Shop Fox W1668 Review :Top Drill Press With Solid Performance

When it comes to woodworking as well as metalworking equipment obviously the name come to our mind is the Shop Fox machinery line of the Woodstock International company. It proved its excellence within a few years. Naturally now is considered one of the best popular brands with impressive devices. You know quality comes first. This is the behind the reason for its immense popularity in toolkit world. They are not only durable but also reliable with all features.

The Shop Fox W1668 Benchtop has introduced 10 years ago. Since then from beginners to experts many people seem to be fairly satisfied.  

In tools world, some brands have hundred years presence like Black & Decker while others are like a newbie. Shop fox is in the later position yet in a short time they made a big splash.

The Shop Fox W1668 is an economy friendly a press built for consumers. It is amazingly powerful and as a wise buyer, you can surely consider.

Let’s see a bright example- The Shop Fox W1668 drill press. Its perfect as well as a fast model. This device drills holes in various materials for instance plastic, metal, wood etc. Its another advantage is it accepts different attachments. Thus makes this impressive unit more versatile. Naturally, that’s the reason in many workshops it is known as a common tool.

You want to operate smoothly everyday DIY task or looking for the more complicated, advanced professional jobs? The Shop Fox W1668 is that machine definitely has sufficient speed and power.

Are you considering buying this benchtop drill press? Then you are welcome to read and discover. In the travel of this review, you will get all your required info on this tool. We will clearly provide you with an unbiased, honest, informative review for your better understanding.


Technical Specifications of The Shop Fox W1668

  1. Motor: 3/4 HP 100-volts
  2. Weight: 130 pounds
  3. Height: 38-inches
  4. Chuck: 5/8”
  5. Dimensions – 23? x 14? x 38?
  6. Speeds: 12 (250-3,050 RPM)
  7. Dust Port: 2-inches
  8. Style: Bench
  9. Maximum table tilt (left/right): 90 degrees.
  10. Sanding capability
  11. Swing: 13 1/4”
  12. Batteries Required: No
  13. Warranty: 2 years


Who can use it?

Anyone can use this drill press. However, consumers with little space can get the best result from it. It needs less space due to it is a benchtop model. So, you have to just bolt it down as well as on your workbench clear some room.

Its affordable price is another great attraction to everyone.

The Shop Fox W1668 is well known as a very versatile drill press machine. It can easily tackle a large variety of tasks.


The Basics of the Shop Fox W1668

High-performance ¾ HP Motor is the heart of this device. You will get your desired results as well as can perform your all tasks efficiently as it provides enough power. Its another impressive feature is metal heat dissipators. Naturally, such a well-built engine is capable enough for heavy-duty drilling. Its decent variable speed 250 RPM to 3,050 RPM allows you to control the speed according to your needs and kind of work at hand.

The Shop Fox W1668 build quality is exceptional. It offers guarantees to withstand any kind of mechanical damage as it is a well-made drill.  You can work in the angled position as the tool has 90° adjustable table. Besides, the integrated 3-piece spindle sander adds to the unit’s multi-functionality with ease. Interested to know more? Just keep on reading:


Pros of Shop Fox W1668

  1. Best all-around drill press for light metal and wood
  2. Oscillating feature
  3. It features a variety of speed options for all tasks from 250 – 3050 RPM
  4. The 3/4 HP motor is ample for most drilling purposes.
  5. Robust steel construction
  6. The Table can swing a complete 360 degrees. Thus you can tackle big jobs with ease
  7. The drill press features an easy to clean design and all of the necessary accessories.
  8. You can bore holes quickly and easily.
  9. You can find the perfect position for all your sanding and drilling applications with the adjustable table
  10. Ideal for For heavy-duty application
  11. Sanding capability


Cons of Shop Fox W1668

  1. Some consumers have noticed that the manual can be difficult to follow
  2. No integrated work light


Key Features


The Shop Fox W1668 considered as a smart and reasonably compact unit because of its lightweight (122 pounds) and the dimensions of 23? x 14? x 38?. Wherever you want to put it won’t take much space indeed. It will fill up your expectation as the overall construction quality is excellent. From a wide array of sturdy materials, the machine has been professionally built. So, there’s no issue will come in the question of withstanding heavy-duty application.

Another plus point is to your both left as well as a right side it is usable as the table of this drill can be tilted 90°. It’s adjustable height allow you to easily accommodate the workpiece. Thus you can achieve the desired sanding/drilling angles without any trouble.

Another inspiring point is the base which is very robust and stable. Its additional purpose reveals through its different rectangular shape. So, any user can use the base for drilling once the table is tucked away. Even you will find some drilling holes in it.

Due to its versatile design, The Shop Fox W1668 is considered the best benchtop drill press. You can drill up to ¾” in steel. You can even convert the tool into an oscillating sander. Just take a few steps. You can use this useful device as a powerful sander to smooth rough surfaces and contour edges. You don’t need to feel concern about overheat as the excellent the oscillating design also helps to prevent overheating. Moreover, it ensures a perfect finishing.



Power Tools of ShopFox use their strong motors.  In the Shop Fox W1668 model, they wisely use a ¾ HP motor. You can use it for industrial and home purpose as it is regarded as a highly efficient machine. The unit can cope with heavy-duty drilling as it has metal heat dissipators the front side. You can use it for a variety of drilling operations.

