A drill press is more stable than a hand drill. You may wonder how? The reason is you do not have to brace. Besides, you won’t need to hold the drill to keep it steady with your arms. You can cleanly bored holes and remain balanced as the weight and design of the WEN 4214 made that way. It can work on a factory assembly line or with the precision of a computer. It is considered this bench-top power tool’s one of the main strengths.

In the world of power tools manufacturing innovation WEN considered a pioneer for the last 66 years. In the woodworking industry, the WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press is a vivid indication of the brand’s dominance. Besides, it clearly indicates its constant pursuit to improve its manner. It’s the way the industry achieved its excellence to perform its work.

Consumers who desire top-notch drill presses can get ideal solutions from WEN drill presses. You may be involved in metalworking or involve boring into mortising, sanding, wood and other activities. You will greatly benefit ted using the WEN 4214 drill press.

You may feel curious to know in details. Here is a precise review of how this machine works as well as service consumers. It specifically discussed for those who involved in metalworking and into woodworking applications.

WEN presents its high-quality power drill presses since 1951 for professionals. In 2014 the WEN 4214 model released which has a lot of positive reviews as well as recommendations. It offers a generous spindle travel, a variable speed control, and a fairly solid motor. Are you looking for a reliable drill press? Then just make sure not to miss to read our this WEN 4214 12-inch drill press in-depth review.

Are you a homeowner or a DIY enthusiast? Tabletop drill presses can open your door of new possibilities especially if you don’t have big space.

WEN offers something different for you if you are in those categories or want an affordable and reliable drill press. Our WEN 4214 review will give you all the useful information before taking any buying decision.

Specifications of WEN 4214

Wen 4214 review
Wen 4214 review
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 36.6 x 16.8 inches
  • Color: Yellow
  • Item Weight: 89 pounds
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • Style: 12 Inch Variable Speed
  • Warranty Description: 2-year warranty, 90-day commercial
  • Motor: 5 Amps
  • Chuck: 5/8 Inch
  • Speed Range: 580 RPM to 3200 RPM
  • Number of Speeds: Variable
  • Table Size: 9-1/2 x 9-1/2 Inches
  • Height: 36-1/2 Inches
  • Spindle Travel: 3-1/8 Inches
  • Swing: 12 Inches

Who Can Use it

Well, The WEN 4214 Drill Press is especially suitable as a woodworking tool. It’s not ideal for metalworking although some mediocre performance is possible. However, in general hobbyists, mechanics, construction workers, woodworkers, and metalworkers use drill presses. Woodworkers most commonly use it.

The drill can use in many ways. Create holes on certain machine parts, create furniture with the evenly spaced holes are just some example. The second most common woodworking job of WEN 4214 is drilling holes. Hobbyist, as well as carpenters, considered the drill itself is a common implement. They use it for drilling holes on tables, shelves, cabinets, and chairs.

Interestingly formerly it was a boring manual hand tool for carpenters. Now, thanks to technology it is easier to use. You want to drill accurately or to drill surfaces? You can just do it perfectly in alignment and evenly with WEN 4214 drill press. In fact, it covered more than one way.

Are you keen on for a powerful yet small solid equipment? Consumers who need a reliable, affordable drill press can choose WEN 4214 for the best result. It is only 12-inches tall and considered as one of the more affordable benchtop models.

The WEN 4214 will be very useful in the workshop as it has a decent feature and offers an affordable price. Wood that is not more than 3-1/8” thick is perfect for this tool.

Buyer’s Guide

You may wonder what benefits a drill press as WEN 4214 should have? Well, here are some facts about the advantages of a drill press.


On wood to bore holes in the main function of a drill. However, it does not end here. If you know the number of materials and applications of a drill press can bore through you can more precisely a drill press functionality. An ideal tool can ensure drilling accuracy. It offers a laser light. Thus in advance, you will know your drilling place. It can even give you depth stop. It will help you to stop drill too deep.


In two ways you can discover the safeness of a drill press. Firstly, it will be less flimsy. The less its presence, the more safety from the accident with your drill. Secondly, a safe design is very important. Your hands should stay away from the nearness of the drill. When you replace drill bits it should not make injury. In fact, no flaws of design are acceptable which will lead to injury.


This character of a drill press is immensely important. When a drill press offers more useful features it means it ends up with more versatile. It can then complete more tasks such as plastic, different grades of wood, drill in various space and depth and drill through metal. Besides, it should offer to apply various drilling. However,  the light guide type features not represent that thing.

Important things you need to consider when Buying a Drill Press.Please keep in mind the following before buying a drill press

  • Is your drill press accurate enough?

Accuracy the first as well as the last breath of a drill press. If a drill press is inaccurate it is nothing but a useless manager. A reliable drill press will allow you to hold it steady. You can thus use the drill machine accurately. It will give you the best result.

  • Is your drill press fast?

