One of the most important woodworking power tools is a benchtop planer. Every woodworker needs it. There are many power tools in the market. WEN is regarded as a great brand for most power tools. If you don’t have thickness planers it would not be possible to work with wood. You can do various woodwork with a thickness planers as it allows you to rugged, turn rough, old and worn lumber to smooth ones ready to work with. Besides it makes smoothen the rough surfaces, both side parallel and reduces the wood thickness.

In every aspect, it may not the best but their combination of quality and affordability prove them a brand to consider when you want to buy a new tool.

You may use to work often with rough sawn stock or you may have a short time. Naturally, a thickness planer is a must for you.

In the long run, a benchtop planer saves a lot of money. You can easily avoid hardware store to buy expensive pre-cut boards as with a WEN 6552 planer you can utilize it to repurpose used wood, smooth rough-sawn lumber. You may wonder which planer is best for you. Well, there are a few things you need to know and consider in details before buying decision. The main challenge is to find out which one best fits into your workshop. In handling wood they (planers) require much less effort.

Individual needs as well as budget is different. So does the right thickness planer selection.

If you are a newbie or experienced woodworker it is very important to choose the best planer for your needs. In the work improvement of precision as well as project completion timeline it is considered a crucial point.

In your workshop, the presence of a thickness planer is considered as an excellent, reliable tool.

In the market, a thickness planer like the WEN 6552 is doing well. Today in this review we will go in-depth check out to find the facts with a closer look.

The WEN 6552 thickness planer particularly use a three-blade cutter. It naturally increases the number of cuts per minute (CPM). You know a smoother finish comes with more CPM feature. Thus, as a result, it smartly reduces the amount of finish sanding needed.

If you are a contractor or advanced user with sufficient space for the infeed and outfeed of stock in your shops, 6552 can be an excellent choice. Before tackling a thickness planer you should gain experience if you are a newbie. Besides, cabinetry contractors may want a more capable machine.

The WEN 6552 is planer a bit heavier (77lbs) with its cast iron table and motor. 25,500 cuts per minute, 8500 RPM and 15 amp show its impressive capacity.

The WEN 6552 model offers a 15-amp motor. It can perfectly handle plane boards. Its excellent three-blade design will allow you to work easily with all wood types-even hardwoods. Its 2-year warranty is another big plus point. A network of service technicians spread nationwide WEN products are also supported.

Throughout the workplace, the fan-assist is great for removing chips and sawdust and chips. Don’t feel any concern about the wobbly operation as the combination of cast iron base as well as onboard planning gage creates a sturdy planer for best performance. Its price is also reasonable comparing its quality and capacity.

Specification of WEN 6552 Planer

WEN 6552 planer review
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Dimensions of product: 25.2 x 21.8 x 16 inches
  • Source of Power: ac/dc
  • Size: 13-Inch
  • Included Components: 13-Inch Benchtop Thickness Planer
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Cuts per minute (CPM): 25,500
  • Feed rate in feet per minute (FPM): 26
  • No load RPM: 8500
  • Motor (VAC, A): 120, 15.0
  • Maximum stock thickness: 6”
  • Knives: 3 Reversible knives

Product Overview

The Wen 6552 benchtop thickness planer comes with its own set of distinguishing features. They make it one of the best benchtop planers.

  • Height adjustable feature: The WEN 6552 planer is remarkable for many reasons. The height adjustable infeed and outfeed tables option are one of them. When you want to adjust the height of your infeed and outfeed tables you will find it is very useful.Another plus point of WEN 6552 planer is a 3 blade cutterhead feature. Thus, on your wood such 3 blade cutterheads ensure better finishes than the 2 blade types.
  • Powerful motor: The WEN 6552 equipped its cutterhead with a powerful 15 amp motor. Naturally, it makes the cutter very fast. Per minute it easily produces 25500 cuts. Its another secret reason of best finishing is this planner amazing speed.
    wen 6552 planer review
  • Dust ejection option: The WEN 6552 does so well for many reasons. Dust ejection is another point indeed. If you have an allergy or always love to keep your workstation clean when using a planer, surely this option with a fan assisted dust ejection system will amaze you. It blows all the chips and dust produced out of the planer. Benchtop thickness planers produce so much dust and wood chips which are really disturbing. You can feel full relief if you have this fan assisted ejection. It will give you a peaceful time to implement your wood planing with complete focus.
  • Three-blade cutter head: The WEN 6552 produces a very nice surface finish due to its 3 blades in the cutterhead. The number of blades x RPM = CPM this is the common formula usually thickness planers follow.
  • Double roller stock return: If you have this planer you will discover a pair of rollers built in the top of the WEN 6552. This option makes the outfeed side to the infeed side for the next planing pass easier to return stock.
  • Sturdy build: When you use a planer naturally a lot of stress it will experience. You know how important it is to be durable. The tool needs to use strong materials for planning to produce a durable, rigid platform. The WEN 6552 did it very successfully as its main elements are steel, cast iron, and other durable materials. An impressive feature indeed.
  • Better capacity: Another mentionable feature of the WEN 6552 planer is a 13-inch width capacity. It allows it to plane boards 12.5 inches wide or even a little bit more.
  • Affordable price: If you look at other planers of the market you will find the WEN 6552 offers relatively lower price. If you are a hobbyist or an economical person who want to pay a reasonable price on a thickness planer this planer can be your best choice.

