versatile nature, lightweight with useful design proves the Shop Fox W1831 is a prominent spindle sander. If you are a newbie or beginner you can select this little machine for your finishing wood war projects.

It’s one mentionable advantage is a safety key presence which is rare in many other competitors in the market. It will give you complete relief from any accident from kids who may stay close to your work station. So, for child safety issue it’s undoubtedly a complete solution.

It’s another turning point is quite an affordable price range. It does come with a ton of features as it is an ideal basic tool. However, if you are a DIYer, a homeowner who has some basic home tasks or crafting this machine is just perfect as a loyal assistant.

You will find it user-friendly, though it doesn’t have sufficient space so that you can keep your all necessary accessories. It’s another plus point is that you can carry it anywhere as it is not only in a lightweight but also portable. So, if your workstation is small this tiny tool can be another great addition. The Shop Fox W1831 is ideal for small sanding tasks.

If you are a beginner you can go for this friendly spindle sander as you can start to use it from just out of the box.  

This machine will allow you to accomplish a variety of sanding curves as it comes with 6 sanding sleeves that offer different sizes for a better individual task.

It also equipped with a locking power switch as well as a removable key. So, no unwanted person will be allowed to use this machine.

Quiet in nature and durable in long time service is another proven character of the Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander. Its portable 30 lbs weight makes it more convenient to replace it anytime, anywhere.

You will enjoy more versatility from its ½ inch to 3 inches different spindles. A 2-year warranty also comes with this little yet powerful spindle sander.

Using this machine will save you precious time as well as effort. It will allow accomplishing a variety of sanding jobs. On the market, there are few competitors who offer such powerful 1/2-horsepower motor like the Shop Fox W1831 model. Its reasonable price is also hard to ignore.

However, in some areas, it needs improvement too. Its noise level should be resolved which is annoying.


Sturdy and compact

Great machine for sanding tight curves

Good price point and value for money

Easy to set up and operate

Powerful motor

Heavy, square table

Useful dust port

Safety disabling key


A little noisy

Some components can feel flimsy

Not for heavy sanding projects

4.POWERTEC OS1400 Oscillating Spindle Sander


1800 RPM

Warranty 1-year

Motor 2.6 amp

30 OPM

6 sizes of spindles up to 3 inches

14 inches diameter cast iron table

If you are busy with different small sanding projects the POWERTEC OS1400 Oscillating Spindle Sander can be a great choice as its designed main goal is to accomplish that target. A strong, powerful 2.6 amp induction motor equipped this little monster to perform efficiently your various sanding jobs.

This spindle sander will allow you to achieve impressive smooth sanding as it can clearly produce up to 1800 RPM and 30 OPM.

You will get a solid, strong base from this tool as it offers a durable cast iron work table. This POWERTEC OS1400 model spindle sander allows you to get sanding from all types of angles as well as curves with different sizes of 6 drums.

You don’t need to feel the concern of your motor safety as the integrated dust port keeps it away from any dust.


Large and rounded cast iron working table


Built-in dust collector

Handy on-board storage for accessories

Easy to operate

Non-Skid rubber feet

Removable safety on-off switch

Easy changing of spindles


A bit noisy

Plastic base

What makes the POWERTEC OS1400 Oscillating Spindle Sander more attractive to users than other models? Surely it’s affordable price range is one of them. A strong, durable cast iron 14 inches diameter sanding work table features this model. This spindle sander offers a 5/8 inches stroke. This feature ensures nice finishing as well as effectively prevents blazing your valuable stock.   

This unit will please you with greater versatility as this sander features 6  sanding sleeves. No more dust problems as this spindle sander have an integrated dust port. Such a nice feature ensures a neat and cleaner work environment. It also offers washers, convenient onboard storage for all sanding parts, when changes needed easier and faster spindles access option. You will discover this machine is lightweight at only 32 lbs. Besides, it’s another plus point is a small size. So, it will require little space as well as allow you to move it whenever you need it as a portable spindle sander.

This Powertec OS1400 oscillating sander is considered an effective replacement of the conventional spindle sander. They achieved this position and reputation for some important reasons. Their easy to use nature and capability to accomplish a variety of wooden work for instance curves, arcs and contours brought to their reliability.

It ensures the long life of the sleeve. It never compromises your safety as well as comfort and designed to achieve that goal. In your workspace, you will not face any dust and can keep your workstation neat and clean with its inbuilt dust port.

Its reasonable price, useful features, and design admired with many users. However, its drawback is an annoying noise which needs to address.

This POWERTEC OS1400 model has sufficient onboard storage place where you can easily keep washers, inserts and the drums with ease. It also comes with 6 different sizes of drums.

You can change the spindles just like a piece of cake.

If your main goal is time to time use of a spindle sander you don’t need to break your bank. This model can give you the best solution. Its combined features are good enough to complete your all small to midsize different woodworking finishing projects.

However, please keep in mind it’s not as solid as more expensive models that are natural.

Your investment will not go wrong as this spindle sander comes with a one year warranty. You can use this unit for various sanding jobs like contours, irregular shapes, curves, and sand arcs.

However, if you are a professional, contractor this sander will not be ideal for you. Overall, it can be handy for your smaller finishing jobs.

5.Jet 708404 Oscillating Spindle Sander


Non-skid rubber feet

5-year warranty

1/2 HP motor

Dust-sealed on/off switch

Precision ball bearings

1,725 Spindle Speed (RPM)

30 Oscillations (per minute)

A one-inch oscillating action

two-inch dust port

Table tilts to 45 degrees

If you are interested in a balanced mid-level Oscillating Spindle Sander the 708404 models can be your destination. How well it can give you a service? Well, we like its design, useful features, size, and good performance. Let’s see what’s its capacity to overcome other competitors.