The different variable speeds, the top rotational speed is the key factor of the drill press machine. It is clearly related to motor power. it can vary from 500 RPM to 3,000 RPM. Even in some cases of metalworking tool, it can be 8,000 RPM.

  • Is your drill press very powerful?

Power is nothing without control. When you work in a wooden one extreme power will result in a workpiece. So, in truth, you just need sufficient torque or power. It will allow you to penetrate through a given stock with a clean hole. It may vary such as ½ HP, ¼ HP, ¾. Remember too much force will bring breaks or cracks.

Description of WEN 4214

If you think about a powerful as well as a helpful variable speed drill press certainly the WEN 4214 Drill Press name will come. It is confident for its ?-HP motor. It can drill through plastic, metal, wood etc. However, it mostly drills through the various wood. Besides, it can drill a ?-inch hole on cast iron surfaces. You can use its 500 RPM to 3,200 RPM ability according to work like mild steel or soft to the hardwood. A lever turn will help you to shift speeds. Moreover, there is a digital readout feature. Thus you can keep track of your speed.

Features & Benefits of WEN 4214

Guiding Lights: The WEN 4214 offers two guiding lights option. Firstly, a laser guide. It allows you to aim the drill on where you want to make a hole. Secondly, an LED onboard work light. It clearly enables you to what you are doing. It is a great feature as irregular workpieces often obscure your view or cast shadows of the drilling action. These two option guide you together to drill accurately.

Variable Speed and Digital Readout: There is a clear difference between soft and hard materials. The WEN 4214 allow you to vary the speed. You can use 580 RPM for softer materials. You may use 3,200 RPM for denser and harder materials. It ensures no cracking on the stock. It also prevents destroying the resulting hole’s cleanliness. On the other hand, if you want to know how fast our drill is going the LED screen readout keeps that track accurately.

The depth and Table Roller Extension Adjustment with Gauge : You may want to ensure precision drilling as well as limit spindle travel that is automated and repeatable. Your solution comes with the depth adjustment gauge. It clearly shows you how far you have properly adjusted the depth with the knobs. Another eye-catching feature is you can extend your table with the table roller extension for about 17 inches. Thus your workpiece is ensured of full support.

The WEN 4214 drill press offers a number of useful and interesting features. They are as follows:


A 2/3 HP motor with a rating of 120V/60Hz as well as 5 AMPS means the press receive its power from here. It proves a very powerful motor with the capacity of drilling on many types of materials like wood, plastic, metal etc. Do you need to process tough materials? That is also possible as this induction motor can add more power.


The Drill Press exhibits variable speed ranges for the best result. It offers 580 RPM to 3,200 RPM. In the entire range powered speed has the capacity of delivering an equal torque. You can clearly see the speed from its display as the WEN 4214 has an LED readout. The mechanical system of this machine is also impressive as the variable speed is convenient. You can set it in various speed range such as at 580 RPM or raise it up to 3,200 RPM whenever you need a quick hole to be drilled. In fact, this is one of the major features that make WEN 4214 drill press in the market one of the best.

Multiple speeds? Yes, it is also possible. Just turning the speed regulator a user can get this. It is useful and important because it provides proper support to drilling applications specifically with different materials density, hardness, and tensile strength.

Wen 4214 reviewWorktable : The WEN 4214 comes with a solid and adjustable work table. It is made of cast-iron material. Thus you can feel relief regarding durability as the cast-iron material is well known for long life. The table also offers a 9-1/2” x 9-1/2” dimensions. When you start drilling holes the worktable will help you to change the position as it is designed to tilt at an angle of 45-degrees on either the left side or the right side. You know, when performing tricky operations the right angle tilts are very useful. Moreover, if you want to height adjustment it is quite easy via the pinion system and the drill’s rack. You can easily work materials of various heights thanks to this flexibility to alter table heights.


Sturdy and durable cast iron material used in to make this part. It is so protected that there’s no need to the concern of damage while you move the table during work.

Laser Guiding Feature

A laser guiding system built in the Wen 4214 drill press. It increases a flawless, pleasing drilling experience. In making your precise holes the technology greatly assists. The laser alignment system will help you to space of holes and achieve accurate depth. Also, it provides work light for users. Naturally, it reduces the chances of accidents and enhances visibility in the work zone. They prevent guesswork. You know it’s not appropriate and might affect the product quality.

3-1/8 inches Spindle Travel

The chuck of the WEN 4214 drill press provides variability. It is mainly for bits. This is not only important but also useful. You can discover it when holes of different sizes are being drilled. In drill presses thus a chuck is important. This drill press has one with a 5/8 inch capacity. It supports various sizes and accessories. Do you want accuracy as well as repeatable drilling operations during busy schedules? That’s also possible. The spindle of the WEN 4214 can lock liner depth stop on a line-up of materials to facilitate both.