We will review the WEN 6552 today as one of the most powerful as well as a functional planer. It is smartly designed for specific uses which you will discover here soon. However, it can handle well various challenges as well. Let’s start to discover the truth.

A heavy duty cast iron frame gained the confidence of WEN 6552. It is intelligently designed to reduce shaking during operation. A 15A little giant motor powered it. Thus in every minute, it used to deliver 25,500 cuts. It’s another impressive option is 26 feet feed rate per minute.

The planer accepts 13-inch inch wide wood as well as 6-inch thick. You will need to set up the necessary cutter head height. You can exactly do it with the planer thickness gauge. Besides, the convenient rubber adjustment handle will also help you a lot to do it accurately. Thus you can rightly slice off each pass anywhere between 0 and 3/32 inches.

Wondering about its blade? Three durable blades well equipped WEN 6552 planer. Thus it supports the powerful motor to reform your worn wood pieces.
You want to remove sawdust from your job site and workpiece? WEN 6552 offers a fan-assisted dust port to do it precisely. Moreover, you could attach a vac or a dust extraction device to the dust hose connection port to avoid debris all over the place.

You can quickly check on the cutting depth after each pass using the onboard material removal gauge.

  • Infeed and outfeed tables: Another eye-catching feature of WEN 6552 planer is its infeed and outfeed tables. They allow longer workpieces to slide through the planer smoother. You can use both tables with their angle to easily adjust to your workpiece. Moreover, it will allow you to reduce sniping as the planer’s bigger support surface combined with the tri-roller system.
  • Transportation of WEN 6552 is easy as it offers side handles.
  • The WEN 6552 offers skilled service technicians support nationwide and backed up with a 2- year warranty.
  • Pros:
    Planes boards very smoothly
    The dust collection system is perfect
    Simple to set up
    easy to use
    An affordable great price point
    3 blade cutter head for smoother finishesCons
    Size and power not suited for professional use
    Not for shops with limited space


  • An affordable great price point
  • 3 blade cutter head for smoother finishes


  • Not for professional cabinetry makers
  • Not for shops with limited space

Features of the WEN Benchtop Planer

  • A dust extraction port with fan-assist
  • Customer support is available by phone
  • 2-year limited warranty

What we like about WEN 6552 Planer

  • A really desirable feature is the fan assisted dust ejection
  • WEN’s affordability makes it stand out
  • Budget-friendly. The WEN 6552 is a perfect choice if you have limited money still need a quality as well as a top-notch planer.

What the Users Say

You have internet means have the world of information. You can research whatever you want. You need a power tool for your shop. You need an in-depth review with invaluable data when getting ready to invest your hard-earned money before finally take a decision. It is always a smart way to hear from users experience. Let’s just discovered a bit of WEN 6552 planer.

In their experience, the WEN 6552 consistently produces surface finishes very good. Even sometimes better than more expensive machines. It proves the truest measure of the tool and performance. It delivers satisfy result as its owners want or sometimes better.

In critical areas of the planer use of plastic, gear is a frequent point mentioned by users. Sometimes they experience breakage.

Comes with 3-Knife Setup

You will get maximum cutting efficiency with the WEN 6552’s cutter head as it comes with very sharp 3 blades You know, a smoother surface is a natural outcome of more blades. It’s a big plus point that this planer offers more blades than average planer in the market.

Cutterhead Speed: This WEN 6552 planer gives excellent performance as it is equipped with the 3-knife cutter head as well as the powerful 15-amp motor.

Board Capacity: A limited infeed capacity generally comes with benchtop planers. Its portability, as well as compact size, is the main reason. But don’t think that large boards cannot work well with benchtop planers. Just look at the WEN 6552 planer. This tool can spit as well as swallow outboards as large as 13 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

Reversible Blades
Reversible or reusable blades can use with thicknesses. After they lost their desired sharpness and becoming dull is the character of reusable blades and they can be re-sharpened. However, if you don’t have the right tools the sharpening process can be tedious.

On the other hand, blades with sharp edges on both sides are known as reversible blades. Its main advantage is after one side loses its sharpness and becomes dull, you can easily flip the blade over. Thus it will allow you to work efficiently again just like the previous side. You can rely on the WEN 6552 planer as it uses reversible and disposable blades. So, it offers a long lifespan. Just remember it depends on the toughness of your boards and how often you use the tool.