This sander will allow you to achieve a variety of finishing wood projects with its adjustable table and a ½ horsepower durable motor. You can use this machine in various positions according to your needs of every wood tasks like lowers, lifts and tilts. During work time if you slip the machine many accidents may happen. Your machine to the workpiece to yourself may injure or damage. This Jet 708404 Oscillating Spindle Sander offers Non-slip rubber feet. This feature ensures the stability of the machine and prevents such accidents efficiently. Cleaning issue? Jet 708404 resolved it smartly with an integrated dust port. Such a feature will make sure a complete clean workspace quickly with no dust.  

Using this machine means you will get satisfactory finishing results from a decent spindle sander like the Jet 708404 model.

The JET 708404 spindle sander is a good choice of daily woodworking tasks. Its nature of heavy-duty will make your all woodworking tasks easier than before. It can be your great choice if you are serious about a high-end spindle sander.

What makes it different from its challengers? Well, the first thing we clearly notice is the tilting work table. If you need to do a lot of beveled wood tasks this feature will make it more easier with accuracy. You will also notice no other sanders are as tall as the JET 708404 model. A piece of welcome news for tall users. But if not just mount it to a table to adjust the height so that you never face any problem while working.  

It’s not cheap as it supports even with a lot of pressure on heavy wood. Moreover, it can tackle the majority of wooden jobs efficiently. This is considered a heavy-duty sander with a weight of 82 pounds.

This JET 708404 model is perfect for contours, a variety of odd shapes as well as smoothens curves with ease. It has a good sense of protecting the sanding wood. It can efficiently minimize heat and friction with the help of the 1-inch oscillating action. It also ensures the long life of the sleeve. Using this machine you tilt up to 45 degrees which is another plus point of this sander. Its motor is significantly quite and can produce a lot of power.

Using this machine will give you the experience of less vibration. So, you will get greater accuracy as well as control.

The table of this sander will allow you to tilt from 0 up to 45 degrees. This way it ensures perfect angled sanding without any trouble. If you are a professional woodworker you may go for this JET 708404 model.

Price? It’s expensive indeed. But at the same time if you consider its performance, all the useful features, design, high-quality accessories, durable appearance with long life service you will find this sander can be a wise investment.

No matter what material you need to do sanding the Jet 708404 sander offers a one-inch spindle to give you every time a complete scratch-free finish.

This sander is perfect when you have a lot of sanding to do, and it is also easy to keep sturdy and stable thanks to the non-skid rubber feet.

Its stability and strong presence will help you immensely when you need to do a lot of sanding. You will also find the non-skid rubber feet make it more useful to you. You can accomplish all types of edges and curves as this feature offers you to do excellent straightening as well as smoothing.

Another big advantage of the JET 708404 oscillating spindle sander is its work capacity on hard to reach areas and corners. Its unique design ensures its user to get access to those challenging areas with ease.  

It works more efficiently than many other sanders as it features 5 spindle sizes.

The Good

Durable & sturdy construction

Tilting work table allows for easy beveling work

Convenient onboard storage for all accessories

Fully adjustable table

1-inch spindle for a scratch-free finish

5 different spindle sizes

Removable safety switch

Precision ball bearings ensure less maintenance

Long-life sleeve

Inbuilt dust port for neat & clean work

Not so Good



Final Note​

First, consider how many functionalities you require and your budget before going to find the perfect oscillating spindle sander. You know every sanding work has its own needs

The best spindle sander you have means achieve impressive round surfaces or sand curved result.

You may need to accomplish your woodwork with odd angles. In such a case, your handy assistant can be a right oscillating spindle sander.

We hope our best 5 spindle sanders reviews with functionality, pros and cons will help you to choose wisely your much-needed tool and enhance your knowledge of oscillating spindle sanders world.

In this article, we emphasized top-notch models that are capable enough with lightweight, useful features for a variety of spindle sanding tasks. We also carefully judged versatility, design, price range, durability, power, logical investment, and overall users’ opinion.

This insight review will help you to reduce your time, fatigue, cost to select the ideal spindle sander which will assure quick action with accuracy.

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Best Orbital Sanders – Top Budget Models For 2019

When you want to go for the best random orbital sander it may seem challenging as there are so many products, features, price ranges on the market.

That’s why we made a list of top-notch models right now available.

We carefully considered some key factors to find versatile random orbital sanders like capacity, durability, useful options, budget-friendly and so on.

This article will give you a good idea as well as the right judgment to find out clearly how to discover an efficient random orbital sander that can serve all your requirements. Here you will know what to truly expect about various features, how to avoid the wrong device and make a good balance between price and quality.

You can get a random-orbit action when you use a handheld random orbital sander power tool.

If you want to accomplish a variety of woodworking finish tasks you will need a versatile random orbital sander. Here we present 5 best orbital sanders that can be perfect for your desired finish wood projects.

An eye-catching surface finish will give you the next level of confidence after using the perfect tool with the required features.

You are welcome to discover here some top-notch random orbital sanders in order to improve your level of experience in various woodworking applications.

A perfect orbital sander you have means you will be expert in finishing works like flooring, fences, dressers to desks, cribs to cabinets and much more.