Additionally, after drilling is completed there is a self-ejecting key. It efficiently leaves the chuck. No more trouble of maintenance and service of the drill press. This feature thus attracts significant savings.


WEN 4214 offered an easy to understand manual to guide consumers.


The weight of WEN 4214 drill press is 89 pounds. It means it is portable if needed.

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Additional Features

The drill press offers a good flexibility for mortising and sanding attachments. It helps a lot for regular work where reproduction and repetition of applications needed.

The drill press has enough power to drill through anything from low-density wood to high-density metal sheets.

In a drill press, the speed is another very important factor. You can adapt to the material you are drilling when using the variable speed. Some material like wood can work comfortably with a high speed while other soft material will require a low drill bit speed.

The variable speed locks in position is another feature we like. In every time you do not have to readjust it.


The WEN 4214 offers a throat depth of 12 inches. It is also known as swing. It can drill up to 6 inches from the edge of the stock material. Your material will collide with the column of the drill press to past 6 inches. Depending on material size for most home use or professionals it is more than adequate.

Besides a generous 9-1/2 x, 9-1/2 inches cast-iron table is another impressive feature of the WEN 4214 drill press. You can drill in thick material. You can also put fairly large materials on it.  You can easily do it with its 3-1/8 inches spindle travel.


The construction quality of the WEN 12 drill press is up to mark. It is considered a very solid drill press that is built to a long life as it is mostly made from metal. It is a great value for money.

Pros & Cons of WEN 4214 Drill Press

A consumer can become happy when they buy WEN 4214 as it offers some benefits as follows:


  • A unique feature of the WEN 4214 Drill Press is its LED readout display. It will quickly deliver your working speed.
  • The drill press can go from 580 to 3,200 RPM as it has a ?-HP induction motor and variable speed option. It helps to get accurate holes.
  • It offers many features. Naturally, it is capable of precision and repeatable hole drilling.
  • One speed range to the next equal torque is offered.
  • The tilting or beveling cast iron made work table offers a spacious area of 9½ by 9½ inches.
  • It has a depth adjustment gauge. It allows for depth to be accurately adjusted.
  • Digital speed read the meter on the front panel.
  • The stable and large base that can be bolted to the workbench.
  • A laser X-pattern alignment system is its another nice feature. It ensures precise drilling through various materials.
  • The manual of WEN 4214 is easy to understand, install and use.
  • 11.The tool equipped with a powerful 2/3hp motor. Naturally, it helps to drill through tough materials.
  • The WEN 4214 drill press is a solid build. It uses heavy duty material to ensure long life.
  • The tool is ideal for professional applications as it exhibits a smooth, reliable operation.
  • Similar power, as well as torque, is its another useful feature.


There are a few limitations associated with the WEN 4214 machine.

  • The WEN 4214 does not have a spindle lock while the competing brands have this feature.
  • At the end of the chuck key, there is a spring-loaded pin. It give some trouble when the chuck needed to be tightening.
  • Any user of the WEN 4214 can work on both wood and metal. However, the machine is more suitable for wood due to its speed system. In fact, it will not work satisfactorily on very tough metals.
  • The chuck of WEN 4214 is solid but could be a little wobbly on some models.

What We Like

  • You can consider the WEN 4214 Drill Press as a complete drill press product. It offers tools for assembly, mechanical variable speed, ?-inch keyed chuck plus key and table roller extension.
  • You have enough room to work with as its cast-iron worktable has the impressive dimensions of 9½ inches by 9½ inches.
  • The machine ensuring ample torque after every stroke as the induction motor has ? of an HP of power.
  • It offers variable speeds. It has a range of 500 RPM to 3,200 RPM.

What We Don’t like

  • There’s no spindle lock
  • It is great when works with wood. However, when drilling steel it acts as mediocre.

Final Thought

The WEN 4214 drill press is a reliable as well as a powerful tool with numerous useful features. It assures long life thanks to its cast-iron. It is perfect for professional uses. If you desire a solid

drill press which can handle most materials and sizes, the WEN 4214 can be your best choice as each time it will deliver the best quality results.

Well, there’s a lot of reason one can go for the WEN 4214 Drill Press. Such as, in a linear fashion it is easy to read as well as locks. Moreover, 3 inch of travel offers by the spindle. It is controllable though it has no spindle lock. Thinking assembly tools? It’s just complete and ready to serve you.

The worktable is also impressive. It is adjustable. You can choose your desired height thanks to its pinion as well as rock adjustment. Besides, from the left to the right it can tilt for up to 45 degrees. Its laser light will guide you accurately where you will drill. Also, an LED light in low-light conditions will show your progress of drilling. That’s why we think it is a smart choice to buy.The WEN 4214 is perfect for the handyman, crafters, homeowners, and anyone that wants an affordable lightweight machine.


Jason has been a Tool enthusiast for some years and has written some articles on Power Tool and Hand Tools.

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