Support Tables
Supporting boards in length up to 24 inches is another excellent feature that comes with the WEN 6552 planer with infeed as well as outfeed tables. In producing the desired angle the height of each table can be adjusted to help whenever necessary. However, its a little bit challenging. Under the cutter head with the central support, it’s best to leave the tables flush.

The support tables can be easily flipped up when it’s time to prepare for transport or to put the tool away. Thus it becomes more manageable to lift as well as saves room. If you need to carry the tool from one job site to others you will find its pretty handy. Such a feature is much more convenient than having to screw the tables on and off with saving precious time.

Depth Adjustment
At a time from the top of your workpiece, it’s important that you only shave off a thin layer. If this step ignores the blades of a thicknesser will be dull quickly and overwork the motor is not healthy for the planer. If you need or want to adjust the cutting depth the 6552 offers a turning handle to accomplish that. You can move the blade 1/64 of an inch up or down each 90-degree turn. Besides the WEN 6552 planer offers a maximum cutting capacity of 3/32 of an inch deep.

Dust Port
Chips, as well as sawdust, are the two most annoying tons of presence is common in thicknesses. You can easily understand why it is so important with a reliable working dust port a thicknesser you need to find. This WEN 6552 planer offers a 2-inch port and 4-inch adapter. It connects to a shop vac or a dust extractor to ensure optimal dust management and give you relief. A powerful fan also smartly assist it to blow the dust and help suction through the port. Thus it collects most/all of the dust produced.

Double Rollers
You know well its quite troublesome process to carry your stock through the outfeed and the infeed. After finishing the pass you can push the stock back through the machine as the WEN 6552 offers a double roller system which allows you to do it perfectly. It saves your precious time as a reliable handy feature.

Review Summary

The WEN 6552 planer presents value philosophy as well as quality. If you work regularly with rough sawn stock a thickness planer is a must. Even in the place of heavy sanding, you may need to shave time off works. You may again use a planer. A three blade cutter used by this specific planer. It easily increases the CPM ( cuts per minute). You know a smoother finish demands more CPM. Besides, it easily reduces finish sanding amount.

Are you an advanced user? or a contractor? You have enough in your shop. You can accommodate the space required for the infeed and outfeed of stock without any trouble. In such case, the WEN 6552 is an excellent choice.

You may choose the WEN 6552 planer if you want a smoother finish on the boards your plane. Remember before taking the decision, it offers 3 knives, not just two. It is more portable as it weighs less too.

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Features you need to consider when going for the best thickness planer

If you have a goal in mind your research process will go to a satisfactory conclusion. Finding the best wood planer you need to decide which features are absolutely necessary for an ideal thickness planer. When going for a potential planer keep in mind some key factors like thickness allowance, construction quality and obviously the motor. Other important things to consider include portability. Carefully look at the warranty as this is an investment.

In thickness planers larger motors are preferable because they often expect they will complete most demanding jobs, for instance, chopping off thin layers off the top of boards. It’s good news that the WEN 6552 comes with a powerful 15-amp motor. It is considered quite large for a benchtop planer.

In determining the power of the planer the motor is going to play a huge role. Please keep in mind, always look for higher rotations per minute in the motor speed.

The Construction
Solid construction is the natural character of a solid planer. Usually, a good planer ensures continuously as well as withstand rigorous usage. Even with high levels of vibration and shaking it should be able to perform well. Heavy duty metals, like cast iron usually the best wood planers are made from.

The Allowance
The thickness allowance is another important feature you need to consider. The planer can handle as this is the largest width of rough wood. For a portable planer perfectly 6 inches of allowance is good. Of course, it should be adjusted with individual tasks and needs.

How to Choose The Right Thickness Planer

Return to your base of operations after weighing all the options and conducting the careful research. Think slowly about your upcoming projects. At the same time find out the needs which will encounter soon. These two wise steps will help a lot with the final decision of investment. Give first priority to your on demand. After that go for the price as well as other factors.

The careful investment will help you a lot in future. Try to choose a tool that will be your best assistant to develop your skill slowly but steadily to be a better woodworker. Think about the tool that can handle a variety of projects or creative projects if you are a professional or avid user. Never forget to ignore only surface level impression. Make sure with the confidence you are going for the best choice for your woodworking plans for best result.

Final Word

Hope our WEN planer review help you to take the final decision of choice. You will surely find the one you are looking for. Buy the best model for your best result. The 6552 is an excellent machine.

We are not claiming WEN 6552 planer is the finest thickness planer. However, it can produce a great result as an affordable planer. Even for many years, it will meet your planning needs as it has a solid build. It will be true if you sincerely read, understand and follow the owner’s manual and apply their recommendations. Just keep in mind, you will need sufficient shop space. It will help you to install the planer permanently on a level, solid surface with ample infeed as well as outfeed space. Do you have the room? Then with no hesitation, you can select WEN 6552 as a smart choice.


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