Best Orbital Sanders- Comparison

5 Best Orbital Sanders – Reviews

1.Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander


Stepless variable speeds

Ergonomic design

Balanced vibration stop

Lightweight and compact

Interchangeable sanding pad

Dust extraction connection


Weighs: 2.4 lbs

Measurement System: Metric

Warranty: 36 months & all-inclusive service

Sanding Stroke: 5/64 inches (2.0 mm)

The Good

Ergonomically optimal

Overall great build quality

Balanced vibration stop design

Smooth and quiet

Time-saving and superior craftsmanship

No dust while sanding

Easy to use for lightweight

Reliable dust collection feature due to Jetstream design

Good choice for a pro who want performance, power with quality

one-handed machine


Not so Good

No dust collection hose


The Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander is expensive indeed but if you consider it’s all useful features, durability, long life, warranty period with advantages you will find in fact it is a wise long term investment. It can be your reliable random orbital sander for a variety of woodworking projects.

You know while you are working on wood it is quite frustrating to find unwanted swirl marks. Good news comes with this sander. It will ensure to get rid of all such things. It also offers easy to use action and smooth finishing. 

If you are a DIYer, woodworker, professional, renovators or contractor fatigue in arms is quite common and such concern is worthy to consider. This Festool model comes with a very lightweight appearance after analyzing such a point which is great.

While using this tool you will experience much less vibration which can cause unintended micro gouging in your finished task.

You will find the tool is comparatively quiet with excellent dust removal feature. The dust extraction is amazing when connected to a shop vac.

The only downside is a bit pricey but if you judge its features with a significantly long life you will find everything Festool is worth the cost. And traditional tools are more expensive than this sander. 

It’s true the sandpaper is expensive but lasts ten times longer than other brands. This sander will give you total control. If you are a serious woodworking hobbyist, or busy for many commercial projects this Festool 574993 model can be one of the best purchases you ever made.

The powerful OPM range ensures a lot of efficient woodwork while the comfortable rubberized grip allows its user to hold the device for an extended period of time with full control. 

Last but not least this sander will give you the smoothest finishing as it comes with its useful front handle that allows you to use even pressure. One may argue it’s not the most powerful sander. True. However, if you are engaging with common home remodeling projects such power is sufficient to achieve an impressive, nice surface that will bring admiration.

No matter your hands are long or short this ergonomically designed Festool Random Orbital Sander will give your deserving comfort while using on wood projects. Sometimes you may need

to work on vertical position while sometimes it may need to go for extended overhead. In both cases, this compact, as well as a lightweight device, will help you as a true friend.

While working on different wood applications you will need to adjust the speed to finish the work with ease. This Festool 574993 electric corded sander allows you to do it smoothly through its efficient variable speed control feature.

You will experience pleasing finishing due to its balanced vibration option. You can expect a long life from this sander tool as its Jetstream design provides an effective dust removal mechanism. Besides, it also increases the functionality period of the sanding pads.

For above all logical reasons we believe this Festool 574993 unit is the best orbital sander. A conscious user like you will choose it for its durability, performance with high quality and reasonable price.

2.DeWalt DW6423K Orbital Hand Sander

Key Features

Shorter height

Less vibration

Rubber over-mold

Dust-sealed switch

hook & loop pad

Dust bag with one-hand locking system


3 Amp motor

Weight 4 pounds

Warranty 3 years

OPM 8,000 to 12,000

Variable Speed

Disc size: 5 inches

The Good

The sander easy to use and effective

Quite and fewer vibrations than other brands!


Nice bag for storage

Very easy to operate

Comfortable to use due to rubber over-mold

When connected to a dust collection system almost no dust escapes

Perfect for various sanding materials like plastic, metal, and wood

Useful one hand dust bag locking system

It ensures work closely with short height

Not so Good

It’s not easy to vacuum tubing with dust collection option

This DeWalt DW6423K Orbital Hand Sander is remarkably short with a compact size that ensures powerful service. While you are working on various positions you may need to balance even contact as well as full control on the device to make sure you are in the perfect nearest position to the surface. This feature ensures such a facility. This tool also offers a specious carrying bag and a useful dust bag.

You may wonder what the behind reason that proves this device uniqueness? Well, it’s over mold as well as short height is the right answer to this DeWalt 5 inches orbital sander tool model. You can work for a long time even hours with this device as it is very comfortable to use and can ensure your total control. If you are a newbie in the wood world this unit can be your perfect choice for its user-friendly features and performance.

If you consider a decent range budget for random orbital sander you will find the DeWalt DWE6423K model is just perfect for that criteria. Its excellent performance achieved its reputation from users at a high rate. 

Its long warranty period of 3 years clearly proves its confidence. Except for Dewalt on the market, you will find a few brands that can ensure you such a long life service. This is a great thing for this model.

However, it also has a little issue with the dust removal system. It works quite good with its attached dust collection mechanism. But if you want to add a hose of shop vacuum it may give you some challenge to adjust.

A soft dust collection bag of the DeWalt DWE6423K works much better than any other model available on the market. Besides its a one-hand locking system makes the dust bag more effective.

The DWE6423K paid full attention to durable manufacturing and designed to address user fatigue. Its powerful and strong motor works on removing stock like a piece of cake and make finishing wood tasks smoother. 

It prevents effectively from wearing out with its sturdy features. You will get a neat and clean working space while working using its useful dust collection process. You just have to empty it frequently.

In 2019 you can choose this Dewalt model as one of the best random orbital sanders with great value.

Another nice thing is it allows its users to work for mid-size commercial projects. This user-friendly sander with the rubber over-mold ensures long hours work. You will also thank it for its useful vibration reduce feature.

