Are you a lover of an exceptionally smooth finish? Then this device can be your best woodwork friend. This WEN 6550 planner can handle even the hardest of woods.

No repetitive passes through the machine are the major condition for a quality finish of a benchtop planer. The WEN 6550 planner make your work simpler. It also saves a lot of time.

All your wood projects can be done perfectly with a good tool like the WEN 6550 planner. It can handle most harder woods as it is very strong. Besides, you can make furniture and new cabinets with this sturdy equipment.

You can use it on boards of 12.5” wide and up to 6” thick. It is suitable for most workshops. However, you have to learn about it in details to handle it properly according to your desire.

Wen 6550 Planer Review

A benchtop planer considered as an essential tool for all woodworkers whether professionals or amateur hobbyist. Make both sides of a board even, smooth the naturally rough surface of lumber as well as create a uniform thickness across a piece of wood of any size and shape are three mentionable functions of an ideal benchtop wood planers.

Not all tools are equal. A planner to your shop can give you more freedom of work. The challenge is you need a planner and know which one is best are two completely different things.

You may wonder is it the right planer for your shop or not? Here we discussed with an in-depth look to the powerful WEN 6550 so that you can think before making the decision.


Product Specification

Wen 6550 planer review
  • Item Weight: 79 pounds
  • Size: 12.5”
  • Warranty:  2 year
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5” x 24” x 19”
  • Motor: 15-amp motor ensures speed, with 25,000 cuts a minute.
  • Blade: 3 blade design guarantees hardwood handling with ease
  • Made: Made from aluminum
  • Drive system: Poly-v belt drive system. It adds to the life of the planer
  • Fast Change: For fast changes of the blade it comes with blade set and socket wrench
  • Volt: 110 volt outlet or electrical system
  • Carrying case: A hard carrying case. It protects the tool from drops to other accidents.
  • Planing gauge: The planning gauge gives perfect readings. It shows the wood depth removed with each pass.
  • Ergonomic design: It features a balance placed near the center. It reduces discomfort as well as fatigue.
  • Adjustment knob: The depth adjustment knob establishes ensures planning removes up to 3/32 of wood.
  • Easy handle: The wood of up to 13” in width can handle easily.
  • Longer cord: a longer cord placed on the back. It allows using in more places.

Main Features

  • The WEN 6550 have a sturdy cast iron base. In operation, it helps to keep everything in place.
  • This planer removes from half-foot thick planes as the wood with thickness is no hindrance.
  • The dust port of the planner is user-friendly. Naturally, people concern of allergy will appreciate its experience.
  • The planner works fat. It has the capacity of over 25,000 cuts a minute. It is a positive option as it saves time a lot.

Pros of WEN 6550 Planer

  • Two-year warranty
  • Dust port with a fan
  • Ideal weight to keep balance while in action
  • Feed application option
  • A depth plane adjustment feature
  • The height adjustment knob
  • On the base of the planer accurate drilled holes
  • Durable Cast-iron frame
  • Dust hose connection port
  • Tri-roller system
  • Rubber adjustment handles
  • Portable
  • Adjustable infeed/outfeed tables
  • Snipe Resistant
  • Precise

Cons of WEN 6550 Planer

  • Planer noise may be higher
  • If big particles get caught up in it, Collector tends to clog
  • Sometimes due to nick problem blades require a change
  • You will need to make a stand as WEN does not provide it
  • The height adjustment knob not very strong as it uses plastic