In 12 different speed settings, The Shop Fox W1668 can be used. Its speed ranging are 250 RPM to 3,050 RPM. Thus a user can choose the desired speed that is needed for the task at hand. For example, you will need 3,050 RPM level speed when you work on plywood materials for splinter-less holes and 250 RPM speed is accurate for drilling through resistant materials.

Like a reliable clock, the device works as it bears an excellent construction quality for its size. Moreover, the motor is powering a 5/8? chuck for better performance.

You can also use the Shop Fox W1668 as an oscillating sander which surely increased its acceptance. Just applying a sanding pad to the mandrel you will be able to sand complex contours. The dedicated dust-collection port comes with a clearance hole for a more positive output.


Easy Cleaning  

The Shop Fox W1668 features a convenient dust collection system that works perfectly with the included table. It is very easy to maintain and clean. Around the dust port, the center hole in the table is designed to fit securely. Thus into a disposable container, the sanding debris can be neatly funneled. Moreover, a sanding drum kit, a drill chuck including all useful accessories are coming with the drill press.



The Shop Fox W1668 is professionally built. It used various quality materials. For decades The Shop Fox has been building quality power tools.



The Shop Fox W1668 offers a decent variable speed up to 3,050 RPM. It’s 12 predefined speeds can be easily activated just by the push of a button. When you switch off the drill press

after your task finish it remembers your last setting. It will start just from that speed setting you last left. A cool option indeed.


Spindle Travel

Another eye-catching option of The Shop Fox W1668 model is it’s Spindle Travel. It will work with very thick lumber and is quite generous of 3-1/4″. As the spindle travel is long you can even quickly bore holes of exact dimensions and stack materials together.  


Easy to Use

Even for beginners, The Shop Fox W1668 unit is very user-friendly. The swivels make it easy to adjust both the height or tilt of the table. Besides, it has a straightforward form factor.



On the Shop Fox W1668, you will get a sturdy tilting table. Do you want to find the perfect angle? the table can tilt to the left or right 90-degrees easily.

The size is nice too. It is slotted and measures 12 3/8” round. It swings 360-degrees. Besides, it has a large hole in the front. When it’s time to sand it allows to serve any special purpose.


Long Life

The Shop Fox W1668 drill press is designed to last as it features a durable construction. Some of your tougher projects will get sufficient speed and power from this unit you need to finish. The oscillating sander will help to increase the life of the durable and versatile tool as it is also designed to prevent tear and engine wear.


What we liked of The Fox W1668

You can consider The Shop Fox W1668 is a fantastic benchtop drill press. Its noticeable great design, well-built looks proved it can easily handle harsh working conditions and heavy-duty application.

It offers an impressive adjustable table & helps the perfect accommodation of the workpiece as well as a sturdy base. 

Moreover, its powerful motor is regarded as another great advantage. Besides when combined with the versatile 5/8? chuck it will make your all projects time shorter with accuracy.

The machine’s 12 different speeds is another eye-catching option. It added its credibility of established versatility. The device’s sanding capability undoubtedly another positive point we particularly liked. Just using a simple button any time you can change it to an oscillating tool.

Sturdy, adjustable, convenient all are equally true for the included table with the drill press. Do you want to prevent back pain? need more comfort? It’s simple. Just adjust the height. The table can also be tilted to make it easier to work on certain tasks. The table can tilt 45 degrees from left to right.

It can swing around 360 degrees. Whether you are using the tool like a sander or drill this makes it easy. Thus You can find the right angle to work. Besides, as a stable work base, you can use the table too. When you don’t need to use it just push it out of the way.

The dust collection system with the included hole in the center designed to work seamlessly. Now you can easily understand why this is considered as an ideal versatile tool. At the same time, it is common in commercial workshops as well as home.


What we didn’t like

Well, our major objection about Shop Fox W1668 is it’s difficult assembling steps. Complex info in the manual, lack of labels on the parts are just some reason for it.

The lack of a work light is another drawback. However, it’s not a big deal. On the handheld, it often seems more critical to use properly.


Common Impressions

From the users, The Shop Fox W1668 received positive reactions. After they use it they call it the best benchtop drill press. The versatility of the device for sanding as well as drilling is highly appreciated from buyers.

Their only mentionable drawback is challenging assemble process.


Final Word

The Shop Fox W1668 is perfect for the shop, general home use, crafters and DIY enthusiasts. Its overall capabilities, size and attractive price are some inspiring point.

The Shop Fox W1668 is a great choice for anyone who needs a high-quality versatile drill press. The drill press is a great machine with the high-performance tool of power.

It can easily use for drilling into most materials because of its high power motor and great speed settings. High quality and full of features increased its acceptance generally. This is an excellent drill press for the money if you need to drill in tough material easier and faster.

We think it is a reliable drill press. Professional or home-based they assure you with all types of sanding and drilling operations. Moreover, it is well known for different kind of tasks with the best possible result for the user. It is an excellent investment for the long run.

Jason E.

Jason has been a Tool enthusiast for some years and has written some articles on Power Tool and Hand Tools.

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