The power of oscillations per minute of this sander is good to accomplish oscillate at any place as it comes with 8,000 up to 12,000 OPM. A successful, as well as impressive sanding, derived with this speed,  controlled sander which featured with a sanding pad of the exact grit for various applications. 

Another plus point of this tool is its spacious carrying bag which enables you to keep your accessories neat and tidy along with the tool with easy to carry capacity. It has enough room for a box of pads. This sadder effectively protects its internal electronic components as it featured with a dust-sealed switch.

If you need to finish some woodworking tasks like a variety of wooden built-ins, shelves, cabinets, staircase this DeWalt DW6423K can be a great choice for you.

You will find the sander is very easy to use. It comes with an on-off switch with a little dial. It increases the strength of your sanding. Its Separate counterweight design ensures less vibration which is a crucial feature for a reliable sander.

The Sander has good power, a nice manageable weight and a wide range of speeds.  Overall, it works really well. It can save a lot of manual labor. For many small household projects, this is a good sander.

Lightweight, multi-speed and easy to change hook and loop pads makes this orbital sander of DW6423K so versatile and useful. It is easy to control with well-balanced features.

The value is very good if you don’t mind a cord.


3.Black & Decker BDERO600 Random Orbit Sander


The low profile makes it easy to control

Economical price

Well built and sturdy

Easy to use  


Reduce fatigue significantly while in use

Maximum dust remove through the dust bag


The bag is a pain to clean


Paddle Switch Activation for easy on/off

High-performance dust collection

Included Components

Compact size  

Ergonomic design


Power 2.4 amps

OPM 1,400

Weight 3.13 pounds  

Source of power Corded-Electric

Warranty 2 year

If you are a weekend DIYer warrior, homeowner or hobbyist who wants to complete some home renovation wood projects with smoothness and quality and looking for a random orbital sander this Black & Decker BDERO600 model can be perfect for you. High performance with easy to use features proves it as a bosom friend for beginners to DIYer team.

This sander offers an impressive high OPM (orbits per minute) range of 14,000 capacity. Surprisingly it comes with only 2.4-amp motor yet offers such ability. Such power if you grab it means an eye-catching polished result in various wood applications according to your need with high-speed sanding process and desired pressure. 

About the dust collection feature? Well, they are just fine but not in top quality. On your working piece, there’s a high possibility to discover dust. 

While you are working, you may need more pressure as some materials nature is different. This sander with its top grip creates such a requirement with ease. Besides, you will find user-friendly activation through the paddle-switch. If you consider features with performance, and affordable price range this sander is surely a great choice to go for.


If you need a budget-friendly random orbital sander with speed, performance the BDERO600 model can be your assistant.

It’s true like many brands this sander does not come with a ton of features. However, in many cases, you will find many of them are not necessary for you. It’s truer if you need a random orbital sander for basic home-related wooden sanding tasks. Black & Decker in this model clearly focused on DIYer, weekend wood warriors with comfortable design, enrich power, necessary features, lightweight and compact in size.

Safety is a top priority for a brand name like Black & Decker. That’s why they come with a high-quality dust collection feature, ergonomic shape with easy to use and quick response capable orbital sander. 

Besides its user-friendly activity a true loving point. It’s quite different than other competitors with some remarkable different options that make it hard to ignore when going for the best random orbital sanders.

If you are engaged with a variety of mid-size wood projects with surface this Black & Decker BDERO600 unit can be your reliable friend with sufficient power. Its compact size ensures to work even in hard to reach areas.

This BDERO600 detail sander can be well beginning for newbie along with wood contractors for sanding related various applications. If you have a perfect detail sander it means it is easy to work in tight spaces or corners.

Even for the occasional user, this tool is handy too due to its attractive price, easy to use and lightweight nature. You can accomplish your necessary sanding tasks with ease and fast in spite of its compact size as it offers 14,000 oscillations per minute.

You don’t need to be concerned about dust issues as its high-quality micro-filtration feature ensures a neat and tidy working area than many other competitors of an orbital sander. Still, there will be the presence of dust however, that will be less than other sanders.

This 5-inch compact orbital sander of Black & Decker comes with an easy on/off paddle switch activation. You won’t feel fatigued while using this tool.


4.Makita BO5041K Random Orbit Sander Kit


Variable speed control dial

Ergonomic rubberized palm grip and handle

Adjustable front handle

Large two-finger trigger switch

Pad control system

Large 1/8 inches random orbit action



OPM 4,000-12,000

Motor power 3 AMP

Disc size: 5 inches

Weight 3 lbs

Warranty 1 year


Good power, hard case

vibration is below average

Dust collection is on point

Feel comfort for rubberized palm grip

Work great on corners and tight areas for adjustable front handle

Constant work capacity for trigger lock feature

Long-life ensure with oversized sealed ball bearing construction

Swirl-free finish pad control system


Dust collection not quite good

A bit expensive

The Makita BO5041K is our other favorite choice which can claim overall the best orbital sander. You will feel comfort and ease to use it because of its ergonomic grip. It also has variable speeds for different applications. If you need to work on tight areas, hard to reach corners this sander comes as a rescuer with its useful front handle which has the ability to move around with no challenge. Additionally, it will boost your sanding work experience in the question of the sanding pad changing option as it is quite simple.   

When using a sander feel easy is a very important thing which you will discover in the sander through the front handle. If you are serious for a perfect even finish as well as smoother surface such feature will bring that result with control of pressure and necessary even movement.