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Details of WEN 6550 Planer

  • Height Knob advantage: The WEN 6550 thickness planer offers a user-friendly height adjustment knob. You can easily change the wood tool’s the height and width according to your need to accommodate various boards of up to 6 feet thick as well as 12.5 inches wide.
  • Easy to Carry: Usually in the question of portability table top planners are not carrying friendly. But the WEN 6550 planner is just the opposite. This tool is easy to carry. Side handles as well as a collapsible table features proved it. After the all-day work without any trouble, you can move your useful planner wherever you need.
    Contractors who need to take their tool every day on their workplace such portability brings blessings for them. Even if you are a DIY (Do it Yourself) master with limited space the planer will surely earn your appreciation for its very easy to tuck the tool away after finishing your work.
  • The advantage of depth plane adjustment: WEN 6550 planer offers a depth plane nice adjustment feature. It allows you to easily change the amount that you remove when needed from every board up to 3/32 of an inch.
  • Durable: Be assured WEN 6550 planer has been built with durability and long life in mind. In the woodwork world consistency and durability just two sides of a coin. A cast iron base, a granite table and more than 70 pounds weight with intelligent design of every component of this planer give assurance it will neither slide nor shakes while you work.
    You may want to use it for your all DIY tasks or professional projects, this tool with its durability features will always stay beside you as a true friend.
  • Infeed / Outfeed Tables Option: Another excellent common yet powerful option of WEN 6550 planer. You will feel full comfort to work with the support of longer workpieces with its adjustable infeed/outfeed tables.
  • Precise: In the world of power tools precision is very important for accurate woodwork. WEN 6550 planer offers a rubber coated adjustment handle. It allows you to alter the height of your planer as precisely as you wish. You have full precise control over your workstation as each full rotation the comfort grip handle adjusts the height by 1/16th of an inch.
  • Dust Hose Connection Port Feature: Besides many advantages another convenience, as well as an important safety feature of this model, is a dust hose connection port. You can keep your workstation neat and clean as it has a fan assisted port and attaching a dry vac to the 2 inches.
  • Naturally, we all love easy cleanliness. However, it does not end here. It is not just a question of convenience. You know well breathing in sawdust is really unhealthy. That’s the main reason why it is so important to have a good, reliable dust collection option in a wood planer like the WEN 6550 model.
    You want to make your wood workstation complete clean, your lungs safe and clean for happier as well as healthier life? You are welcome to discover this tool’s such a nice offer.
  • Snipe Resistant Feature: In the planers world snipe is the bane. It can make your portions of workpieces unusable and interrupt the task. Good news is WEN 6550 planer features a tri-roller feeding system to eliminate such inconvenience. This model is specifically designed to reduce the possibility of various incurring snipe.
  • Each side handle option: The WEN 6550 planer offers handles on each side. It mimics the human hand shape. Naturally, it reduces discomfort as well as fatigue as you move and carry the tool.

Our Verdict

Someone involved with woodworking can get everything from The WEN 6550 3-Blade 15 Amp Benchtop Thickness Planer. It stands out from many angles and easy to use with accuracy.

Last but not least is the panning steps go quickly as well as smoothly with this tool.  You will receive a straight as well as an even finished plank if you put the wood in slightly misaligned (in case). If you are busy to feeding board after board through this option can make a huge difference indeed.

This tool is a solid choice if you want to save money on a new planer. It costs less money comparing other similar tools yet it provides all the advantages you need for your various woodwork. Affordability is a great thing of WEN 6550 planer.

The rubber grips used on the adjustment knobs feature is our another important reason we choose this model. The planner ensures your safety with Those grips. They keep your hands away from any of the electrical components or metal.

You can make other changes and adjust the depth of the cut without any difficulty (without your wet or slick hands sliding off) as you can easily twist and grab one of these knobs.

Another mentionable point is this planer has an adjustable design. It ensures working smoothly with thicker as well as wider boards.

In this price range, other similar tools can only work for certain sizes boards. But WEN 6550 planer can easily accommodate boards of up to 6 inches thick. You can even use it for up to 12.5-inches wide planning boards.

Remember before buying a planer consider how fast it works. The slower it cuts the invaluable time and work you will waste. In this case, WEN 6550 offers 26 feet per minute feed rate. Every minute it can also make more than 18,000 cuts.

In today’s market, there are many planers tools. Among them, excellent is the WEN 6550 planer. It will not only fit your budget but also accurately do everything as you need.

Well, after the specific discussion we firmly believe that the WEN 6550 planer is a reliable tool. It is affordable, durable and powerful. It’s just a full package of your all expectation of a reliable planer. True, it’s not perfect but notice its pros carry more weight than its cons. At a great price, it is a great available tool.


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