In your workshop or home, a rotary tool is arguably the most versatile tool you have. Rotary tools are well known as extremely handy power tools. They are very useful for grinding, polishing, sanding as well as several other applications. It can do all jobs as the rotary tool attachment heads give it the ability. They are fast to repetitive tasks, compact, handheld and versatile. The lives of DIY home project enthusiasts and woodworkers became very easy as the presence of this tool.

The WEN is specialized in making various power tools. The company is well known for producing continuously some of the best tools. Their main goal is to make affordable tools for veteran craftsmen and amateur.

If you look at WEN rotary tools you will feel certain their ability. However, choosing the perfect rotary tool for you is challenging. So, today we are going to discover at two of their best selling rotary tools- The WEN 2305 and The WEN 2307 Rotary Tool Kit and their features in details so that you can take your own decision easily.

Feeling confused to decide which rotary tool the Wen 2305 vs 2307 to use? Like you many DIYers and hobbyists also face this trouble.

Several features, as well as followers, make them out of the box. Let’s discover which offers more value for your money?

Our detailed comparison will solve this issue. There are significant differences yet they share some common features.


Wen 2305 vs 2307 ComparisonTable 

WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft:

The WEN 2305 has many features. Such option proved its difference from the usual rotary tool. You can use this device to cut, polish, grind, engrave and sand with its variable speed. The WEN 2305 is ideal even for different materials and projects such as wood, glass, plastic, and steel. The tool offers a one year warranty. It also includes a detailed manual. It will help you to the best as well as most out of this tool.

A flex shaft and a bit changing spanner wrench with several drill bits and collets are a mentionable feature of the WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit. It has many tools. Sander bands and a drum sander are included among them. The WEN 2305 allows you to complete a wide range of tasks using these accessories.

Special Features of The WEN 2305

  • You can change bits fast as there is an onboard spindle lock.
  • You can store and organize your stuff easily with the carry case.
  • A flex shaft for greater precision and adding intricate details comes with the WEN 2305
  • The Wen 2305 offers a variable speed for up to 30,000 RPM.
  • The accessory set of the WEN 2305 includes 100 pieces for polishing, sanding, cutting and other projects.

WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit with 100-Piece Accessories. It is a well-made device to accomplish your DIY projects in time. The WEN 2307 allows you to grind, cut, drill and engrave different types of materials.

The WEN 2307 with its variable speed is easy to use. Besides, it has been well designed to minimize vibration. Even it allows Dremel bits to fix and work perfectly.

The WEN 2307 considered as a powerful rotary tool kit. It is suitable for anyone who used to complete serious work with a rotary tool.


Special Features of WEN 2307

  • You can use The WEN 2307 for the long term as it is built in that way. It is also suitable for shaping, cutting, grinding and drilling.
  • The WEN 2307 offers 100 accessories like 2305. It includes pads, bits, discs, and mandrels.
  • You can adjust to fine tune your desired work as it has a simple knob.
  • You can change bits rapidly which is essential when working on a complex, challenging project. The WEN 2307 has a spindle lock that lets you to it accurately.
  • The WEN 2307 has a variable speed motor. You can use it for various tasks according to your need.

Motor and Speed

The WEN 2305 and the WEN 2307 other tools both use 1.0 amp motors. They can speed up to 30,000 RPM. In questions of power and longevity, they proved their best result. Overheat quickly than other rotary tools is their only drawback. However, if you consider The WEN devices super budget-friendly price offer you will discover its not a very big issue.

Their powerful motors offer speed range from 8,000 RPM to 30,000 RPM. Near the bottom of the rotary tool, the variable speed dial is located. One can even change the speed when the tool is running. It means you can use it for various projects such as polishing, sanding etc.

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Vibrations and Noise Level

You may wonder how much noise produced these WEN rotary tools when running. The produced noise levels are not too loud at their lowest 8,000 RPM speed. Besides, there’s very little vibration will give you a lot of relief. When you start polishing or sanding surfaces you do not need to worry to lose control of the units.

Remember, the rotary tools can pretty loud when they set to 30,000 RPM. So, extreme caution is needed. These WEN tools give you the option to go fast.   

Flexible Shaft and Accessories

The WEN 2305 and the 2307 model comes with many attachments. A Flexible Shaft is also included. The WEN 2307 offers greater versatility than the 2305 model in terms of attachments. However, it’s insignificant as the attachments are the same. Polishing pads, mandrels, and sanding discs are its best example. The WEN 2307 offers a larger variety of bit sizes. This is the only difference between these two kits attachments.

Another great thing is that users can add other companies cut-off wheels, sanding stones, and buffing wheels.

Some Common Pros and Cons of The WEN 2305 and The WEN 2307 Rotary Tool Kit


  • Effective enough on steel and hardwoods
  • This is a solid unit that you can expect will last a long time.
  • Very good addition to any hobbyist’s bench
  • Flex tool runs smooth and quiet.
  • Variable speed dial
  • Accepts Dremel brand screw on attachments
  • It is well ventilated and did not overheat. Some chunks of grout got in the motor but the motor just ground them up and spit them out.
  • Worth the money
  • The main unit is not any louder than any other tool of its kind.


  • Overheat in sometimes
  • The cutting tools and sander accessories are not as great as they are cheap

Feature Comparison Wen 2307 vs Wen 2305

The WEN 2305 and The WEN 2307 usually have some common features. Hope you understand from the above discussion. However, there are some differences to I need to clear. The WEN 2305 has a carry case as well as a flex shaft.

At first, it’s natural to you may seem not a very big deal. Moreover, if you use your rotary tool sometimes you may ignore it without trouble. However, if you use it often and carry it in many places, the carry case is essential.

Now let’s look at the flex shaft. If you use The WEN 2307 you have to hold the tool manually. Besides, the WEN 2305 offers the flex shaft. Thus you won’t need to grab the rotary tool. Just onto the shaft end hook up the right bit you want to use.

You will be able to use the WEN 2305 with limited vibration as well as maximum precision when you attached it. You know vibration is challenging. It can make a project wonderful or can break it. So, naturally, if you are working in tight locations or working on challenging, delicate projects the option of flex shaft comes in handy. The WEN 2305 has this feature.

The WEN 2305 and The WEN 2307 both rotary tools are versatile. You can use them according to your need like cutting, polishing, drilling, grinding and deburring. But between them at polishing and sanding The WEN 2305 is better. Moreover, for challenging complex designs from glass, plastic, and steel it is also more efficient. But remember, it’s not that you can’t do it with The WEN 2307 just it will take more time.

The WEN 2305 and the WEN 2307 are not in big differences if you look at other features. Both offers variable speed 8,000 RPM to 30,000 RPM. Besides, for fine tuning on your various work both also have adjustment knobs.

They can handle most tasks as both come with 100 accessories. The WEN 2305 offers the edge with the carry case so that you can organize your stuff while both have similar tools.


Final Wrap

Well, you see both The WEN 2305 and The 2307 rotary tool deliver versatility as well as amazing speed. If you want you can replace higher quality attachments with both of these kits. If you judge at spec-wise, you will discover they are identical in maximum section such as power, vibrations, variable speed control, noise level etc. You can choose the WEN 2305 mainly for its flexible shaft attachment.

So you may wonder which is better? To be honest, it solely depends on your needs. Some may prefer 2305 while some may choose 2307.

The most remarkable difference of the 2305 and 2307 is the WEN 2305 rotary tool offers a carry case and a flex shaft. If you prefer minimal vibration 2305 a little bit ahead at sanding and other tasks. Now the choice is yours.


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