Price? It’s another good side of the Makita BO5041K model as it offers a decent price point. If you consider its all features and performance that’s a real win deal. In the market more costly sanders are available but it’s quite possible they may not fulfill your sanding requirement like this tool.

However, like day and night, Makita also has an issue like a dust removal feature which needs to improve according to some users. Overall, you can think to try this Makita BO5041K orbital sander as it has a good reputation from majority users.

If you think about versatility this Makita orbital sander offers smart ability to adjust to new conditions whenever you need for your sanding tasks. Its wide range of speeds as well as the arrangement of parts with the feature allows you to perform like a pro wood warrior.

The convenient variable speed control dial is also worth mentioning. This feature allows you to have full control over the range of speed from 4,000 up to 12,000 OPM in order to fix your required sanding speed on the different materials. 

This sander ensures your comfort while continuous using a large two-finger trigger switch. The lock-on button also has its perfect presence to make sanding operation smoother.

You know each task of sanding is different. Makita also understands it well. It offers different positions in order to hold the sander with ergonomic design. Its grip position is also remarkable due to some rubberized areas for your perfect hand position.

This 5-Inch Makita ensures your more control with its pad control system. At the same time, it efficiently minimizes scuff and swirls while finishing.

This Makita BO5041K model offers a powerful 3 AMP motor. Besides, it will give you long life service as it equipped with oversized sealed ball bearing construction. Thus durability becomes its part.

From starting point to ending period of finishing the task this orbital sander ensures no swirl on your workpiece with smoothness everywhere. It is more controllable due to a pad mechanism system.

This BO5041K comes with a tool case, dust bag, and abrasive disc.

When you want easy to control and required pressure this tool can work as a reliable friend with good handle fit and the rubberized, comfortable palm grip.

Its 5 inches 8 hole hook-and-loop abrasive disc ensures fast changes. Using this sander you can keep your work area neat and clean as it also featured an effective dust removal system with the help of its pad. It also offers a built-in vacuum port adapter.

The BO5041K is just another example of Makita’s commitment to innovative technology and best-in-class engineering.

If high-quality finishing is your first priority with durable engineering and reasonable price the Makita BO5041K model can be your best match. This Makita random orbital sander allows you to enjoy better control if you want through its multiple grip features.

This sander tool provides a 1/8-inch random orbit performance. You will receive better results of smoothness that other competitors won’t be able to give.

You can use this tool with ease for small to medium-sized wood tasks. Its nice pattern ensures zero swirls. After using this sander you will receive great finished products. One or two for both hands it works well. It’s another plus point is the good range of orbits per minute.

Due to it’s lightweight, you can carry this portable orbital sander of Makita anywhere you want.


5.Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander


Pad dampening system

Hook and Loop disc attachment

Variable speed control

Microfilter dust removal

Included kits


Motor 2.5 AMP

Disc size 5 inches

OPM 7,500 to 12,000

Weight 3.5 lbs

Warranty 1 year, 30-day money-back guarantee

The Good

Affordable sander

Great to use for smaller projects

Variable speed for different applications

No vibration, and sands great

Collects dust very well

Easy to use

Not too heavy to hold



Not so Good

Not for big projects

The filter didn’t collect all the dust

A little heavy

The Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander machine works well for sanding. It also efficiently collects dust. It offers a nice job on paper and canvas too.

Its lightweight, quiet nature and easy to use features will draw your attention.

This Bosch ROS20VSC ensures minimal swirl marks. Even after prolonged use, it won’t give you numbness feeling. It generally fits well in the user’s hand. You will love its dust pick up feature as it is equipped with an integral paper filter and a sealed plastic canister. However, due to its small size, you need to empty it frequently.

This sander comes with a big set of various grit. It is powerful. It’s pad not completely flat. It’s a good product for the price.

Its compact design allows its user to maneuver with ease. This tool can be operated with one hand. It prevents swirl marks using pad dampening system. This orbital sander with its micro-filter system cuts down on dust Hook-and-loop attachment and successfully catches even the tiniest particles of dust.

In our this review the Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander can be one of the best random orbital sanders.

You will get impressive finish woodwork using this Bosch’s ROS20VSC useful features like hook tight mechanism as well as pad breaking option.

It may happen you will need to accomplish your wooden projects into hard to reach areas like corners, smaller spaces and so on. You have your reliable assistant like the Bosch ROS20VSC orbital sander. 

Even if you are a newbie its small compact design is perfect to achieve your target. This orbital sander also comes with a carrying bag, dampening ring, sanding disc, vacuum hose adapter, dust canister, and a sanding pad.

Regarding price range, this sander offers pleasing, affordable prices with its reliable performance. There are a few users issues it has while majority users highly rated it with satisfaction.

When you are engaging with various wooden projects it’s natural you will need to change the position of speeds according to the task. This orbital sander comes with a suitable located variable speed dial that allows you to change the settings fast whenever you want. 

You will also notice this Bosch sander ensures an ergonomically comfortable hand grip for using it in an extended period of time. It also let it used to use both hands when it may need to face rough sanding projects that need a lot of pressure.


For your different sanding applications and wood-working jobs, this Bosch ROS20VSC offers impressive finishing with professional performance.

What will draw your attention to this sander is it specifically designed for finishing with great polishing capacity.

Even if you need to work on overhead projects this sander with only 3.6 lbs weight makes it easier and prevents any discomfort.


Final word

Well, here is our end of the best random orbital sanders review. We hope it was helpful for your right decision.

If you the perfect orbital sander the world of various sanding tasks along with other tasks will be quite enjoyable and corrective.

From our this best random orbital sanders list you will be able to find the perfect match for your type. If you are busy with longer commercial projects of sanding you need with the best quality, high-end sander which also ensures a long life. In such a case, you may check the Festool model

listed. But if you are a DIYer, a homeowner looking for a sander which you can use the time to time with reasonable price then you can check Porter Cable and some other models we listed here.

Your various finishing jobs need the best random orbital sander so that with accuracy and speed you can accomplish your goal. This review we created solely for that reason. Go for the best tool and increase your potentiality as a wise wood warrior.
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5 Best Detail Sanders – 2019 Top Models Reviewed!

It’s necessary for any DIYer, carpenter or woodworker to have a reliable, good detail sander. You know quality largely depend on an efficient tool which gradually increases your knowledge and experience on the opposite your workpiece or projects will be effected using a mediocre sander tool.  

We want your best performance and prevent any unwanted harm. That’s why we researched thoroughly to make it easier for you to go for the perfect tool. Here we carefully assembled our best 5 detail sanders review for your convenience.

Below we emphasized most what you need to know in order to sort out on the market some of the best available options.

If you want to get various fine finishing of edges as well as corners there’s no tool is as perfect as detail sanders. However, choosing the ideal one can be challenging.

Detail sander has the capacity to get into tight spaces and corners where generally it is not possible to work. It also ensures the best smooth finish.

If you have the best detail sander it means you can work much faster with a significant upgrade of sanding quality.

If you look closely you will find generally every detailed corner comes with an iron-like special triangular base plate. Sandpapers attach theirs for a variety of sanding tasks like clean the joint of furniture and many more.

5 Best Detail Sanders– Comparisons

5 Best Detail Sanders– Reviews

1.PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B Cordless Detail Sander 

If you look carefully you will understand in spite of other detail sanders’ great features there’s a sharp difference which proves the PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B Cordless Detail Sander is one of the best tools. Its variable speed dial feature is the first thing it can truly claim its superiority.

When you need to work for various sanding projects due to material to other facts you need to set your detail sander power in a different position. This option of this tool will ensure your perfect matched power you want for your convenience.

This Porter-Cable sander offers per minute from 9000 up to 12,000 OPM range. In maximum sanding applications, such capacity considered more than enough for smooth work on various materials as well as surfaces.

In sanding jobs its natural to produce a lot of dust which is quite annoying. This machine comes to solve this issue with an upgraded feature of the dust removal hose mechanism. It will swiftly remove almost all dust when your sanding works done.

Comfort is a key factor while working on sander projects. This Porter-Cable unit didn’t forget that part as it offers ergonomic designed soft handle with the rubberized features. Using this detail sander means for an extended period of time easy to work environment.

In terms of cons, there is not very much to speak of. The only real issue that we were able to detect was that the vacuum hose does make it a little bit harder to access the nooks and crannies of your workpiece.

Remarkable cons. Not much. The thing we need to mention is the slightly hard vacuum hose.

Apart from this, you can choose it as a reliable detail sander.



Variable speed control  



Dust extraction mechanism


The battery needs to be purchased separately

Difficult to find replacement sandpaper


When sanding Low profile ensures control

Professional durability due to Dustproof switch

For more efficient dust removal Vacuum port hooks up to a 1 1/4″ hose

For efficient dust collection Detachable dust bag

On the market, one of the latest detail sanders is certainly the PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B model. Buyers to users achieved its reputation in a short period of time.

There are so many detail sanders tools available but in the question of performance, there’s not much to speak. This model appeared to fill that lacking accuracy.

It’s easy to use variable dial option of different power settings is just perfect for large to small detailing tasks which is considered this detail sander’s one of the most useful features. It allows you to switch from one to the other without any difficulty.

As it is an excluded battery and charger you need to buy them separately which is its simple drawback.

According to your needs of any surface, it allows you to easily adjust the output power. It also minimizes vibration so that your hand never feels tired.

The PCCW201B model battery powered cordless detail sander is more powerful than any other competitors.

No matter your job is large or small the variable speed feature will do it with the best result. This machine ensures extra durability with its dustproof power switch.

This detail sander offers a 3-year warranty as well as 3 months money-back guarantee.

2.BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

High quality at an economical price? Sounds surprised? Yes, that’s the exact presence of the Black and Decker BDEMS600 detail sander model.

A reliable motor offers from this unit which is the first noticeable good point. Using this BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 model will empower you with 14,000 orbits per minute. Such powerful presence and capacity will allow you to accomplish your all sanding projects with ease.

Sanding means patience with time. Naturally, you will need a comfortable device to tackle all challenges. This model designed after calculating that thing to make it user-friendly and comfortable. A rubberized handle comes with this machine. Besides, this detail sander ensures a 3-position grip for full control and ease of use in a variety of applications.

Concern for dust issue? Don’t worry. This BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 model offers reliable dust collection feature with micro-filtration to make your working arena and yourself neat and clean after every sanding task.

Drawbacks? well, there’s little to discuss except its size. However such a point is ideal for any home application or smaller tasks of sanding while it may not be very compatible with larger projects as that will kill time and may feel annoying.

If you are ok with such position then surely the Black and Decker will appear to you as one of the most affordable, standard detail sanders you can go for your any detail sanding work. This detail sander is great for small furniture projects like sanding to the kitchen cabinet.

The Good  

Lightweight, compact sander

Easy to hold and maneuver


Well designed for getting into corners

Works great even for beginners

Great sander for the price

Doesn’t overheat

Great durability and excellent value

Not so Good

Not for large projects

Hard to find ultra-fine sandpaper for this sander

This device with plenty of power make’s hard to get to areas, much easier.

You can quickly remove the surface and can get easy access because pad design allows you to do it. You will find it especially great for work on an open flat surface.

The BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 is quite easy to use to jump right into all your sanding needs. We recommend having back-ups buying a separate set of various grit sandpaper. Some sandpapers come with this tool but you know different projects/woods require different grit. In the question of sandpaper, replacements are sure to purchase the 12 holes with the Hook and Loop.

You can use it even for a couple of hours straight because of its lightweight and you will never sore. You will love its quiet nature and sanding dust catcher feature.

This tool is nice and small to hold and move while sanding with lots of power. If you can ensure the right sandpaper backing you can go for a long way with comfort.

For small areas it is great. However, using overhead it is challenging. Overall, for the size and cost, this is a really good sander.


Per-minute 14,000 orbits

For better control 3-position grip

Compact size

Included sanding pad and finger attachment

High-performance dust collection

In tight spaces easily fits

A palm sander is the right description of the BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander. You will get exceptional and smooth finish using this sander. It will help you to remove splinters, burrs, tool marks and any type of rough edges.

You can place this compact detail sander anywhere. Its additional finger attachment, as well as low profile legs, makes it warrior to face any tight space or corner of finishing work. You can easily move it according to your needs with its 3-position grip. For sanding surfaces the palm

the grip is perfect, extreme maneuverability comes with the precision grip and if you want to get into ultra-tight spaces, the handle grip is ideal.

The micro-filtration with a see-through dust canister will help you to know at the right time when it is full. This detail sander is suitable for a variety of projects. It comes with a sander, a finger attachment and a sanding pad.

For various material removal, you can rely on the BDEMS600 Sander powerful 1.2 amp motor.

The BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander is lightweight as it comes with 2.65 pounds weighs. It also offers a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. DIYer, woodworker, homeowner love it for its versatile and durable nature.

Room for improvement? Well, dust collection has scope to improve as not all users are fully satisfied with this feature and they believe it can change making it more effective to collect all dust.

It allows you to use the tool efficiently either horizontally or vertically. This corded detail sander equipped with an interchangeable detail finger attachment for great work in narrow spaces.

Its ergonomic design ensures maximum user control. The Black & Decker BDEMS600 is a perfect tool if you want high-quality detailing work. Due to the hook and looks system of this detail sander, you will also find it is easy to change the paper.

3.Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

The Genesis GMT15A is our another great Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool pick. It has a little bit different in features as well as functionality but certainly, you can choose it as a reliable tool for your various sanding jobs.  

Where we can start? Well, its remarkable first feature is a powerful 1.5 amp motor. The GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool can deliver 21, 000 oscillations per minute.

Such giant speed ensure its users accurate and fast work with ease.

It is equipped with a sturdy die-cast aluminum gear housing. For restoration, remodeling and home repair you can use it as a versatile tool. No matter you need to work on wood or drywall plastic this device will allow you to make small cuts according to your requirements.

Drawback? not much to discuss. The manufacturer should give more attention to the improvement of the control switches.

Remember it is a useful multipurpose tool but not dedicated to just one thing like sanding. So, if your sole need is sanding then you may look for other options whose main purpose is to accomplish various sanding jobs.

If you dont think its an issue and want to bring change in your tool collection with versatility instead of only a sanding task you can choose this tool.


Easy and light to use

Cast Aluminum Housing



Powerful motor

Good Value

The shape allows you to get close to edges and corners


No dust collection

Not for professional/industrial use

This tool is handy to have around. It helps to handle normal and odd jobs like cutting rugs, screws, etc.

Price? That’s also affordable. Besides, compared with the time and energy you save and a lot of capabilities the money is nothing.

This tool is also good for cutting through between tiles, loosening old caulk and sanding even corners. For flush-trim undercutting for the laying of a DIY replacement floor, it is ideal. This tool is a must if you do a lot of your work in your home.

Genesis GMT15A Detail Sander & Muli-Tool


Per-minute 21,000 orbits
2-year warranty
Can be used for sanding, scraping and cutting
Made with durable die-cast aluminum

The Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool is our other choice for DIYer, a homeowner who loves the versatility. Its attractive price comes with an allen wrench, HSS segment saw blade, 30 mm E-cut saw blade, scraping blade, sandpaper and a 3-inch Delta sanding pad including the 4-pin flange which holds accessories firmly in place.

If you have some repair projects or remodeling tasks this model is really useful for its versatile feature. You can rely on it for scraping, cutting, fast sanding and grinding.

In the question of weight, this versatile tool carries only 2.75 pounds. Such lightweight made it more easy to hold and use with lots of power. The manufacturer also offers a 2 years warranty.

The new homeowner or DIYer like it very much for its various other capabilities. Its price offer is very attractive compared with many detail sanders.

You may wonder due to its other features it may decrease its detail ability. It’s not that. You can accurately work for plastic, wood and more as it comes with a hook-and-loop sanding pad capability. It also powered with a flexible scraper blade. So, nothing to concern.

You can use the Genesis power Tools multipurpose oscillating tool like trimming cabinets for installation, chiseling out door hinges, taking up vinyl flooring or carpeting, glue or paint and so on.

4.SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander

Let’s go to discover now SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander. What first draws our attention to this sander is its budget-friendly price offer. People who are looking for an affordable detail sander may consider it as a nice option.

Besides, it comes with a decent offer of versatility. You can extend your arena of jobs as it smartly features eight attachments.

However, it has a major concern in terms of durability. At first, its different appearance will draw your attention. However, when coming to long-time service its features are not up to mark. Even some users complained about poor switches and plate attachments.

This detail sander model of the Skil needs to address the above issues with significant improvement to make it more acceptable to all users as it has good potential.

If you want to accomplish quality sanding and need to work on tight spaces useful features of this detail sander offers you an excellent presence. This device is more capable than any other sander.

Keep in mind don’t expect it to behave like a professional tool as it is not that type of device. It’s a little bit tricky to change the accessory plates. However, they cover most situations and very convenient.

The Good

It’s powerful and durable

Good price

Easy to use


Perfect for reaching small crevices

Great for small jobs

Not so Good

This is not a professional tool

Dust system needs improvement

SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander



Tool-less Attachment Change

Pressure Control Technology

Clear View Dust Canister

8 Detail Sanding Attachments

Using this SKIL 7302-02 tool means you can sand anything you need with the help of 8 different detailing attachments with ease. You can work into hard to reach places as it included 3 useful features like a detail finger extension for corner or tight areas, for round material a curved attachment and for 90-degree edges an L-shape piece. Moreover, this sander will let you complete the necessary changes in attachment quickly.

This SKIL unit comes with a reliable dust cleaning feature. It uses the latest microfiltration option to collect dust with efficiency. It also equipped with a clear view canister feature. Such a mechanism will clearly signal you in just time to clean the container. It’s not the end. This model ensures your best finish result with the help of the unique pressure control technology. This smart feature closely observes the pressure to make it perfect according to your different projects.

You can neatly keep your all accessories as it also offers a carrying bag including 32 sheets of sandpaper as well as eight detail attachments with this sander. It’s another good thing is the 1-year warranty.

These corded SKIL 7302-02 detail sanders are lighter than others as it comes with 2.5 lbs weight. It’s smart indicator guide you to achieve the right pressure as it will signal you when you are on the right track and warn you when you are not in that position. This way it will be easier for you to control your sanding more accurately.  

You will experience the pleasure of using this sander due to its ergonomic soft-grip design with lightweight. It also ensures maneuverability. This sander also lets you use its quick response nose towards 3 directions. No more concern for a corner, tight or hard to reach area tasks.

Except for the dust collection port, this tool’s other parts are dustproof. This way it keeps the sander safe with a long-time service position.

It is a versatile tool with a reasonable price range. Its another added value point is the tool-less attachment change feature. You don’t need to take help from any tool for fast change while working.

It comes with a 6 feet power cord and 30 days money-back guarantee.

5.VonHaus 1.1A 2 in 1 Sheet & Detail-Sander

Last but not least here we present the VonHaus 1.1A 2 in 1 Sheet & Detail-Sander. It offers some nice and useful features. However, we are skeptical due to its drawbacks. So, it’s important to consider all these aspects before taking the final decision.

However, don’t think that it does not have good points. This sander comes with the deliver power of per minute 14,000 rotations with a powerful motor. It is ergonomic, decent looking and lightweight too.

They are impressive indeed. But to be honest its list of drawbacks has given its last position in this review. It creates annoying sound, dust collection is poor, size is not user-friendly and not easy to move around. Such concerns make it difficult to use in big projects or jobs.

Its true such cons do not make it totally stranger. However, in our this list there are much capable, the better candidate is present with their impressive presence.

So, its obvious in spite of some good points the VonHaus also has some serious issues. They need to improve them drastically if they want to change their position.

What we liked

Comfortable grip & lightweight
Sanding pads and sanding sheets are easy to use
The triangular base option made it easier to sand tight spots and corners

What we didn’t like

Dust collection system needs some improvements

Only for small projects

Difficult to use in awkward positions or for vertical jobs)

Square and triangular sanding options
Ergonomic design
Two-year warranty
Speed 14000 OPM
Attached dust box
Six interchangeable sanding sheets

You can expect to get two in one option from the VonHaus sanders. It offers a user-friendly hook and loop detachable base. You just need to use Velcro sandpaper in order to change two bases like angled and square.

It allows you to work in tight corners with ease.

It has a mediocre dust box which offer cleaning working area to save your time.

You can use this sander for cutting, sanding as well as grinding.

Lightweight is another plus point of this sander as it comes with 2.2 lbs weighs. Besides, it can deliver 14,000 RPM with a 1.1 amp motor. This powerful motor ensures accurate force for better sanding.

You can use this sander for doors or windows, skirting board tasks.

It is easy to change pads. This tool will allow you to efficiently use the hex key.

For array sanding task this tool is perfect.

Final Thoughts
Well, now it’s your turn after all the reviews of the detail sanders in detail to make a decision and go for the best detail sander that can perfectly match your all needs.  

We hope this presentation will give you a proper guideline for your detail sander tool with reasonable price and useful performance.

It’s you who will make the final decision as you know best your requirements.

First, know what you want with the right match and then go for tool specification. You know for every specific detail sander job there is a tool that you need to distinguish.

Price always varies. Some are high-end some are budget-friendly. Sanders offers different prices, sizes, and shapes. Some can work like a multifunctional tool some can work as specialized.

If you are engaging with a home project or want to solve a DIY challenge decent price detail sander can be fine. However, if you need to use your tool repeatedly go for a durable, high-end tool.
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